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Sri Sri Sri Vittalananda Saraswati (Vittal Babaji)

by Shri Krishna Murthyji


Vittal Babaji appeared as a 7 year old boy at Pandharpur in Maharasthra, India. He was found by Sri Sri Kaikadi Maharaj. In his 8th year, one night while asleep, he was taken to Shirdi Sai Baba and blessed by him and remained in Shirdi for a while. After a few days, Sai Baba appeared to Sri Kaikadi Maharaj in a dream and advised him to take his disciple back. Since then, this miracle boy started showing many leelas. Vittal Babaji is from the Sri Sri Sarveswarananda Saraswathi Maharaj, famously known as Mahavatar Babaji, Guru Parampara i.e. (tradition). Sri Sri Mahavatar Babaji’s disciple was Sri Sri Nityananda Saraswathi Maharaj whose disciple was Sri Sri Sri Niranjanada Saraswathi Maharaj who initiated the sanyas deeksha to Vittal Babaji. He was given the deeksha name as “Sri Sri Sri Vittalananada Saraswathi Maharaj”.

Vittal Babaji
Vittal Babaji was a contemporary of Sri Chinmayananda of Chinmaya Mission, while undergoing spiritual learning at Rishikesh. Vittal Babaji journeyed on foot all over India and visited all the holy places, including the Kailas Manasarovar Yatra. He visited Andhra Pradesh several times, spreading the Datta tradition and Shirdi Sai leelas there. He was brought to Andhra Pradesh in 1966 by the Chief Minister of AP, the late Mr.Kasu Brahmananda Reddy and thereafter Vittal Babaji made AP his home state. Many Shirdi Sai / Datta temples were constructed / inaugurated by Vittal Babaji. He conducted Shirdi Sai Sat Charithra / Guru Charitra Parayanas at several places across the state. As advised by the Lord Sripada Srivallabha, he constructed Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Dattatreya Swamy Mahasamsthana Peetham (Sri Datta Peetham), near Kuruvapur viz., Srikshetra Sri Vallabhapuram.

Temple of Lord Datta on the banks of river Krishna on the opposite side of Kuruvapuram where Sripada Srivallabha attained Maha Samadhi

Temple of Lord Datta on the banks of river Krishna on the opposite side of Kuruvapuram

Along with the Dattatreya temple, several other temples were constructed on the banks of river Krishna. The place is blessed with the first Datta incarnation of SriPada Sri Vallabha. Sripada Swamy used to conduct his Darbar, perform Surya namaskarams. As an evidence of these events the Bhaskar banda, Trisulam stone, and Sahaja Ganapathi are now kept in a pious way.

1. sripadaSri Vittal Babaji wrote the full life history of Sri Swamy Samarth, in Telugu and the book will soon be published in Kannada. With His blessings and under His supervision the life history of Sri Shankar Maharaj, Pune was also published in Telugu.
Vittal Babaji attained Mahasamadhi on 18th July 2014 and the final rites were performed at Srikshetra Sri Vallabhapuram on 19th July 2014, a ceremony which was attended by several spiritual leaders including Raja Yogi Sri Mohanji. While addressing the funeral gathering, the representative from Sri Ganapathi Satchidanandaswamy Ashram of Mysore said that Vittal Babaji had close intimacy with Sri Ganapathi Satchidananda swamy. Vittal Babaji attended the Birthday Celebrations of Sri Ganapathi Satchidananda swamy at Mysore Ashram. Sri Ganapathi Satchidananda swamy lauded Vittal Babaji as the fatherly figure of the Sri Datta Tradition. Another spiritual leader Sri Siva Sai Baba said that Vittal Babaji’s soul had left the body to become another Universal Master and that therefore his age is 2 days as Universal Master and none of the devotees should grieve over Vittal Babaji leaving the body.
After the Mahasamadhi of Vittal Babaji, Sri Ramaprasannanda Saraswathi became the Peethadhipati (Head) of Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Dattatreya Swamy Mahasamsthana Peetham (Sri Datta Peetham).



By Preeti Duggal


I met Vitthal Babaji for the first time at Kurvapur on June 23rd 2014. During our stay at the ashram our lives were filled up with Babaji’s Unconditional love and affection. I never imagined though that my second visit would take place three weeks later, to attend the Mahasamadhi ceremony of Babaji.
On July 18th at 5.00am, Babaji left His physical body and merged with the Supreme. Shri Mohanji, Shri Krishna Murthy garu, Nandita didi and I started our journey together from Hyderabad to Kurvapur. As we approached the Ashram at midnight I experienced a strong feeling, as if a Father was waiting to see His son again and perform His last rites. On entering the Samadhi Mandir premises we saw Babaji’s physical body being kept in an incubator with devotees gathered around. Shri Mohanji was sitting very close to the incubator and one could make out that a conversation was taking place between the Father and the Son, on a different plane.

Vittal Babaji giving His last divine Darshan to all devotees and loved ones before He was laid to rest in His Samadhi.

Vittal Babaji giving His last divine Darshan to all devotees and loved ones before He was laid to rest in His Samadhi.

The Trustees of the Ashram requested that Mohanji perform the Ganesh puja as well as the first dig at the place where the Samadhi was to be built. Mohanji confessed it was a great honour for him. This again proved the relation between Babaji and Mohanji as being that of Father and son. It also proved it was Babaji’s wish as well.

Mohanji and Vittal Babaji from Karuvapuram

Spiritual Father and Son

By morning large numbers of devotees started coming to the Ashram to get a glimpse and receive the blessing of their Guru.

Devotees from all over the country and near by villages coming to pay their respects and get Babaji's last darshan before samadhi.

Devotees from all over the country and near by villages coming to pay their respects and get Babaji’s last darshan before samadhi.

Many great Saints including Shri Vedanandaji, Shri Chaitanyanandaji and Shri Shiv SaiBabaji were present and took part in this great and special ceremony. Many Gurus came forward and expressed their pleasure at meeting Mohanji, as Babaji had always spoken to them about His greatness and they had been eagerly waiting to meet him physically one day.

Mohanji with saints at Sri Datta Peetam, at ritual of putting Vittal Babajis into his Samadhi place
At around 4pm, Babaji’s body was taken around the Ashram and its adjoining area in a procession lead by all of the Gurus. It felt as if the King was being taken around his kingdom for the last time. The procession finally ended at the courtyard of the Samadhi mandir, where amidst the chanting of Vedic Mantras by the Priests, the abhishekam was done by all the saints present as well as the members of the Trust. During the abhishekam, Mohanji touched Babaji’s body and was surprised that even after almost 36 hours after Babaji had left his physical body, it was supple and there was no sign of stiffness.

Mohanji prostrating at the Samadhi place before the digging started. Mohanji also performed the pooja during Brahma Muhurta.and initiated the digging of the Samadhi on the 19th of July.

Mohanji prostrating at the Samadhi place before the digging started. Mohanji also performed the pooja during Brahma Muhurta.and initiated the digging of the Samadhi on the 19th of July.

After the abhishekam, Babaji’s body was placed in a 6’x 4’ pit which was filled with sand from the Krishna river, sea salt, turmeric, ash and camphor. All the devotees were given a chance to bid a final farewell to their very dear Taata (grandfather) and Guru. In the pit, Babaji seemed to be in the Samadhi pose, his face smiling with satisfaction at having completed his task successfully and finally merging with the Supreme.
With the passing away of Sri Sri Sri Vitthalananda Saraswati an era of the Nath Sampradaya has come to an end. Though we can no longer see him physically through our naked eyes, His Blessings and love will always remain in the Hearts and Souls of His Devotees.

Vittal Babaji at the installation of the Shirdi Sai Baba idol at Palakkad, Kerala

Vittal Babaji at the installation of the Shirdi Sai Baba idol at Palakkad, Kerala


My Destined Pilgrimage to Kurvapuram

By Narendra Bhandari


My first read on spirituality was an autobiography of a yogi by Paramhansa Yoganandaji, an e-book in September 2013. Thereafter in April this year, I was presented two books by Dr. Deepali Jaju, I had finished reading both these, (Shri Sai Satcharitta and SreePada SreeVallabha Charitaamrutam) by the first week of June. Having read about Sai Baba and SreePada SreeVallabha, my self-awareness levels were at their highest that I had ever experienced so far. Somewhere within I had the desire to meet my Guru Sri Mohanji immediately and also visit the shrine of Vaishnodevi with him in the same trip. So I got in touch to seek his permission, his immediate suggestion was, let us go to Kuruvapuram instead. I was amazed at this response. Here I have just finished reading SreePada SreeVallabha Charitaamrutam, and I am being invited to visit the seat of SreePada SreeVallabha. I agreed immediately.
On the morning of 23rd June 2014 I landed at Bangalore for the first time and headed towards Preeti Duggal’s home, after reaching, I prostrated to Mohanji and met Rajeev, Preeti and Kiran. There was so much of love emanating from the Duggals’ home, I was overwhelmed.

Outside Duggal’s Home

Outside Duggal’s Home


While we were on the breakfast table, Kiran suggested that there is a spiritual siddha and Dattatreya bhakta in Bangalore. On hearing this Mohanji wanted to meet him in the afternoon. The plan was mooted for the afternoon.



Mohanji With Swami GovindGiri spiritual Siddha and Duttatreya bhakta

Mohanji With Swami GovindGiri spiritual Siddha and Duttatreya bhakta

We spent about an hour there and were fortunate to get the blessings of the 88-year-old Siddhapurush, who can speak many Indian languages and had extensively toured the world.

In the evening I along with Mohanji, Preeti, Murty and Jagdish took the Nanded Express from Banaglore station to Raichur. After an overnight comfortable train journey we headed towards destination Kuruvapuram.

Mr Krishnamurty (Murty Garu) and Mr Jagdish traveling with us. Murty Garu was the leadman of the entourage taking us in the most possible comfortable mode

Mr Krishnamurty (Murty Garu) and Mr Jagdish traveling with us. Murty Garu was the leadman of the entourage taking us in the most possible comfortable mode

At destination Sripada Srivallabha Puram, we (all the five of us, Mohanji, Murty Garu, Preeti, Jagdish and I) prostrated to Sri Sri Sri Swamy Vitthal Babaji

Mohanji in conversation with Sri Sri Sri Swamy Vitthal Babaji

Mohanji in conversation with Sri Sri Sri Swamy Vitthal Babaji

Mohanji in conversation with Sri Sri Sri Swamy Vitthal Babaji, We witnessed such a immense flow of love from Vittal Babaji. HE was so overjoyed having met Mohanji.

Mohanji in conversation with Sri Sri Sri Swamy Vitthal Babaji, We witnessed such a immense flow of love from Vittal Babaji. HE was so overjoyed having met Mohanji.

While I was clicking pictures, I was seeing some forms through the viewfinder but which were not being captured by the camera. I brought this to the notice of Babaji. He smiled and explained that when there was a communion, other beings also wanted to participate and feel their presence. The   picture below shows such beings

17 Vittal Babaji

We were blessed to be in the personal care of Vitthal Babaji. Babaji then asked us to visit the place where Sripada Srivallabha used to offer surya namaskar on the banks of Krishna. We were so fortunate to be able to see that place, as most of the year it is submerged in water. Here are some pictures:

Mohanji Prostrating to SriPada Sri Vallabhab “on the rock” which was used by SriPada Sri Valabha to do SuryaNamaskar every morning. It is said that that such was the ‘Tej’ of Sri Pada, Sri Valabha that the color of the rock darkened. In this picture Preeti is also clicking another one.

Mohanji Prostrating to SriPada Sri Vallabhab “on the rock” which was used by SriPada Sri Valabha to do SuryaNamaskar every morning. It is said that that such was the ‘Tej’ of Sri Pada, Sri Valabha that the color of the rock darkened. In this picture Preeti is also clicking another one.

Footprints on the rock of Sriada Sri Vallabha

Footprints on the rock of Sriada Sri Vallabha

Mohanji Prostrating on the foot prints of SriPada SriValabha

Mohanji Prostrating on the foot prints of SriPada SriValabha

Mohanji in communion with the Almighty at the Krishna river.

Mohanji in communion with the Almighty at the Krishna river.

Another picture at the Krishna river

Another picture at the Krishna river

Ferrying on the boat to cross Krishna river to reach the temple on the other bank of the river.

Ferrying on the boat to cross Krishna river to reach the temple on the other bank of the river.

The sky also looked gorgeous, the travel thru the river on the round boat was so blessed by the clouds, which sheltered us from the scorch sun.

The sky also looked gorgeous, the travel thru the river on the round boat was so blessed by the clouds, which sheltered us from the scorch sun.

Under the Bunyan tree, where Sripada SriValabha used to be in communion with the GODs in the nights.

Under the Bunyan tree, where Sripada SriValabha used to be in communion with the GODs in the nights.

Vitthal Babaji signing off precious mementoes

Vitthal Babaji signing off precious mementoes

Mohanji in communion at the Ganesh Temple at the Vitthal Babaji Samadhi Complex.

Mohanji in communion at the Ganesh Temple at the Vitthal Babaji Samadhi Complex.

Mohanji giving away awards to the school children at the Vithal Babaji’s ashram.

Mohanji giving away awards to the school children at the Vithal Babaji’s ashram.

The stay at the ashram was absolutely stress-free. The arrangements were simple but full of love. The food was served by the ashramites with love and affection. In a matter of 0ver 36 hrs at the ashram we got abundance of everything that soothed the soul. Soon the time to depart approached, but I did not feel that I was going to miss something, all I knew was that I was feeling light. We took Vitthal Babaji’s aashirwad and departed for Raichur railway station at 8:30 PM on 25th June 2014. Took the train just after midnight and retired for the day on our berths. A big Thanks to Murty Garu and Preeti for organizing this trip.

In the morning we were in Bangalore at the Duggals’ place. We were planning yet another visit to Devi Amma’s place. I was to move out of Bangalore in the evening.

Getting the blessings of Devi Amma

Getting the blessings of Devi Amma

After taking the blessings I departed for the airport to travel to Mumbai. I arrived in Mumbai and further travelled to Nasik & reached home to meet my parents on the eve of 26th June 2014. My initial plans were to return to Muscat from Bangalore itself, however on request of my brother for some business related matter I detoured and reached Nasik. However the next day the business related meeting was held but did not yield the objectives. Once out of the meeting, my brother asked, “Shirdi Chalna hai”? This came as a total surprise. We went home, took my son Teshub along and headed for Shirdi. While all this was going on, Seema called from Muscat and conveyed that she wanted me to participate in the shani pooja at Nasik, which she organized with a Pundit. We had a good darshan of Shirdi Sai Baba and returned home at night.
Next Morning on 28th June, I participated in the Shani Shanti Pooja, performed by a team of Brahmins and took the blessings and headed for Mumbai with Teshub.
Having reached Muscat, I attended office on 29th June 2014 during the day. However by evening I was down with severe fever and intolerable body pain. This situation continued for three days, this was three days of severe cleansing. I am grateful to the Almighty for this cleansing and introducing me to many lovable personalities especially Preeti and Rajeev Duggal, who have been such wonderful people.


BTW Worldwide Guru Poornima Celebration 2014

Bless The World Family worldwide celebrated Guru Poornima on 11th-12th July this year. For the first time, there was a global live streaming satsang with Mohanji, attended by people in BTW centers from Australia, UAE, Great Britain, Macedonia, Serbia, South Africa, India, the USA, Canada. We are grateful to BTW team Mumbai for organising this and making a leap in the quality of utilising Mohanji’s time and energy. You can watch Mohanji’s message here, or read it here.
How Bless The World Family expressed gratitude to the guru principle, you can see in the following summary of all activities initiated by Mohanji. Feel the global bliss around our beloved master and the attitude of service which is the most immediate way of expressing unconditional love and tuning into our real nature. Living it leads us to the supreme consciousness.





BTW SOUTH AFRICA (Durban, Merudanda ashram, Johannesburg)















From Australia with love 1


“Mohanji thank you. Thank you for being our living guru – our link between the mortal and the immortal. Thank you for showing us the path to the light. Thank you for changing the course of our life, for teaching us the value of personal responsibility, for teaching us devotion and discipline and for helping us to find these qualities in ourselves.
Thank you for your tireless work and the wisdom you provide us with.
Thank you thank you thank you.
Love You.
Feel immeasurably blessed.” by Caroline Moscato



It was a modest yet soulful marking of this auspicious day. Live darshan with Mohanji in Mississauga

CANADA A modest yet soulful marking of this auspicious day Live darshan with Mohanji in Mississauga



The USA also had a programme where they performed Arti of Mohanji and food seva.



The program for Guru Poornima at Muscat Oman started with Mohanji’s AArti, Gayatri chanting and bhajan. It was followed by Food Sewa to construction workers.

Muscat seva 1

Muscat Seva 2Muscat seva 3


“What an awesome GuruPurnima!!! Listening to GuruDev speak and the Skype call……..we all had such a wonderful time. Thank you so much BTW Mumbai and especially Mishraji. Thank you for your grace and time Gurudev, ” says Seema Mahabeer

BTW Durban South Africa 1,2

BTW Durban South Africa 0a



What an awesome GuruPurnima!!! Listening to GuruDev speak and the Skype call……..we all had such a wonderful time. Thank you so much BTW Mumbai and esp Mishraji. Thank you for your grace and time Gurudev.

This morning on Guru Purnima, we lit a vanilla scented candle at Guruji’s photo, when we returned to the lounge a little later, this is what we saw… so blessed

Merudanda ashram, This morning on Guru Purnima, we lit a vanilla scented candle at Guruji's photo, when we returned to the lounge a little later,this is what we saw....so blessed

by Yashik Singh
On my behalf I would just love to say thank you Mohanji for helping me and being with me always. Thank you all for an amazing celebration at the ashram… we all love you with all our heart guruji, Mohanji.
Our programme consisted of various activities, like individual programme of Mohanji’s padukams which he actually wore. It is a great honour to worship guru’s sandals. Adi Shankara says, “Salutations and salutations to the sandals of my guru that is a boat which helps me cross the ocean of life.”
Next there was Mohanji’s feet pooja, where 108 flowers were offered as a group to the mould of Mohanji’s Feet with the chanting of Mohanji’s Padam Pooja mantras.
After Strotra chanting, there was also Abhishekam of Shri Vasuki, who protects Mohanji at Merudanda ashram. Full Mohanji pooja followed including khalsa stapana and homa. Homa was performed with offering to Shri Mahamritunjaya, the deity of healing and protection. Sankalpa is for healing and blessing Mohanji’s physical body.
The afternoon programme also included Mohanji gayatri chanting and Abhishekam of Narmada Shivalinga.

Merudanda ashram, guru poornima

Merudanda ashram, guru poornima 1,2

can you see Durga and Luxmi in this photo,truly blessed

Can you see Durga and Luxmi in this photo? Truly blessed.

By Sulosh Pillai
Today our cancer outreach in Polokwane went to an informal settlement to render our screening and awareness program, So glad that we blessed to serve these communities, Thank You Transnet Foundation for your mobile clinic that reaches the most vulnerable communities that is otherwise out of the radar! Cancer can be beaten! Be cancer Wise!

Guru Poornima South Africa


50 Underprivileged elderly folks were given warm woolen hats, with a scarf and gloves. We are deeply affected to once again see the poverty and suffering, and how blessed we are. We thank all the Gurus throughout the ages – this is our way of saying thank You.

South Africa 2,4

We had the privilege of handing out 55 sets of woolen caps, each with hat, scarf and gloves.We were once again made so aware of the profound depth of poverty that millions are steeped in. Today we decided to focus on the elderly folks. There were so many different dynamics at play. Some of the people were suspicious because the history, namely “Apartheid”, where the indigenous African people were totally suppressed and abused by our so-called ‘white’ ancestors.

Then there were the ones who showed such joy, love and gratitude. The old Magogos (Grandmothers), and the old Madalas (Grandfathers) were so open to us, and we saw many a smile, some toothless grins also. It was a beautiful and infinitely sad all at once.

Our dear Riana could not unfortunately attend, she is snowed under with work, but they will be doing seva at an animal shelter soon.

We are so grateful that our Mohanji has inspired us to do seva with gusto and with deeply felt appreciation. We would also like to introduce Marina Coetzee, who will be going to India to meet Mohanji. Another shining soul. Thanks to Abby, Sue and Irene for joining us also.

We’ve realized that blankets are another huge need, and we’ll all do our utmost to see to blankets in this freezing weather, asap.

With love,

South Africa 1

South Africa 3,5




As the moon was waxing into a full moon of Guru Poornima, Manjari Rao shared Sant Kabir’s verses which sum up what or who a Guru really is…

Sab Dharti Kagaz Karu,
Lekhan Ban Raye.
Sath Samundra Ki Mas Karu
Guru Gun Likha Na Jaye

“Even if the whole earth is transformed into paper with all the big trees made into pens and if the entire water in the seven oceans are transformed into writing ink, even then the glories of the Guru cannot be written. So much is the greatness of the Guru.”

They had Power of Purity meditation followed by Mohanji’s aarti and online Satsang on the occassion of Guru Poornima.



We are grateful to have Mohanji in our lives. We attended the global satsang.
Happy Guru Poornima, poem by Biljana Vozarevic

Guru Poornima BTW Serbia 2



For the special occasion of Guru Purnima, BTW Macedonia gathered to participate in the first online Satsang with Mohanji. We chanted the Mohanji Gayathri, and collected Guru Dakshina. To mark this day and show our love for our Beloved Master Mohanji we planted trees in the yard of the Home for Orphans “11 October” in Skopje, Macedonia.



When we showed up with the proposal in front of the director of the institution, she was happy to accept our kind donation and did everything to help us realize it. Many kids showed up in the yard and wanted to help with the digging, planting, and watering of the plants. They were so joyful.





In the end we bought some chocolates for the kids and we bid farewell.


All throughout the tree plantation activity, from collecting the money, to buying the trees, and planting them, our hearts were melting from joy and gratitude for having an opportunity to celebrate our Mohanji’s special day. We were all feeling His heart-warming presence throughout the whole day.


Eternal Gratitude to our Beloved Master Mohanji,
BTW Team, Macedonia


Sabrina Koletic paid for the healing of a cat who has been in an infirmary for two months and Kristina Jelavic bought food for abandoned animals. Sanja made a beautiful video Mohanji – Manasa  Bhajare Gurucharanam, a collection of various quotes on Guru principle and Guru – disciple relationship given by different saints and Gurus. Some of them are Sri Mohanji, Sri Yukteswar Giri, Paramahansa Yogananda, Neem Karoli Baba, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Shirdi Sai Baba, Swami Vivekananda, Swami Rama.

It is beautiful how people from the countries of former Yugoslavia (Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia) connect well to Mohanji. The more divided their country was, the more they craved for unity and oneness.



We are extremely thankful to AB Live for making the first online satsang possible on this very special occasion of Guru Poornima for us

It’s through their benevolent gesture of providing technological know how, equipment and an attitude of ‘let-us-know-how-we-can-help’ that the entire BTW family all across the world will be able to get darshan of MOHANJI

We thank our dearest Mohanji, our friend, philosopher, guide & guru for the beautiful message of Guru Poornima.

We Thank our friend Sandeep & his team for bringing the Whole BTW Family to rejoice with Father on this auspicious occasion of Guru Poornima.

Thank You all our lovely BTW Family without your love & support it wouldn’t be possible.


Mumbai BTW group

BTW team Mumbai

We love you Mohanji.. our Bhagwaan.. Guide.. Father.. Mother.. Brother.. Sister.. Friend.. our everything.

We love you Mohanji.. our Bhagwaan.. Guide.. Father.. Mother.. Brother.. Sister.. Friend.. our everything.


Mohanji Aarti

On 12th July, the auspicious day of Guru Poornima, beloved Master Shri Mohanji did Pran Pratistha of Shirdi Sai Baba Idol in South Mumbai. After that he performed Havan.

Mohanji doing Pran Pratistha of Shirdi Sai Baba Idol in South Mumbai

This Temple in South Mumbai is coming as a replica of Shirdi Sai Baba Temple. Shri Saibaba’s grand temple has been built in South Mumbai with the blessings of Sai Baba to fulfill the desire of Sai baba devotees.
Inspired and designed from the original Shirdi Temple’s Shri Sai BABA’s 5.3 feet idol ,this divine idol installed by Parampujya Rajayogi Sadguru Shri Mohanji Maharaj.
Accompanied by Respected Ved Visharad Shri Yashwant Bhaskar Paithan, great bhakt well versed in Vedas. Gratitude to Shri Dinesh Shah and family, the benevolent donor of the idols of Shri Sai Baba, Shri Ganesha and Shivalinga.

Mohanji in deep communion, replica of Sai Baba Idol in Shirdi

Shri Mohanji participating in Puja.

Sri Mohanji doing Pooja

Mohanji in expanded state during Havan.

Mohanji in expanded state during Havan


By Palak Mehta

On the blessed occasion of Guru Poornima BTW Pune decided to give food to the poor, hungry people after washing their feet and hands. This was Guru Bhiksha. Chanting Mohanji’s Gayathri during the seva. We intended that we offer food to our Master by feeding the homeless and do pooja of Mohanji’s feet by washing the feet of the uncared for.
Shubhangi narrates that even though she cancelled her participation because she had to go somewhere else urgently yet she still wanted to join others for the seva. She needed that extra push and right at the last minute when they were about to leave for the food seva got a call by the team, she could come back in time and jumped at the opportunity. She felt so good after the seva and thanked Mohanji for never leaving her. She says he fulfills all her desires always.

BTW Pune 8,9
Palak writes,” India as a country has no dearth of poverty. Beggars, homeless destitute and addicts are ample in number. In a busy marketplace with profuse number of restaurants would also be a number of homeless at different junctions. It’s a convenient thought to assume that they don’t work, they beg while we work day and night. This makes us so insensitive and non compassionate towards this bitter reality that we acknowledge them as the street people. As if that’s where they belong and we cannot do or should not do anything to change that. Most of us walk past them without a single decent glance at their condition.
I saw some of their eyes again today. I don’t know their past, or why some of them were lying semi naked in dirty corners of the street, so lonely, unloved and uncared for, some probably hadn’t washed their hands with soap for months.. some were handicapped, some smelt of human excreta, some of alcohol, some of pain and loss and some looked like zombies.. but their eyes couldn’t lie.. their eyes had soul in them. It was the same soul as yours and mine. There was no difference between me and them. And we all know who’s consciousness was working through this experience. (Mohanji’s of course!) I clearly recall that radiance in the eyes of a young man who walked up to us.. his hands were black with dirt…. before giving him food we gave him soap and shampoo and helped him wash his hands with soap. Oh boy was he happy!

Washing hands and feet before serving food

Washing hands and feet before serving food

In the middle of the street at night he started to wash his face, gargled, neatened his hair, he felt so fresh after that and had a big soft and genuine smile on his face. When we gave him food, I automatically started feeding him the hot dal and rice with the spoon. Spoon by spoon I made him eat and he ate so gently and gracefully.. He ate like a baby! His eyes looked at me with so much love.. incredible. He must be around my age but he looked at me like you would to a mother. A very strong eye contact throughout. Black beautiful eyes.. just like the spark Mohanji’s eyes have  But it was soooo loving! I’ve not had such a meaningful eye contact with so many people I’ve known closely in my life…

We could also give food to 4 dogs. It happened spontaneously. The last dog came out of nowhere and ate like a gentleman! Ok I’m not exaggerating, our driver who we met for the first time said, “Now this is Lord Datta.. !’’ (Bhagawaan Dattatreya had 4 dogs which represent the tradition)
BTW Pune 1,2


BTW Pune 3,4

BTW Pune 7

BTW Pune 5,6

Orb blessing

Guru Poornima showers blessings

Guru Poornima showers as orbs


Today’s seva truly transformed me. We could spend time with each person we did seva for. We washed their hands, spoke to them, opened hot food and served them each dish, sat with them, fed some, hugged some, they felt human.. they felt loved.. we felt loved.. love is the only universal language. Love needs to be expressed more tangibly. I cannot imagine a life without serving these people in some way or the other. Life would have been shallow, a meaningless self centered drama of emotions had it not been for my saviour, my Guru, who not only taught me to serve by His example, by walking the walk, but also always gives the grace to aid the service. Always makes it happen, provides the needy, provides the material to serve the needy, provides the people who would assist in the seva (Service), provides the thought to serve, aiding our liberation and spreading love on the planet. My whole life can go by singing praises of my Guru and it won’t be enough. Nothing .. no expression can express even a fraction of the grace, compassion, love of a Master such as Mohanji. HE is the journey and HE is the destination.
The driver who went with us to for the seva was so happy he could come and said that his coming was arranged by Lord Dattareya. Need I say more ? 

In gratitude,
BTW Pune

BTW  Pune 11



We had a divine Satsang and Meditation with Our beloved Biba ji today. At Patel Nagar… Followed by Food sewa in west and central Delhi distributes more then 300 food packets. In Gurgaon we had Cow Food Sewa as well after 5 pm. Love to all of you.

BTW Delhi 1,2

BTW Delhi 3,4

BTW Delhi 5

This is the first Biba’s seva in India with the team on Guru Poornima

BTW Delhi 6,7

It was truly satisfying to be with the Delhi spiritual family and serve

BTW Delhi 8,9

BTW Delhi

Soaked in pure love and grace


Cold sharbat was served at Madhuban Katra on Guru Poornima throughout the day. Quenching thirst of the passers-by and street people quenched our thirst to serve…

Madhuban Katra 1

Madhuban Katra 3

On the day of Guru Poornima, we dedicate this space to the thoughts of a person whose love and graciousness has touched a lot of souls, leaving each inspired, motivated and at peace with oneself.

Mohanji -Madhuban restaurant for Guru Poornima



Mohanji’s ashram Kud

Today on the auspicious day of Guru Poornima there was pooja, Bahajan, satsang and Food seva for the children at Mohan ji’s Ashram Kud in Jammu. The day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and seva bhaav. Here are some of the images of the occasions.

Food seva

Food seva


Children singing Bhajans

Children singing Bhajans


Beginning of Pooja

Beginning of Pooja

Food Seva 2,3



There was food seva in Dharamshala.

Dharamshala (2) a

Dharamshala (1) - Guru Poornima celebrated as gratitude to master  Mohanjiude tos gratit


Ammucare Charitable Trust

Ammucare Charitable Trust


Impossible Parking

By Biljana Vozarevic

Bilja V profile pic

These are the pictures that Preeti Duggal from Bangalore posted on Facebook today:

Outside Swamy Govindgiriji's Ashram Shri Mohanji parked the car as Mr. Sethu, (Devika's Father) could not do so.

Outside Swamy Govindgiriji’s Ashram Shri Mohanji parked the car as Mr. Sethu, (Devika’s Father) could not do so. Shri Mohanji did it in one go. A treat for the eyes.

Mohanji parking a car - impossible maneuvering 2


These pictures reminded me of my similar experience in May 2012.


In May 2012, Mohanji arrived in Serbia and we had programmes in Novi Sad and then in Belgrade. We were supposed to meet Zoran S. from Macedonia and his wife. After looking for the way to the hotel „Moskva“ in Belgrade, Rajesh (Vijay Ramanaidoo) from UK, Mohanji, Biba and I were in a car. I was driving. In the middle of the crowd, in one narrow and steep street I found a parking place. What a relief, when I found out there was no need to keep an eye on prolonging the parking each hour… It was away from the parking zone. The meditation and satsang went well, people were curious or eager for spiritual nectar. Some of them pulsated from the energy which they absorbed and which was yet to settle.
On the way back, I noticed Mohanji’s steps were so light as if he was walking on the clouds. Somehow carefully, as if he was paying attention not to touch the concrete too hard. He always tended to have his hands fee, he avoided carrying anything. He wanted to have freedom of movement. Yet his attention is always 100% on. He may joke, but is always aware what is happening behind, in front or in some other parts of the city, even remote parts of the globe.
After we arrived to pick up the car, there was a surprise. Another car stood exactly behind ours and I was terrified at the thought of parking out of the space narrow like a box of matches!!! And furthermore, it was steep, I would have to go backwards, I would surely slide down and the car was new and let alone that there were Mohanji and others. I thought we should wait for the driver to move his car, which would be a reasonable but helpless decision, and we had to go back to Novi Sad, it was late in the evening.
Mohanji immediately knew what the problem was and saw my desperation and decided to park the car out himself. No human apart from the few best professionals in the world could do that, believe me. It was so tight that one millimeter slide down that slope and it would scratch on the wall at one side. The other car was preventing maneuvering. Simply stuck. Even a bicycle would find it challenging to get out of there, let alone the car. But slowly and gradually, with some incomprehensible inner sensors Mohanji smoothly got the car out of the claws of that place. And it was even the first time he got into that car, he wasn’t even used to the commands, the feeling of the steering wheel or the clutch or the accelerator. Furthermore, it had not been long before when he had been in completely expanded state talking to people and giving answers , then shaktipats, healing and cleansing energy blockages. This was a totally different situation, non-spiritual, but no-mind state obviously makes wonders in any situation. He showed such a perfection! As if sunshine and butterflies filled me when I saw it. I was so humbled and ashamed. Instead of me serving the master, hi did it… I didn’t know where to disappear. So there it was. We entered into the car, I continued driving and we arrived home safely.
While growing up, there was no time for Mohanji to waste to finish the karmic journey.. he soon taught himself how to drive. He learned to drive the car, the scooter and motorcycle by himself. He had no instructor per se, just like he has never had a proper guru in his spiritual path.


Mohanji parking a car - impossible maneuvering 3


Surviving the dark night of the mind

By Zoran Stefanovski 


This is an account, a recollection of the recent experiences that I had during and after the Retreat in Andrevlje, Serbia. I will try to keep it brief and to the point, leaving out the unnecessary details and narrate the essence of it. This might be of help to someone at some point in time when passing through the dark night of the mind. Hopefully.

The story begins at the Retreat in Andrevlje, Serbia over a month ago.


I arrived in Andrevlje late, when most of the people were already asleep. So, I unpacked and went straight to bed. Woke up in the middle of the night in panic and huge fear. I was not sure what was the source of this fear and I couldn’t describe it. All I know is that it was too strong of an emotion having a tight grip on my body and mind. I felt as if Mohanji has placed me on an oven, and turned the heater on the max. My mind was racing. Why these fears now? I came to the Retreat in good spirits. I didn’t expect to be thrown directly into the fire and burn. My identity was shaken and put to test. I was so restless, but somehow I managed to go to sleep at some point.

Some of my fears started clarifying. One fear was that I wouldn’t be accepted by the society if I lived Mohanji’s Teachings, and openly talk about the Dattatreya or Nath Tradition. The bhajans, the ceremonial fires, the touching of Guru’s feet… – all these these concepts are not accepted in the society where Christianity is the mainstream religion. A fear of being left behind, abandoned and lonely surfaced. I was feeling as a scared little kid left alone in the woods. I felt weak. I felt powerless.

I told Mohanji that I feel strong fears. He said, “I see your head is steaming. But, you are safe here. Just let go, and stay aware of what’s coming out. ”

5 days in Andrevlje were dedicated to burning our negativities stored in the mind. All the fears, anxieties, doubts, etc had to be registered, acknowledged, written down on a piece of paper and put into a cardboard box. The box was then put into the ceremonial fire while we chanted specific mantras for destroying the negativities stored in the mind and written on our little pieces of paper.

A lot of my stored negativities were burnt in the fire that day. But more lingered on. I was only half way through my cleansing process.

Fast forward, the Retreat ended and everybody went back to their homes. I went with Mohanji and Biba to Novi Sad, to Biba’s parents’ home. As soon as we exited Andrevlje, the floods started. Floods that Serbia haven’t seen for over 80 years. Few hours later all the roads were blocked and the country was in an emergency situation. However, we arrived safely to Novi Sad.


I had pending questions, doubts and fears to share with Mohanji. I waited for the right setting/moment to bring them up and clear my inner space. I really needed help. All the heaviness was provoked and brought onto the surface at the Retreat. It had to pass through the waking consciousness and be set free and let go. Not an easy task. I was struggling a lot to keep all the garbage inside and act normal and holier than thou :-) But for how long could I keep the stuff when I share the space with Shiva, the destroyer of minds and basher of egos – with Mohanji.  The stuff had to come out sooner or later. Better sooner, so I tried to open up and share my doubts.

We didn’t have enough privacy to talk, so Mohanji invited me to his room for a discussion. When I started sharing the doubts I was expecting to be understood. However, I didn’t get to be understood. To my dismay, what I got was objectivity and a strict response from Mohanji. I felt as if my ego was in a boxing arena and ambushed into an angle. I had nowhere to escape. There he was, Mohanji, in front of me, ready to destroy the impurity, doubts, fears – head on. I struggled to keep everything. But, no, he was persisting, “Come on, vent it out” he was saying.

I had all sorts of doubts and fears and they all came out, alas, in one go. As if the Pandora’s box was opened and all the demons broke loose in one go. It was too much to bear. If they came one by one, I may have tackled them more easily.

One doubt I had was that I’m giving everything to Mohanji, doing so much seva (selfless work), and I am neglecting my family as a result of that – my mind’s presumption was that he knew that but didn’t care. I was giving all my energy and time to Mohanji and my family was deprived of my attention and presence. When I told this to Mohanji, he simply said: “Then prioritize – family first, then everything else. Family should not suffer. Best is to balance all aspects of life. I can filter the tasks you get.”

I started talking stuff, some of it I didn’t even mean anything, but it was all coming up…

“I have no friends, why don’t you help me have friends.” He answered, “ I gave you a worldwide family, do you know how much they love  and respect you?”

“I don’t love myself. You’re not helping me love myself.” He said, “Do selfless service, and see your self-love and self-esteem rising through the rooftop.”

“I’m afraid that you will eventually leave me.”, I said.

For each doubt and fear I had, he was giving me an objective solution. Straight-to-the point instant solutions.

Mind stuff just kept coming up with more stuff. I was attacking and pointing to the shadows of the mind all along, to this or that issue, failing to identify mind itself as the problem. While all this was happening, the mind was projecting all kinds of things. My mind never turned the finger around to point on itself. It judged others, criticized, and found faults.

I felt so unloved by Mohanji all the while. I was surprised by this feeling. I was hurt. I wanted the discussion to end so that I can go out of the room and close up again into my hell shell. I was seriously considering leaving Mohanji. I felt betrayed.

He said, “You know, in 5 days time, all of this will probably mean nothing.” Little did I know at that time that he was right. It was meaningless within 2 days, but at the moment it felt as a harsh disillusionment, coupled with a huge pain in the chest. I was talking stuff that didn’t make any sense. They were just coming out of my mouth.

Mohanji looked like a big poisonous snake. His eyes were fuming with fire. I saw him as a Demon. He was a demon all right, but to my mind. My mind was not safe with him at all, and feeling highly endangered. When mind is under attack surrender seams impossible. And, surrender is the only cure.

Finally, conversation ended, and as we were exiting the room Mohanji said, “I will never leave you, we are from the same Path.”

I will never leave you, we are from the same Path

I will never leave you, we are from the same Path


It was early, next morning. I woke up with what felt as a closed aura. I was disappointed and didn’t want to talk. I was shut down. I was not satisfied with the answers Mohanji gave me, I was still in the big illusion stage, and mind was playing heavily.

We packed and left for Macedonia Retreat. I was driving. What awaited us was an approx. 7 hours drive from Novi Sad to Macedonia. Mohanji was sitting next to me, and Biba in the back seat. Mohanji didn’t speak anything. He was keeping silent and looked as if he was producing inner heat. I felt him as an erupting volcano from the inside, but silent on the outside. I was full of doubts. He knew that. I was deeply in the darkness, in a deep hole, and I didn’t want out. I was clinging to this state stubbornly, and I was angry with Mohanji, not knowing exactly why but quite angry.

Biba intuited and felt what was happening inside of me. She spontaneously started talking in our language about things that in turn triggered myself talking about my deeply buried traumas and disappointments from the last 15 years. With each word I uttered, the content of those words was thrown into the fire that Mohanji was churning, and then that content was gone forever. All the karmas, all the traumas, disappointments, depressions, all of these were sucked into Mohanji and burned. I was liberated from so much garbage just by talking about it. Bit by bit, Biba talked me into the light. Step by step, she was digging me out of my mind’s rut, held me by the hand and walked me towards the Truth of the matter. She was the light bearer. My savior.

Cleansing prayer

A prayer for deep cleansing in the presence of the Master

Halfway through the trip I was good as new. The storm was over. What was left was deep love and gratitude as I survived the dark night of my mind with huge help from Biba. And Mohanji did his job again. He always does.

Then I knew, I was exaggerating things all along. I was everything but not objective. Emotions were working on me big time. There’s a little chance I would have come out of it by myself. It was sheer Grace I walked out of it at all. Mohanji’s Grace working through Biba. Biba was probably not even aware what she was doing. It was just flowing though her. She was just an open vessel for the Master’s Grace to work on me. It was just like an operation, or a surgery being performed on me.

Some of Biba’s key points that I remember, which brought me from darkness to light, were the following:

The key thing that Biba said, which tilted me out of the mind hypnosis, and made me aware of what was happening – she said that people are leaving Mohanji for the stupidest things like, because he wears glasses, a watch, or he uses perfumes, he wears jeans, uses etheric oil for Shaktipat, etc. And the doubt comes in a split of a second. People have huge faith and devotion for a long time, but in a split second they change their minds, find stupid faults in him, and leave him.

Another key point – she shared a story about a woman that was attacked by entities. These entities were talking in her ears stuff that she thought were hers and thus believed it to be true. They were hissing it in her ears and she was feeling powerless. She was too weak to fight it. She was having strange doubts, and lack of faith all of a sudden. And then, by sheer grace she met a healer who did some healing work on her and saved her from the entities. In an instant she came back to her true self. She was back. No doubts, no judgments, nothing, just understanding the facts of the matter. Entities do exist, and can’t be seen with naked eye. They come from the back door and enter our mind and stay there. When they inhabit our space, they whisper in our ear stuff that weren’t there before, they breed doubt, fear, and anxiety, they feed on these emotions.

Next key point – Spirituality is not a feel good affair. We have to deal with our negativities, and go through them. True spirituality is a hard work on our deepest shadows.

Yet another key point – When a Guru accepts a disciple it is for eternity. He accepts responsibility for that soul forever and ever. It’s not a one-lifetime affair. This is huge. The Guru is responsible for liberating that soul until it indeed reaches the final Liberation.

Mohanji also said one thing that left a big mark on me. He said: “Always be like a bird sitting on a dry branch. The branch could break at any time. So, one should be super vigilant and live always in this way.”

May I remain vigilant and blessed always

May I remain vigilant and blessed always


As I’m looking back at this experience, I learned that we should never make decisions when under strong emotions. Never, ever. Know that mind is playing all the time so be like a bird sitting on a dry branch. Mind will play many tricks. Mind resists changes, it thrives on patterns and concepts. Instead of looking straight in the eye of the fears and releasing them it was easier for me to attack, blame and judge the source of the fears and try to escape the whole scene that was bringing up those fears. Escaping always feels so easy. Facing fears seams so hard to the ego-mind.

It will be a little small negligible thing that will cause the fall from Grace. We will not even see it coming through the back door. Small thing will lead to bigger doubts, until it snowballs into a huge lack of faith. And eventually- a downfall. So, we blame the Guru for it. Doubts are like weeds in the garden. Once they come they must be cleared out immediately or they take root and it’s even harder to get rid of them later on.

When the negativities are brought up from the subconscious reservoir they must go through the waking consciousness to be released. There is no other way. Just letting go, and keeping the faith alive is the way. If Mohanji is attacking our mind stuff, then it’s for our own good. He’s attacking the negativity to destroy it and liberate us. He destroys the false so that only the True will remain. This process is very hard to bear while it lasts. But when it’s over, you will be happy that it happened. Mohanji is the greatest blessing ever. We were given a golden chance for Liberation in this lifetime. However, it’s easy to miss it… – so let us be like a bird sitting on a dry branch.

When this whole event was over, I had zero alienation in my mind and everything seamed so funny from that post-event perspective. Mohanji’s objectivity and behavior was untouched throughout the whole happening. He spontaneously addressed and eradicated all these insignificant matters (which indeed seamed so significant while happening) and moved on with elegance. He dealt so patiently and non-pretentiously with my doubts and fears. I learned then and there, on the spot, how to address a problem, let go and move on with life without guilt or alienation. Mohanji’s impeccable objectivity did the magic and liberated me from a lot of negativity baggage.

Every emotion leaves behind an ugly residue, and the post-emotional outburst drama is usually worse than the actual situation of the outburst. I learned that when events like this are handled with objectivity, maturity and witnesshood, there is no residue of the outbursts and their corresponding trauma. This is the beauty of being with a true spiritual Master such as Mohanji, who is perpetually connected to the source.

Unlike our outbursts, Master’s outbursts (which are usually to eradicate huge blockages in the disciples) leave back no residue. They are smooth and clean always. It is our stupidity to detach from a true Master. He could be terribly unorthodox and his style may often confuse us, but he is purely purpose-bound and totally benevolent.

Always at the Lotus Feet of my Beloved Master Mohanji



Mohanji Ka Aangan- Children’s Paradise

 ∣∣ Sai reham nazar karna …  bachon ka palan karna ∣∣

∣∣ Hey Sai, have your merciful eyes on children and take care of them ∣∣

Mohanji Ka Aangan
Aangan, a courtyard or veranda is generally a loving place for children to play at home but is a dream coming true for the slum or underprivileged kids In Jammu; a city in north India in the province of Jammu & Kashmir. For these kids, it is a heaven, a place to learn with love and freedom. It is a place to develop without any conditions and bindings. It is also a place where my existence developed a deep meaning. I, Sakshi Gupta, humbly write about the journey of Mohanji Ka Aangan.

Muscat in March 2011, this was my first meeting with Mohanji. He asked me to do something for kids.

When I came back, I discussed this with Deepali didi. She was the one who gave vision and the shape to my dream. Through her, Mohanji gave me the concept, the idea for the place, and the ultimate structure which soon became the reality! Deepali didi has been my backbone since the conception, opening and functioning of Aangan till today. It was only my Gurudev’s faith in me that we were able to actually materialize Mohanji ka Aangan. At the same time; I am deeply indebted to my husband Sumit. Without his encouragement and positive support, this dream turning to reality was not possible. I also express my deep gratitude to Reva bhua and my mother.

The concept and the evolution- We live in the fast-moving world. All are running after having higher and higher education. Big big degrees and prestigious jobs! Some are after business and trading. Parents are pushing children to study hard and get maximum marks so the admissions in better or well reputed institutes are secured. If this does not work, parents are working hard to pull money for childrens’ education and hefty capitation fees many times. Parents are anxious and worried about getting their ‘toddlers’ in a good or prestigious nursery. Long queues for admissions; and fat donations at times! There is tremendous competition for the admission to any institute, college or school anywhere in the world. These are just few realities of today’s existence. Readers, please do not misunderstand us. We are not ridiculing anything in the current scenario of the education system. But; a thought arises in mind – do all have these privileges? Not all have money and intelligence too. Soft skills are gaining importance these days. Any skill is a God’s gift. No skill is better than the other. If one has academic intelligence, then other may be gifted with green fingers. In this rush hour, are we forgetting basic skills required for life? At home, can we stitch a torn dress to mend it? Or we quickly throw and buy a new one? Do we need someone to help in the kitchen? Would a bit smart office boy who knows basics of communication make a difference? How about other skills like gardening, farming, making seeds for good crop, ethnic art forms and so many other. Are we neglecting them?

Aangan at initial stages

Aangan at initial stages is how we started

Mohanji ka Aangan is a small step towards providing practical education and hand skills to children. If they cannot have academic education, let these hand skills be useful in their lives. Mohanji ka Aangan was started on 2 April 2012. Though crudely built, a small room was available on an empty small land. We cleaned it. The haphazardly grown wild shrubs and plants around the room were cleared. A simple yet fresh room with four walls and a roof was neatly ready. We kept Sai Baba and Mohanji’s photo and performed pooja. This place is amidst the slums of Jammu. With blessings and deep conviction, Reva bhua, my mother and I came together and invited few children to this Aangan from the huts around. They were hesitant initially.

On the day 1, 20 children came. On the day 2, some more joined and within a week, the number went up to 110. Aangan offers education and all facilities free of cost. Annadan happens on every Thursday. Now there are 150 children in Aangan.

The Aangan runs only in the evening for 2-3 hours. The aim was to provide academic education to those who would like to have and provide skills to those who would like or are not up to the mark in academics. The choice is theirs. Some could also come if they would like to complete their home work and need help in the home work. Everything is being offered free of cost. Out of all children, some are already going to schools. Some were bright and some needed help in studies. Some were deprived of school totally due to family and financial reasons! Children aged between 4 years to 16 years. No one was said ‘NO’. All were welcomed. There are more girls than boys. We provide a meal or fruit at least 2-3 times a week. Sometimes, we gave chocolates but soon stopped as chocolate started becoming their incentive and this dependency was needed to be avoided. Slowly the confidence in children and their parents grew well and Aangan was full of chirpy children.

We start Aangan with prayers

Aangan starts with prayers

The day in Aangan- Grace helped to build the concept of Aangan gradually. We ourselves were receiving clarity as we progressed. Different activities are conducted on different days of the week. The group coming to Aangan is not homogeneous.

In general, the routine of Aangan is that, kids start with prayers, breathing exercises and short meditation. They may not meditate, but at least learn to sit quiet with eyes closed and learn to surrender at divinity’s lotus feet. This is followed by studies, completing homework or learning new. Then there is some time to play and enjoy in the nature. Invariably, some snacks or fruits are served. Children are back to their studies or skill activities and then it’s a time to close and look forward happily for the next day.

We love them

We love them

They love us too!

They love us too!

Academics in Aangan- Children who are keen on learning receive the education here.

At Aangan we have 4 sections or classes. 

  1. The first section is for the students who have never been to school. There are more than 75 students in this class which also include teen aged girls who work at others houses in the morning and are free to study in the afternoon. We teach basic course to learn numbers and letters to these children.
  2. The second section is for students whom we have trained for one year in basic course and now they are studying in KG 1 at Aangan. 
  3. The third section is for the students who cannot afford tuitions. All of them are studying in the government schools. These students belong to std 4 to 8. 
  4. The forth section is for girls who are learning stitching with a qualified teacher. We have more than 20 girls in this section.

Children are also divided according to age. For younger children, we are teaching them A, B C, D, Hindi alphabets, numbers and colors and other basic knowledge required for their age.  They enjoy rhymes and bhajans too. We hope that one day these small kids will go to proper school. We are looking for school admission for them or if one can sponsor their education. For elder children of 4-8 std, there are teachers who impart the knowledge of Mathematics, languages [Hindi and English] and science. Teachers come 2-3 times in a week. They either teach children new topics, or help them to understand these subjects if they have not understood in the school. Children are happy to receive this type of education.

Reva bhua helps a lot. She has very active participation in Aangan. For elder children, some teachers came voluntarily. Some senior college students also came voluntarily. At times, we do face a problem with consistency of teachers. We do offer monitory gratitude to these teachers.

Yes! Studies are important for us. We want to learn.

Yes! Studies are important for us. We want to learn.

Fun and values: Time to fun is not only to have fun but is also for learning new things. Children play a lot. At times organized games and at times they are left on their own to play. It is a great pleasure to see them enjoying playing, shouting and screaming and laughing. Physical activity is must. It opens heart and mind becomes fresh. Sometimes, organized physical exercises are also conducted. Our kids love that.

Drawing and painting is also the priority. These are beautiful mediums for children to express their feelings. It is amazing to see their thoughts through drawings. There are some good artists in the Aangan. Drawing and card making competitions are conducted regularly with different themes.

Busy children!

Busy children!

Children love to sing in chorus. They sing patriotic songs, devotional songs, bhajans, some mantras, rhymes, and other songs too. At times, they loudly recite their poems. At the beginning, when they recite AUM together, it is absolutely divine to listen to that. Some children really have good voice to sing. All children love to dance too.

We love singing Bhajans

We love singing Bhajans

At Aangan, we celebrate all festivals let it be Diwali, Eid, Lohri, Christmas, Navratri or Ganesh Chaturthi. It is difficult to describe in words our feelings of celebrating festivals at Aangan, sharing the joy of festival with them. They sing and dance and receive sweets and annadan. Not only children, but we also look forward to have this.

Krishna Jhula- Festival celebration at Aangan

Krishna Jhula- Celebration of birth day of Lord Krishna at Aangan.. Krishna Jhula

Krishna Jhula- Festival celebration at Aangan

Krishna Jhula- Festival celebration at Aangan

Story telling is another great activity. We tell those stories of great famous people, saints, some moral panchatantra stories, and stories from our epics like Mahabharat and Ramayana etc. We also encourage them to tell stories. That evolved into the drama performance. Every time Mohanji visited the Aangan, children displayed their singing and dancing talents along with performing dramas and small acts.

Mohanji's arati before Magic show

Mohanji’s arati before Magic show

Magic Show at Aangan

Magic Show at Aangan

Mohanji’s every visit Aangan has been an energy and love reward for children in their otherwise difficult lives. During Mohanji’s first visit to Aangan, he distributed uniform and shoes and in the next visit, he gave toys and Barbie dolls. Here are some glimpses of Mohanji’s visit to Aangan- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNXSWLxl1VY

Value education is an important part the daily activity in the Aangan. Basic polite conversation, some etiquette, discipline, hard work, and avoiding wastage, and also value of parents, education, money along with being responsible, full of love, having faith..…. the list of values is endless. They are also told about personal care and hygiene. We do trim their nails; teach them to take care of hair, teeth, body and cloths. Once or twice in a month, elder children help youngsters in trimming their nails and doing hair! Few months ago, we planted some trees around Aangan. We also are trying to cultivate vegetables.

The music program SaReMaPa organised for children

The music program SaReMaPa organised for children

Sharing, caring, loving all and being together flows spontaneously through such fun. There is a big difference in children when they joined and now after almost 2 and a half years. We also talk to them about ways and methods of how to live life and how to celebrate life. The best part is that, these kids are very receptive and full of love. They are so unconditional that at times even they teach us how to smile even if one has very limited resources. Aangan is a center of God where even we are learning from students.

Skills and vocational training: Till now, we have been able to start stitching classes for girls.  Girls are receiving good training and are grasping it well. We are looking forward for trained persons to educate kids with more valuable skills. In the recently happened “Waste to Wealth Workshop”, few girls from Aangan were trained. They are already learning plantation. Soon, we are starting “Candle making” skill for them. We are also trying to understand what children are good at and what would they like to do. We are sure that, grace will bring appropriate trainers to Aangan.

Through these skills, we intend to raise funds so that Aangan is self sustainable.

We are learning to stitch too. All Mohanji's grace.

We are learning to stitch too. All Mohanji’s grace.

Funds- Beginning of any new activity has its own teething problems. We are also going through that. It took time for people to understand the concept. Initially, we received some funds from friends. We are using our own pocket money to run the Aangan.  Some of my mother’s friends are contributing some amount every month out of their kitties. Ashima from Dubai has been lovingly sending some funds every month for last few months and that takes care of salary of two teachers. Though not consistent, we have some teachers who worked and some are working with us voluntarily. That helps us a lot.

Major step was when we asked schools for the help. We met principal of some schools in Jammu. We explained them the concept. We proposed them following –

 …. parents buy so many things for children. Invariably there are extra pencils, pens and colors in the house. Not always we use all! Children use half way and throw things anywhere in the house. New note books are bought every year. Not all pages are used. There must be old text books in the school or with children. Can you please send circular to all children and parents to share that half used or unused or extra stationary and books with us? Our Aangan children will be very happy. Our kids will make use of those pages and drawing papers. They don’t need anything brand new.They will learn to read those text books too. Similarly, there will be extra toys at home. There will be used cloths or cloths which have become short for their kids. Can you please request them to share with us those toys and clothes? Are we not helping the mother earth this way by saving her treasure?….

We kept cartons in the school porch. Within no time, we received many …. many things. Toys, and books and stationary and clothes and warm clothes and so few other items like mats! We were all in tears. The Grace was showering.  This was a great moral boost for us. It was a huge task to separate those items. We distributed cloths and stationary and toys. At least, our children had good and complete cloths to wear. We kept some to use them later as festival gifts. Drawing and academic classes became much more meaningful. Children had text books to refer. We express our eternal gratitude to school principals and parents and children to offer this to our Aangan.  Slowly, knowing ‘what is Aangan’, some teachers also joined us. We express our heartfelt gratitude to them!

Annadan- We feel blessed

Annadan- We feel blessed

Here is a unique and lovable activity that happened for Aangan. During Diwali festival of the year 2012, we organized “Make A Wish” project. In this project, we asked our children to write three wishes on a paper which they would like to receive as Diwali gift. Then we told them that only one wish would be fulfilled out of three! Kids were extremely happy. Most of the girls wanted dolls and watch and boys wanted car and cricket bats! A big surprise! On the day of Diwali, kids from very reputed school of Jammu were called and they distributed gifts to everybody at Aangan. What a way to celebrate! Not only Aangan had memorable Diwali but students of that Jammu school also had unique experience of knowing the realities of life and getting sensitized toward it. Hopefully these students will also learn the value of big gifts that they receive. We are ever grateful to those students for coming to Aangan and sharing their time love with Aangan kids.

Happy Birthday Mohanji !!! We love you

Happy Birthday Mohanji !!! We love you

Happy Birth Day Mohanji!!!

Happy Birth Day Mohanji!!! We are grateful to you.

Dear beloved, the purpose of Aangan is to help under privileged kids to spread awareness as how to live happy quality life and to empower them so that they can become independent. Your love and support is this endeavor is sincerely appreciated. Your blessings are are extremely valuable for these children.

Aangan is now under the patronage of Ammucare Charitable Trust. 

You may contact us at mohanjikaaangan@gmail.com

We surrender this Aangan at the lotus feet of Mohanji

Love you all,

Sakshi and All @ Mohanji Ka Aangan



The Omnipresent Master Watches Everything… Showers Grace Always!

By Neeti Nagpal Roy

Neeti Nagpal Roy

Saturday, June 14, 2014
Since some days I had been postponing meditation with my mind finding one reason or the other to support my laziness. (Apologies Mohanji, I mostly try to follow what you say but this time I got carried away.) However since a couple of days back, I had been receiving these ‘gentle’ reminders to meditate through various sources (from Him of course). While doing my daily chores late evening today, I started feeling Mohanji’s strong presence around me. At first I thought it to be my imagination but with every passing minute His presence felt stronger. He was ‘compelling’ me to sit for meditation as soon as I can. And, I did what He said.
After putting my son to sleep I decided to sit for meditation myself (next to my sleeping son because I somehow feel he will benefit from it even if he is sleeping  ). I tried to look for my headphones so that I could play the POP meditation and listen to it with my headphones, so as not to wake him up. But strangely I was just not able to find them. Something told me that I should forget about the headphones and “just sit now” with as little volume as possible – and my son will keep sleeping without any disturbance! I followed.
As soon as I started the meditation I started feeling very pure inside. I do feel this usually by the end of the meditation, but today was different. I have never ever felt so pure and so much filled with love within during any of meditations. As soon as I started, I saw myself sitting on a lotus flower and in front of me was Goddess Saraswati with a Vina in her hand, sitting on another huge lotus.


(I do believe in Goddess Saraswati, but I’m a devotee of Shiv-Shakti. So, I have really never meditated upon Her. But I am extremely grateful to Her that She came to bless me.) As soon as She left, I started feeling as if I was transparent – I had no mass – just felt myself to be a combination of several light particles. I could see above me the vast ring of strong Supreme Divine Light. I felt to be a tiny part of this vast source. This Supreme Light was showering on me with all its brightness, purity, and love. It was passing through my light-being and spreading all around the world – similar to the concept of refraction. This feeling of being transparent and a ‘light-being’ stayed for most of the part of the meditation.
A little later while blessing everyone, I felt as if I have not two but four very powerful hands – two on each side – blessing everyone around me. I was feeling so pure and so truly filled with love throughout the meditation… I have really never felt so much of purity and so much love within me till now…it was overflowing! Every time during the blessing mode, I do bless even a handful of people who I feel not so good about. But there is always some kind of conscious effort in that. However, this time, I felt absolutely nothing – everyone was same to me, be it my blood relatives or people I don’t know so well. All were same for me; I couldn’t differentiate my feelings for any of them. I just felt that I am a medium of light who has no feelings for anyone- good or bad, does not have a physical body, and is here in the world only to witness a story.
I also felt as if I am holding something extremely heavy at this time, as if a huge responsibility (may be, not sure) but my hands/arms felt as thin as a straw.
Later in the course of meditation when Mohanji asks to focus on third-eye, I saw Mohanji right in front of me. He was sitting in a meditative position too. A strong beam of white light emerged from His third-eye and entered my third-eye. I felt some energy has struck me and my body started shivering. It was after this that I somewhat felt my physical body. The beautiful feeling of being just a ‘compilation of light particles – without any mass’ was leaving now. But I’m still feeling extremely light, so light that I think I can even fly … ha ha ha!
Thanks dear Master for showering Your unconditional love and blessings… (words fail me to say anything else) 


Mohanji 101


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