An Accident

Experiences by Dhritiman Biswas and Yashik Singh


By Dhritiman Biswas

It was a perfect Saturday morning in Gurgaon on a March day. A beautiful spring weather, nice and pleasant sunshine, not hot. I was driving to reach the venue of the food sewa. Normally the road which I take through a forest does not have much traffic. However, today I ran into a lot of traffic. The other side of the road was empty and cars were zipping by.
I saw a big truck going very slowly – as if it was unable to carry its own weight. Beside it there was another dithering smaller pickup truck. I saw a few cars bypass both these slow moving vehicles from the third lane on the extreme left side of the road.
As the car in front of me passed them by, I followed it in its wake. Just as I was about to overtake them, I somehow slowed down to round about 30 km per hour. As I was still crossing, the truck blew a big horn. I didn’t realise the reason at that time. I just heard it.
Just as I came at par with these two vehicles, I saw a huge cow (at least four feet tall with large horns) for a fraction of a second running towards me before it crashed into my car.

Stayed safe in a car accident - by Mohanjis grace

Stayed safe in a car accident 1 - by Mohanjis graceAs always, Gurudev’s Grace protected me. In this accident, as I reflect on it I realise a few points:
Had my car speed been fast, when the cow hit me, I could have lost control of car and may have hit some other vehicle or skidded onto the path of the truck.
The front shield was broken but it did not crumble inside towards me. Had it happened, hundreds of small flying glass could have hit my face and eyes. Today I could not have been even able to type out my experience. The driver seat window was left untouched! If this had been hit, then a similar situation like the front shield crumbling could have happened. The back seat window got completely smashed. As no one else was in the car, this window was a convenient to take the karma off by Guru.
Had the two feet long horns of the cow pierced the driver’s window, I could have been impaled.
I just received a very good shake in the body. No cuts or broken parts in the body.
Cow bounced off the car and walked off into the forest.

I was able to walk out of the car within couple of minutes with a big smile of thanksgiving to Mohanji and the Universe who protected me from something extremely big.
All that I paid for was a good shake and a large bill for car repairs.
I live only with your Grace, Mohanji. A “thank you” seems so absurd and little in stature.
I love you Baba.


By Yashik Singh

Maybe it was a coincidence, but almost at the same time, in Durban, South Africa, a completely different part part of the world, there was an avoidance of an accident in a split second by Yashik Singh. He shared the details how he was protected and stayed safe.

The mercy of Mohanji is not only limited to inside temples or places of worship. In fact it happens where the true temple of Mohanji is….and that is where ever his bhakta is.
Today Mohanji saved Ajay and I from a serious accident. We stopped at a robot (traffic light) in reservoir hills, and my mind wandered to Mohanji. I did not notice the robot turned green even though I was looking directly at it. I was lost in thoughts of Mohanji. The car hooted behind me and I came back to my senses and drove of.
We turned left onto the high way. A car come from very fast from the incoming lane and decided to also turn. Because he turned so fast he lost control of his car and missed knocking into the diver side of our car by a few centimeters.
If I was not “distracted” At the robot the car would have hit us directly and we both would have definitely been hurt because of the speed the other car turned with.
Thank you Mohanji. Thank you for always being with us. Thank you for always keeping to your word “I’m always with you”.

Master’s grace and blessing protects beyond imagination. It may often take a lifetime to understand, let alone to recognise the relevance of a teacher and his teachings. Sometimes, it becomes a bit too late, too. 

Mohanji quote - When I say I am with you I mean it



The Welcoming of Mohanji’s Murthi at Merudanda Ashram

Merudanda ashram, Durban The Merudanda Ashram, a temple dedicated to Mohanji, in Durban celebrated a very special Mohanji’s 50th birthday. You might be familiar with the experiences happening on Navarathri, or miracles happening at this ashram. It was the first time ever in the world, that Mohanji’s idol has been installed. Mohanji always objected to it whenever this proposal came from anywhere. He always says “I appreciate your love for me. Even though extremely perishable, I am still in my body. Why do you need my idol? I can be much more present than an idol in you lives” He is always unassuming and believes in heart to heart connection beyond an idol or image. Hence, Merudanda team did not ask his permission to make his idol or inform him. They just surprised him on his birthday. We all know the power of devotion of Yashik Singh. His unshakable faith in Mohanji is, “legendary”, We also know how much Mohanji loves him too. Mohanji says “In this world of fragile relationships, non-understanding and suspicious spiritual seekers, judgmental minds, conditional love and transactional faith, here is one man who shines forth with unconditional faith, who needs nothing from me, but surrenders everything without any expectations. His unconditional devotion will fetch him true glory. His devotion will lead many and he will be remembered well beyond his existence.”

Week long pujas at the Ashram, conducted by Yashik Singh preceeded the Praan Pratishtha of Mohanji’s Murti on February 21st 2015. Devotees were given a once in a lifetime opportunity to offer water to Mohanji and do their own personal abhishekam. After this no one will be allowed to touch Mohanji. The Maha Abishekam was performed with different types of perfumed water, water that contained this centuries Kumbamela water, water from 1008 thirthis, milk, yoghurt, rice powder, honey, sugar, sandalwood, vibuthi (which was everyone’s favourite), the water from the 14 kalsas made during the prayers and ashes from the daily homas that were performed. Even though the idol is that of Mohanji’s there are reflections/ resemblance of Hanumanji and Kanif Nathji – the only Raja Yogi among the Navnath Yogis. This happened by itself without any deliberation or even thought in this regard. Mohanji was given the title of Raja Yogi by Sri. Sri. Sri. Vittalananda Saraswati Maharaj of Sree Vallabha Puram on December 19th 2012. During Kumbh Mela 2013 at Allahabad, An old Yogi who channels Gorakh Nath talked about Mohanji. He said “Where ever Mohanji lives, crores of Siddhas will live with him. Lord Datta and His parents Atri (One of the Sapta rishis – Seven Rishis) and Anasuya Mata will be present too.”Mohanjis murthi at Merudanda ashram 1


Written by Yashik Singh

After months of preparation, Mohanji’s birthday celebration was two weeks away. I now started the rigorous process of spiritual discipline to build up the energy for the pranapratisha of Mohanji’s murthi. My diet completely changed. I ate completely satvic food, with absolutely no spices or chillies. I slept on the temple floor with one bed sheet only, well until my mom came a week later and I slept on my room floor. I started the daily pujas… Rudram chanting, homa, Guru padukam strotram, Datta mala mantram etc. Some of the pujas are done every day still. Ramesh Bhai was so kind and dedicated to Mohanji that he decided to join me in doing these pujas every day. (Thank you so much Ramesh Bhai) The week leading up to the birthday we began doing pujas for particular deities. Monday we did Ganesha puja, Tuesday Shiva puja, Wednesday Navagraha, Thursday Guru and Friday Devi puja. We had such amazing experiences.

The first mind blowing experience happened on Shivarathri. Last year we had commissioned a Nandi as the vahana for Mohanji at Merudanda Ashram. The sculptor just was not getting it done and I had given up on having Nandi here before the installation of Mohanji. I was disappointed because I thought how can the vahana not be here when the Lord is being installed. On Shivarathri, the sculptor called and said the Nandi is ready to be picked up. I was so happy. Mohanji heard our prayer and he blessed us with the presence of his Vahana. Maybe a coincidence, NO. On Thursday, the day we were worshiping Guru, I got a call to say that our navnaths were also ready and I could come to pick them up. This confirmed that Nandi and the Navnaths (our tradition) gracing us before Mohanji’s idol with their presence was not a coincidence. They all wanted to be here for Mohanji’s 50th birthday. Merudanda ashram -  Nandi Merudanda ashram 2 Merudanda ashram 1 During the pujas, many signs appeared. We saw an “M” materialise on the Ashram floor made of water, we saw a string materialise on the spoon used to offer ghee, and chandan materialised in the vessel we were storing some ashes from the homas we did daily. With these clear signs, we were confident that things will go very well. There were not enough hours in a day to sort everything out. But Mohanji was there at every step. We needed khusa for the prapapratisthta where one touches the various parts of the murthis body. I asked so many people and I could not find any in time. We needed it at the very beginning when we first started the pujas. I surrendered to Mohanji, and a message came to me that I should use rudrakdha for this murthi. But where to get genuine rudraksha in South Africa? I went from shop to shop, only seeing fakes. Eventually, there was only one prayer shop left – that I knew as not visited as yet. I walked in, telling Mohanji this is it. I cannot drive any more (I was already driving form 9:30am to 3pm). I walked in and the lady at the counter gave me a huge smile as if she knew why I came. And there I saw a beautiful genuine rudraksha mala. She quickly told me how she wanted this mala from a shop in India but they refused to sell it to here. On her last trip to India, the shop keeper phoned her and told her she could take the mala. It would be used for a special purpose. She had it for seven months and refused to sell it to anyone. As soon as I walked in, she said she had seen my face and she knew that I should be given the mala. I bought it from her, and to my joy I noticed it was a 6 mukhi mala which represents Murga……and I bought it during the Taipoosam time when Murga is worshipped. Muruga is the lord of Astrology. This is also a re-confirmation of auspiciousness from the planets and its Lord. After days of cleaning, painting, and setting up……. the big day arrived. Merudanda ashram - Happy 50th birthday MohanjiWe started with chanting of Mohanji’s gayatri while abhishekam was being done to our new Mahamritunjaya linga and our Saligram. The ashram is very sacred because it contains 1008 narmada lingas and 108 (some are still coming) saligrams. According to scripture the ashram is equivalent to Kailash and Lord Shiva lives there permanently (because of the 1008 lingas) and is a place of pilgrimage for vaishnavites because of the 108 shaligrams. Merudanda ashram - shivling abishek We then did padam Puja and afterwards had a lovely lunch sponsored by Ramesh, Seema and Uncle Kay. We had so many goodies to eat from samoosas, to cake, to biscuits to fruit to sweetmeats. All brought by devotees: Mum, Kerisha, Cookie Mamaie, Shardha Mamie, Keerans Family, Anuty Roshnee, Chetna, Aunty Usha, Tashmin and so many more people. My mum make 108 Rotis which she offered individually to Mohanji. Deloshnie made a wonderful sponge cake and Ashna made divine chocolate cakes. If I forgot to mention other names, I am sorry. Then came the big unveiling.We first unveiled Lord Datta and seeing his beautiful smile as we did a short moorthy stapana was heart warming. Dattatreya at Merudanda ashram in Durban Our Datta is very special. Normally Datta has the face of Lord Vishnu in the middle. But Siddhas and the Nava Naths see Lord Datta as Shiva. And thus this special murthi follows the Siddha and Navnath tradition, and has Lord Shiva in the middle. He has Shiva-tatwa as the predominant tatwa, which is rare. Then came the part that surprised everyone. Merudanda ashram - Opening of Mohanjis murthi No one expected a murthi of Mohanji. I was so nervous and so excited. All the hard work and pushing came down to this moment. I removed the cover and Mohanji laughed and said “Yaaaaaaashik the murthi looks familiar”. Everyone burst out into joyous laughter and I fought the tears back. Everything was worth that single line of approval from Mohanji. The pain, the frustrations, the challenges, even me getting sick and rushing myself to the doctor because I was having heart palpitations and chest pains, even the doctor threatening me to hospitalize me .….. everything was worth it. Every second was worth that one sentence from Guruji. Everything was made whole again!!! I was made whole again. We allowed everyone a once in a lifetime opportunity to offer water to Mohanji and do their own personal abhishekam. After this no one will be allowed to touch Mohanji. We then performed a Maha Abishekam with different types of perfumed water, water that contained this centuries Kumbamela water, water from 1008 thirthis, milk, yourgt, rice powder, honey, sugar, sandalwood, vibuthi (which was everyones favourite), the water from the 14 kalsas made during the prayers and ashes from the daily homas that were performed. Thank you so much to Ramesh, Aj and Simeel for doing the Abhishekam. You guys were brilliant and amazingly efficient. Merudanda ashram - abishekam to Mohanjis murthi Merudanda ashram - Mohanjis murthi installation Merudanda ashram - welcoming Mohanjis murthi We then closed the inner sactum and we changed Mohanji. Thank you so much to everyone that helped. While drying Mohanji I noticed changes in him…….his hair changed from black to a little grey, his eyes changed, his expression change. And I was not the only one that actually realized this. Many people told me this after the pujas. But what made me laugh the most, what that he GREW!!!! The murthi GREW!!! I sewed his clothes myself. I first cut it out of paper and did a fitting. I then used plastic and did a fitting. I then used plain cotton and did a fitting. Then I eventually used the material I bought for his clothes. The clothes fitted perfectly, in fact I made it a bit bigger so that it would be easier to change him. But when I was changing him after the abhishekam, the clothes were tight. I just tried them a day or two before and they were perfect. And now it was tight. His shirt barely sat on his shoulders and his dhoti just made it to cover him. I was so happy that he grew. It meant that Mohanji liked his gifts and he entered into the deity. Merudanda ashram - welcoming of Mohanjis murthi Mohanjis murthi at Merudanda ashram in Durban The second unveiling was magical. Awesome music that had dhamarus, dhols, tablas, kartals. Ajay and Tashmins kids were blowing shanks and Ramesh was playing dhamarus in the ashram. Even nature played her part and there was massive loud thunder. Thunder that shook the temple. Nature was inviting his appearance. And we pulled back the curtains and there was Mohanji in this green dhoti and shirt, a lime and rudraksha garland, and a rose garland made from 180 roses. He was sitting under a canopy of 1008 marigolds. The canopy structure was so lovingly and freely made by Ramesh, Linda and Mfana. We cut three cakes for Mohanji lovingly make by Ashna and Deloshnie. Merudanda ashram - celebration of welcome of Mohanjis murthi This was a time all of us will never forget. This murthi, Shri Kripa Moorthaye Mohanji, is indeed a very special form of Mohanji. Here Mohanji is at his most merciful. The mantra for this murthy is AUM SHREE MOHANJI NAMAH: AUM. Normally one has to chant a mantra at least 125 000 in order to start removing blockages. If you chant only 10 000 times in front of this murthi, Mohanji will bless you and remove blockages. Kripa Moortaye Mohanji cuts your effort by 12.5 times. This has never being done by anyone before. This is the only deity that blesses you like this in the world, where the japa you need to do is cut so drastically to remove blockages from yourself. Vibuthi abhishekam is the favourite abhishekam of Kripa Moorthaye Mohanji and all puja Viddhis of Lord Datta, Shirdi Sai may be done on this Mohanji. This means that Lord Datta and Shirdi Sai also live in Kripa Moortaye Mohanji. I like to thank everyone who helped. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you. I pray that you all are blessed with joy, happiness and merging with Mohanji. We offer these deities to the feet of our loving Master. With all our love, respect and bhakti we ask him to live in this deity forever. Merudanda ashram - Mohanjis murthi The celebrations continued on Sunday as ACT TO STOP HUNGER provided scrumptious meals of 100 beans bunnies which were offered to the rehabilitation and lots of veggies for more good healthy meals. Their joy was so palatable. This is all the blessing of Mohanji. Thanks Vickasen, Ramesh and Semma for all effort and help. !!!!!!!!AUM SHREE MOHANJI NAMAH: AUM!!!!!!! More photos

Praan Pratishta was happening at Merudanda. Mohanji was watching it on Skype from Europe. When the Praan Pratishta started, a part of Mohanji’s “soul”/ consciousness left him from his physical body and merged with the idol. There was visible difference in Mohanji. He was moving into a trance state. Yet, he was struggling, trying to maintain his presence with people. All through the praan pratishta, he could not leave his chair as he was not in his body fully. His consciousness is like heavenly fire. Many lamps can be lit from its flames. It will remain unaffected. A flame can light a 1000 lamps. Yet, it will remain the same, ready to light a thousand more.

Ayush Dixit’s shared experience with Mohanji’s moorti (idol) inaugrated in Merudanda Ashram along with what Mohanji’s birthday really means to him.

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Worldwide Celebration of Mohanji’s 50th Birthday

Mohanji – Fifty Years on Earth

We all saw it. We all witnessed it in awe. We all experienced it in our hearts. We all participated in the 50th birthday of a man (Mohanji) who wants nothing from us. He never asked us to celebrate and in fact he either downplayed or  prevented it whenever we asked, yet, It was a grand global celebration supported by the ever growing family of dedicated members! Those who felt Mohanji in their hearts came together beyond all kinds of barriers and celebrated like never before. It was the shower of overwhelming love reflected back to the source in the form of eternal gratitude. This was a grand show of affection, solidarity, connection, togetherness and above all Unconditional Love and genuine Care. Our meditation centers got together in the idea to make a united international birthday video brimming with gratitude and joy, to express love for our guide in spirit, protector in everyday life, pointer to the peace within, Mohanji. Operating in absolute consciousness and unconditionality, He touched thousands of hearts around the world with divinity, message of liberation and absolute truth. One whom we connect to only through love, as love is god itself, omnipresent, omnipotent, timeless, formless and non-local. He is one with our ultimate soul-mate – the Self, both outside of us and inside of us, above and below, through space and time, untouchable and immovable, silent yet most loving. Thank you for being Light on our Path! We love You! Watch the birthday video Happy Birthday Mohanji! Along with connecting to His consciousness, our awareness grows by doing selfless service, and on this special day there was abundance of amazing initiatives. “Food can give hope and faith in life to the hungry. Share food unconditionally. God comes as food to the hungry. Those who bring food become angels of God. Food can make you rich inside. Share food spontaneously. Remain rich and valuable in this world always. We may not exist forever. Only a rich heart transcends life.” Mohanji In this spirit, to teach humanity to have eternal peace, Mohanji founded ACT, and this day, 23 Feb 2015, 50th birthday of Mohanji, was a true milestone. Global ACT to Stop Hunger was started, as food/meal distribution to the needy. These global initiatives were like flowers of Love that kept blooming:


ACT Foundation Serbia organized 81 food packs for all the families in Bangladesh (located in the outskirts of Novi Sad) , which included essential ingredients like flour, rice, oil, sugar and some biscuits as well as toys for the children. It was especially beautiful to have Mohanji with us on the very first ACT to stop hunger initiative in Serbia.


I     ACT Youth Ambassadors of The House Group did Soup Kitchen in Johannesburg on 21st (Soweto) and 23rd (Hillbrow) Feb to feed about 300 Hungry people. II     The volunteers fed 32 dogs at the Irwin Rescue Animal Shelter in Johannesburg. III     108 gifts of sight and 108+ school kits were distributed at the Phelophepa eye clinic IV     MERUDANDA ASHRAM The welcoming and Pranpratishtha of Mohanji’s Murthi. Grand installation of murti of Lord Datta and Mohanji at Merudanda temple at Durban. Event was broadcast across the world. You can follow the events of Mohanji’s temple, Merudanda pujas and activities here. V South Africa Team Celebration


I     Over 700 elderly and homeless destitute people were fed a sumptuous lunch at Little Drops Home in Chennai   II     125 people  were fed at the Embry Rucker shelter in Virginia. 50 hygiene packages of essential supplies were distributed. III      USA Team Celebration


I     About 650 kilos were distributed to Mother Teresa homes in order to serve food to the homeless and support very poor families in the UK. II      In addition to this, 10,000 kilos of food has been distributed to Romani families in Montenegro who are living in appalling conditions. III     food donated by people attending the Power of Purity meditation sessions i.e. about 250 kg of rice will be distributed to Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Modova and other countries in the Balkan areas.


I     Sandwiches were made and distributed to the needy. II     Pet food and equipment was distributed to the Animal Rescue Shelter.


I     The UAE Dubai  team distributed 250 packets for breakfast to laborers this morning.     II     Another beautiful Food Seva was in Abu Dhabi. Our Abu Dhabi family cooked and distributed food as their contribution for 400 laborers.



Mohanji’s birthday message to all:

My beloved embodiments of pure love How can I thank you enough. Such overwhelming expressions of pure love! Such caring! How can I thank you enough? I am overwhelmed by the love that all of you from across the world showered on me so unconditionally. I value your pure heart, uncontaminated by concepts and prejudices. When I was asked where will I celebrate my 50th Birthday, I always maintained “Across the world in the hearts of those who love me unconditionally”. This literally took place. Thank you.

Divinity is in unity. Divinity is in togetherness, oneness. Divisions and disharmony are creations of our mind. If this is deeply understood and experienced, there are no more sorrows in life. We are all one. One consciousness. One. The whole life is a celebration of being here and now. Celebration of just being. Just being for nothing. Just being for the sake of being. Just free. Just living freedom.

Disharmony and alienation are aberrations of our waking mind while unity is the perpetual reality. When we feel separate from the other, it is also a wake up call to get back home to unity. Harmony. Freedom. Love. Liberation. Compassion. This is what we are. This is all. Thank you for your sincere expressions of love and togetherness. Thank you for being yourself. Being love. Thank you for your unshakable faith. I live in your hearts.

My sincere thanks and gratitude to our family members of USA Family, Canada Family, UK Family, Serbian Family, Macedonian Family, Indian Family located at various places – Jammu, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Vishakhapatanam, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Karwar, Pune, Ooty, Bangalore ; UAE Family – Dubai – Abudhabi, Ammucare Team, ACT Foundation, ACT Global, Madhuban Group and all others who individually and collectively served/serve the world on this day and every day. Thank you wonderful family members. Infinite gratitude for being true wealth of the world that you live on. Consistent ACTs of Kindness always keeps us wealthy and contented inside.

Sincere Thanks and Gratitude to Mamu, Sumit, Phaneedhar, DB, Sakshi, Deepali, Anurag, Bharti Kapoor, Palak, Kirti, Preeti Yadav, Preeti Duggal, Harsanjam, Priyanka, Arpana, Aditya Nagpal, Rajesh Kamath, Namrata, Sushant, Sumanji, Jyoti, Chachu and Chachi, Prasoon, Jasvir, Shubahgi, Saurabh, Rishika, Harmeet, Sarala, Kavita, Satyam, Jatin Sejpal, Siddharth, Shruti, Suman, Prakash, Aditi, Swamiji (Anand Ashram), Preeti, Madhu, Aadharan Orphan Home team, Ruchi, Asha Niketan team, Sakshi, Joy, Chachi and Mohanji Ka Aangan team, Riddhima, Kapoor family, Dana, Sharda, Harmeet, Rajni, Shilpa & Vinay Rana, Ram, Ashwani, Umesh, Sunita (Jammu), MBS Chauhan and family and many others who have visibly and invisibly participated on the celebrations of this day and everyday.

Thank you, Lata, Ganeshji, Ashok, Viji, Amma, Ben, Nilesh, Neha, Djeri, Jennifer, Kalaka, Anu, Sanjay, Andra, Judy, Mrs&Mr.Manu Gupta and all our family members of USA and Canada.

Special thanks to the team South Africa – of course the unforgettable Yashik Singh who keeps surprising everyone and the Merudanda team, Sulosh Pillay and team, Riana and team, Keshnie, Hein, Milica, Annette… as well as Canada, Serbia, India, Jammu, Pune, Gurgaon and everywhere else. I have not seen the whole reports while I write this. We just returned home after a long day. I express my sincere gratitude to all those who participated in all these programs depicted here in this blog. Thanks to each and every one of you. Thank you for the beautiful videos and posters. Gratitude to all those who participated in all that. UAE group shook the ground. :)

Special thanks to Mila, Biba and her parents as well as Dana for joining in by Skype. :) Thank YOU ALL. Thanks to ACT to STOP Hunger group. Thanks to all those who made lovely collages, posters, cards and poems for me.

Thanks to my parents, Gratitude to Sadasivan Sir, Ashok Thampan, The Sai Temple team including Sunil and Pratibha, Ranjith and Sujatha, Sunitha and family for arranging and receiving a lovely cow and calf on my birthday at Sai Temple at Palakkad.

The Original Indian cow and its wonderful calf will remain a symbol of purity of motherhood and our grand culture of care beyond species barriers. My humble gratitude to each and every one of you who took time to wish me and expressed love through various acts of kindness. Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude. You made me rich. Heart is full. I feel truly rich inside. This wealth of love that you showered on me is invaluable. Thank You.

And Special Thanks to Biljana V. for putting this together. Her silent work is always appreciated.

Humblest Pranaams and Namaste

Cow and Calf gifted to Shirdi Sai Temple on Mohanji's 50th birthday.

Cow and Calf gifted to Shirdi Sai Temple on Mohanji’s 50th birthday.


Along with Act to stop hunger initiatives, there were also more than precious selfless activities at:

Phelophepa eye clinic

“We pledged 108 gift of sight and 108 school kits, our 108 school kits left some little ones looking sad to have been excluded so we decided to increase the amount of school kits so all junior students would receive one. Today 108 people benefited with the gift of sight in honor of Mohanji’s birthday celebration on board Phelophepa eye clinic…Thank You to operations manager Thabi Mzee Makhaye for facilitating the initiative also thanks to Anna Mokwena Train Manager and to the act. Eye Clinic Manager Bheki Mendlula and most important those souls that allowed us to serve them! Students got school kits in honor of Guruji’s birthday today! Thank You Guruji for allowing us to be instruments on Your behalf. Blessings always! Feeling so Blessed!” , says Sulosh Pillai


Happy birthday Mohanji

Happy birthday Mohanji


Water Bottles to add to my school kits, Thank You


Eye testing, and then a gift... The Train Manager Anna...the Angel who allowed us to serve...Blessings!

The Merudanda Ashram

The Merudanda Ashram, a temple dedicated to Mohanji, in Durban celebrated a very special Mohanji’s 50th birthday. Read a blog about this grand event. It was the first time ever, that Mohanji’s idol has been installed. Weeklong pujas at the Ashram, conducted by Yashik Singh preceeded the Praan Pratishtha of Mohanji’s Murti. Devotees were given a once in a lifetime opportunity to offer water to Mohanji and do their own personal abhishekam. After this no one will be allowed to touch Mohanji. The MahaAbishekam was performed with different types of perfumed water, water that contained this centuries Kumbamela water, water from 1008 thirthis, milk, yourgt, rice powder, honey, sugar, sandalwood, vibuthi (which was everyones favourite), the water from the 14 kalsas made during the prayers and ashes from the daily homas that were performed. 11002591_10152560316622161_6340199529085742833_n10857953_10152564118797161_1641980133016692955_n 11001889_10152564117807161_3951818574073243954_n  Ayush Dixit’s shared experience with Mohanji’s moorti (idol) inaugrated in Merudanda Ashram along with what Mohanji’s birthday really means to him.

Here are some more pictures of by our South African family:Nameshri Chetti Maharaj and Milica Bulatovic   Roses for Mohanjis birthday SA


The celebrations began with the Power of Purity Meditation followed by beautiful and soulful chants invoking Ganesha, Datta Gayatri, Maha Mritunjaya Mantra, Mohanji Gayatri, Guru Gita and Shanti Mantra!

We were fortunate to be blessed with a Skype Satsang with Mohanji! Mohanji asked the group to remain with eyes closed and meditative while he chanted the Shiva Kavacham! It was beautiful, powerful and immensely cleansing! Thank you Mohanji! Mohanji answered questions with beautiful examples and stories! The group then watched the amazing Global Birthday Video produced by dear Zoran! Here are some moments…. Mohanjis 50th birthday - by the USAMohanji USA teamMohanjis 50th birthday - by the USA  Skype satsang

Skype satsang with Mohanji

Skype satsang with Mohanji

Mohanjis 50th birthday - by the USA  team


A visit to the to the Animal Rescue Shelter

Mohanji Canada team celebrating Mohanjis birthday 1Mohanji Canada team celebrating Mohanjis birthday aMohanji Canada team celebrating Mohanjis birthday 3Mohanji Canada team celebrating Mohanjis birthday b


I      Food Seva in Dubai for Mohanji’s 50th Birthday. The UAE team distributed 250 packets for breakfast to laborers this morning. The laborers live in extreme conditions with salaries not coming in for the past two and half years! The Mohanji UAE Family all joined hands to contribute and distribute food packages to them this early morning. Thank you for making this happen. It was a truly humbling experience ♡♡♡. Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration in Dubai II     Another beautiful Food Seva in Abu Dhabi for Mohanji’s 50th Birthday. Our Abu Dhabi family cooked and distributed food as their contribution for 400 laborers. You are all an inspiration. A beautiful gift to Mohanji, to celebrate 50 years of unconditional love ♡♡♡ Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration in Abu Dhabi

India - title


Ammucare Team visited boarding school orphanage. School is home for 250 orphan children from age grup of 5 – 18years. Team Ammucare donated Rice, Pulses ,Sugar , Oil and other basic ration items .  Team also distributed tetra packs of fruit juices to all the children.

Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration - Bangalore 1Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration - Bangalore aMohanjis 50th birthday celebration - Bangalore 2


Ammucare team at Delhi visited Annie’s Angel Home, a shelter home for 17 orphaned children.  Mohanji’s Birthday was celebrated by cake cutting followed by Food Seva.  Ammucare also donated two Air-coolers for children.  Ammucare has been consistently doing activities at Annie’s Angel home on various occasions.

Team also visited cow shelter home which also a weekly regime by Ammucare.

Mohanjis 50th Birthday celebration  - Delhi 1Mohanjis 50th Birthday celebration  - Delhi aMohanjis 50th Birthday celebration  - Delhi 2

Mohanjis 50th Birthday celebration  - 4


I      Team Ammucare organised food sewa in Gurgaon. Over 200 daily wage labourers were fed with hot heavy breakfast of stuffed roti and peas curry. 200 souls in Gurgaon (India) will sleep tonight with some food in stomach.II

Team Ammucare organized Blood donation camp at renowned Airtel Center at Manesar.

Blood donation started at 1000hrs and lasted till 1600 hrs. Camp wrapped up with collection of 61units of Life Saving Blood for Thalassemic  patients .

The team was really happy as the blood which they collected was after all a quality blood and not a quantity blood. Team managed to speak to few donors ad they were too excited and empathetic to know about how we all are building Blood Relations.

Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration - Blood donation camp GurgaonMohanjis 50th birthday celebration - Blood donation camp Gurgaon 1 Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration - Blood donation camp Gurgaon 4Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration - Blood donation camp Gurgaon 1aMohanjis 50th birthday celebration - Blood donation camp Gurgaon 5Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration - Blood donation camp Gurgaon 6 Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration - Blood donation camp Gurgaon 7 III MADHUBAN RESTAURANT celebrated in high spirit. Kheer was distributed to the hungry homeless people in the streets. Mohanjis 50th Birthday celebration - Madhuban Gurgaon

Kheer distribution in Gurgaon on 50th Mohanji's birthday

Kheer distribution in Gurgaon on 50th Mohanji’s birthday

Mohanjis 50th Birthday celebration - Madhuban Gurgaon 1


Team visited a School for Blind orphan girls and donated Rice, Pulses, Oil, Vegetables & other basic ration items.


Mohanji’s Birthday was celebrated with  joy & fervour at Mohanji Ka Aangan, a learning place for underpriviledged children.  .  Children at Aangan enjoyed the birthday celebrations to the fullest. Celebrations started by cake cutting,  followed by Food Seva. More than 125 children were served lunch consisting of Aloo – Poori along with chips & chocolates.

Essential stationary items were distributed to children as gifts which would also serve the purpose in aiding their education. It was heart-touching to see the loving art-works created by the little hands to convey their birthday wishes to Mohanji.

Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration at Mohanji Ka Aangan, JammuMohanjis 50th birthday celebration at Mohanji Ka Aangan, Jammu 1Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration at Mohanji Ka Aangan, Jammu 2Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration at Mohanji Ka Aangan, Jammu 3Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration at Mohanji Ka Aangan, Jammu 4Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration at Mohanji Ka Aangan, Jammu (2)


Clarity of the mind, purity of the soul, and dignity of the heart – may these be the true pillars of all beings, year after year. Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration in Madhuban, JammuMohanjis 50th birthday celebration in Madhuban, Jammu 1Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration in Madhuban, Jammu 2 Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration in Madhuban, Jammu 3Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration in Madhuban, Jammu 4


Mohanji’s Birthday was celebrated at Asha Niketan, which is a home for 60 hearing & speech impaired children. Ammucare has been consistently supporting Asha Niketan in various ways.  Art work from these children has been all time attraction in various exhibition of Ammucare. As part of Mohanjis Birthday celebration seva activity was conducted by distributing ART kits to all the children.

Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration in Karwar, at Asha Niketan School Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration in Karwar, at Asha Niketan School 2 Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration in Karwar, at Asha Niketan School 1


Team went  to Aadaarna orphanage, a shelter home for 30 boys.  A nutritious lunch was served to all the children.

Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration in Malakpet, AADARANA orphanage school for boysMohanjis 50th birthday celebration in Malakpet, AADARANA orphanage school for boys 1Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration in Malakpet, AADARANA orphanage school for boys 2


Mohanji’s birthday celebrations in Mumbai at Preethi Gopalarathnam’s place. The Mumbai center is being reorganized at a different place so it is special that Father graced the first edition. We did a Power of Purity meditation followed by book reading, aarati and cake cutting (and of course cake eating)..These pictures were taken after the meditation.. silence and bliss soaked our spirits. We did food service- Annadan on this special day. A lovely evening! The consciousness shining so strongly

Aarti to Mohanji and all the masters

Aarti to Mohanji and all the masters

Our cake cutting selfie !

Our cake cutting selfie !


Ammucare team visited an Orphange, Chief Corner Stone run by Mr & Mrs Carlton. Orphange is home to 25 children of different age groups. As a part of Mohanji’s Birthday celebration, Team had a cake cutting followed by snacks distribution to all the children.

Mohanjis 50th birthday celebration in Ooty


I        Pune Food sewa

II      Blood Donation Camp Pune

 I     Pune Food Sewa

Mohanji’s family in Pune experienced 2 days of complete bliss. We feel totally blessed, overwhelmed and united in love. Ammucare Pune organized a Blood Donation Camp in aid of the Thalassemic patients on the 22nd of February.
The excitement for Mohanji’s birthday the next day couldn’t let us sleep on time that night! We were all on a high. The next morning started with chanting and aarti to Mohanji. We got together and cooked food for food seva. Thanks to Prasoon for cooking with his heart and soul, Suarabh for running around for every little thing and ensuring its done to perfection, Sarala ji, Kavitha, Rishika Shrivastava, for joining and supporting, Kirti, Shubhangi, Jasvir, Satyam, Saurabh, Prasoon, Palak for driving till 1.20 AM on the streets feeding around 150 people who were homeless, uncared for, unloved, ignored. We also made 50 sanitation kits
This is a challenging food seva as it includes complete surrender to the divine will to get us the right people. Preparations started at 1pm in the afternoon and at around 8 pm we were packed and ready to go out in the hope to find the most needy people. Minutes of riding on empty roads, touring around with so many food packets and sanitation kits. We just prayed that after everything was finally ready, we find enough people on time who need this and who are awake to eat dinner. As Mohanji promises, there were showers of endless love to follow and not even one packet was left in the end. :)
ACT to stop hunger 1

We started in the afternoon and returned home past midnight. We chopped onions,tomatoes, potatoes, we laughed, we had fun, we had thoughts of the people who have no one on earth and are lying homeless on the streets, we prayed for them, we packed so many packets of food and toilet kits, we had funny motorbike incidents.. and with happy hearts started out journey to the streets.. to all corners we could find.. to look for the most needy people who needed some love, some solace, some affection and food. How can we thank Mohanji enough? We were provided with so many who were touched with our love. Around 150 people were fed, not a single packet was wasted, we rode around the city from 8.30pm to 1.20 pm just endlessly serving wherever we were guided to go. Endless Gratitude to the Divine, to the needy who let us serve them, to the volunteers for their unmatched dedication.

There were some incidents that touched our hearts and souls. We had such meaningful connections..
going street after street for hours.. finding even one person who needs our help, who is sleeping on an empty stomach.. we met an old lady who is provided food by someone every night.. and today even after waiting for 2 hours he didn’t turn up. She thought she would had to sleep on an empty stomach tonight and right then our volunteers stepped in.. gave her food.. counselled her.. she vented her heart out. We even witnessed a dog who appeared from no where and ate the rice and dal meal like a gentleman.
There were a group of handicapped people with their families who couldn’t stop asking about Mohanji and kept asking for His eye cards. Our volunteers had to even give away their personal Mohanji eye cards when we ran short because some of them really really wanted them! What a blessed 2 days! We are changed people and feel our beloved Mohanji more in our hearts with each breath.
Act to stop hunger

Volunteers cheerfulness made this man happy! He was so amused when we gifted him a mirror, comb, towel, soap and washed his hands. He ate in peace. His eyes were stern but expressed sincerity and gratitude. We bow down to such people to let us serve them. We served over 150 homeless people with hot dinner and around 50 people with hygiene kits.

Special moments were celebrated with special people! These kids sleeping on dirty roads and pavements felt so happy after washing them hands, we played with them, gave them sweets, hygiene kits, hot food and shared the love.  Truly.. we don't know who was happier.. them or us smile emoticon  We served over 150 homeless people with hot dinner and around 50 people with hygiene kits.

Special moments were celebrated with special people! These kids sleeping on dirty roads and pavements felt so happy after washing them hands, we played with them, gave them sweets, hygiene kits, hot food and shared the love.
Truly.. we don’t know who was happier.. them or us :)

II      Blood Donation Camp Pune

22nd Feb was a Wow Camp ! We collected 158 units of blood- more than double of our first camp, and over 175 people turned up. It was FILLED and flowing with non stop grace. Mohanji’s energy was beating in our hearts each moment. Our volunteers were campaigning for this since a month.They did door to door campaigning in the societies, campaigned in their offices, did video coverage of the event, shot testimonials, spoke to the Thaassemic patients, cooked for volunteers, did everything to make the donors comfortable and the camp a success from 7 am till 11.30 pm! Great dedication by Kirti, Jasvir, Kuna, Shruti, Suman, Prasoon, Prakash Sahoo, Aditi, Saurabh, Shubhangi, Sidhharth, Palak. Amazing support by Jatin Sejpal – Thalassemic Society of Pune and the Gera Emerald City Society president and managers.

Blood donation camp Pune

LOVE and only LOVE from all of us in Pune

LOVE and only LOVE from all of us in Pune


Team Ammucare donated dry rations and fresh fruits to Anand Ashram Orphange at Vishakhapatnam. The Orphanage is a home to 30 Tribal children. Swamiji is the care taker of this Orphange . He collects ‘bhiksha’ from near by locality and feed these children. Swamiji has in-depth knowledge of Naturopathy and Ayurveda. He follows a very strict regime of physical exercise for the children and prepares only veg food. He does not accept any cooked /packed food items from outside. He is very particular about the diet of these children. All children here are extremely fit and happy.Team Ammucare also helped this ashram post cyclone hudhud devastated the town of Vishakhapatnam thereby supporting them with essential commodities and making good their lost utencils, supplying medicines etc. We shall be part of this orphanage and would look after their needs in future as well. 11025855_994488400579048_1153613936361681427_oVishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, IndiaVishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India 4
  A lot of personal wishes showered on this day, showing a few: we love you infinitely, always in humble prostrations at your lotus feetHappy birthday Mohanji
Mohanjis birthday cards 1Mohanjis birthday cards 2Mohanjis birthday cards 3
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He is Omnipresent, Always Listening to us

Written by Neeti Shori


About 10 days ago, I wrote to Gurudev that I was not feeling well. I am a depression patient and am on medications for that. But I was doing fine for quite some time now. A few days ago I stopped talking to people, stopped taking phone calls, I had almost no energy even to cook.  I did bare minimum of household chores and the worst part was that I used to lie down in my bed in perfect silence the whole day. Then, one day, I wrote this all to Gurudev. He read it, but He didn’t reply. I felt more depressed that He was not helping me. But since the next day, when I woke up I was fully charged. I started doing all household chores, taking phone calls, listening to bhajans, I was feeling an energy in me and felt myself so happy and pleasant all the time.This all happened due to the grace of my loving Gurudev. He didn’t say anything but he did it. There was no change in my medication and all of a sudden in one day my depression was gone. Everyone in my family is happy and thankful for Gurudev’s grace. Gurudev, I can never thank You enough for Your grace on me. Thank you thank you! Jai ho Gurudev, aapki sada hi jai ho! Shrastang pranams at your lotus feet!!!
Deloshni Govender Seema Rohmetra

I have firm and strong faith in Gurudev. He has NEVER let anybody down and feel His presence always with you. He is PARA BRAHMA, He is everywhere…

Rajani Rallapali


… Pranam Gurudev, This happened to me on 26th February. In the morning as I was going to open my Fb account a thought came across my mind. I had a strong desire to see Gurudev’s beautiful picture on fb.

As soon as I opened the account, the first thing I saw was a lovely smiling close up of Gurudev, wearing orange kurta! I could not believe my eyes and felt extremely happy as if I had met him face to face. I was thrilled and excited. It could not be a coincidence. Gurudev is ACTUALLY ALWAYS WITH US!!! As I was excited, I wrote this to Gurudev. As I wrote this, He went off the phone and didn’t return until 11 o’clock or so. So, He didn’t see my message. I kept looking at my account in the evening when He came back that He would read it, but He didn’t. I thought the message would have become very old and so many new messages would have piled over it, so He would not come to know about it now. Thinking this I went to my mandir to offer food to God…

As soon as I offered food to Gurudev, I felt His presence, I felt His blessings, He immediately connected to me and showered His grace. I felt extremely happy and thought in mind that He must have read my message and that’s how He is responding to me and telling me that He is always with me. When I came back, I saw that He had not read my message at all. I was surprised that WITHOUT READING MY MESSAGE HE KNEW WHAT I HAD WRITTEN TO HIM. Without even opening my message HE KNEW THAT I HAD WRITTEN THIS TO HIM THAT DAY AND HE BLESSED ME WITH HIS GRACE WITHOUT USING WORDS!!!!!! He is omnipresent, He does not need our written messages to communicate to Him. HE IS ALWAYS LISTENING, ALWAYS WITH US, BLESSING US WITH HIS GRACE!! All Gurudev’s devotees are indeed very fortunate. Like Baba used to give experiences of His omnipresence to His devotees and still gives them today, the same experiences we are getting from Gurudev!!! Thank You, Thank You Gurudev for blessing all of us beyond measure…!! Shrastang pranams at Your lotus feet.

Baba is so real,Gurudev is so real….you just close your eyes and pray to them and they are right with you the same moment.Their GRACE AND MERCY is beyond measure!!! I am extremely thankful to Baba and Gurudev for showering their abundant grace upon me each day countless times and in unlimited ways!! I am so so so fortunate and blessed to be in Baba’s and Gurudev’s sharan. Actually they are one although they appear in different bodies to us
There is no difference between them. Gurudev Himself told me once, you pray to Baba , it will reach Gurudev or you pray to Gurudev,it will reach Baba.Jai ho aapke sada hi jai ho…countless unlimited THANKS FOR YOUR GRACE!!!!
Mohanji in Sai Temple


Mohanji in the USA (Sept-Oct 2014)

The US - joy and unity in diversity

The US – joy and unity in diversity

Written by Lata Ganesh

After having spent about a month and a half with Mohanji, travelling hundreds of miles, meeting several hundreds of people, and taking thousands of pictures and videos, I realize that it is quite impossible to capture every moment of Mohanji’s visit to USA (although every moment was very special) and share it with you through this blog.  I have therefore highlighted some key events which will hopefully give you an idea of the depth of the experience that we had.

It was with much exhilaration and eagerness that we awaited Mohanji’s arrival at the Airport on the beautiful evening of September 4, 2014. It had been over a year since Mohanji’s first visit to the USA in 2013.

M at the airport

Biba, Mila and Sumit had arrived a week earlier and were almost settled in – adjusting to the change in time zone and environment.

Airport welcome

Waves of joy engulfed me when I saw Mohanji.  It seemed as though He had never left us! Yeah, his hair was shorter and he had lost some weight, but the striking sharpness and the aura of purity and love had only intensified.

Viji and Ashok Sagar were hosting Mohanji and his family for the first part of the trip.


We welcomed our Master with a Gurupuja filled with devotion and love.  We had worked on putting together a pretty intense schedule this time.

Welcoming smiles - Anu, Lata and Viji

Welcoming smiles – Anu, Lata and Viji

In addition to a lot of travel, we had also arranged talks and Q&A sessions at a variety of locations so that people from diverse groups could get to meet with Mohanji and interact with Him.

Meditation and Satsang at Viji's home

Meditation and Satsang at Viji’s home

Homa at Hanuman Temple

Fire is considered sacred in many spiritual traditions and a homa or a sacred fire ritual is believed to ward off evil influences and negativities.  One of the first events was the homa performed by Mohanji at The Hanuman Temple of Northern America, a beautiful Hindu temple where Shirdi Sai Baba and Hanumanji are worshipped.

Biba, M i vatra

As Mohanji kindled and consecrated the fire on the morning of September 6th and started the homa ritual among chanting of various mantras, the fire leaped high and mighty.


It was a very powerful ritual and all those who were present and offered their past life karma and bad influences into the fire in the form of a dry coconut, felt a sense of liberation and peace.


There are a variety of homa that are generally conducted in religious occasions, but this unique ritual conducted by Mohanji is highly charged with spiritual energy and bestows a sense of peace and purity.

Loving smiles

Our friend, Ramu Arumugam with the able help of dear Raj and others in the team, put together this event and we are grateful to Baba who offered his home on this occasion to mark the beginning of Mohanji’s month long stay in the USA.

Unitarian Church of Cedar Lane Maryland and Fairfax Virginia

The Unitarian Universalists congregation of Fairfax, Virginia, and Cedar Lane, Maryland, are a liberal religious community committed to individual freedom of belief and spiritual nourishment with a goal of promoting world community with peace, liberty and justice for all.  Mohanji was invited to address the congregation at both these Churches where his simple but succinct replies to questions were received with great enthusiasm.


Mohanji’s message “Let the wave of awareness unite the world beyond caste, creed, races, religions and differences.  Let love unite the world..”, resonated very well with the group that met him in both these places. Coincidentally (or not) the very first church in which Paramahamsa Yogananda conducted a talk after arriving to the US was in the Unitarian Church.

Visit to Paramahamsa Yoganandaji’s Ashram

Paramahamsa Yogananda, a preeminent spiritual master of modern times, has profoundly impacted millions of spiritual seekers around the world.  We were all very excited to be the Self-Realization Fellowship’s International Headquarters at Mt. Washington in Los Angeles, with Mohanji.

Mohanji and Yogananda

Though many of us have read books by the Paramahamsa, especially the Autobiography of the Yogi, we were quite spellbound upon reaching the Ashram, known as the Mother Center.  The silence, orderliness and serenity of the ashram grounds is truly remarkable.

Mohanji postcard from Lake Shrine

The monks at the Ashram cordially welcomed Mohanji and were in discussion with him about their Master and their unreserved service to Him and his teachings.


After spending a couple of hours at the Ashram and the meditation hall, Brahmachari Shekar walked out with Mohanji to show us the favorite meditation site, the Temple of Leaves where Sri Yogananda often gave classes under the tress.

Temple of leaves

As we were walking behind them, half a dozen white doves flew over our heads.  This was an unusual occurrence, as brother Shekar mentioned that during his several years of stay at the ashram he had never seen doves flying over the skies.  It was indeed a blessed moment and a great honor that we were fortunate to be conferred the Shaktipat by Mohanji under the same tree where once Sri Yogananda had taught his disciples.

Shaktipat to Lata at Yoganandaji's

We also visited the Forest Lawn Memorial Park where Sri Yogananda’s body rests and the Lake Shrine Temple where undoubtedly, the Paramahamsa’s promise to humanity “Come into the silence of solitude, and the vibration there will talk to you through the voice of God”, is felt.

Yogananda's memorial

911 Unity Walk, Washington DC

The Embassy Row in Washington DC has a number of houses of worship and on the event of 9/11 Unity Walk, in a striking display of unity and hospitality, they open their doors and welcome people of all faiths to learn about each other, embrace each other and have some good food and fun!

Unity walk 1

Our friend, Andra Baylus, one of the coordinators of this event, had kindly expressed her wishes for Mohanji to be part of this annual event. This is what Andra said about her experience with Mohanji:

“The blessings of the Divine abound when one has the good fortune of coming into contact with the Spiritual Master Mohanji. One can know by the unusual array of coincidences that one was meant to come into the purview of such a Spiritual Being whose mission is to raise consciousness in order to help humanity become spiritually liberated. Before we met, I participated in the Power of Purity Meditation which facilitated my becoming lighter and actually free of any residual negativity I was carrying.

Unity Walk 2

Having been exposed for many years to the teachings of the Spiritual Master, Meher Baba, I could recognize the same consciousness in Mohanji, in the loving way in which he expressed himself, enjoying the opportunity of answering any and all questions to help guide us more carefully along our spiritual paths.

It was a great blessing to have Mohanji with us during the Unity Walk in Washington DC, when we walked along together – simply walking and talking about the importance of bringing people of different religions together, which was the purpose of the Walk. I admired Mohanji for he was offered to be a Faith Guide that day and promptly declined to wear a sash representing any one particular religion, for he said that he followed the Religion of Love.

Unity Walk 3

Overall, my time with Mohanji was very precious. I wanted so much to continue being with him and in his aura of acceptance and unconditional love. Perhaps that is why every night since he left the area, I have gone to bed quietly listening to a YouTube Playlist to his words of wisdom, lovingly explaining every aspect of the human condition with words that touch my heart and lift me into higher realms of Being, encouraging me to be better than I am, to love everyone in my life more and to use my life purposefully. Mohanji is part of me and has helped connect me to a higher vision of the Divine potential within all of us. He has given us all hope of a better more purified life which bears fruit and will bless the world. I am eternally grateful for Mohanji coming into my life….”

 Speech at the walk

Biba was deeply touched by the Unity Walk. She said: “While participating in the Unity Walk, at one point I simply got mesmerized by the beauty of humanity. It was so much more than just a gathering of people from different religious/spiritual groups all walking for Peace. It was a truly grand event which left a very deep impression on me. I instantly felt the inner pull to introspect more. It was exactly 10 years ago that I completed my MA in Peace Studies at Notre Dame, and this was my first trip to USA since then. Unity Walk made me feel and realize my inner calling – it was a true ‘A-ha!’ moment. My life experiences, my studies, my passion for Yoga, suddenly it all made so much sense. I feel so grateful for this experience! It was also a great honor to conduct two Yoga classes in the World Bank where sincere practitioners choose to spend their lunch break practicing Yoga before returning to their respective job posts. In California, we witnessed true spiritual seekers, a plethora of Organic and Vegan shops and restaurants, Yoga studios at every corner, street art, music and joy.

Street art

Mohanji and Mila immersed in the street art

Mohanji and Mila immersed in the street art

America’s unique diversity and colorful flavor was thrilling.”

 Red tree


Yogaville, founded by Swami Satchidananda, is a beautiful ashram on the banks of the James River.


Nestled in the woods of Buckingham County in the commonwealth of Virginia, amidst a community which is diverse and vibrant, fostering the spiritual practice of yoga, Yogaville was an ideal location for the week long retreat with Mohanji.  Quiet and serene, we were able to experience the calmness of the mind in the presence and guidance of a loving Master.

Yogaville - group

The yoga sessions conducted by dear Biba were charged with so much energy and everyone felt so refreshed after the practice.

Yoga Nidra - the blissful dive within after completing the morning Yoga practice

Yoga Nidra – the blissful dive within after completing the morning Yoga practice

It was not easy, but the environment at Yogaville and Biba’s gentle persistence in getting into the postures helped us immensely. The other procedures done during the retreat along with keeping silence and having good satwic meal from the Yogaville kitchen helped in the release of the toxins.

Lunch at Yogaville

Enjoying the lunch and casual chat with Bhagawan Metro from Yogaville

The most sacred happening of the Retreat was Mohanji’s initiation of the Consciousness Kriya and sublime imparting of spiritual knowledge to the small group of participants from around USA and Canada. Participants meditated at several of the sacred locations of the Ashram.


So much peace, joy and laughter.

Yogaville - casual moments

Even though we had planned one public Satsang that was to be opened to the Yogaville Ashramites, because of the huge enthusiasm of the Ashramites and their loving request, we had a public Satsang on all days. Many Ashramites met Mohanji one- to-one to get His guidance on their spiritual journey.

Satsang at Yogaville....

This is what Biba said about the experience of Yogaville: “As someone who is totally in love with the ancient science of Yoga and hope to serve it all my life, I must say that Yogaville left me speechless. It was the first time in my life to experience a community of people of different generations, all totally dedicated to Yoga, spiritual growth and satwic (balanced) lifestyle. It was precious to see how these lovely people responded to Mohanji. Yogis and Yoginis (some of which had beautiful white hair), getting to ask the questions that were result of years of contemplation, was a treat to behold.

Hug and Satsang, yogaville

Our evening Satsangs were truly out of this world and exchange of energy was superb.”

Unique application of Mohanji's eye card :-)

Unique application of Mohanji’s eye card :-)

Overall the trip was very engaging and fascinating, be it the satsang at the Afghan Hindu Temple in New York, or the meeting with Nataraj Baba and Nandhi Tapas Yogi in LA. Many people from different walks of life got an opportunity to meet Mohanji.  Some came to discuss their problems, some out of curiosity and some to quench their thirst for spiritual knowledge.  It seemed that everyone took messages, lessons, blessings and peace back with them.  Mohanji, true to his teachings, welcomed one and all with unconditional love and shared his knowledge with striking lucidity.

Mohanji - Namaste

Ganesh and I thank all our friends around the country who helped organize this year’s trip, especially Viji, Anu, Kala, Juana, Sona, Reshma and Priya. One of Mohanji’s messages resonated most deeply with me: “Life is all about expressing and experiencing multiple flavors in relationships. Sharing time and nurturing relationships are the most beautiful flowers that bloom in this garden of life…”

Yogaville - group pic

We are all grateful to Mohanji for making this long trip all the way from India to be with us and nurture our spiritual development. We are very much honored and humbled by his love. It was also our greatest pleasure to have Biba, Mila and Sumit who made the entire experience filled with fun and joy.

Smiles at Yogaville kitchen

Biba said: “This trip to US was a true learning experience. It was great to meet so many wonderful souls in Washington, Maryland, LA, San Francisco, Pittsburg, New York and Florida. I was especially touched by the endless love and dedication of our loving hosts who went out of their way to make us feel at home, cope with their daily work and household obligations and also endlessly coordinate Mohanji’s programs – hats off!

love eternal

The only problem is that Mila was showered with gifts all the time and sure enough quickly got used to that – it took me a while to explain to her that it won’t be happening all the time. :-)

Nothing but Love and Gratitude, Biba!”

And now some more unique moments expressed through images…

Mohanji with Swami Nataraja in LA - unforgettable moments

Mohanji with Swami Nataraja in LA – unforgettable moments

Mohanji and Biba - Ganesha pooja

Mohanji and Biba – Ganesha pooja

Mohanji and Nandhi Tapas yogi, LA

Mohanji and Nandhi Tapas yogi, LA

Satsang at Shirdi Sai temple

Satsang at Shirdi Sai temple

Shaktipat to a loving musician Ben who composed a song based on quotes from the Power of Purity book

Shaktipat to a loving musician Ben who composed a song based on quotes from the Power of Purity book

A cross-cultural embrace - Mila and a talented young musician Njeri from Virginia who sang 'Amazing Grace' most beautifully

A cross-cultural embrace – Mila and a talented young musician Njeri from Virginia who sang ‘Amazing Grace’ most beautifully

New York - at the Sai Centre and residence of Dr. Rao who got the blessing from Sathya Sai Baba to construct his murti

New York – at the Sai Centre and residence of Dr. Rao who got the blessing from Sathya Sai Baba to construct his murti

Ganesh - the most loving photographer!

Ganesh – the most loving photographer!


Things were All Coming to me

Written by Jyoti Bahl

Aum shri sai nathaya namaha
Jyoti BahlI
How to explain the grace and blessings of Shirdi Sai Baba which is continuously bestowing on His children and I am one child of His who is dependent on Baba only in good and bad times. My journey with ohanji started when I was looking for a meditation from Baba in my prayers. The intensity of asking was so high that Baba made plans and arrangements in my life to meet Mohanji.

One of my student’s mother Neena, who is an elevated soul, became the medium. We went to Vrindavan together and after seeing my love for baba she told me to go to Mohanji as she knows Bharti, a wonderful person who is a live example of surrender and devotion towards her guru Mohanji. It’s so surprising that a person who had never met Mohanji before became the medium for me and that too in Vrindavan which is the place of Krishna and known as Mohan which is another name of Krishna.

I got a chance to meet Bharti and Palak who are wonderful souls and attended Power of Purity meditation at Bharti’s house… it was amazing as the quest for meditation was fulfilled by Baba and I always I used to pray for the purity of mind and soul. Bharti and Palak told me about the wonderful experience they had with Mohanji. I felt really nice after experiencing the meditation. In June 2014 I got a chance to meet Mohanji, which was like a dream coming true. You can feel the work of masters in my life here, as things were all coming to me just like that… I received shaktipath from Mohanji and for a few days I was in a different world. Furthermore, I got a chance to read his book “Kailash with Mohanji… Meeting him in person is altogether different from talking to his consciousness. I realized this when I experienced his powers and how he is working on each and every disciple. After meeting him my urge to talk to him became very strong. I started discussing about him with my Sai family. “Kailash with Mohanji” is a book beyond appreciation. I started feeling very close to Mohanji’s conciousness as I started going to Bharti’s house for meditation every Sunday. Mohanji 1

In October 2014 I was talking to Ashutosh Bhai who is in Toronto about Mohanji and he told me, “If Baba wants then only I will be able to meet Mohanji” and to my surprise Mohanji’s meditation session was in Toronto, which was announced on facebook. I called up my brother and told him about Mohanji’s visit and the mandir where the session was supposed to take place was near my brother’s house. He not only visited the temple but he was quite lucky that Mohanji blessed his house when he asked Him to visit it… as it was my desire to talk to Mohanji, my brother asked Mohanji to talk to me and I received a call from him at 3pm his time which was at 1:30 am in Toronto. I was jumping with excitement as I could hear Mohanji’s voice. I received His blessings and he also read the message which I sent to him. Again I was in bliss for a few more days.


Sai Baba 1

First, the quest for meditation was fulfilled by Baba and I always pray for the purity of mind and soul. Second, it was my desire to talk to Mohanji and Baba made it possible for me.

Second time I was sitting in Isckon and aarti was going on. Suddenly I received a call from Ashutosh bhai to talk to Mohanji as he was in U.S. and would take my call for sure. I was little hesitant but I didn’t understand which divine energy was making Bhai the medium, and I called up Mohanji. He talked to me and laughed as he could understand the amount of my excitement and thrill while talking to him. He blessed me again as this is what I always ask from Mohanji. The ultimate thing he told me and which still echoes in my ears was that how he is with me, I will realize that soon. I am still hanging on to the experience which brings freshness within me whenever I feel low. It was my desire to talk to Mohanji and Baba made it possible for me.

Once I was sitting and thinking whether I am from Datta tradition and within few minutes my sister called up and during spiritual discussion she told me that maybe I am from Datta tradition!
On Guru Poornima day I told Baba if I am meant for this path I would surely attend the satsang and meditation held by Bibaji, Mohanji’s wife, and in spite of busy schedule I managed to attend the satsang. I also got a chance to sing two bhajans. I loved the meeting with Bibaji as she is full of warmth and a lovely person. She really appreciated the bhajans and the voice given by Baba. When I sent thanks message to her she sent me a warm message filled with love.
In August 2014 Mohanji and Bibaji along with BTW family went to Kailash and as I was connected to them every moment an amazing thing took place …..as per my daily routine I applied udi on the forehead of my son Shivinder before he leaves for school and within seconds udi took the form of trishul, a symbol of lord Shiva. I sent the picture to Bibaji and even she was happy to see the miracle. It’s all Baba’s blessing to give a lovely guru like Mohanji to us.
You can imagine how I would have felt at receiving this lovely message by Bibaji.
Mohanji is grace and a symbol of love. His selfless love for each and every creature on this mother Earth depicts the traits of God. A real saint who is leading so many people to the path of purity and I am one of these blessed souls. Automatically a river of love flows whenever I get connected to his eyes. On 24th January it was my 16th wedding anniversary and as Baba wanted I invited Mohanji by sending him a message, although I knew that a saint who is always devoted to the work given by his masters can’t be present physically but in spirit he can definitely be there to bless me. He assured me of His presence and told me the same will be felt by me during Sai Sandhya. My spiritual mother Veena Maa who is also a true Sai devotee also came and as she prayed to Baba. There was big amount of udi on the photo of Baba’s dwarkamai, as it happens whenever she prays to Bbaba. The most amazing experience was that out of all the five photos the udi came on the picture under which I have fixed Mohanji’s eyes picture! He actually came and I felt his presence again when I saw his smiling face four times during bhajans. He kept his promise and then I realized that Mohanji is not only a name but much beyond which can’t be expressed in words.

Sai Baba

The most amazing experience was that out of all the five photos the udi came on the picture under which I have fixed Mohanji’s eyes picture!

Once in my dream I saw myself in Shirdi Sai mandir and I was eager to have holy water given after holy bath to Baba… I saw Mohanji standing in front of baba. The next day I got to know through Bharti that Mohanji was in Shirdi when I saw him in my dream… in 2nd dream I saw Mohanji and I saw him giving spiritual discourses and in that dream I saw someone going ahead of me floating in the air I asked the saint not to leave me and to hold my hand and the saint looked back and held my hand. In January 2015, I saw in my dream Mohanji and all disciples having fun and we were eating chocolate cake and I had a chocolate cake twice as I found it very tasty. Someone in the group asked me the occasion and the words that echoed were it was Mohanji’s birthday. Mohanji, on your birthday I am giving you my bhav and my experiences as a gift to you. I can express my love again by this message.

It’s very difficult to convey my feelings to you as I am not getting a chance to express it… after my continuous prayer to Baba to teach me meditation I got a chance to meet you. ..for me seeing you is seeing my Baba present in you, the one whom I love the most and without whom my life is useless. Mohanji, bless me always as so many negative energies stop us to connect to the supreme. Please bless me with inner strength, unconditional love and without Almighty’s grace it can’t happen.

Mohanji, for me, seeing you is seeing my Baba present in you

Mohanji, for me, seeing you is seeing my Baba present in you

Love you Mohanji ❤


Christmas in January!!!

Written by Viji Sagar
It was a dreary day with a constant drizzle and temperatures in the single digits. You could feel the cold in your bones and it was overall a gloomy day. My dear Mother, was not having a good day, and the dull, depressing weather, did not help either. Before she went to bed, she prayed to Mohanji and surrendered her fears and insecurities at his Lotus feet, not expecting anything in particular to happen. When she woke up in the morning, she found something red on the floor where she would rest her feet to get up. She initially thought it was remnants of the wool she had used to knit, the night before. On closer look, she realized they were rose petals, filled with vibuthi. She was surprised and a little skeptical at the same time. She looked around and found vibuthi on the carpet as well. It was then, she realized it was a sign from Mohanji, that he had heard her prayers and when he says “I am with you” he really means it. My mother was so happy and full of smiles, like a kid on Christmas day who realized that Santa had visited her when she was asleep 

Christmas in January
To give you a little background about my mother, she is an ardent devotee of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and will not waiver from her faith and devotion to him. When she first met Mohanji, she was a little aloof, keenly observing and not making a decision one way or other. But by the time he finished his tour, she melted in his simplicity and expression of love.
In her own words. “I have come across many saints and elevated souls in my life, but have not across one that reflects unconditional love in his eyes, like Mohanji does”.


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