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Miracle of Faith


By Priti Vilekar

I wish to share with you all an experience which has increased my faith and surrender to Father threefold. Faith and surrender were always there, but then you experience it becoming more and more complete and intense by the grace of your Guru. Father gave me such a lovely gift for Guru Poornima — He healed me in the most subtle and caring way that He could.

For the whole of last week, I had been having a lot of pain in my right upper back all the way to my ring finger. Over the last two days, it had intensified to the point where I could not even open a drawer without feeling pain. My work had definitely gone for a toss and I could not work at all in the last two days. After yesterday afternoon, there was an immense swelling and tenderness around the side of the elbow and forearm.
Amidst all this, I got a message last evening from one of Mohanji’s team members inquiring if I could quickly transcribe Father’s Guru Poornima video message and send it across by tomorrow. In excitement, I immediately said yes. Then, I suddenly remembered the painful state of my hand.  Since I did not have an option now, I surrendered to Father and started to transcribe leaving it all in His hands. After an initial few moments of discomfort, everything went just fine. After completing the transcription, it suddenly struck me that my pain had reduced by more than 2/3rds. What was left was just a nagging muscle soreness which is my own doing as I fail to exercise it enough. All the intense, radiating, debilitating pain just vanished. It took me some time to realise what had actually happened. With Father’s grace, all the pain, which is blockages identified with the body, was  diluted.
This healing experience, due to Father’s grace and compassion, has humbled me so much.. He always says, “Main hoon na” (I am with you). Time and again, He makes His presence felt, just for our upliftment and betterment.
Love you Father ❤❤❤

I am with you



by Preeti Duggal

When I say, “I’M WITH YOU,” I mean it. Because I DON’T need the body to be with you” – Mohanji



I love Mohanji

A Guru or a true Master is the epitome of unconditional love and selfless service. He/She gives away everything to safeguard the lives of his/her devotees without asking anything in return. Sometimes, He is full of love and pampers us just as a mother would and sometimes, is a strict disciplinarian like a father. We are like small seeds in the forest whom he nurtures, giving us the opportunity to grow into trees that bear fruit for the good of every soul on earth. Now it is up to the devotees if they wither away with a small storm or stand strong with faith and courage.

Though I’m very sure my connection with Him has been there from many past lifetimes but in this lifetime I met Him in April 2013 at the Bangalore Airport with my dearest friend Mrs Vinita Agarwal. His mesmerising smile not only brought a smile on my face but also touched my Soul. I instantly felt a connect. For years in Delhi, I used to pray to Sai Baba to guide me to a path and he always used to reply by saying have Shraddha (faith) and Saburi (patience). After almost 3 years I moved, against all odds, to Bangalore and, within six months of my stay, met my Guru Mohanji. I now understood why Baba asked me to wait for so many years and I could now understand that there was a bigger purpose behind my sudden relocation.

“Have we met before?” were the first words that He spoke to me. I was clueless as to what reply I was to give, as I knew that in this life I was seeing Him for the first time. He gave me my first Shaktipat which shifted something within me. My body was vibrating with energy. It took me a few hours to understand what was happening to me. This was the moment I realised Baba’s words and my moving to a different city. From the moment He held my hand and took me under His guidance, my life has not been the same. I have been fortunate enough to be showered with so much love that every moment of life seems a miracle. Finally, I got my path in the dense forest of life. He gave a meaning to my existence.

In the last few years, with Mohanji’s grace and blessings, I got the opportunity to meet and seek the blessings of various elevated Masters like Vitthal Babaji, Devi Amma, Ganeshananda Giriji and Avdhoota Nadanandaji and Raman sir. I received so much love and blessings from them that I was left spellbound. I wondered what I did to deserve this. Grace showered on me and my family in abundance, all because of the blessings of the Mohanji.

I’ve had many beautiful experiences with Father, all of which would not be possible to pen down in one go. The most heart throbbing moment was in April 2015. My daughter, Riddhima, was hospitalised in Delhi because of an auto-immune disease. The doctors were confused about the course of action and she was suffering. We were in the hospital for almost a week and I was extremely worried to see her condition deteriorate every day. Then suddenly, one morning, I got a call that Mohanji would be in Delhi that very morning, just for the day, and that He would come to meet us at the hospital.

The moment He entered the room there was a shift in the energies. He hugged Riddhima and me just as a mother giving solace to a wailing child. All the while He kept talking to her casually but I knew he was working on her at another level. It was around noon when He left the room. When we came to the reception of the hospital I came to know that He had not eaten anything since morning. His selfless love for my daughter and myself brought tears to my eyes. He blessed not only us but also innumerable other patients in the hospital. Blessed are those who received the Grace from the Master himself.

The next day, the doctors were able to finally decide on the line of treatment and within a couple of days Riddhima’s condition started improving. About a week later, I came to know that Mohanji, after reaching Dharamshala, suffered from an acute allergy and itching for a couple of days. I was numb and I had no words to express my gratitude to Him. As a parent, He could not see me suffering and took everything on Himself. That day I realised that He works quietly on His devotees and expects nothing in return. He works with you on the physical level and also on the soul level.


Mohanji with Preeti’s children – Sarthak and Riddhima

Today when I look back I feel I have nothing that I can give to my Master. He only asks for faith. Don’t question His doing. He knows what one needs and he will deliver whatever you deserve at the right moment. Once He holds your hand, He will never leave you even if you accuse, abuse, malign or tarnish His image. He never bothers for Himself. He is always giving and blessing whosoever comes to Him unconditionally. He is like an ocean that absorbs everything – good or bad, right or wrong – within Himself.

I have had the opportunity to be with Him and observe Him closely. It is so difficult to be a Guru. One has to work selflessly and without any rewards for others on different planes, whilst sacrificing one’s own life and family. I prostrate at His Divine Lotus Feet for always being with me, and humbly pray to Him that I always walk the path that has been decided for me in this life. I would also like to make a special mention to dear Devi, our Guru Maa and our little Angel Mila for all the affection and love . Life for me has become a miracle every moment and I stay in a state of Bliss all because of my Guru Mohanji’s blessings and love.


Mohanji, Devi and Mila with Devi Amma

Aum Parabrahmaaya Vidmahe Shiva Tattwaaya Dheemahi Tanno Mohan Prachodayaat


Aum Guru Mohanji

Written by Reva Gupta


1st Experience

Flurry of Energy


In my life I tried many times to look for a True Guru but every time the search was in vain! One day, I said to my husband, Kamal, “Now it’s useless trying, it does not seem to be that we will find our Guru in this lifetime and we may have to leave this current life without finding one.” Well! God had other plans this time. He heard our prayers and showered His Grace on us!

I have two daughters – Richa and Kanika. Those days my elder daughter was living in Pune. One day she called me and asked me, “Mumma do you know that Sumit bhaiya has a Guru?” Sumit is my nephew. To this question I replied in the negative. Then she told me that she had read a post from Sumit on Facebook that had a mention of a Guru.

After our phone conversation, Richa immediately called him up and asked him if he had got a Guru to which Sumit responded he had. Richa asked Sumit why he hadn’t mentioned about his Guru to her parents – meaning to me and my husband, as we had been searching for a Guru for a very long time!!! To this Sumit replied, “Maybe their time hadn’t come and at the right time, they would naturally get to know!” So, time kept passing by!


In the meantime Richa got pregnant and she was advised bed-rest due to some complications. Then she spoke to Sumit. He assured her that all would be well. He comforted her that her problem would be resolved and that she should receive Shaktipath from his friend named Manish who is a shaktipat initiate of Mohanji and was located in Pune, too. Richa coordinated with Manish and he came to her house to give her Shaktipath.

During these days, I wanted to be with Richa and one day I reached her home, all by myself. That night I told Richa that there was a pleasant breeze blowing through the lobby and that I would like to sleep there. The bedding was arranged on the floor and I lied down there. After some time, I received so much of energy there that I felt that all my exhaustion from the travel disappeared and my heart started dancing with joy and I felt like laughing loudly!!! I wasn’t able to sleep the whole night! When Richa came to me in the morning, I was already awake and as fresh as a flower. I asked her what had been there at that specific spot in the house to which Richa replied, “Nothing mom, why what happened?”  I told her, “Something is surely here, the vibration of that spot is fantastic” and I related the night’s experience to her. Then Richa shared with me that sitting at that particular spot was where she had received Shaktipath from Mohanji’s disciple Manish. I was astonished on hearing this! I thought to myself, “If the Shaktipath of a disciple has such a high energy and vibrations then what must it feel like to be in the proximity of his Guru!”

This was my first experience of Mohanji before meeting him.


2nd Experience


20151119_133428 - Copy

One day I called up Sumit from Pune and told him that I also wanted Shaktipath.  Sumit said that Manish would come to give the Shaktipath. One week later Manish came to Richa’s home and gave me the Shaktipath and also shared with us some of his new experiences with Guruji.  After this I did meditation at Richa’s home every night. Time flew and after one month I came back to Jammu. I continued my meditation practice there. One day, I was alone in the afternoon and I thought to meditate. As soon as I sat on the chair and was about to start the Power of Purity CD, a doubt came to my mind as to whether I had taken the right decision to make a Guru and that maybe I should have cross-checked thoroughly before doing so. Immediately, in a loud voice I called out to Mohanji and said that if He was a true Guru then He ought to give me a sign. The moment I uttered this, my chair shook strongly as if somebody held it from behind and shook it. At first I thought this is the sign from Guruji but the next instant, my mind continued to doubt and thought I must have imagined it. I requested again for a sign. After a while, I heard a loud cough and I thought this was the sign yet my doubtful mind wouldn’t believe. So again I loudly said, “Not like this Guruji, give me a solid proof.”  The moment I asked for this, I was stupefied to see that Guruji manifested himself before me and sat cross-legged on the floor, He was wearing orange clothes, I just couldn’t believe my eyes!!! And then he vanished and I was left completely bewildered! After a while I came to my senses and thought Guruji had indeed given me a solid proof. Or was it my mind’s illusion? The next moment I thought that I should message Him and ask. Immediately I messaged Him and asked, “Guruji, were You here?” and He gently replied, “How many times you tested me, even now you can’t believe?”  How my mind played the doubting game!

Mohanji, you showed mercy on me and took me under Your fold,

I didn’t understand Your Grace,

O Sat Guru! You showed me the path of devotion,

But my mind continued wandering in the world,

My restless mind,

Can’t express the depth of your compassion!!!


3rd Experience

Fear of Horses and a Sore Knee

We had our first retreat with Guruji at Patnitiop in Jammu. After the retreat, the plan was to go to visit the shrine of Mata Vaishno Devi. We reached Katra at noon.


Katra Vaishno Devi in Jammu (photo source: Internet)

Initially the plan had been to take the helicopter but due to fog it had to be cancelled. Guruji and other devotees were ready to take the horses but I am too scared of them and was unwilling. I have always been scared of riding horses. Another lady and I decided to take the palanquins instead. There were only a few available as the palanquin guys were on strike and so we couldn’t get any. Meanwhile, the rest of our group including my husband Kamal , went ahead and began the ascend. Both of us ladies tried a lot to get a palanquin but we didn’t succeed. Time passed and it was 6pm and then we too thought of taking the horses. We told the horsemen that we would reward them if they ensured we had a smooth ride uphill. We did reach safely by Guruji’s Grace. That night when we were all sitting around Guruji, I said to him, “Guruji today the helicopter didn’t work, but tomorrow we would surely go back by helicopter.”  Guruji laughed and replied, “We will go back on the four-legged helicopter, now only half of your fear has gone, the remaining half is yet to go.” On hearing this I became sure that the next day we would go back on the horses again.

When we woke up the next morning, there was dense fog, but it cleared the moment, we paid our respects at Divine Mother’s shrine. We all got on our horses and went towards the helipad. The chopper was ready to fly but the moment we sat inside it, a blanket of fog enveloped us and the helicopter couldn’t fly. We all sat and waited for an hour for the weather to clear but when that didn’t happen, Guruji asked us to take the horses. Then I recalled what He had said earlier, “We will go on the four-legged helicopter.” This is the divine play of our beloved Guruji and then we got the horses and started our ride down. By His Grace, Guruji’s horse and my horse trotted side-by-side.  While we were going down, my knee brushed past the knee of another person on a horse and my knee was hurt badly and it pained so much that I was unable to continue sitting on the horse! I felt like getting off the horse but after some time, the pain in my knee totally vanished. This was indeed a miracle! When we reached half-way through, I asked Guruji to have some water and we both got down from our horses. When Guruji tried walking He was unable to. When I enquired of Him as to what had happened to His leg, He answered, “Nothing, the knee is aching.” After having the juice we resumed our ride down. Guruji was walking with great difficulty. That right leg and knee of Guruji was aching on which I had suffered the injury, His play is incredible, He had taken my pain on Himself. When I asked Him why He had done so, he smiled and responded, “It would have taken 8 days before your pain would have been relieved, my pain would be gone in 8 hours.” This is the nature of a True Guru who is with His devotees at every step.

“Guru is my worship, Guru is Govind, Guru is my Para Brahma, Guru is God!”


4th Experience

Longing for the Divine Hug

One day when I sat in the Puja room of my home, my heart instantly swelled-up with deep love overflowing for God and in that devotional fervor, I said to God, “Why don’t you come to me, I have been longing to meet You for so long, I want to hug You today, You will have to come today.” And I began to cry. While crying, my eyes fell on Guruji’s picture and I started crying more and more loudly. I said to Guruji, “You too have gone so far away, I am missing you a lot too.” Guruji was away on ‘World Tour’ those days. I went on, “Today I feel like hugging you tightly. You will have to meet me today.” I had just uttered these words and my grandson, Vedant, who had been bathing, quickly came out of the bathroom and started hugging me and kissing me which was very unusual. When he touched my eyes, he said, “Grandma, why are you crying?” I was speechless on seeing such outstandingly quick response of my Guruji who used Vedant to comfort me. Vedant wiped off my tears and asked me again as to why I was crying. I told him that I was missing my Guru. He replied, “Grandma, don’t cry, we will go right away to meet your Guruji.”  On hearing this, I hugged him tightly and it felt to me that I was hugging Mohanji and that He in turn was reciprocating. Such is the Divine play of my dearest Guru!

O my Gurudev, O my Gurudev,

Listen to my heartfelt prayer,

It is my plea,

That night and day, I worship Thee!


5th Experience

A Birthday Gift

On 23rd Feb 2016, there was a birthday celebration of Mohanji at both the schools in Jammu. First the celebration was in “Mohanji ka Aangan” and then in the second school.


Once the function was over in the second school, then Mohanji sat there for some time. I had got a gift for Guruji but was unable to decide how and when to give it to Him. I desired to give Him the gift at my own home which he had no time to visit because of his busy schedule. Then I thought that I don’t need to think too much and that Guruji would show a way. Then Mamu asked Him to hurry a bit as they all had to reach somewhere else. At that time, Guruji was accompanied by Rajesh and two other people.  Since my home was en route to their destination, I requested Mamu if they could drop me. Mamu told me if there was space in the car he would accommodate me. I had full faith and knew that I would go along in the car with Mohanji. Suddenly then Mamu asked me to sit in the car and while I was thinking about giving the gift to Guruji, we had reached my house. Guruji suddenly asked Rajesh if he had seen Guruji’s picture in the Puja room of my house. When Rajesh mentioned he hadn’t, Mohanji asked him to go and see it. At that instant, I humbly requested Guruji to put a foot inside my home and bless it. Guruji laughed and good-humouredly responded, “I don’t have one foot but two, I will put both” and then he got down from the car and came inside. Everyone else too came in and while they were looking at the picture in the Puja room, I gave the gift to my dear Guruji and thus he fulfilled my unspoken wish. This is an example of faith and surrender and the associated fulfillment. When we surrender fully, then faith develops and when we develop faith, surrender automatically happens.



6th Experience


I would like to share an experience during the days when I was learning Yoga from Sanjay sir. Once we were practising pranayaams, “breathing exercises for expanding prana”. While we were doing the breathing, we heard some loud breathing and it seemed to be in rhythm with our breathing. Once we were done, Sanjay sir commented that I breathed very loudly that day, I denied this saying that instead I thought it was he who was doing so. Since it had not been either of us, then both of us burst out laughing as it dawned on us as to who had been in our midst. Mohanji looks after us always and he proves it time and again to those who have deep faith in him. He loves fun. At times, Guruji performs playful lilas with us. Like Krishna, my Guru’s play is wonderful as well.


Once when we were practising Yoga in the evening, Sanjay sir’s attention was drawn to the flame of the lamp that we had lit. While doing Yoga, first lighting the lamp was a practice that we followed. Sanjay sir took out his mobile and clicked a picture. When I asked what he was doing, he showed me the picture of the flame, I was astonished to see that in the center of the flame, there was a red and black colored-heart. We took more pictures and this was visible in each one. When I went back home and clicked the picture of the flame of the lamp lit in my Puja room, that too had that same red and black-coloured heart in the center. To verify this, I tried clicking pictures of the flame of the lamp of my Puja room, the following day, but then the heart could not be seen. Again, Mohanji displayed his presence and love for us.

Unconditional love, only unconditional love!

7th Experience

Causeless Laughter

When Swami Bhaktananda Bharatiji visited Jammu for the first time, then he did a “hawan” – fire purification ceremony at our home, post which he asked all of us to meditate. During the meditation, he gently asked everybody what they were feeling. Each one responded but I was sitting still. The moment he asked the girl sitting next to me, she instantly burst into tears; I started to laugh loudly, very loudly. I was unable to control my laughter and continued laughing. After five minutes, somehow I gathered myself and stopped. There had been no reason for my laughter. Due to lack of time I was unable to ask Swamiji how and why my spontaneous laughter had happened. The next day as I logged in to Facebook, the first post I saw was of Guruji and it was on “Causeless Laughter” which he had explained in detail. I had received my answer! He always hears our heart and gives answers. If only we listened!

O SatGuru! Let Thy Love, Peace and Joy blossom in every heart and eliminate all hate-thorns!


Jai Mohanji!


Born Again – Experience sharing from Croatian retreat – Part 1

Note: All participants shared their experiences addressing the audience or Mohanji

Izabela Jovovic

 Izabela Jovovic and Mohanji


I would like to share how I was born again, in the very sense of this word. The impressions are still settling down. I decided to write this down in more detail and publish a blog. I still don’t know how I will do that because what happened to me is indescribable by words. I know exactly which date it was. It was on 28th June, our Vidovdan holiday, we had an exercise where we focused on the heart chakra. After cleansing and working on the heart chakra I felt as if new wings grew on  me and as if I could fly. In the heart chakra region I felt so liberated, such lightness, happy, bathed, that I cannot express it enough. I loved you all, I saw you all with all your  positive and negative characteristics, my life, parents, but absolutely everything, and I said, WOOOF! Thank you Mohanji, that is it at this retreat! I felt and I was sure that was all during this retreat because it was so intense and deep. I was positively shocked with the feeling I had and with the realisation how much more I could love and accept things.

However that was not the end. My Guru decided there was more, and I couldn’t even imagine there was more than that (laughing). I remember the dates, because of what happened on 30th June, I decided that this day will be my second birthday. I suppose you have all seen me how I tottered up to this point, to Mohanji, I bowed down to Him and surrendered and committed myself and my life absolutely to Him. We chanted Om…etc, followed by Shiva Kavacham mantra. Since my heart chakra had been cleansed, everything was super, smoothly until Shiva Kavacham started… (laughing) Then what happened I’m going to try to explain. I know Shiva Kavacham almost all by heart and I literally have sensations from the crown chakra to the big toe. However, this time it was something totally different.

Mohanji: It’s because I am here (laughing).
(audience laughs)
Izabela: … At one moment, while I was listening Shiva Kavacham, I just felt that Mohanji was literally taking me through some blockages in me that had been left, and which had been formed a very long time ago and as I supposed it was from some past lives. It would be understatement if I said the feeling was uncomfortable, when I realized there were more blockages while he was taking me through the process. I will just say I went through the moment when I was a fetus in my mother’s womb.


Then the party started…

Such a white-red light started shining literally going through me, in circles, at an unimaginable speed. I had never felt this before, not only physically, but I had also never seen anything moving at such speed in my life as this energy was. The faster the energy moved, the faster I was going through these blockages. This was accompanied with some stiffness, numbness, where my arms and legs and face were completely numb. I was not aware of it immediately at that moment. I was just aware that I was hyperventilating, breathing at a super fast speed. At once, a kind of severe pain started waking me out of that trance out of that trance and energy. Because of that spasm of the muscles, with energy keeping flowing through me, I was thinking,“Come on, Mohanji, take it all out of me, whatever is there left, take it out more, more… I’ll survive this and then I’m moving on.“
Now when I am talking about it it sounds cute and nice but I was going through the pain it was not very pleasant at all! At one moment I recognized a little fear and then I countered it, “Hey, let it all go, He is here.“ I surrendered myself,“Let’s go till the end.“
Then I felt I was totally wet. I don’t remember that tremendous heat at all, but I was completely sticky with my clothes sticking to my skin.

It lasted until the end of Shiva Kavacham. After that I felt relaxation and tears, but that spasm of my body lasted for some time.

When I came back to my senses, and it took some time because my body was sore, then I staggered up to Mohanji and bowed down to Him. The pain was subsiding and on the contrary, I was literally feeling reborn. It is not a figure of speech. I really, literally mean the feeling of being born again, when you come out into this world and make your first newborn cry.

Since then, nothing is the same to me any more. I have a feeling of such lightness and such love and acceptance of all that I cannot describe in words.

Nothing of this would have happened if Mohanji wasn’t there. (turning to Mohanji) Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Immensely grateful.
(to everybody): If we see each other again at some retreat on 30th June, I’m bringing a birthday cake because this is my new birthday!


Thank you all for being here to share this with me.


Jai Mohanji!



  Milos Pavlovic

 Milos Pavlovic and Mohanji

Before all, I want to thank our Father Mohanji, then I want to thank a certain group of people who made this all possible. Many of you do not have any idea what challenges they were going through. It was going on for months and it was not at all easy. I had a chance to experience the retreat when I was not a part of the retreat and now when I am a part of it. I thank Spahovic sisters, Maja and Sanja. I also thank those who assisted me, Brane, Matija, Martin, Bilja, Spomenka, Nina, Monika, thank you all.
Audience: Thank YOU.
Milos: Thank you Sanjay.


As for my experience, briefly, I felt something like this on Andrevlje in Serbia, in Bosnia and here, too. It is difficult if not impossible to go through this at home with various practices. I am grateful for having given to us this self-realising mantra, Om….etc. It is an unbelievably deep technique for me. I really did my best while I was doing it. At one moment I lost the feeling of my body. I had a feeling I was levitating. After that, some unbelievable emptiness and peace. Also unity – I really felt deep unity. At that moment nothing from the outside could touch it and I still keep feeling it. Of course, I had various reactions along the way, sometimes I was a bit louder, sometimes quieter. Anyway, it is very important that each moment I felt deep peace and deep connection with myself. People would say,“You are irritable now.“ Yes, I expressed this, but it was all on the surface. Each moment of my anger I was deeply connected to myself and stressful situations could not touch me. Also, at the moment of deep peace, deep emptiness, that tremendous space that is within us… I think my heart chakra exploded! It was a huge hole, or how else to call it. I think this is my eighth or ninth retreat and each retreat I am born again. Each retreat this is new Milos, new Milos, new Milos. Unbelievable. It is such a tremendous power when you can flow through life in such a way – that whatever happens on the outside cannot touch you.

Of course, there may be disagreements, but nothing can touch you because you are deeply connected with yourself within. Absolutely nothing. It is an unbelievable power.

satsang (167)

Jai Mohanji!

 (Transcribed and translated into English by Biljana Vozarevic)


A Tribute to Sri Vasudevan


4th July 2016

Mohanji (was in Croatia at that time): Sri Vasudevan is unwell. He may leave his body soon.

(about an hour later)

I spoke to him. He said he do not want to be admitted in the hospital and want to leave his body in the temple at Bhagawan’s feet. Madhu is travelling to Vajreshwari as we speak. Dr. Gajanan is already there. He said he always thinks about me and wanted to hear my voice one last time and his blessings are always with me. This was so touching.

Madhusudan Rajagopalan (was with Sri Vasudevan in Vajreshwari), “Swamiji is not ill, he’s just weak and says he doesn’t want to be around for long… he’s fully in control.


We just left from Vajreshwari, conveyed pranaams from everyone. He was very happy to spend time with us.

Father asked us to give him Gangajal, we got it for him and he drank one small glass of it. He said, “This is my medicine. Thank you for getting it.”

Absolute blessing to meet him today. All thanks to Father.”

5th July 2016

Jeanetta and Dewa, who manage Fire Mountain Retreat, a centre near Gareth puri, first met Swamiji in March when we conducted ‎our Weekend program with Mohanji at their venue. They visited him every day since last week and paid their respects to him.

“We have great gratitude for being invited to visit beloved and super respected Vasudev Swami … it was such a joy and blessing to receive the darshan of this holy man experiencing the bliss of his faithful service and and his impending transition to glory.  Mohanji’s loving presence saturated the house during the time while we were there.

We brought an orange cloth that had wrapped Bhagwan Nityananda’s murti and flowers blessed at the samadhi shrine. We honoured and shared these gifts with Vasudev Swami for empowering his journey home.

He asked for nothing and said he was taken care of well.”

Sri Vasudevan 4 July 2016

Photo taken on 4th July, a few days before leaving His body


12th July 2016

Jeanetta and Dewa, “We have just returned from the burning ghat as well as the house and shrine where Vasudev Swami lived.  The man tending the cremation fire is very kind and respectful.
As we stood at the ghat, chanting Triumbakum Mantra for our Dear Friend, one of our Trust’s staff members drove up. He speaks English as well as Marathi and Hindi. Then, as we talked, two more men drove up. One man had been sent by A Dr. Amberker, to collect the ashes.  We were told this man would collect the ashes and deliver them to Dr. Amberker who was planning to take them immediately to Nashik tomorrow. Half of the ashes were to go to Nashik, and half to the River Ganga.
We have had several sweet moments of sharing love with Vasudev Swami these past few days.  And continue to feel his loving Presence even now in his transition…
The old man who has been by his bedside every day we visited him, his friend, was deeply sad at the death of his beloved. We held him as he grieved and cried.  We too will miss the joy of Swami’s earthly Presence at this shrine, but forever find him in our hearts.”

Mohanji wrote, “Vasudevan Swami of Vajreshwari left his body at around 11AM IST today. I still remember his words when I bid good bye in March 2016. Unlike other times, he came out of the temple to see me off. He had tears in his eyes. He said, “Remember two things. There is not even one day that I do not remember you. And remember Bhagawan Nithyananda is always with you. Worry not. You are always protected.” I bowed down and left.

I told Kamath who was with me, “This seems like a final good bye. I may not see him again.” He merged into eternity today morning. Given are the pictures of his decorating me with a shawl.


12th March 2016, Sri Vasudevan wrapping Mohanji with Bhagawan Nithyananda’s shawl


Swami Vasudevan was decorated with a sacred shawl by Bhagawan Nithyananda’s devotees. The shawl was offered to Nithyananda for consecration. Swami Vasudevan was wondering what to do with this gift. Bhagawan told him, “Give it to Mohanji.“ He thought,“How will I meet Mohanji? Perhaps he is not in India. Bhagawan brought me to him last evening prior to our retreat in Ganesh Puri. He decorated me with the shawl. Divine Leela. What else can I say? Totally humbled.
While parting he told me,“One thing I am sure and shall tell you. Bhagawan Nithyananda is with you always and will be with you forever. I have no doubt. Trust me.“ His bhaav was overwhelming when he said that. He said, “Never be afraid of adversities. Your existence has purpose. Purpose is much larger than any adversities of existence.“ It was almost like a grandfather blessing a grandchild. While parting he also said,“Not one day goes by without me thinking about you. I remember you every day.“ In the myriad world of misunderstandings, this one understanding is worth the breath. Humbled. Grateful.

He was powerful. Deities visited him at his mere call and left their residues on the wall for visitors to witness and perceive. Life does not end. Only body ends.
Love to Swamiji. Love always.”

Vasudevanji, a powerful and loving saint at the Nath mandir at Vajreshwari 1a


Rajesh Kamath, “Mohanji used to say that when Vasudevanji prays for someone to a deity, he tells the deity that it should be done. Such was his power and yet so unassuming in that frail frame. He attributed everything (the visitations, the miracles, the healing, etc) to the grace and blessings of Bhagavan Nityananda. He used to say that you will surely reach the goal when your every breath chants the Lords name. His life was one lived only for the Lord while ruthlessly removing all worldly desires. A truly divine soul who was the epitome of bhakti. When Father met him the last time, Father asked to pack a South Indian breakfast for him. He was so touched by the gesture. Father said while leaving, “It looks like this is the last time we meet.” Sadly, and as always, those words were true. Rest in Bliss.”

Swamiji and Mohanji, on my T-shirt, says Madhu

“Swamiji and Mohanji (on my T-shirt)” says Madhu

Madhusudan Rajagopalan, “He passed away peacefully in the Nath mandir as he wished. His last rites were done in the afternoon. We are planning to collect his ashes and consign them to the Ganga.

When we met Swamiji last week, he asked us to do a bhandara (food seva) in Ganeshpuri in his name. We will coordinate and do this via Ammucare in the coming days.

The food seva through Nityananda sansthan (trust) will be done. This was Swamiji’s specific instruction… In fact, he told us that he did annadaan and abhisheka for Bhagwan Nityananda just before he got ill. He added that since then he had been praying to Baba to take him soon. And it happened…”

Narendra Bhandari: “I had the opportunity to seek his blessings on 29th March 2015. Rest in peace swami Vasudevanji.


The picture of his footsteps after concluding the prayers at samadhi in the backyard of the Temple.


Mohanji: We shall fulfil all his wishes as he told us including Annadaan in his name. We shall distribute his picture also along with food so that all those who  can bless him.
We shall immerse part of his ash in the river nearby Vajreshwari and part in the Ganga. We shall do this in July itself.

During a recent satsang, Mohanji told a story: 

A true story of Sri Vasudevan

I’ll tell you a real story. I always visit this place near Bombay. There is a small room with the presence of Bhagavan Nithyananda, and two Nath Gurus, Machidanath and Gorakhnath.

An 84 year old man, Vasudevan has been serving in the small temple for many years. He just washes the place and keeps the deities ready. People rarely visit the temple. This man is unbelievably powerful.


One day somebody gifted him a book in English about Bhagavan Nithyananda. He wondered, “What will I do with this book?” And in the evening Bhagavan Nithyananda came to him in a dream or in real, and said, “Give this to Mohanji.” He asked, “How will I meet Mohanji? He is always out of India.” Next day I reached there. He said, “Yesterday I was thinking how to see you and you came.” I said, “You were not thinking. You were pulling me! HA HA.” I was there during Kumbh Mela in September.
His mind is totally empty. Every thought is powerful. Do you know how he prays? He doesn’t pray in detail, he is very old. He says, “Oh, Lord Krishna, I haven’t seen you for a long time. Now my eyes are very weak, when will I see you?” And Lord Krishna appears. He not only appears, but leaves His impression on the wall. So it’s not imagination. He becomes excited like a child. If you go there and ask him, “Where did Lord Krishna come? Where did masters appear?” He will be very happy to show you, “Come here, I’ll show you.”

While I was sitting there, Hanumanji was meditating in the temple. He said, “You know, this is where he was sitting.” And there is an impression of Hanumanji on the wall.
This time when I went, he could not even stand upright, he was bent. He was taking a bucket of water and cleaning. I asked him, “How are you lifting it?” “No, no, no, this is ok, I am serving God. I have no pain.” I know that he cannot walk and is full of pain. There is sacred ash emerging there. He keeps all the ash, and if any person with any ailment goes and says, “Please pray for me,” he will use the ash and it’s guaranteed to heal. I sent many of my followers there just to demonstrate to them what devotion is. Masters come to you not for the countless chants but for the purity of your heart.

I told some people, “Get him some nice clothes” since he wears torn clothes. When I met him next time, he kept all these clothes there. I asked him-
Mohanji: Why are you still wearing the torn ones? Where are other ones?
Vasudevan: Mohanji, don’t send me good clothes, I was afraid to look at them, because if I wear all these, people will think I am a rich man. You take it.

This time also he gave me a lot of clothes.

Mohanji: Don’t give me all these clothes, I have clothes.
Vasudevan: No, I kept them for you, take it.
Mohanji: I can’t take all these clothes, there are too many.
Vasudevan: Ok.
Mohanji: What will make you happy, if I take all these clothes, or if I leave it?
Vasudevan: If you take all these clothes, I’ll be very happy.
Mohanji: Ok, then give them to me.

He is an amazing man but local people don’t even know him. His neighbours have no idea who he is. When I visited him this time, he told me how at night some people threw stones at him. Being partially blind, he couldn’t see who threw stones. No stone hit him. I asked him, “Did you tell the police or anybody?” He said, “You know, that’s the beauty of karma. If somebody throws stones, it is their problem, not mine.”

I remembered Sai Baba’s incident when someone threw stones at him and one stone hit his head and he started bleeding, he said “The injury is on this body. Pain is with God”
Vasudevan Swam said, “We should not even think bad about anybody. When they throw stones, they also take the karma. We should not be worried.” His eyes showed that he has just a few more months maybe. One person came to him while I was there. I asked, “So you have an assistant now?” He said, “No. He is just visiting”
There are various people like him but not visible to us. You cannot estimate the power of a master because if you start analyzing, you lose him completely.

When I told the story of Dipaka, I suddenly remembered this man. Unfortunately after his death, this temple will probably also wither away, unless someone with understanding and selflessness takes over with commitment. If you just tell him my name Mohanji, he would start crying out of deep affection – there is so much love, he doesn’t know what to do. I met many masters like him but they are not in the public light. You hardly see them, but if you want to experience real love, you have to meet such people. Apparently, this is the very location where the great book Nath Rahasya was delivered to human kind.



Sudeep (July 2012): From “Pilgrimage to Nithyananda’s Shrine at Ganeshpuri”

Finally we left the Ganeshpuri premises for Vajreshwari another 3 kms towards Bhiwandi and went straight to a Nath temple. From the main road one cannot easily find the temple. This is also a very powerful place where Bhagwan Nityananda would often sit and meditate. There are padukas of Maschendra Nath and Goraksha Nath of the ancient Nath tradition. The priest of the temple who is very old and frail looking told us that both Maschendra Nath and His disciple Gorakhsha Nath did penance there for two months to appease the Goddess and that the spot is very sacred.


Bade Baba later converted that into a temple. The original padukas of Bade Baba are also there at the altar. The priest is a great Bhakta and very saintly. He mentioned that it is not possible for ordinary people to reach there as the devatas there do not permit the same. This place lies well hidden and only those who are truly “invited” can reach there. The priest also is not just a priest, he is a great saint, but totally unassuming. He has the power to manifest any God at will. When he saw Mohanji, he asked him to stay with him or at least have food with him, which he would willingly cook for Mohanji!

Mohanji-with-Sri Vasudevan -at-nath-mandir_saint

Mohanji with Sri Vasudevan at Nath Mandir in July 2012

Many visit Vajreshwari Devi temple across the road or even Ganeshpuri but rarely somebody visits Nath temple, because it is not visible at all. This saint is deep into Bhakti and is totally established at the being level. He does not do any great spiritual practice.  He is a saint and does not even realize that He has great powers. I have met Him several times before and always felt so, but never saw Him exhibiting any powers, just like any true saints who will never display any siddhis. He is very pure and humble.

He has had darshan of all Deities, Gods and Goddesses inside the temple and He showed their impressions on all the four walls of the temple to Mohanji, with a lot of enthusiasm. He also mentioned that if the inner eye is not open, one cannot even witness the residue left behind by the great Avatars, Gods and Goddesses. He had Bhagwan Nityananda’s live darshan several times there. Outside the temple in the garden there is Samadhi of Swami Ram Teertha, another disciple of Bade Baba who was asked by Baba to look after the temple before this priest. In fact the priest told us that Bade Baba gave His padukas blessed by Him at Kailasa to Swami Ram Teertha to place in this temple and worship.

We all did pooja here and the priest blessed us with the udi (sacred ash) of all the three energies. He mentioned that the udi is very powerful and bestows one with all the achievements in life! Mohanji bowed down and touched the feet of this saint which was very touching! We all touched His feet. Mohanji later revealed to me that God sent me there to the Nath temple to have darshan of this saintly priest who is so pure that He does nothing except devotion and always stays at the being level. All Gods, Goddesses and Deities come and give darshan to Him while we are busy doing some or other sadhana to fill our space and evolve spiritually. We go to temples and holy places searching for God. While Gods visits this simple man! This is the truth of spirituality one must clearly understand. All you have to do is increase eligibility through being-ness and nurturing purity within. God will guard you. Mostly we seek God and do pilgrimages to have Their darshan but its special and different when Gods come to us and give darshan. We should elevate our purity to that level in non-doing mode i.e. at being level by constantly being aware of each moment of our lives.

The saint told us many stories that he had encountered in the temple and was reluctant to let us go. It was so homely for Mohanji too, as he truly belonged there. While we were leaving, the saint was standing at the door and waving at us until we moved away from his vicinity. We felt as if we were leaving our own home and our parent was wishing us from the door step. This is the beauty and bonding of our Tradition. The Tradition never leaves your hand and it comes around as reminders whenever we walk away from it.

Then we left for the darshan of Vajreshwari, Renuka and Kalikadevi at an ancient temple on the little hillock. After the darshan we bowed at the Shiva temple there as well as the Hanumanji temple. On the right side of this temple at the back is the Lord Dattatreya temple under the only Rudrakasha tree with pictures of Bhagwan Nityananda, Swami Muktananda, Swami Ram Teertha and Sai Nath of Shirdi.  The priest at the Nath temple told me that Bade Baba would sit for long periods at this place as well.


Dhritiman Biswas: In the early 2014, I went to meet Sri Vasudev ji near Ganeshpuri (Maharashtra). I had already met Sri Vasudevji the previous year. We talked fondly about Mohanji. He remembered Mohanji’s visits to this Nath temple with a twinkle in his eye.

Mohanji and the Avadhoota of the Nath temple

He showed me Mohanji’s eye cards and a printout of the blog on Mohanji’s universe about him! He asked me to translate the blog and smiled as I read it out loud. He also enquired about Bibaji and Mila. A dhoti was presented to him on behalf of Mohanji, at his lotus feet.

He narrated a couple of interesting incidents about Bade Baba and Gandhiji. Once Gandhiji came to pray at this same Nath temple before an agitation against the British. Bade Baba told him, “You are Paramguru. Why have you come here? You go and do your work.” When Gandhiji was in London negotiating with the British Government, Bade Baba instantly told his followers in India what had transpired (in those days, even a telegram took days to reach). Next day, the newspaper declared exactly what Bade Baba had told his followers!

Sri Vasudevji asked me to meditate inside the Nath mandir and then showed me the forms of Gods on the wall. I had the honour of drinking tea made by him for me. He also gifted me pictures of Nath Gurus, Sai Baba, Devi Mata and Bade Baba (now kept at my home altar)!!!

Preethi Gopalarathnam: (Kumbh Mela Trip in September 2015)

I would like to share my experience during the visit to Ganeshpuri on our way back from Nashik.

Father said he would like to spend time with Vasudevan swami (a highly evolved saint at the Nath mandir in Vajreshwari). He asked us to proceed to take darshan at Nithyanand Bhagwan’s (Bade Baba’s) Samadhi and meet him back at Vasudevan swami’s place. It did cross my mind why he did not want to come to the Samadhi mandir after coming all the way to Ganeshpuri. We dropped father at Vasudevan swami’s Nath mandir opposite Vajreshwari temple and went to Bade Baba’s shrine.



As our group had a couple of first timers we went to Kailash Bhavan first to show them the place where Bade Baba used to live. We sat opposite his chair and meditated for some time. The place was as powerful and full of energy as it always is. Numerous devotees have felt and seen Nityanand Bhagwan in and around Kailash Bhawan even to this date. I have had the grace and good fortune of having his darshan too on one such visit. I will write about it separately some other time.
There is a room opposite the bath tub which is sometimes open to visitors. This was where Baba used to sleep. The last couple of times the room was open and we got in and meditated there for some time. I tried to open the door but it was locked. I put my head on the door and peeped in and thanked Bade Baba for this darshan when I got a very strong fragrance of vibuthi once again coming from inside. I instinctively recognised it as Mohanji’s fragrance, the same one I got at the snaan. As I kept my head there I also got a strong smell of sandalwood and after a while I could smell other multiple fragrances coming from the room. Madhu, Nikunj, Arusha and Vidya each put their head there, smelt the fragrance and their forehead began to pulsate as the energy inside was very high. Every single one of us were amazed! At that moment we knew Mohanji was inside with Bade Baba and I felt a couple of other masters were there too. We then went to the Samadhi mandir right in time for Aarti and needless to say the darshan was magical. We left after the Aarti without waiting for the Prasad as others in the group would be waiting for us at the Nath mandir. Once we went there I saw Mohanji and asked him what he was doing at the Kailash Bhavan? To which he replied with the same twinkle in his eyes that he did not have to be physically present at Ganeshpuri to take darshan of Bade Baba. He also confirmed there were a few of them there at the room. It was an amazing moment for me as a reconfirmation of how one’s own experience cuts out the doubts set forth by the mind. By the end of our trip I understood that what we see physically is a miniscule of Father’s stature and presence. I remember what he told me when I met him at the Mumbai centre, “Try to understand me then you will never leave me”. My single prayer to him is to help me understand him, as I would never want to leave him ever and I pray it always remains that way.

Aparna Nazre (Kumbh Mela trip in September 2015)
I would like to share the most memorable visit to Vasudevanji. My one last wish was to visit the holy saint Vasudevan in Ganeshpuri. And since my flight was at 3.30 PM, Mamuji said that I might have to cancel the Ganeshpuri visit, as I would miss the flight otherwise. I was sincerely praying that I would get the opportunity to meet Vasudevanji. And not surprisingly, I had enough time to visit this saint along with Mohanji. The visit was so amazing.

Saint Vasudevan explaining where Gods were coming and left their trace

Vasudevanji was an epitome of humility and a normal person can just pass him as another human being. I was just not feeling like coming out of the house, by which time, Rajesh and Mamuji started calling me saying I needed to hurry or I would miss my flight as it was already very late. After taking the blessings of my Guru and Vasudevanji, I hurried towards the cab to get my luggage. At that moment, I got a call from an unknown number, which I didn’t intend to pick, since I was terribly late, but somehow picked it to know, that my flight was delayed to 4.20 PM. Phew!!! What a timing… Now I had enough time to reach airport on time. What grace and unconditional love Mohanji is!!! Sheer joy and I was almost ready to jump of happiness. I bid goodbye to Mamuji and Rajesh and the entire group with a heavy heart. I was indeed able to make it to the airport on time.  Miracle after miracle is what I saw in this trip.
In conclusion, what I learnt from the entire trip was – have the best intentions and surrender to Lord – Things will definitely turn out well.
My sincere gratitude to the entire team and fellow travelers.


In the Presence of Sai Baba and Mohanji

Written by Hein Adamson (South Africa)


On Hallowed Ground

I stood on hallowed ground. I was one of hundreds if not thousands of pilgrims that day; all of us queuing to visit the Samadhi of Sai Baba. This place, the town of Shirdi in the Indian state of Maharashtra, has been sanctified by the presence of the great saint who lived here for more than 70 years. As an ignorant person, I am hardly qualified to venture an opinion on any Master, but if love is any indication of the stature of a Master, then He must have been a very powerful. In this place, I feel so much love, such a mighty presence that I almost drown in it.

No one walks the soil of Shirdi unless Lord Sai calls them

No one walks the soil of Shirdi unless Lord Sai calls them


It was Thursday the 9th. Thursday is Baba’s favoured day and 9 is the number of the Dattatreya Tradition, the number which represents the changeless. This was no coincidence, it was Baba’s doing. They say no one comes to Shirdi unless Baba calls and no one leaves until Baba lets you go.

Why did I come here? I came here to work in a Vegan restaurant, the first of its kind in Shirdi. I believe strongly in the necessity of cruelty-free food and at the same time I am building a career for myself as part of a dharmic business. That is the long answer. The short answer is that I came here by Mohanji’s grace.

The Humble Master

To my joy, Mohanji arrived in Shirdi a few days later and shortly after that another Master named Avadhoot Nadananda arrived as well. I had heard a few stories about Nadanandaji and was excited to meet him. He is the pontiff of the subtle realm of Shamballa, in the same lineage as Sai Baba who had been the pontiff of Shamballa in his own time. He is also the current leader of Vidya path. I expected a stern, intense man and when I met him I did indeed find him to be intense, but gently so, lovingly so.

3 Sri Mohanji and Avadhoota Nadananda

Mohanji and Avadhoota Nadananda


I have seen Mohanji play many parts, this time I saw Mohanji the disciple. In Nadanandaji’s presence he positioned himself simply and humbly. He prostrated at Nadanandaji’s feet, deferred to him, spoke little and treated him with utmost reverence, but not for a moment did Mohanji handle himself meekly or shyly. Here was a regal humility. There was power and nobility in his humility.

Never let Mohanji’s humility fool you, never take him for granted. Master’s the world over are recognizing him and urging us all to hold on to him for dear life. They are giving him titles to help us recognize what he is (not that Mohanji himself cares in the least for titles).

My Father Wears 3 Faces

Mohanji’s presence is an island of solace in the tempest tossed ocean of life. So, I found myself thrice blessed; by the presence of Mohanji, of Nadanandaji and of Sai Baba who is so palpable in this place. They had come for the inauguration of 2 restaurants; the vegan restaurant and a sattvic restaurant; both of which are owned and run by the same team and are in the same hotel. The chief priest of the Shirdi temple, Sulakhe Maharaj, also joined us on the day of inauguration. This took the form of a few short rituals after which Mohanji and Nadanandaji both gave a short talk.

4 Mohanji & Sulakhe Maharaj, chief priest of the Shirdi temple

Mohanji and Sulakhe Maharaj, the chief priest of Shirdi Temple

As with many things which happen in life; it’s very easy to take these kinds of occurrences for granted. Shirdi is after all just a place and Mohanji just a man the same goes for Nadanandaji. All that really happened was that some people got together and performed a ritual and talked. But if we stop for a moment to look at the subtler side of things, we might see the coming together of giants of consciousness, heroes of the spiritual world. Sai Baba and Mohanji and Nadanandaji all have different names and forms and in my mind the image of each is distinct, but what I feel is so different. When I put aside the image, I see only one: One enormous, bright powerhouse of energy, radiating love and grace like the sun. Behind what we call Mohanji is something vast and beautiful, well beyond our capacity to understand, but not beyond our capacity to feel.

5 One Supreme Consciousness

One Supreme Consciousness

For me, questions of deserving aren’t even worth contemplating. The presence of a Master like Mohanji in my life, the experiences he has delivered and the events that surround him and which we witness, are gifts of Grace; Pure And Simple. Love; Pure And Simple.

Jai Mohanji!



Mohanji’s Gayatri Mantra

Written by a Russian Devotee

Mohanji Gayatri Mantra

One night I was sitting in my bedroom and started chanting Mohanji’s Gayatri Mantra. After several seconds I realized something was different… I was feeling younger and younger and younger, as if time went backwards. I began chanting as I was in my thirties, then I transformed into myself when I was in my late twenties, then I became 18, 15, 10 years old. I kept on chanting while this transformation was happening. To be clear, I can’t say that I saw myself as a younger girl, it wasn’t a vision, I actually became this girl, I was step by step turned into myself 10, 15, 20, 25 years ago… My consciousness travelled through my past. This was so vivid, and even feelings, emotions, perception of my life were changing according to my age. I travelled through my whole life, recognizing and recalling myself at every point in the past.

Although there was a difference between me at different ages, I felt that this Gayatri Mantra was something that connected everything. It was like a base in my life. I sensed it as a string that went through all the stages of my life, it was always there. I realized that all these years since I was born I had been emanating the vibrations of this mantra, without even knowing the words. I didn’t chant it as it is, but somehow I was producing the same vibrations that chanting of this mantra creates. These vibrations were like a thread, and my personality at different ages was like some beads on it. And holding on to this thick thread, I travelled into my past, going through these beads or my different ages backwards, until I reached the first day of my life. While I was traveling I figured what exactly were these vibrations about. I realized the meaning, the core of the Mohanji Gayatri Mantra, which I was being produced without even a sound, without even a single word. I realized … I was just calling my Guruji. Since I was born I have been calling him, sending my message to the universe, sending my call to Him. I started crying when I finally understood this truth.


Meanwhile, I kept on chanting… When I reached the moment when I was born, I saw myself as a baby and in the area of my third eye I had a crystal in a form of rhomb, and a huge blue-crystal ray of light was coming out of it. I knew it was the ray that was supposed to give a signal to Mohanji that I was born in a new body. The ray of white and blue light went out to the universe announcing my dear Guruji that I was there. As I was deeply immersed into the feelings of this newborn baby girl, I again experienced all the frustrations and emotions: in the first seconds, minutes, days of my new life. I was crying, looking for Mohanji, and I was so desperate not being able to see him. I was calling Him, looking for Him as a baby, as a child, as a teenager, as an adult… my whole life I felt I was missing something/someone. And finally that night when I was awakened to this knowledge, I remembered everything. I remembered what I had been missing and who I had been calling since the first day of my life.


No separation anymore. Always in your Consciousness…  Forever One with you.


Jai Mohanji!