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2 Years of Conscious Walking

On 21st June 2017 (International Yoga Day) we mark our second year of Conscious Walking. This dynamic meditation has proven to be a really powerful tool in our journey towards Liberation. Mohanji who created this meditation for us has blessed us. We have immense gratitude towards our spiritual master for that. We are also grateful to everyone who participated, helped in any way to organize Conscious Walking events or spread the awareness to as many people possible so more can have the blessing that this technique offers.

Conscious Walking is a powerful dynamic meditation technique created by Bramarishi Mohanji. This simple yet very transformative technique is free of charge, and has multiple benefits: It is good for health, metabolism, digestion, circulation and Life; It helps self control; It reduces anxieties, anger, insecurities and fears; It increases concentration; It increases togetherness and oneness.

Conscious Walking meditations are organized throughout the world having more and more participants. Here you can read some of the testimonials from the participants who shared their experiences from the year that passed. Take a leap of faith and join us to take a walk towards Liberation and Higher Consciousness.


“I started practicing this simple yet powerful technique in June 2015 and have been consistent weekly, so it is exactly 85th week that I practice it without skipping even once, apart from the retreats with Mohanji. What it teaches, trains and allows me to express is consistency, self-discipline and commitment. I simply love it. Not only that it is lovable, but it is also very useful. It has a tremendous effect on the whole being and sets the mental state in such a mode that I function perfectly centered and calm in spite of all circumstances outside, or even inside me, ups and downs. Furthermore, it has a cleansing effect, so often the feeling of letting go, releasing through tears of bliss happens. After that I am sometimes so inspired that I write poems!

Conscious Walking is strengthening my bond to my inner self and increasing my love for myself in its very true sense. I have walked, I walk and I am going to walk consciously in the future, too. This technique is an unavoidable gift.”

– Biljana Vozarevic, Serbia

“Throughout the Conscious Walking the body slowly relaxes. Then comes a feeling of freshness and freedom. The mind is sometimes too talkative, but I do not listen to it. In some moments everything disappears except breathing. And in the blessed moments of bursting into love and tears. Blissful effects of meditation remain present sometimes even for days. A lot of gratitude to our Guru on this gift. I thank Bilja who leads us.”

– Predrag Dobrović, Serbia
“Many of us started with meditations at home, when there is peace and silence. In that way it is easier to concentrate on what we are doing. Conscious Walking is a challenge, to be surrounded by others, yet being conscious only of yourself.”

– Spomenka Iskra Dragojevic, Serbia


“Conscious walking enabled me to, easier than ever before, realize my own inner power of healing. It is the biggest blessing for me and a gift of this unique, seemingly simple, but very powerful meditation in movement. When I practice it, it is truly a real chance to relax and connect with my own self, to let go of fears, achieve my inner peace and wellbeing and keep my faith
 in myself, in spite of the challenges of my curious mind which vainly tries to impose its rules of the game. Focusing on the consciousness, breathing and spine in connecting with oneself, brings me to a kind of healing. In the end of Conscious Walking, when I open my eyes and express gratitude, I am filled with the feeling of inner and outer wellbeing.”

– Dejan Stojsic, Serbia 


“Since I have been practicing Conscious Walking, which is more than a year and a half, I have noticed that I more often pay my attention to the spine and breathing through the spine.”

– Stasa Misic, Serbia

“Conscious Walking is a meditation in motion. While you walk in nature, not only that you connect to nature surrounding you, but you are also connecting to yourself. The deeper you go within yourself the more you are in the present moment, in Now.”

– Dragan Vucenovic, Serbia



’’When I started with Conscious Walking for the first time it was unusual, but I immediately liked it. Though it differs in the way it is practised than meditation, it has a similar effect to the one when meditating – the more there are of us, the stronger the effect is. (It is maybe because of an uncomfortable feeling I have when doing it alone, i.e. because of the lack of ’’safe space’’, where I would not be commented or stopped by accidental passers-by.) At the beginning of the walk I first relax, get calm, and my breathing starts to harmonise with the rhythm of the footsteps. I get overwhelmed with the feeling of peace and energy flow through my spine. While I walk, many details are noticed, I start connecting with the environment, feel the vibrations of the nature around us – the snow has silenced the sounds and it was magical to walk in such conditions. Spring brings chattering of the birds, in summer we are caressed by breeze, and autumn is full of the fragrance of humidity, fallen leaves, soil.Then starts a beautiful current of energy through the body, which relaxes it, makes it more conscious. At one moment during the walk I realise I have been repeating a mantra which I was not aware of. I pay attention to the breath and turn the chanting down to silence. A strong urge for meditation arises, which is, the moment I sit after the deep walk, permeating and wonderful.”

– Vesna Stark, Serbia



“Conscious Walking is a very beautiful meditative technique during which I surrender to the energy to operate, while at the same time I am moving and enjoying merging with nature. Very keenly our daughter Natalija joins us, too, which can only benefit her development.”

– Aleksandra Dobrovic, Serbia

“As travel for work and work with various people and energies, often, during the day, especially when tiredness comes, particularly mental tiredness, I start walking consciously for a minute or two. I must admit, I immediately feel better, the tiredness disappears like removed by a hand.”

Izabela Jovovic, Serbia


“Conscious Walking – meditation in movement is an extraordinary technique of connecting with oneself. Personally prefer walking consciously than meditating because it is practiced outdoors in the open, in the natural environment. It positively affects psycho-physical condition, it helps maintaining the state of presence in the present moment and in this way it contributes to the releasing of emotional and other blockages. The feeling of peace and bliss which is achieved with conscious walking is invaluable. Wonderful gift from our Guru!!”

– Ankica Aleksic, Serbia


 “Conscious Walking is a technique I am practicing regularly for the past six months and the feeling is priceless. During the practice of this technique I have experienced a lot of personal transformations on almost every level of my life. Using this technique I have experienced a lot of benefits, some of them are: Peace, Calmness, Stability, Empathy, Happiness, Positive energy, a feeling of Bliss and internal Purity, as well as a high state of Concentration. I wholeheartedly recommend this technique to all who are working on themself.

– Goran, Macedonia


“Conscious Walking for me is more than just a meditation. It is a way to centre myself within, become more spine orientated and be more ware of this mind and all the experiences which happen through me. I always feel extremely peaceful, joyful and energised after Conscious Walking which lasts for a long time afterwards too.  

It also makes me more aware of Mohanji. As Mohanji says – He is always with us. This meditation really does make me more aware of this fact and makes me feel more connected to His consciousness. With this awareness I feel more love flowing through me to all beings of the universe. Conscious Walking truly is a beautiful and powerful gift which elevates one to higher levels of consciousness and the feeling of oneness. Keep walking!”

– Warren, South Africa


“CW brings me instantly to present moment and I often feel expanded and one with all.
It is very calming.
 Such a simple but powerful technique! I often feel connected to Earth and how alive it is. It has brought so much more awareness to me. So many blockages have left me during CW as well.”

– Milica Bulatovic, South Africa


“Conscious walking is a beautiful technique. So natural. Walking is a natural thing for humans. It’s not boring, it’s dynamic and in that position I enter in deep peace. By bringing awareness to my spine I enter a powerful state. When I walk I feel everything around me in peace, like in mother’s womb.

I think it is good to exercise how to drive through earth life in the state on higher consciousness, not escaping anything, but facing each moment in daily life. I love Conscious walking a lot.“

– Dejan Jovanovic, Croatia


“I practice Conscious Walking for almost year and a half so far. Conscious Walking always brings me back to a quite state of being. As I gradually become aware of the gaps between breathing in and breathing out the breathing itself becomes slower, the gaps become longer and a wonderful state of peace and quite set in.
I feel energized and light.”

– Kristina Jelavic, Croatia


“I began practicing Conscious Walking two months ago and liked it right away. Since I have started I feel the joy of life again, I have more positive energy and I can cope with everyday problems much easier. I like it because it’s a dynamic meditation technique that doesn’t require long sitting posture. I would recommend it to everyone because it’s both dynamic and easy and the results are the same as after deep meditation.”

– Ivana Surya, Croatia
“I felt every pebble stone under my feet, birds singing and wave ripples which fascinated me. I felt wonderful. After Conscious Walking I got the Mohanji Healing and I saw green and yellow color while my eyes were closed.”

– Mirjana, Croatia


“I have been practicing the meditation Conscious Walking for one year. Within this period I felt inner calm and peace like never before. This meditation has continuous effects which can be felt for days after meditating with the focus leading towards the inner self. I feel balance and increased concentration during everyday activities. I recommend this meditation to everyone no matter the age.”

– Mohana Guru Priya, Macedonia


“I practice the technique Conscious Walking from its very beginnings, and that is since an year and an half ago, each week without stopping. I feel great benefits from it. Some of the effects which I experience from the meditation are stability, higher awareness for the inner processes, deep peace, higher energy and personal will power. The echnique is irreplacable, and very simple to learn. I recommend it wholeheartedly to everyone.”

– Mohana Hanumatananda, Macedonia



“Consciousness Walking helps me focus within my inner consciousness and helps me feel my inner space. I can feel going deeper and deeper within myself. After every Consciousness Walking I have a feeling of tranquility, peacefulness, safety and fullness.”

– Ekaterina, Macedonia


“I practice this technique for 9 months and would like to recommend it to everyone because there is a cleansing on all levels, I felt big difference in my body posture and my back become straight . There are a lot of benefits like cleansing the inner space, higher energy level, deeper inner peace and a good opportunity to be in nature with wonderful people.”

– Tamara Ljubenoska, Macedonia

“Because conscious walking is a different meditation than the classic one.
It is dynamic and I prefer movement. In a relative short time my energy circulation increases into a pretty high level, that make me feel free, light, happy and quite powerful.”

– Bobi, Macedonia



Watch Mohanji talk about Conscious Walking: Part 1, Part 2

Read more about Conscious Walking: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

If you would like to learn Conscious Walking please write an e-mail to Conscious Walking Team at consciouswalking@mohanji.org and they will guide you further. You could also join our Global Conscious Walking community on Facebook and find out about updates, experiences and events happening across the world.



The views, opinions and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

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I Rely on Faith More Than on my Eyes

Bosnian pyramids with Mohanji (14-16th May 2017)

Author: Biljana Vozarevic


The aim is to show how we must accept every moment and cherish it no matter how small or ordinary it may look, and also not to neglect the moments which could be counted as exclusive or blessed. Emphasise the attitude of gratitude, dilute expectations and keep moving. Writing trains contemplation, it helps us organise thoughts and complex experiences in a coherent way, it corroborates our understanding of the experience and helps us let go of it, allowing us to move on. It is sometimes a beneficial catharsis.

The aim of my writing this is not to impress you with some miracles which you may or may not experience and which will only make you ponder about how it would be like if you were in my shoes.

Arrival and Mohanji’s intro talk


A group of around 120 people from India, Serbia, Macedonia, UK, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro, UAE, USA came to visit Bosnian pyramids on the occasion of global Consciousness Kriya gathering. What a place! What air! What an event!


The programme started with an intro talk, introduction and presentation on Bosnian pyramids and medical scientific work by Dr Emina who has been a volunteer of the Archaeological park “nBosnian pyramid of the sun“ for years. She told us about medical benefits of being in the pyramids area, especially in the Tunnel Ravne. Being there optimises our health. Her talk was inspiring not only to spend time there more often, but also an invitation to all donors to support more scientific research. Nowadays, in Kali Yuga, scientific facts are trusted the most. Tangible results will come from a larger number of examinees, confirming her statements plausibly. We have all become ambassadors of Bosnian pyramids.

Mohanji added very little about the pyramids, not wanting to take away the thunder from us. He just reminded us that we have come here to FEEL the pyramids, not to SEE them and to focus more on the inner feeling all throughout these two days. Earlier he talked about them. Now he just gave us a simple breathing technique which would help us have the most benefit from our time there.

After his talk he gave each of us a goody bag.

Thundering experience or thunder from the sky?

On the way to Bosnia from Serbia, we wanted to have a longer break at The Ethno Village Suncana Reka as it is a beautiful place near the river Drina. It was sunny when we set off, and along the way, but when we reached Suncana Reka, it started showering cats and dogs. Oh, we worried, this was spoilt, but what about our aimed retreat!? “What are we going to do if the weather continues to be like this? The programme was mostly planned for outdoors and the weather forecast said it was going to rain with occasional thunderstorms!“ There were people travelling thousands of kilometers to experience the Bosnian pyramids. The experience would be almost totally destroyed and wrapped in disappointment in case of rain. We would spend most of the time in Tunnel Ravne and the hotel, I thought… and Tunnel Ravne is an option only if there is a free time slot. In addition, they do not allow anybody to stay inside for more than an hour, we were allowed for 2h because they considered us eligible to endure that much energy, high vibrations and negative ions without overdosing ourselves. “So what can we do? How can we control the weather?“ We just dropped our noses, prayed and waited.

Sometimes the weather turns out right. Luckily, this time it did. In spite of the weather forecast, the sun started shining and continued for all the period we were there. What a grace!


In front of the pyramid of the Sun, guide Ajdin is explaining about the position and precise geometry, then special features of all the pyramids, Sun, Moon, Dragon, Mother Earth and Love

Courage paid off

There was a woman who was not fit at all and – very big and overweight. On top of that, she suffered from an illness, a kind of flu. Before coming here, she had even hesitated whether to cancel the trip because of her bad health. At the last moment, she decided to dare it. Her courage was followed by luck and grace. Though she had difficulty walking, she not only managed to climb the Pyramid of the Sun all the way up to the point where we went but also triumphed in the end.


Day 1

On Monday, there was a Consciousness Kriya initiation. The group was the largest so far, with 48 approved candidates. The preparation part was conducted by Devi Mohan for the first time. Mohanji answered the questions at the end and in the afternoon he did the initiation part. The initiation was at an exclusive place with a levitaton energy, the energy of a mother’s womb – in the Tunnel Ravne itself. The Tunnel Ravne is a network of tubelike corridors which seem to be arranged like in a labyrinth, that is why it is also called Labyrinth Ravne.

After the Tunnel Ravne, the energy was very high after accumulating a lot of energy, so participants said they did not feel like sleeping. The energy affected me in a different way. I slept soundly like a baby and considered it very healing.


On the pyramid of the Sun, which is 220m, we climbed up to 20m. We are listening to our guide Ajdin about how pyramids were discovered, their age of about 32000 years, which is also written on his T-shirt 🙂 I was recording videos.

On the pyramid of the Sun, which is 220m, we climbed up to 20m. We are listening to our guide Ajdin about how pyramids were discovered, their age of about 32000 years, which is also written on his T-shirt 🙂 I was recording videos.


Day 2


Early in the morning, we had a satsang with Mohanji. He answered questions including one that was not asked so far – about Bhagawan Nityananda. He talked abut his miracles and also his personal experiences with him. Real life stories from such powerful light bringers. He  showered blessings and gave answers to everyone. He saw a few attendees who he thought would not be using it in this life. Their mind was too restless. They could not sit still and listen. He said they needed to work a lot on themselves. As they could not tame their minds even for a little while, they would only appreciate it in one of their next lives. Somebody wants to grow faster and works towards it in by experiencing all life drama in one life time, while others decide to grow more slowly, take more incarnations and enjoy or suffer more karmic masquerade.


Then we went to Tunnel Ravne where Mohanji gave us a sacred gift, shaktipat.

Shaktipat - Bilja Tunnel RavneCROP960x640

As is customary, I got on my knees and received Shaktipat from Mohanji. I let myself melt completely, dissolve in love and gratitude and then silence and nothingness. Having been born in an atheist family, though I’m officially Christian now, I was not religiously programmed to see Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, etc. I just felt like disappearing.
When I first saw the photo everything looked ordinary. Then when I zoomed it in, I saw the front part of my face and a part of Mohanji’s hand were missing and you can clearly see the wooden pillar behind. It happens that when the mind is completely still, a camera does not catch that frequency, but our body gets diluted and it may turn out to be transparent. That is what crossed my mind. However, professional camera catches all kinds of frequencies.

I showed the photo to my husband and children. They were not impressed at all. Perhaps it was a mistake of the camera. Ok, a professional photographer does not make such mistakes, I thought, but ok. They laughed at me saying that now I could be a stealth aircraft. 🙂 🙂 It is true that I downloaded the photo from Facebook and the photo possibly got distorted.

As I wanted to be sure, I asked Maja Argakijeva for a full resolution photo. Here it is:

Shaktipat Tunnel Ravne

There is nothing unusual in this photograph, everything is visible.

Good, let’s be real. But what is real!?

Faith is more important than tangible proof, a visible sign of any state or condition. I follow inner guidance, this magnet which always attracts me to Mohanji as I’m connected to the ultimate consciousness through him. We’re getting vibrationally closer and closer. Merged and yet to be merged.

In the dimension of truth and reality, there’s no time and space, beginning or end. Everything that will eventually happen already happened. So, in that respect, we are already merged into one ocean, infinite, ceaseless, ultimate bliss, dissolved into emptiness i.e. fullness as there is no duality in it, just that what is.

My faith is unshaken and unshakeable. My love, too. With various changes and tests it can only get stronger, we can only be more powerful together – I as an extended hand of Divine, He as an extended hand of Divine. On the earthly platform, in earthly terms we play the roles of a guru and a disciple. I feel we’ll be together, united everywhere, in all dimensions, forever. Beyond time, beyond space, as all encompassing brightness in eternal bliss.

Meeting Dr Sci Semir Osmanagic in Park Ravne 2

In the afternoon, we visited Park Ravne 2.

Dr Semir Osmanagic and Mohanji in Park Ravne 2, Visoko, Bosnian Pyramids with Mohanji

Dr Semir Osmanagic is explaining the symbols engraved on each stone monument in the Park

Bosnian Pyramids with Mohanji, Park Ravne 2341850933_n

At the entrance into Park Ravne 2

Labyrinth of energy for purification, Park Ravne 2, Bosnian Pyramids with Mohanji 2017

Energy labyrinth, for purification, walking counterclockwise to giv e energy to Earth, leave all the burden, and then going clockwise, to absorb all the fresh energy from it

Park Ravne 2, Concrete balls, Bosnian Pyramids with Mohanji 2017

Feeling special concrete balls, looks like blessing Mother Earth 🙂

Dr Semir Osmanagic, who met Mohanji in 2015 for the first time and loves him a lot., compromised his tight schedule and came. In these two days, it was difficult to match both Mohanji’s and his tight schedules. Dr Osmanagic was in the middle of a programme with another guru from India. Despite his tight schedule, he came down to meet Mohanji and our group and gave us a guided tour of the Park Ravne 2 and explained the significance of the different areas and artifacts in the park. We walked along the attractive places in the Park, listening about each, feeling each place and enjoying the overall atmosphere.

Mohanji and Dr Semir Osmanagic, Tunnel Ravne, Labyrinth Ravne, Bosnian Pyramids with Mohanji

Mohanji, Patriji and Dr Semir Osmanagic in front of the Tunnel Ravne

Mohanji and Dr Sci Semir Osmanagic, Bosnian Pyramids with Mohanji 2017, Tunnerl Ravne

Love has no boundaries. Mohanji blessed Dr Semir Osmanagic for a success in his positive work

You can read more in a newspaper article “I’ll keep coming to Bosnian Pyramids”





The views, opinions and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

We reserve the right to delete, edit, or alter in any manner we see fit blog entries or comments that we, in our sole discretion, deem to be obscene, offensive, defamatory, threatening, in violation of trademark, copyright or other laws, of an express commercial nature, or otherwise unacceptable.


Meeting Mohanji – Life before and after

By Ananth Sankaran


As a man aged 30+ years with reasonable financial stability, a caring family and a good social life, I too wondered, like many others, about the “purpose” of this birth. I had always been a serious person neither inclined towards any materialistic things nor attracted towards spirituality.


3 years ago, my wife Rakshitha was drawn into spirituality (on the hindsight she has always been a spiritual person) and would be re-directed to Mohanji’s blog whenever she had questions for Shirdi Sai Baba or if something was bothering her. She has read Osho, Jiddu Krishnamurthy (JK), Sadhguru (Jaggi Vasudev) and that very thing makes me stay two steps away from her for the simple reason that I can neither understand them nor I was willing to try. Hence, I would tell her “keep your philosophy with yourself and please don’t bring it to me”. During this time (Aug-Sep 2015), she had read a book titled “Journey of Souls ~ Michael Newton” and was guided to do “past life regression” to know about the past life which would eventually answer few imminent questions:

  1. Why did I take this birth
  2. Why am I in a relationship with an individual (or) in a family
  3. What are the lessons to be learned in this lifetime

Clinical hypnotherapy had always been an interesting subject for me and I, for once, accepted her request and read the book. Impressed by the sheer depth of the work and the case-studies, which I truly believe were for real with no amount of fantasy, I readily accepted to go for the session. The therapist was a very nice person of Italian origin and could connect to higher (ascended) masters. The first session started casually with me going to the time when I was happy as a child and entering the room of Akashic records.


At that moment, without me informing anything in particular to him, he said “someone is eager to meet you” and wanted me to open a door inside the room during the session. It was none other than my dad (He passed away in 2002 when I was doing my 3rd year Engineering. Like all other father-son relationship, I never truly valued him or his opinion when he was alive. Now, not a day goes without his thought.) I had always had this guilt feeling that I had done NOTHING for him. As soon as I saw my dad during the session, I hugged him tight (visualizing), cried (for real) until tears ran out while the Doctor (sensing the energy) kept saying that my dad was really happy with me and I should be proud of myself.

One hour later, the session ended and I returned home happy and couldn’t wait for the next session. In the next session, while the doctor was attempting to get me back to my “past life”, I couldn’t do it. We tried and finally the doctor asked me what would like to do, “access your past life” or “speak to someone”. At that instant, I said I wanted to speak to someone. When probed on who I wanted to speak to, I saw visuals of Shri. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. I should quote that I knew him (Shri. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa) to be a Saint and nothing beyond.


Also sitting in that room was Mahavatar Babaji in his lotus posture and never spoke a word until the end of the session. All the talking was done by Ramakrishna and some of the answers came out was with such clarity that I was certain that I wasn’t hallucinating.

During the session, Ramakrishna said that I should go and MEET Mohanji. When the doctor asked “Is He your guru, why should you meet him?” the answer that came out was “he has some important things to learn from him and it will only benefit him in the due course”. When asked “why can’t he access his past life”, the answer was “why should he know about his past when I am telling him what he has to do? People access their past to learn to correct themselves. With our guidance, he need not know his past rather look forward to the future”. By now, my wife had completed reading all of Mohanji’s WordPress blogs, his Q&A blog, cried enough and had an urge to meet him.

With my father’s ceremony (tithi) coming near, I had planned for an India visit in Nov 2015 and had written an email to info@mohanji.org seeking time to meet him. This was more for my wife than for myself as I knew she was praying hard to meet him and felt it was her eligibility that’s stopping. As destiny would have it, Mohanji was in Bangalore gearing to go to Puttaparthi on the New Year eve (31 Dec 2015).


In no time, we confirmed our willingness to meet him at the allocated time. Through the one-hour auto ride, we hardly spoke a word. We entered the home and were warmly welcomed by the Mohanji Family. We were happily chatting and laughing when out of nowhere entered Mohanji.

Upon seeing him, tears were flowing like a stream of river that had no ending. While I can justify her tears, there could be no logical explanation as I had come just as a companion with my wife who had an urge to meet him. His first words “we have been waiting for this meeting over lifetimes…” still resonates in my ears.

Mohanji spoke about his skin condition (during his Dubai days), importance of settling the dues of ancestors, promises made to people who were alive and many other things, many of which didn’t get into my ears while my mind was busy analysing and forming an opinion about him. Though I have met a few Masters at my young age thanks to my dad, this is for the first time I was drawn to a person and I still couldn’t believe anything that was happening around.

I asked him questions and he answered them. Honestly speaking, I didn’t understand many of those reply. But something in me kept telling that I have found my GURU. We both were given Shaktipat and came home happily. We were pinching each other for a reality check and were blushing all the way through.


Returning home, we continued our daily chores. But I could see something was changing in me. I started meditating which I never ever did before, went to Shirdi Sai temple regularly, observed myself and started removing some of the deep rooted habits and most importantly, kept thinking of Mohanji and his teaching all the time. It was as if the person died on 31st December (on the day of meeting) and a new person was born.

Looking back, I can certainly say few things:

  • No matter what you think you are, GRACE will protect you from all calamities
  • With GURU’s touch, all unwanted habits, things and people will vanish
  • With GURU’s blessings, things will happen on its own with little or no effort from you.

For a practical person like me, it would have been very easy for me to discard past life regression or the book or whatever I had spoken to the Doctor as hallucination or the work of mind, but I had FAITH. I trusted this because I firmly believed it was for my good.

Over these years, I have learnt and still learning many things. It goes without saying that I now value the life Father has shown me and most importantly the pressing question of “what’s the purpose of this birth” has been answered. The answer is nothing but “Living this life NOW is the very purpose of our existence” and I am sure with his blessings and guidance, I will continue this journey.

2 Mohanji - If you are on earth, you have to pay the rent and the rent is service

Thank you Father for accepting me as who I am and always showering your abundant blessings and love. Life is beautiful. Thank you for this journey. I humbly pray that I remain a dust at your feet always. That to me is “a life well spent”.


Of Masters and Fragrances

Written by Madhusudan Rajagopalan


As seekers on the spiritual journey, all Masters tell us clearly that the journey is all about looking inward. Yet, we often search for external validation that we are on the right path. On one side, there is faith and the unerring belief that a Guru’s grace is already working on you at multiple levels. But then how does one deal with the analytical mind that raises questions? It is perhaps to quell these doubts that the Masters grant experiences (or miracles, depending on how “unbelievable” a certain event seems) to the mind; clear signs to indicate their presence and their grace.


Mohanji leading the group for the 2nd shahi snan dip in Kumbh Mela, Nashik 2015

Over time, I’ve learnt that experiences are of various types – visions, astral visitations, materializations, unbelievable synchronicities and so on. Since I came under Mohanji’s fold, I’ve had the good fortune of having a few experiences, some of which I’ve shared earlier. Recently, I had one such experience on the night of Mahashivraatri (Feb 24, 2017) and that got me thinking of a pattern of similar experiences earlier.

It was during a satsang that I first learnt that each Master has a unique fragrance. But this is felt only if the Master wants it to be felt or if they are in their subtle form. My first experience of this nature was during the Kumbh Mela in Nashik 2015. After we had finished our dips on the first shahi snan (royal dip), I heard some people say that they suddenly felt a strong smell of vibhuthi (sacred ash) coming from near Mohanji (For one such reference, you can read the following blog post). However, as I went late for my dip after attempting photographer duties, I couldn’t experience this. Sniffing around in the air wouldn’t have been of much use either, so I put it off saying it wasn’t meant for me. But the question nagged me on and off – why wasn’t I given that opportunity?


Mohanji after emerging from the first Shahi snan dip in Kumbh mela, Nashik 2015

When we finished the Kumbh Mela trip, we stopped at Ganeshpuri, on our way back to Mumbai, to visit Bhagwan Nityananda’s samadhi shrine. While the rest of the group went ahead to Bhagwan Nityananda’s samadhi and Kailash Bhavan, Mohanji stayed back at the Nath mandir (temple) with Vasudevan Swami. Kailash Bhavan is the house where Bhagwan Nityananda (aka Bade Baba) lived. So usually a visit to Kailash Bhavan involves stops at the various places where Bade Baba used to sit and sleep – his armchair, his place of rest near the staircase, his bathtub and so on. The devotee gets an opportunity to touch and feel the objects that were hallowed by the touch of Bade Baba. The trust maintains this place wonderfully and with the surfeit of photographs, one can literally feel Baba’s presence in the place.


Mohanji and Vasudevan Swami. The altar holds padukas blessed by Bhagwan Nityananda Himself

Opposite the bathtub area, there is a small room where Baba used to sleep. This is usually closed but one can see inside through the slats on the door. As usual, we stopped outside this room and put our head against the door to pray. As soon as I touched the door, I felt my head spinning and a kind of magnetic feeling as if my head was stuck to the door. At the same time, I could feel a strong scent of vibhuthi (sacred ash) and chandan (sandalwood) emanating from inside. I took my head out and tried again and the same thing happened. A few others around us felt the exact same way and we guessed that Mohanji was visiting Bade Baba. Each of us sought confirmation from the other that they felt it too – you see we need so much validation to believe something unexplainable like this, as there was clearly no physical object in that room that was giving out this fragrance, and the door was not metal, neither was my forehead.

We headed back to the Nath mandir (temple) and asked Mohanji if He was indeed visiting. With a twinkle in his eye, He confirmed His presence there and said He didn’t need to physically visit to pay His respects to Baba. He also added that there were a few Masters there, which would explain the strong energy felt by all of us at that door. So now I knew first hand that Masters can sometimes be felt through their fragrance, and that Mohanji’s trademark fragrance was chandan and/or vibhuthi!


Mohanji in the Nath Mandir, Vajreshwari. Seen talking to our group and with Vasudevan Swami in the background

In December 2016, a group of us folks was with Mohanji in Chennai to mark the Jayanthi (birthday) of Baba Ganeshananda Giri – a great saint and disciple of Sai Baba. Babaji had attained mahasamadhi (a saint’s conscious exit from the body) earlier in the year after initiating a grand Sai Baba temple project in Sriperumbudur. He and Mohanji shared a special bond though their first meeting happened only in December 2015 – a mere 4-5 months before Babaji attained mahasamadhi. Babaji’s birthday fell on December 19th. To mark the occasion, a special book – The Boy who walked with Sai Baba – was being released. This book commemorated Babaji’s life with testimonials from various devotees across India.

Natesh singing Om Shree Sai Sharanam Mama

Natesh offering the chant “Om Shri Sai Sharanam Mama” to Babaji’s samadhi

Mohanji was visiting Chennai to release this book and to spend time guiding the trust up by Babaji. On December 18th, once the books arrived in Chennai, we visited Babaji’s samadhi in Sriperumbudur (located at the same site as the temple) to offer our respects and offer the first book to Babaji at his samadhi. We reached the site and first visited Babaji’s kutir (cottage) where he stayed. Then we walked over to his samadhi (final resting spot) and Mohanji offered the book and prayed there. Earlier, Mohanji had asked Natesh Ramsell (a gifted singer from the US who specialises in kirtans) to compose a chant using Babaji’s favourite mantra “Om Sri Sai Sharanam Mama”. Mohanji asked Natesh to offer the chant at Baba’s samadhi.

Books placed at Baba's feet on samadhi

Books and invitation card offered at Baba’s feet on Baba Ganeshananda Giri’s Samadhi

Natesh began singing this chant at the samadhi as all of us stood and absorbed the moment. A group of cows walked over to our location, watched the show and proceeded to walk away in a single line once Natesh finished his song. After this, we performed aarati there and began to leave. On our way out, I decided to do one more pradakshina (circumambulation) of the samadhi. As I was walking near the samadhi, I felt an overpowering fragrance of roses. When the Samadhi for Babaji was being laid out following his mahasamadhi, the procedures required a copper wire to be brought from inside the Samadhi to the top – this was to preserve a direct energetic connection with the saint inhabiting the Samadhi now. This fragrance was felt at the precise spot where the copper wire was protruding out from the Samadhi. Whats more, I could recognise this specific fragrance.

During Babaji’s samadhi ceremony, as part of the ritual preparations before lowering his physical body into the samadhi, I had been blessed to be part of a group that mixed rose essence with special herbs and vibhuti – this was then used to sanctify and fill up the space around Babaji in the “container”. The “container” was then encased in concrete and there is no way that the fragrance could emanate from within the samadhi. Yet, eight months later, the exact same fragrance was being felt by our group at Babaji’s samadhi! Soon, each member of the group came there and felt the intense fragrance at the same spot. As a mark of respect to Babaji, I had done a pradakshina (circumambulation) on our way into the place, and I was sure that the fragrance didn’t exist then. Further, this lasted only for a few minutes and then began to fade away. This could only mean that Babaji was acknowledging the gift of his book and the chant and was blessing us in approval. So here was another confirmation that fragrances appear as signals and markers, if only one is open to recognizing the possibility.

The copper wire marks the spot where fragrance emanated from.JPG

Mohanji offering the book at the samadhi; the copper wire marks the spot where the fragrance was felt

This year, Mahashivratri fell on Feb 24, 2017. This was a day after Mohanji’s birthday and also when the Advanced retreat in Serbia was due to start. I had contemplated going to this retreat but had to drop the idea due to schedule conflicts. Mahashivratri is considered to be an extremely auspicious day for spiritual progress and staying awake through the night with the spine upright is extremely valuable. I was determined to follow this for as long as I could. After a full day’s work, I finally sat down to meditate at around 11pm, starting with listening to Mohanji’s recitation of the Shiva Kavacham.

Earlier that day, I had this urge to begin reading the Sai Satcharitra, so I proceeded to do that soon after the Shiva Kavacham, and then moved onto chanting. Somewhere through this phase, I began to feel the familiar fragrance of sandalwood all around our pooja room. I looked around to see if any incense sticks had been lit but didn’t spot anything; besides it was well past 1am. I continued chanting now aware of the strong fragrance that stayed all through that period. I was up till about 2am, and possibly drifted in to sleep a few times in the middle. I remember looking at the picture of Mohanji in our altar and asking “Are you really here?” and thinking “Is He really smiling? Or am I just dreaming?”


A view of our altar; the sandalwood fragrance engulfed the entire pooja room

I was convinced that Mohanji had visited our pooja room on Mahashivratri – I couldn’t go to the retreat, so He decided to visit us. How cool (and amazing) is that? I was also more willing to trust the experience of fragrance since I had been through this before just a couple of months ago in Chennai. Yet, just to be extra extra sure, I wrote to Mohanji a week or so later about this and He said “I am sandalwood, though I am sometimes celestial floral fragrance. I use options :-)” He also said that several people had experienced this but many dismissed it as imagination to their own loss.

I am sharing this experience more to tell my own self that these experiences were all real. As Mohanji always advises us, the primary audience for one’s experience sharing is our own self – a reminder to the mind that we didn’t imagine it all. Besides, when we share this with a wider group, it may help several others connect their own experiences and strengthen their faith.

As Mohanji once explained in his typical eloquence, grace is like sunshine – always available to all with no differentiation for any being. Whereas doubts are like clouds – they obscure this sunshine; the presence of clouds doesn’t make the sunshine go away neither can it call the sunshine into question, it only makes it harder for us to feel it. Our job as seekers is to just go past the doubts and focus on the sunshine. Our experiences are just a means for us to realize this critical difference and understand that the Guru’s grace is always shining on us, whether we recognise it or not!

I humbly offer this write up at Brahmarishi Mohanji’s lotus feet and pray that my faith and resolve is strengthened by each passing day.


The views, opinions and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

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Healing Meditation In Cuenca, Ecuador

By Maja Otovic

On July, 9th 2016, we had a wonderful and transformative experience of Healing Meditation with Swamiji Mohana Bhaktananda from South Africa. Swamiji Bhaktananda is a devotee of Mohanji who conducts Healing Meditations by connecting to Mohanji’s consciousness. Swamiji was guiding 16 participants through this group meditation via Skype. Half the people who came to this meditation had never even heard of Mohanji, and even though Mohanji’s picture was there, they weren’t asking questions. The Power of Purity meditations started in Cuenca only a month and a half prior to this meditation. However, some people from that meditation group couldn’t make it, while many others I met for the first time. An example of this is Mario, who was only dropping his wife by car, and at the last moment simply decided to climb the stairs with her (they had neither heard of Power of Purity meditations nor of Mohanji).

The whole group would like to give our sincere gratitude to Swamiji who was guiding us so lovingly through this experience. People felt really touched by his charming and kind personality. Also, big gratitude to Milica from South Africa, who made this happen even though we were a very new group; to Su, who offered to be a host when she first heard of it and did an amazing job; and to Dionne, who supported this idea from the start. Big thanks to all of the participants, physically present or not, who took part in it and made this lovely magic happen. The final gratitude, of course, goes to Mohanji – the very Source of all healing. But I just don’t know how to say it. It’s just too big to express in words.

Mohanji- blessing

Here are some of the experiences from the participants, in their own words:

Dionne: “I believe the healing meditation began the night before, as I saw much suffering for females in the world for several hours. At the end, I was shown that I could best be of help by going inside and being a light from the Source to these and other situations where I don’t have the power to change them. Then I saw many people from this life and forgave them. I understood that suffering gives an opportunity to awaken from this dream that is ordinary consciousness on earth. Then the only person I wasn’t able to forgive was my father. As the meditation began, I felt the huge powerful energy of the group and a great heart link to Swamiji. He was delightful, light and endearing, very present with us and funny too. The first thing that happened was that the “ice wall” that was around me about my father broke up and came down. Then I began seeing a big beautiful magenta light, then emerald green, then back and forth, until they merged. Then my heart energy grew and grew until it pushed far outside of my body.

I felt the awareness of God’s presence in my belly, up and down my spine and the aura surrounding me. I was in a beautiful bubble of light source energy. Protected and safe, in well-being and love. I breathed in and out, surrender-acceptance, surrender-acceptance. My neck twisted around and around and released knotted up karma. I allowed the karma of this and past lives to be collected in the wood in my hand and then burned up in the fire. I was shown to be a conscious light source of God energy into the world for those I can assist and those whose suffering I cannot directly help. I was aware of Consciousness within me, intense presence, and focused awareness. The feeling of Divine Source expressing through me. Thank you with all my heart!”


Andrea: “When Maja invited me to the healing meditation, I felt it was going to be a huge blessing in my life. But the experience itself exceeded all my expectations. I have been working in my spiritual path for 17 years and after trying several paths, I gave up for 5 years. I am a woman who had suffered the impact of a controlling and sexist society. Deep in my heart, I had lots of resentment without even knowing it. During the healing meditation, I was transported in the most kind and loving manner to my past lives, where I had chosen to be a woman, and I could see that the resentment was in my soul for very long. I have experienced so much abuse and sacrifice for others because of my female status. Even now, my life has been full of abuse and I have avoided speaking out my truth aloud, so as not to upset or make others feel uncomfortable. Swamiji was so kind and loving while supporting us during the meditation. His simple technique resolved my never ending pattern of not speaking my truth as a woman. I’m so blessed to be a woman and understand my life purpose as such. Thank you for this amazing experience.”

Gloria: “Yesterday I had an experience that was completely different from anything I’ve ever had in my life. I don’t have the right words to express it. The only thing I can say is that with each breath, and with my heart and mind open to God, my body and each and every cell of my body vibrated. I could feel life vibrating within me. I could feel the suffering in some parts of my body because they were in pain and under pressure. It was a unique experience. I felt my body could explode from all the energy, all the life. In the end, there was peace, tranquility, gratefulness, and the pain was gone. I felt full of energy and in harmony with myself, without any fear. I can only express gratitude for this opportunity I was given to feel something new, something profound.”


PMB: “During the Healing meditation, I felt pain in my back and in the back of my head. Then, it was like someone was attacking me. I felt it vividly, and I was afraid. Swamiji led me through it by calling my name and telling me to let it go at the right time.  The whole healing meditation was about one hour and twenty minutes, but for me time literally flew.  After that, I felt light, really light, like a burden was taken from my shoulders. And now, I’m managing pressure in a different way. I’m not experiencing anxiety as I was a few months ago. And now I have the feeling that Mohanji is closer to me.  I’m eager to continue practicing the Power of Purity Meditation.”

Poe’s experience written by his wife Dionne: “Poe had difficulty breathing during the healing meditation and felt and saw his chest encased in a hard shell, like a turtle shell.
Swamiji spoke to him directly saying “Breathe deeply, Poe, breathe deeply.” After that, the shell broke open and he has been able to breathe well since. After returning home, he went to bed with fever and chills and vomited during the night. He stayed in bed the next day with chills, fever, headache, heartburn and vomited again. He took nothing orally, not even water. The following day he was in bed again, although was able to take sips of water and blended soup. He thought this ‘sickness’ was in response to the meditation and that his heart chakra had expanded and opened. He’s waiting to see what other feelings and messages come to him.’’

Mohanji radiating, both hands blessing

After a week, Dionne added: ‘’ Since the healing meditation, my husband hasn’t had a single drink. Not even one. He noticed that his sugar craving was also gone. He recently had a dream about no longer eating meat, as had I, so we decided not to eat meat anymore. This has all been very easy since the healing meditation. No alcohol, no craving sugar, no eating meat and our appetite is no longer so strong. We get mildly hungry but not ravenously so. This is a wonderful development.’’

I would also like to share my own experience, and what happened in the following days. From the very start of the meditation, I could feel my heart expanding and a lovely energy that made me so happy. I was singing almost throughout the whole meditation. Sometimes it was a humming sound, and sometimes high-pitched tones that I make when I meditate as well. The sound was traveling upwards, or was oriented in the heart region, and sometimes in the throat part. The throat area was where the tone was unclear and would often break. I could feel a big ball in there, a big block that I knew I have. As Swamiji was guiding participants one by one, I would sometimes stop the singing in order to translate. In general, I felt simply happy and light. At some point, it was my turn. The moment Swamiji said my name, things started developing. It happened quite quickly and effortlessly. I started screaming. Like really loud. I could feel something going out from the lower part of my back and climbing up. There were only a few screams, but big ones.


As I was sitting on the floor, my upper part of the body melted completely on the yoga mat. I was totally fine. I did not feel any fear, or worry, apart from the ones “what are the others thinking now?”, and “Am I disturbing anyone?”. I could hear Swamiji chanting a mantra, and I was already looking forward to feeling the effect of this cleansing. I should explain that I already had cleansings where I would scream like that. It happened earlier in March, and it was a whole series of it – every few days another session, and more screaming. Lots of it got out, but I was feeling far less calm then. That one was not an easy thing for me, as I was alone (the wonderful woman working with me was on the other side of the screen), and as I was facing some of my biggest fears. This one with Swamiji was without any stress. Afterwards, I cried for a few moments , and as soon as I could take the first deep breath, I was back to that happy and lovely place. I just spontaneously continued singing, trying to deal with that ball that was still in my throat.

The ending of the meditation was very powerful for me, as Swamiji was praying for us. He said we were as a group most connected to Jesus, so he was praying to Him. I could not translate at that point, as I felt I couldn’t move. I don’t remember the beginning, so I’ll write only the second part because I owe these words to our Spanish-speaking participants, “…and I pray to Jesus that he removes all the blockages from you. I pray to Jesus that you have the same strength that He had. And I pray most of all that this is your last incarnation on Earth.”

11 Mohanji - Jesus energy

After the meditation, a couple of us shared our experiences, and I felt the need to say to the others that I was totally okay. Swamiji said that a huge cleansing had taken place, and that my blocks were mainly from this life and the emotional suffering I’d been through. We could still feel the beautiful energy in the room as we were having some snacks and meeting each other – as most of us didn’t even know each other’s names. 🙂

For me, and some others as well, the meditation did not stop there. In the following period, I was going further through the process. Thanks to the removal of that block down my spine, I could breathe and get enough energy. Swamiji said that I’ll feel the difference in my shoulders. Before, I could not sit up straight, as there was a blocking knot in my spine which was now gone. I felt so much lighter and spacious from within. In the next few days, I faced a lot of emotional baggage that I was carrying. Up on the surface came the feelings of not being loved, of being considered unworthy. I cried the suffering through very difficult times. I was also facing the negativity from the recent period which was there for me to bring to surface the emotions from my past that I was projecting now, and releasing them.

Mohanji- gratitude

I felt deep gratitude for this opportunity. I remembered how someone taught me to take responsibility for everything that happens in our life. I remembered how, through the assistance of others, I gained the perspective on past lives that has helped me detach from this character that I am playing in this life, and to understand the given lessons with more clarity. I accepted that everything was and is my choice, and that in the grand scale it serves the purpose of my growth. I was facing the guilt of all the pain I’d been through, of accepting who knows when the role of the victim, and of forgetting that I couldn’t be anything apart from the Oneness and Unity. I was embracing with gratitude people and events from my past.

On this beautiful journey, I have had a big support and help of many people. Some of those I have never met, nor can I explain the connection that is felt. During one of the meditations on Mohanji’s retreat I was somewhere deep in my heart. I didn’t know where I went, but I ‘came back’ feeling lots of gratitude for everyone who was there. I felt the strong need to tell them how beautiful and magnificent they all are. A couple of years later, I was reading someone’s blog on Mohanji and it took me to that same place. It was like a different dimension. I experienced Unity with everyone connected to Mohanji. I felt expanded, as if just being a wave of that wonderful energy of Love – without being Me, but Being All of Us as that Love. I would like to thank you all for sharing your Light and Love. It has meant a lot to me. 🙂

8 The merry group at the retreat on Andrevlje

Please, I don’t mean to say that this Love is limited only to those who know Mohanji one way or the other. Several friends have contacted me in those couple of days before the Healing meditation saying they were all of a sudden strongly thinking of me. Thank you for tuning in, and being there with us. As you saw, He is way beyond any man-made boundaries such as religion or culture. Through Him, we can connect to any Master that our heart calls for. They are all One. All are Love.

Another experience that happened a few days after the meditation was only an expression of that truth. I was reading Mohanji’s blog on Vasudevan Swamy, and as I was looking at the eyes of Vasudevan Swamy, a completely new experience for me happened. First I heard chanting, and I immediately started chanting myself. Then the energy started flowing in the upper part of my head while I just kept looking at his eyes.  Vasudevan Swamy’s face began transforming. It was changing again and again. It was transforming into faces of many, many Masters. I could clearly see Mohanji several times, but there were many other Masters, and I don’t even dare to say I was able to recognize who they were. Some I didn’t even know.

Vasudevanji, a powerful and loving saint at the Nath mandir at Vajreshwari 1a

This play continued for a few minutes; it just went on and on. The energy was getting stronger, and I didn’t know if I could handle it. My physical system was really pushed, and I still feel the effect of it. All of these Masters are One, and that is why it does not matter to which one of them we connect to, nor what religion we belong to. In Mohanji’s words, “There are not “many” masters. There is only One Master and His or Her many manifestations. The various forms are an illusion. Your mission in this lifetime is to stay linked to the unmanifested behind all manifestations.”

Mohanji-with-Sri Vasudevan -at-nath-mandir_saint

Thank you my Ecuadorian Family, you made all this possible. I am so grateful to you for all the Love that you created. It is so beautiful.

Eternal Gratitude, Dearest Mohanji. All Your Grace. Love Always, Beyond anything.

Love to All,
Maja Otovic



The views, opinions and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

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Meeting the Master in Shirdi


By Martin Simonovski

Continuing from the Pune leg. The morning after the sleepless night spent exchanging business ideas with Palak, we slowly started to take the luggage out of the complex of Mohanji Baba’s Ashram. A long trip of several hours to Shirdi awaited us.

After the ride, we finally arrived at the hotel Jivanta in Shirdi. We left the luggage with the receptionist where Milica met us. Later, we headed together with Barbara to the hall where the retreat was taking place. While walking I noticed that there were posters on the walls notifying people, “Please maintain silence”.


As soon as I entered the hall, tears started brimming over. The energy was indescribably strong and I started crying even more. Mohanji Baba was glowing with such a great intensity that it could melt even the toughest heart. Love overflowed completely. When he turned around, I felt as if the sun came down on the Earth to bathe us in love and bliss. At the same moment, I felt another sun rising straight out from my heart and shining. The tears didn’t stop. That was the strongest energy that I had felt so far.

The participants who were present spoke about their experiences with Mohanji Baba. I heard many stories that made my heart melt even more. The hall didn’t have room for anything but love. I could write a book about this moment and still be unable to describe the energy that was present in that room. Many people shared their experiences about how Mohanji Baba had changed their lives completely. Experiences were shared wholeheartedly. Even today while writing this text, tears start to drop at the sheer thought of me being present in such a place full of love. With every thought of those moments, I go back to the paradise which could only be ruled by love.

After the participants shared their experiences, I went to say hello to Mohanji Baba. After the certificates were distributed, we went to the dining hall along with the other participants. The food was very delicious, as usual. 😀 After lunch, I settled myself in the hotel room and volunteered to help out with the preparation for the event to be held the following day. So, I went downstairs where the public satsang was held. Along with Mohanji Baba, there was a special guest – the chief priest of the Shirdi Sai Baba temple – Sulakhe Maharaj. As usual, the participants of the public satsang asked questions and Mohanji Baba answered them in his direct style laced with wit and humor. At the public satsang, there was also a music release of Mohanji Baba’s Sahasranaamavali (1008 names of Mohanji Baba) and Ashtotari (108 names of Mohanji Baba). Before the music release by Sulakhe Maharaj, Taiji shared her experience of writing Sahasranaamavali and Ashtotari. The energy during the satsang was very strong and several times I felt an urge to fall asleep. My eyelids were closing by themselves. I needed a coffee. 😀


After the satsang, I went to taste the amazing food at Ahimsa Vegan. During my stay in Shirdi, I had the opportunity to taste most of their menu. I recommend all of you to try the food there whenever you get a chance. After dinner at the vegan restaurant, I continued with helping out with volunteer work for next day’s event. I had energy to even work until the next night. The following morning, I headed to the Consciousness Kriya event after breakfast in the vegan restaurant.


After the Consciousness Kriya event, we went to buy VIP passes to visit the Samadhi (final resting place) of Shirdi Sai Baba. The passes allow one to save time by bypassing the serpentine queues of people waiting to see Baba. Together with Zlate and an employee of the hotel, we went to the Sansthan office. It was really cool to ride on a motorbike with two other people, especially when you are in the middle of the “sandwich”. 😀 Previously, I had only seen this kind of picture on the internet but not in the real life 😀


Before we entered the Samadhi, we took our shoes off and left them outside, as is customary for temples in India. We waited for the door to open so that we could enter inside. As I was getting closer to the Samadhi, I started feeling a very strong energy. As if the energy was not from this planet. I don’t know if Sai Baba was present or not but the place was a “nuclear plant”. The strong energy was circulating in every corner of the temple. I don’t have words to describe this divine energy. I recommend everyone to visit this Samadhi whenever you get the chance. The transformation is inevitable. After the aarati, I tried the Prasadam (consecrated offering) of Sai Baba. As we went back to the hotel, I enjoyed sharing experiences while walking with other devotees of Mohanji Baba. That  night, I had too much energy so I used it to help with volunteer work.

5The next morning, together with Mohanji Baba and the rest of the participants of the retreat we went for a walk in Shirdi. We walked and ventured to the same places that were once graced by the great Shirdi Sai Baba. While walking next to Mohanji Baba, I felt as if I had the power to lift an elephant. I had no idea what to do with so much energy. A couple of people came around us begging for money to buy food. Instead of giving them money, Mohanji Baba sent them to a nearby restaurant and paid for the bill.


After we finished the walk, we went back to the hotel to checkout. Immediately after the aarati, we left for Ganeshpuri. On the way to Ganeshpuri, we visited a temple of Sai Baba. The Swami responsible for the temple also took care of over 1200 children. These children were orphaned because their parents (who were farmers) committed suicide due to rising debts. We were welcomed wholeheartedly and received many gifts. Another group of people came to the temple accompanying a palkhi (a palanquin with Shirdi Sai Baba). The group had walked for several days with the palanquin to reach Shirdi and were taking a brief rest in the temple before proceeding to Shirdi.


After we arrived at Ganeshpuri, we visited the Samadhi of Bhagavan Nityananda. As soon as I sat to meditate, I started feeling deep peace and lost my existence for several moments. It is very hard to use words to describe the experiences that I had in this temples. That is why sometimes I use hyperbole to try to explain their essence, even though sometimes it is not enough. After the meditation, we visited several other temples to before heading to Mumbai.

When we arrived at the apartment of Madhu and Preethi, we were welcomed as Gods. They had prepared wonderful food in abundance. In India, guests are treated as Gods and their home was no exception. Their endeavor to make us happy and satisfied made them very happy. It was this Indian custom that taught me that happiness is in giving. I would like to thank Madhu and Preethi for the wonderful book “The way to home” that gave me greater awareness on the main reason for my trip to India. Thank you. I recommend it from my heart to anyone who is in search for themselves.

Our journey to Chennai started the following day and I will share that experience in the next blog.


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The Boy who Walked with Sai Baba – Shadows of Grace – Part II

Mohanji-Rajesh Kamath.jpg

By Rajesh Kamath

This is the second part on Baba Ganeshananda Giri Maharaj (respectfully and lovingly addressed as Babaji). For those who came in late, please read the first part here.


Moving on from where we left. We proceeded with Mohanji on our year-end road trip through the south of India. Babaji, as planned, concluded his Shirdi trip and moved back to Chennai in the first week of January. In between, Babaji called Mohanji and invited him to Chennai in the last week of January. Mohanji chose to be in Chennai on January 30th. We proceeded to Chennai from Palakkad via Coimbatore.

When we arrived, we found that Babaji had personally come to receive Mohanji along with members of the Shri Dattatreya Siva Sai Trust (the trust He founded to build the Sai Baba temple on the outskirts of Chennai in Sriperumbudur). Babaji honored Mohanji with garlands and a shawl at the airport and embraced him lovingly. The picture of them hugging each other is one of Mohanji’s favorite pictures. The mutual all-encompassing love and respect that the Masters had for each other were there for all to see.

Babaji first took us to the Shri Dattatreya Siva Sai trust office where we were introduced to all the members of the trust where they  (along with Babaji) shared the details of the temple construction project. After this Babaji took us to the altar within the trust office and performed Shirdi Sai Baba’s aarti.

Babaji had ensured that Mohanji was booked into five-star hotel. While Mohanji gently pointed out that the extra expense was unnecessary, and that he would have loved to stay with Babaji, and that there was no need to be honoured like this, Babaji insisted that  Mohanji had no say in this matter and insisted that it had to be done like this since this was the specific instruction he received fromSai Baba, including Mohanji’s stay at  the Grand Hyatt.

At the hotel, Babaji came all the way up to inspect Mohanji’s room and the bathroom. He smilingly told Mohanji that this was the first time he had set foot in a five star hotel! He was showering us with a lot of love, grace, and blessings. After he blessed Mohanji in the hotel room, he took both of Mohanji’s hands and placed it on his third eye. He asked Mohanji to rest a while to alleviate the fatigue from the travel, saying he would meet Mohanji in the evening at his temporary residence in Chennai and that he had arranged for Mohanji to be picked up and dropped there. Mohanji later mentioned, “Meeting Babaji was always overwhelming and the way He honoured me was also totally unexpected. Perhaps you can also see how much weight I have lost”. Someone commented that the love showered by Babaji on Mohanji was similar to that showered on Mohanji by Sri Vittalananda Saraswati (Vittal Babaji) a couple of years back in Kuruvapuram. While I wasn’t there to witness Vittal Babaji and Mohanji together, I have been witness to the immense love and affection showered on Mohanji by Masters like Swamy Vasudevanji of Ganeshpuri, Devi Amma from Bangalore, Vanamala Mataji from Rishikesh, Avadhoota Nadanandaji from Kurnool, etc.

In the evening, some of the trust members dropped us at Babaji’s temporary residence in Chennai. The Masters had a long discussion where Babaji shared his detailed plans for the Sai Baba temple that he was constructing in Sriperumbudur on the outskirts of Chennai. The trust members also discussed the current progress of the construction. In the course of the discussion, Babaji honoured Mohanji by requesting him to preside over and lay the foundation stone of the temple. Mohanji readily agreed, saying that he was a loyal servant of Sai Baba and that he considered it his duty to obey any command coming from Sai Baba. Babaji asked Mohanji to provide him with 10 tons of steel, 500 bags of cement and 4-5 truckloads of gravel. That was Babaji’s way. He hardly made any requests. You were just told what he was to be done and your acceptance of the chosen task was implicitly assumed. Mohanji immediately told Babaji that it would be provided before the foundation laying ceremony.

This was followed by an informal satsang where Babaji shared some of his insights on the Guru disciple relationship. He said, “Always follow the Guru no matter what. He may love you, beat you, scold you, hurt you – no matter what never leave the protection of a real Guru. If a Guru tells you to jump into a well and die, do it without thinking. The Guru will never let you get hurt. He will pick you out as gently as one would a flower. He who understands that the Guru’s scolding and hurting takes away lifetimes of karma will never leave the Guru. The one who leaves a true Guru is most unfortunate. He is forever in darkness – neither here nor there. That is why Baba always recommended shraddha (faith) and saboori (patience) as the essential qualities of in a disciple. Remember His name, live His teachings, follow His word – nothing will ever touch you. Anything or anyone that tries to harm you will be destroyed.” He also mentioned that the rudraksha is alive. It’s food is til (sesame) oil. You are supposed to soak the rudraksha in til oil a day before Amavasya (the new moon) and remove it the day after. Subsequently, Mohanji soaked the rudraksha given to him by Babaji as per his instructions and half the oil in the container disappeared. So his observation was indeed true.

Interestingly, most photos taken while the Masters were chatting showed light bodies hovering over them. In one photograph Shirdi Sai Baba and Lord Hanuman could be clearly seen. IMG_20160130_194749_HDR.jpgIt was very overwhelming to be in the loving presence of both the Masters. Both Masters spoke in languages alien to me – Babaji spoke in Tamil while Mohanji spoke in Malayalam. I was curious how they understood each other. Mohanji answered my unspoken question saying that he spoke Malayalam with a Tamil accent and Babaji spoke Tamil in a Malayalam accent. That’s how they understood each other. 🙂

Soon it was time for us to leave. Babaji literally showered Mohanji and all of us with lots of love and blessings as we departed for the hotel. He insisted that he wanted to come to drop us to the airport. However, as we had an early morning flight,  we entreated Babaji not to do so since he needed proper rest especially considering his punishing work schedule.

One of the concerns I had as I left the meeting was getting the material required by Babaji. There was a considerable cost involved and it wasn’t like we were rolling in cash. Mohanji just said, “The material has been requested by Sai Baba (since Babaji was not any different from Shirdi Sai Baba). Hence, Shirdi Sai Baba will provide for it Himself and there is nothing to worry.” Madhusudan Rajagopalan (aka Madhu), the person tasked with delivering Babaji’s request, has separately documented the amazing way in which the funds, resources, and people materialized to fulfill Babaji’s request in the book on Babaji, The Boy who Walked with Sai Baba. (People who are interested in buying a copy of the book  can email the publisher, Gurulight, at info@gurulight.com)

Mohanji subsequently left on his overseas tours while I returned to Dharamshala. It was wonderful to receive Babaji’s New Year packet of blessings which contained Sai Baba’s udi (holy ash), neem (margosa) leaves from Gurusthan and a picture of Babaji/Sai Baba with Babaji’s favorite mantra ‘Om Shri Sai Sharanam mama‘ (I seek refuge in Sai). Of course, it was filled with his wonderful heartfelt blessings. Babaji also sent the invitation cards for the foundation stone laying ceremony that prominently featured Mohanji as one of the luminaries attending the function. Mohanji had instructed a few of us in the group like Madhu, to stay in regular touch with Babaji. If we didn’t call him regularly, he would get chide us saying that we guys had become so busy that we didn’t call anymore! He would then excitedly update us on the progress of the temple construction and his plans for the near future. He would always enquire, “Where is my Mohanji these days?” and get a detailed update on Mohanji’s whereabouts, health, programs, travel plans, etc. He was always interested in knowing when Mohanji was coming back to India. If we called him with the slightest issue, he would tell us, “Why do you worry? I am standing behind Mohanji. My Guru is standing behind Mohanji. What more do you want? Nothing can affect you people.”

He also chided me to do more sadhana. He would say that you should do 10-15min of sadhana first thing in the morning as soon as you wake up straight out of bed. The same before going to bed. As you get accustomed to the practice, you can increase the duration gradually. When you end the call, he would have a long extended blessing that would last a minute or more. So much love and kindness poured out of him for us that it was truly moving. He was such a sweet and loving kindred soul to us which was very unlike the fierce imposing exterior that he projected for others. We felt that it was our association with Mohanji that afforded us this outlook from Babaji. For Babaji, we were Mohanji’s children. Hence, he extended his blanket of love and protection over us as well.


Babaji was working at breakneck speed preparing for the foundation stone laying ceremony. He was planning the function to the minutest detail. This was also taking a toll on his health but that did not stop him from continuing with his backbreaking schedule. It was his all-consuming passion to deliver on the promise he made to his Guru. He was involved in every aspect of the temple project – planning, fundraising, marketing, construction, etc. Leading from the front and rallying the troops to deliver it with the perfection that was expected by his Guru, Shirdi Sai Baba. It was all he thought about in his waking hours and possibly also while he was sleeping.

Soon it was time for the foundation stone laying ceremony. Mohanji and our group arrived in Chennai the evening before the ceremony and headed straight to Sriperumbudur. Once we reached the temple land, we headed straight to Babaji’s kutir (cottage) on the land. It was a standalone house with one room and an attached bathroom. This was the command center from where Babaji directed all the efforts for the temple construction. As you enter the house, there is a giant Shivling in the space between the gate and the door of the house. Babaji would perform an abhishekam of the Shivling daily. We were told that the construction folks had advised Babaji that the soft land would not be able to take the weight of the Shivling and it would start sinking very soon. Hence, it was inadvisable to install the Shivling there. Babaji purportedly told them to do as directed and he would take care of any eventualities. [Almost a year on, the Shivling continues to stand on solid ground and nothing has happened to it or the ground below.]

As we entered, Babaji greeted us. Mohanji prostrated at Babaji’s feet and then Babaji embraced Mohanji. Since it was late in the night, he checked to see if we had our dinner. All the hard work for the ceremony was showing on him – he looked shaken but not stirred. He gave Mohanji an update on what he had planned for the ceremony. He then asked Mohanji and our group to accompany him so he could show us all the arrangements. He took Mohanji’s hand and started walking out the door to the place where the ceremony was to be conducted. He was suddenly like a young teenager sprinting out of the door with us in hot pursuit.

They were expecting a few thousand people in attendance. At the venue itself, arrangements had been made to accommodate several thousand visitors, including their seating, food and sanitation. A big stage had been erected with different areas – some had the different idols that were to be eventually housed in the temple, one had all the Sai Baba statues, there was a place where intricately decorated pots were kept, and so on. The entire place was abuzz with activity – priests were getting the place and ingredients ready for the ceremonial rites, huge garlands were being woven, workers were busy putting the final touches, etc. The preparations for the pooja were in full swing – the statues for the various deities were arranged on the stage (including Sai Baba, Ganesha, Dattatreya, Rama, Hanuman, Shaneeswara, Kala Bhairava, Shiva, Maha Vishnu, Mahalakshmi among others), the ceremonial kalashes (urns) were being readied and the homa kund (fire ceremony pit) was being prepared. The center of the stage was where the dignitaries were to be seated. In front of that was an open area where artists would perform. Towards the right of that place was the area where the ceremonies were to be conducted. Babaji enthusiastically updated us with all the details of the preparations so far, the flow of the program and ceremonies that were to be held tomorrow. He then walked us back to his house.


Our photographer Palak who was in Babaji’s face all the while trying to get the right expressions asked Babaji if he was bothered by her constant clicking. Babaji laughed and said, “My dear child, only Sai Baba bothers me. He doesn’t let me eat, drink, rest, sleep, bathe and keeps me on my toes. Only He bothers me and no one else.” Babaji then briefly discussed our stay arrangements, meeting times for tomorrow and asked a couple of trustees to ensure that everything was taken care of in terms of our stay. We then headed back to the accommodation.


The next day we reached early for the ceremony. It was a truly elaborate affair. Once Babaji, along with Mohanji, reached the venue, the ceremony started with the team of priests invoking Lord Ganesha for his blessings. The ceremony started with an elaborate yagna (sacred fire ritual) where different kinds of offerings were made to the various deities to the chanting of vedic mantras. Several priests sat around the sacrificial fire chanting mantras in unison as other priests prepared and placed the offerings into the fire. The poojas and homas included Sri Ganapathy Homa, Sri Mahalakshmi pooja, Sri Maha Mrityunjaya Homa, Sri Maha Sudarshana Homa, Sri Jayadurga pooja, and Sri Navagraha Shanthi Homa. While these homas were conducted, a leading singer also performed bhajans for the audience and raised the feeling of devotion among all present.This went on for a few hours.

This was followed by worshipping the cow as a representation of the Eternal Mother. Most human beings are brought up by being breastfed by their mother followed by cow’s milk. Hence, the cow takes up the role in most of our lives. Moreover, the cow is probably the only animal that releases no toxins. Its urine is used in a host of preparations in Ayurveda and it’s dung serves as a disinfectant and insect repellant. In most villages in India, the floor of the house and the porch is smeared with cow dung. Further, Mohanji mentioned that the cow was kept in most traditional Indian houses in the past because it kept negative elements at bay and prevented them from entering the house. Hence, the cow is worshiped as an embodiment of the Eternal Mother in most rituals. A cow and its calf were brought over for the occasion. Mohanji and Babaji fed the cow and its calf with their own hands. They first fed it bananas and then the food that was cooked for the occasion. The Masters then performed kanya puja – worshipping nine girls representing Navadurga (the nine forms of Goddess Durga). This pooja is symbolic of worshipping the Divine Mother, the pure basic creative force of nature. The young girls symbolize purity and innocence, the overriding characteristics of the Divine Mother. The Masters symbolically washed their feet, garlanded them, gave them gifts and adornments and took their blessings.


After these ceremonies were completed, Swamiji and Mohanji then proceeded to perform the stone laying ceremony. The place where the foundation stone was supposed to be laid was a short distance away from where the stage was setup. Babaji and Mohanji and some of the trustees went in a golf cart, with us surrounding them to prevent devotees from approaching them for blessings, requests, etc. At a chosen spot, a deep pit had been dug for this purpose. Once we reached there, Babaji himself stepped into the pit that was set up and the foundation stone laying ceremony began. Swamiji  sanctified it with the offerings from the kalashes (urns), and then placed bricks which had been purified from the homas and poojas done earlier. Babaji placed the yantras and all the sacred objects in the pit in the right locations and facing the right directions. The foundation stone was placed on the exact spot. It was covered by all the sacrificial offerings and ingredients. Finally, it was to be covered with udi (sacred ash) from Shirdi. Babaji had got a huge amount of udi from Shirdi but due to some mixup, the organizers misplaced the udi and it did not make it to the site. Babaji was furious and berated them angrily. There was a mad scramble to locate udi among the people that had congregated around the pit. Surprisingly, not one person had a single packet. Just at that moment, there was a person who suddenly appeared behind Mohanji and immediately offered us a packet of udi. We handed it to Mohanji and he handed it to Babaji. Babaji placed it on the stone and then covered it up with other sacred ash. The bricks were then placed over the foundation stone and the pit was covered.


Babaji got out of the pit and got into the golf cart with Mohanji. He was livid at the turn of events. He had planned this event to excruciating detail. Hence, a glaring mistake causing the most important thing to be missed out really enraged him. The single packet of udi had averted it but Babaji was still not satisfied. He expected everything to go like clockwork. As we were headed back, one of the attendees tried to get clever and snuck in around the golf cart in the guise of protecting Babaji and quickly moved in to touch his feet and get his blessings. Babaji swung his arm and with his open palm nicely whacked him square on back of the head with a resounding thud and pushed him out. Like they show in the Batman comics. Bam! Pow! The poor guy was spinning around for a while after receiving this heavy prasad (consecrated offering). Must have definitely knocked some of his latent hard-to-erase karma and some sense into him that you can’t force your way with someone like Babaji.

This was followed by the program where the dignitaries were brought on stage and felicitated one by one by Babaji. Through the entire proceedings, Babaji sat next to Mohanji and held his hand most of the time. The dignitaries had quite a few heavyweights – a central cabinet minister, a state cabinet minister, other local political heavyweights, people from the film fraternity and other leading personalities. The trust had done a wonderful job of spreading awareness of the function, with press coverage in leading magazines, and posters and billboards on the route to the venue. There were letters from the governor of the state, the chief minister of the state and the president of the country that conveyed their inability to attend and their best wishes for the event. There were speeches from the main dignitaries. This was followed by an artistic and captivating Bharatanatyam dance program by a noted dancer and his troupe. The dance troupe was felicitated by the dignitaries. There was a detailed talk about the temple project by the trust chairman. Finally, the program concluded with a vote of thanks by the trust chairman and the other trustees followed by a delectable lunch which was consumed as prasad (consecrated offering). The function had over 7000 visitors on the day. All the visitors received blessings from Swamiji and all the other saints on stage. Every visitor partook of food as prasad and returned home, nourished from every perspective. Throughout the function, Swamiji held Mohanji close to him holding his hand wherever possible, a clear sign of his deep love and affection for Mohanji.


The following day we met at Babaji’s house on the temple land. Barring minor issues, the foundation ceremony went really well. With that out of the way, Babaji looked a lot more relieved. The weight of conducting this ceremony was off his shoulders. He had been tirelessly working nonstop for a long time to plan every little detail to ensure its smooth functioning and execution. Babaji told Mohanji that he was revising and expanding the trust and he had asked Sai Baba to decide on his behalf. He had placed chits with the names of all the people INCLUDING himself in front of Sai Baba. The first chit that came up had his own name. The second one had Mohanji’s name. And then the others. So he said that Mohanji had to be one of the trustees along with him. Mohanji told Babaji that he would not be able to perform his duties properly since he was out of the country most of the time. Since these were Sai Baba’s wishes, Babaji insisted that Mohanji be part of the trust and, keeping in mind the issues, asked him to be the chief advisor of the trust. To honor Sai Baba and Babaji’s wishes, Mohanji agreed without further discussion.


As per Sai Baba’s instructions, Babaji’s Samadhi place was to be in Sriperumbudur in the same complex as the temple. Mohanji told Babaji and the trust people that the details of Babaji’s samadhi plans must be recorded at the earliest. He even requested Babaji to ensure that it is done without delay.  Out of their love for Babaji, the trustees were emotional about Mohanji’s request and even complained to Babaji that Mohanji had requested them to do it but they knew that Babaji would be with them for a long time, and definitely until the temple was completed. Babaji, at that time, chided them that if Mohanji is asking them to do something, then there must be some significance. They should always keep that in mind and do as he says rather than getting emotional. These words were to soon prove prophetic indeed. Mohanji had also reminded Babaji several times of the need to ensure that his Samadhi instructions had to be recorded by him in the presence of witnesses and recorded on paper so that there was no confusion regarding his preferences. It was a very interesting and objective discussion between the Masters, the morbid nature of the discussion notwithstanding.


After all the discussions, we took Babaji’s leave and his blessings and then headed to Chennai. One interesting scenario we would face in Chennai or Sriperumbudur was the lion and lamb aspect of Babaji. He was fire when it came to getting Sai Baba’s work done. Yet, anyone coming from Mohanji would be pampered with a lot of love, kindness and respect. Hence, when we would come down to meet him in Chennai or Sriperumbudur, he would enquire very kindly of our travels and if we managed to get there safely. Then he would turn and scream the head off someone standing there for not doing something properly. Then he would turn and ask if we had our food and ask someone to get us something to eat or just coffee. Then again he would turn and scream the crap out of someone else who turned up with some other issue. It would almost happen in lockstep and was very hilarious and unsettling. It did drill unto us the fact that Babaji’s loving treatment of us was extremely special and a blessing that we received only due to our Guru Mohanji’s grace.


I settled back in Dharamshala after the ceremony and Mohanji was back on his overseas tour. I was in regular touch with Babaji every other week in the beginning and that started to reduce as I got busy with work. One day, I got a call from Madhu early in the morning that Babaji had taken samadhi (Verb – a saint’s conscious exit from the body). Babaji was going through a lot of friction in the temple project and that was causing him much consternation. But, as the temple trust folks said, we thought he would be with us till he built the temple. We just couldn’t believe it. Out of the blue. Just like that. It was a day when I had woken up very late and was feeling lost and listless. I also did not feel like doing any sadhana. Probably a subconscious cognizance of Babaji’s samadhi!


Mohanji had asked Madhu to head over immediately to help out with the Samadhi preparation. And the obvious issue was what Mohanji had been dreading all along from the earliest – a lack of clear direction from Babaji regarding his Samadhi preferences. Madhu mentioned that there was hardly any clarity on how the Samadhi place would be done. He had been asked by Mohanji to call a few established masters on how to setup the Samadhi in such a situation – the rules, rituals, etc. But he was not able to make much headway and proceeded for Chennai without a clue on how to get this done. Just think about it! You are tasked by your Guru to handle the Samadhi of a Master without having a clue. You do it wrong and you have to contend with an upset Babaji who was no longer constrained in the body and His omnipresent Guru Sai Baba. Without a body, he had innumerable ways to get to you and even more ways to kick your butt. Literally up shit creek on a hope and prayer! And then you have to contend with your own Guru who sent you there. Anyways, all kudos to Madhu for handling and tiding over the situation perfectly. By nightfall, things had fallen in place and with the Guru Mandala’s grace, the right people showed up to ensure that Babaji’s Samadhi place would be well prepared for his dispensation ahead. You can read about it in Madhu’s experience sharing in the book on Babaji, The Boy who Walked with Sai Baba. (People who are interested in buying a copy of the book please email the publisher Gurulight at info@gurulight.com)


Mohanji asked me to head over to Chennai to help Madhu. By the time I figured out that I was supposed to go to Chennai, it was too late to catch the last flight (which was leaving early afternoon) out of Dharamshala. The only option I had was to wait till the evening to take an overnight bus ride to Delhi, catch the morning flight the next day to reach Chennai and then drive down from Chennai to Sriperumbudur. As the evening progressed, things started falling into place and it turned out that the function would start on time early in the morning. And I realized that there was every chance that the Samadhi function would be well over by the time I reached! I am not an outwardly emotional person by nature ( I hide my emotions quite well), yet the tinge of sadness I felt couldn’t be washed it away.


To add to it, the fact that I would not be able to see Babaji before it was over made it worse. I was praying that through some major quirk of fate, things would get delayed and I would get a chance to be part of the proceedings. I was praying for obstacles to delay the Master’s Samadhi function propelled by the desire to see the body of a Master who had dropped it to be present everywhere in Consciousness. How egotistically weird can that thought be? The ego attempts to feel self-important even in circumstances like these. I have been sent to help over so I must be important and I have an important role to play. Then you realize there is no role to play, which can be emasculating. And then the ego feels I must be important since I got to be part of the proceedings. And even that is not to be. So even more emasculating. The ego attempts its flights of fancy in the oddest of places and circumstances.


The whole ride was punctuated by moments of sadness, the hope against hope to get there on time to get a glimpse of Babaji and more sadness on realizing the logistical improbability of that occurrence. When I finally reached the temple premises, I saw everyone standing at the Babaji’s Samadhi doing the final aarati to the Samadhi. I rushed to the spot just in the nick of time as they were chanting the final verses. It went down to the wire and I got to register my token presence to the event. Just before the curtain drew to a close. The same way Babaji entered our lives – just before his final bell was being rung.


It finally dawned on me that Mohanji in his compassionate grace allowed me to be present on the occasion given my connection with Babaji. There was neither any role for me to play nor any higher purpose for me to serve. Mohanji graced us to connect to a Master like Babaji and the resulting grace flowing from Babaji to us was, in reality, the outpouring of grace from Mohanji himself. It is the leela of the one light of Consciousness that shows the illusion of being diffracted to many different hues to suit the temperaments of the duality stricken mind.


Interestingly, as I am finishing this piece, I realize that it’s been exactly a year to date when Babaji took samadhi. Babaji may have left the body but his indomitable spirit is still ever present in this world (and beyond). We had a vivid experience of this fact when we paid a visit to his Samadhi December last year, a day before his birthday (December 19th). Out of his love for Babaji and his commitment for Babaji’s temple project, Mohanji had given a week out of his extremely busy schedule to the Shri Dattatreya Siva Sai Trust to use for fundraising/promotion, meeting luminaries, garnering attention for the temple project, etc. In short, for the trust to use it as they saw fit to help with the temple project. It was decided to coincide it with his birthday. An elaborate function had been planned on the eve of his birthday that included the release of the book, The Boy who Walked with Sai Baba. The book is a compilation of experiences by people who were acquainted with Babaji through his more than a century of existence on earth.


There were a bunch of people from various parts of the world who congregated in Chennai to be part of Mohanji’s travelling ‘circus’! Amongst them were the saintly kirtanwallahs – the Ramsells (Natesh and Monnie). Mohanji had asked Natesh to record a ditty for the occasion based on Babaji’s favorite mantra “Om Shri Sai Sharanam mama” (I seek refuge in Sai) and sing it at the birthday function. A day before the function, Mohanji and our group went to Babaji’s Samadhi to seek his blessings and to dedicate the book at his feet before the function. There was a peculiar tiny bird that hovered around us the whole time we were there, following us from Babaji’s kutir to the samadhi. Mohanji placed the offerings and the book on Babaji’s Samadhi and asked Natesh to sing his newly composed number to Babaji at the Samadhi. As Natesh and Monnie sang the beautiful number, a herd of cows grazing in the field came very close to us and stopped at the ditch that separated us and ‘listened’ to the chant. Indeed, as soon as they stopped chanting, the herd went back from whence they had come, going single file like a procession. It was as if they came just to listen to the song.


When the song ended, Madhu noticed that a strong scent of roses was emanating from the Samadhi. He remembered that they had put in a lot of rose water in the Samadhi when they interred Babaji’s body. However, bear in mind that the Samadhi structure was completely encased in concrete and there is no chance that the smell of rose could come from within the Samadhi. It was Babaji’s way of indicating his acceptance of the offerings, the book and the song. It is similar to the smell of vibhuti that signifies the presence of Sai Baba or the smell of chandan that signifies the presence of Mohanji. For some, the smell lingered all the way to within his kutir as well (which is a good 200-300 meters away from the Samadhi). Maybe an eye opener for those who ever doubted Babaji’s living presence beyond death and for the rest an indication that he is ever present with us even in the beyond – even more so after his samadhi than while living.


The temple project that Babaji started is also a living indication of his guiding presence from the beyond. It is also moving ahead at a steady clip with his grace and that of his Guru, the great Master Shirdi Sai Baba. The Shri Dattatreya Siva Sai Trust has been slowly but steadily moving to accomplish Babaji’s vision. Annadaan (food donation) that was so dear to Shirdi Sai Baba is happening on a regular basis in the premises. Babaji’s samadhi mandir and the meditation hall have been built and the Sai Baba idol will soon be consecrated and installed in the temple premises. Babaji is working through the trustees to construct the temple premises and through gracious devotees to support the noble cause with their contributions.

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Mohanji had sent across a beautiful idol of Lord Hanumanji for the temple project. It came in a day before Babaji’s samadhi day. He had also arranged for a life size idol of Shirdi Sai Baba to be delivered to the temple. That arrived a couple of days before Babaji’s samadhi day. The trustees welcomed Shirdi Sai Baba to the temple by doing a mahabhishekham (a ritual bathing of the idol) followed by clothing and accessorizing him and decorating the idol followed by a puja (worship) of the idol. The Lord Hanumanji was similarly welcomed. It is an amazing coincidence that both idols came just in time right before Babaji’s samadhi day and were worshipped on that day. It was like Babaji’sa acceptance of Mohanji’s gifts with love.

Finally, Babaji lives within us by being a living example of the teachings of Sai Baba – shraddha (trust) and saboori (patience). In reality, Babaji never existed or existed just as an outer form – inside there was only Shirdi Sai Baba. Every thought was Sai Baba, every word spoken was for Sai Baba, every action done was for Sai Baba. He taught us absolute devotion to the Guru through his total self-effacement by always dedicating every success as a showcase of the prowess of his Guru. There was never a word about himself. Through his nothingness, he showed that he was all-powerful since his Guru had limitless power. Time and time again, he demonstrated his unshakeable trust in the power of his Guru to overcome all odds. There was never an iota of doubt or ego. He completely accepted all circumstances as the gift from the Guru without any complaints – not by preaching but by precept. He had a single-minded focus on his purpose – to spread more awareness about his Guru and to further the teachings of his Guru.

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On the eve of his birthday, I wish Babaji a wonderful birthday 🙂 and prostrate humbly at his feet seeking his blessings that we may one day become like him in this very lifetime. Also, my infinite prostrations to Bramarishi Mohanji for the wonderful gift of his divine presence in our lives and for kicking our butts on the ultimate path of liberation.


P.S: Those who would like to experience a slice of Babaji can visit his Samadhi in Sriperumbudur. You can also make a pilgrimage to the Room #3 on the first floor of the Sai Balaji Guest House in Shirdi where Babaji mostly stayed when he was in Shirdi.

P.P.S: People who are interested in buying a copy of the book on Babaji, “The Boy who walked with Sai Baba” can email the publisher Gurulight at info@gurulight.com


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