Ahimsa, the Vegan Way – a True Inspiration from Guru Mohanji

Author: Shyama Jeyaseelan, UK
As Mohanji says, “If you are sure the world must change its ways, the only way to make it happen is to start with changing your ways. Transformation is essentially individualistic before it becomes collective. And the world is what we have made of it through generations of insensitive existence.”

Ahimsa the Vegan Way - an inspiration from Mohanji

I would like to share a transformation that took place within me with Mohanji’s love and grace. Year 2016 was very special for me. It was the year when the sacred pilgrimage to Kailash became a reality, Mohanji was in the UK for Guru Poornima and retreat, received Kriya initiation from Mohanji and the year when I had the privilege of being at the Skanda Vale temple in Switzerland for the inauguration ceremony of the Somaskanda Moorthi while Mohanji was present. It was also the year Ahimsa the Vegan Café, a dream inspired by Mohanji, opened in London!

Ahimsa the Vegan Way 2 - an inspiration from Mohanji

On Guru Poornima day, an evening programme with Mohanji was organised in central London. I had the blessed opportunity to cook and serve food to Mohanji that evening. It was a simple meal but Mohanji’s kind “Thank you” made me very joyful inside. During the meal, I shared a feeling that had been bothering me for a while….

I mentioned that when our cats are unwell I feel very sad and do my best to take care of them to make them better. However, even knowing how much cows and calves are suffering in dairy farms to provide us with milk, I was still not able to give up eating dairy! It made me sad how insensitive I was being towards the suffering of other beings. Mohanji simply said, “Don’t worry, it will happen.”

My family had been vegetarian for many years, but ate eggs and dairy products. Until meeting Mohanji I had been unaware of the horrors of dairy farming. As I read articles or watched videos of the dairy industry, I prayed that things would change in the industry. I also realised that by becoming vegan, along with many others, I will be able to contribute towards positive changes in society. Although the intellect knew what was the right thing to do, the mind always won with many excuses. I didn’t want to give up my cakes and coffees!

That summer, after the retreat and being treated to beautiful vegan food for 4 days, I came home determined to stop eating dairy. Disappointingly, for various reasons it did not happen. Then the 2017 retreat took place and again on the way home I was thinking if I was going to be strong enough to do it this time.

The next day I was cooking paneer and two things happened simultaneously. I remembered at some point during the retreat Mohanji saying that the Guru we are seeking is within us. At that moment, I had the amazing feeling of Mohanji’s presence filling my body. As Guru and God merged into one, the decision of becoming vegan was one of the easiest choices to make. How can I give the most compassionate Guru something obtained by means of cruelty and suffering? That moment was the turning point for me to change.

The 1st week after stopping eating dairy products, physically I felt very light. Emotionally and mentally, it was joyful to know that I was contributing in some small way to make changes in society. Approximately 542,000 people in UK are vegan now! When I say Brahmarpanam, the food prayer before my meals, I have the happiness and satisfaction that I am offering satvic food to my Guru and God.

Ahimsa the Vegan Way 3 - an inspiration from Mohanji

Looking back, I realise whatever sadhana I do on a daily and weekly basis had started the change in me, but the process was accelerated by Mohanji’s love, grace and blessings. My heart is full of love and gratitude to Mohanji for giving me the strength to change. The bhajan below is sung by one of the children at the Sai centre. The words are so beautiful that it melts my heart every time I hear it. I also had the privilege of offering it to Mohanji during the retreat last year.


“You are my heart my soul my own

You are my own eternal guide

You are the one I adore

You are the sun the moon in the sky

You are the stars that shine at night”


You are my all, my beloved Mohanji.


With eternal love and gratitude,





Blessings Through Eyes

Author: Sujata Joshi, UK,

December 2017

I have had a truly amazing experience! I have been going through a “spiritual crisis”, for about couple of years. While being very strongly connected to my Guru and guided constantly by him telepathically, my life was going through a big testing phase. The energy surge during the Kundalini rising phase, has been something that I was struggling to cope with. Social isolation, physical ailments, loss of sleep and hunger, my body was in a mess!

I was guided by my Guru to seek help from Mohanji. Of course I have been following Mohanji’s blogs, posts, you tube video etc, all guided by my own Guru, with whom, I have only telepathic communication.

When I reached out to Mohanji, he gave me assurance and advise on what to do, with unconditional love. And as soon as I followed as Mohanji advised and guided me, I had this amazing experience. I would like explain this honestly.

Today, as I received Mohanji’s speedy response to my message.  I followed his guidance and began vertical breathing. After thirty minutes, as he said in his message, I chanted the Shiva mantra Mohanji had kindly sent me.
I realised that my body had relaxed and the Unpleasant intensity of the situation had disappeared. I could hardly keep my body upright, as the tension from last three nights had disappeared.
Somehow I managed to get into bed, though I was too relaxed to know how.
I had deep sleep. So sound in fact, it felt longer, though it had only been one hour!
Eventually, as I slowly awoke, the mantra I was given by my gurudev for protection, was automatically chanting in my head. I felt uneasy again!!! Not again, I thought!
However, I felt guided by my intuition again to search Mohanji’s Facebook. Though I didn’t know what I was looking for at the time.
Eventually, my fingers stopped at this photo of Mohanji’s eyes.


I don’t know what I was doing, but somehow I felt to hold it in front of my eyes and focus on one eye at a time, at specific intervals.

For about an hour, I experienced intense blocks of heavy energy lift up from back of my head. I was guided to see how I acquired these burdensome emotions as a small child, due to certain forced and manipulated emotional overloading; which I Carried to date. But it was too strong to unhook from on my own.
I experienced Mohanji’s strength in dislodging these blocks, as they lifted up in coiled snakelike formations and reached the top of my head. But It was impossible to stay focused until they release from a hole like space at the top.

Each time I felt weak, I felt Mohanji’s presence holding me strongly and sending even more strength through his eyes.

SJ and Mji

It went on for quite a while. About an hour.  But I did feel slack at one point due to the intensity of the situation. At this point I felt a little “lull” like mother would cradle sick child. As if to re-invigorate me, I felt a glimpse of Mohanji’s eyes through my closed eyes, in the backdrop of Kailas shikhar.

SUjata 4 Kailash mountain - experience with Mohanji

I felt rejuvenated and the remaining blocks were also lifted and released from top of my head as Mohanji kept sending more and more energy.
My head shook violently from side to side, as it always does if energy is not able to flow through my system. Today, that stagnant lump of heavy emotions was blown apart, by Mohanji’s powerful loving gaze.

I cannot describe the feeling of elation and lightness I experienced as a result of this very difficult, yet liberating episode.

Mohanji’s presence felt to me like that of Lord Shiva’s; powerful and so understated, innocence like a child. Very simple, very unassuming.

Sujata 5 Shiva - experience with Mohanji

As if it was nothing more than a little puff of smoke!
I can tell you, it was not easy to release these energetic blocks, which I have suffered with all my life.
I cannot begin to thank Mohanji for this selfless act of subliminal protection, though I have never physically met him or known him personally.

After I shared this experience with Suubhasree, she encouraged me to write about it. Not natural for me. to share publicly;  my experiences, for the fear of looking self-important or delusional.
But I cannot deny the immense difference this episode has made in my life-quality.
The clarity of my perception and the openness to share are the most beautiful presents I received as a result of this.
Though it doesn’t end there.
After sharing the experience of the release of energy blockages, I had been perceiving a vision of Kailash Shikhar and Mansarover, repeatedly and clearly, for several days.

SUjata 6 - experience with Mohanji
But it also had an important distinction.
Kailash Shikhar in my perception (my third eye) got brighter, kept rising and rising up, until it became a brilliant, white and gold pillar of light.

Sujata 7 - Kailash mountain - experience with Mohanji

I had no idea why, or what it meant, but it felt very positive to have the darshan. (I am really a Krishna devotee). I couldn’t understand why I received darshan of Kailash, though I do greatly revere Lord Shiva as well!
As I shared this, I closed my eyes again. Instantly, I felt immense joy! There was dancing! Lord Shiva was dancing! Excitement and laughter of an innocent little child was contagious!

I feel so privileged to be part of this group of friends who encourage you to share and support your experiences.

Selfless, unconditional, Divine love truly flows it’s grace through this amazing instrument called Mohanji.
Long may it continue.
In love and gratitude 🙏🏽 to Mohanji
Pranams from Sujata 🌺🌺🌻


Two Sets of Steps Walk Down the Beach…

Author: Alixandra Annette Van DerZon, USA


. . . and one set disappears. I know Mohanji, you said you would always be with me. Why did one set of footsteps disappear? Because when it was too difficult, when I simply could not manage one more step, I know, He carried me.

In Mohanji’s first visit to the USA, Ganesh and Lata called me and invited me to meet a new Indian guru. I thought, “Well it would be interesting but I have a guru so, I probably won’t.”  The day of His visit arrived and I sat at my computer and thought, “It’s too far, I don’t want to go.” And, then a powerful voice inside my head said, “GO!!!”  I’ve learned that it is wise to follow this inner voice. I immediately got up and went to the car to find my way to Viji’s home.

Sitting in their home with just a few people we had our first experience of Mohanji. He was humble, quiet, very unassuming and handsome, not at all the dramatic type of guru that I was used to then. But I loved Him very deeply. That struck me as odd. How is it I could love Him so deeply? I’ve just met him. How could my heart open so much and feel so intensely to someone I’ve just met? Also, I had a guru to whom I was deeply connected in both this life and others. I asked him, “How is this happening?” when I was graced to sit next to Him at dinner. I said, “I must have known You before. Who are You?”

He said, “And, then who are you?”  Now I was really intrigued. I asked if I might do a past-life regression.

He said, “Do a past life regression and you may do this for others.” I was humbled and grateful and went home to do it. Normally, I take my time, starting in a cottage in my imagination I wander down a hill to a river. There I normally have a beautiful white yacht take me down the river. Why not? It’s my imagination.

Instead, in this regression, a very small, old canoe with a bent old man was at my river.

Annette experience- Canoe-past life regression

I was quite taken aback at this old canoe, after all, this is my imagination why are things changing in my imagination? I thought, ‘stop it, don’t get caught up in small superficial details, just get in the boat.’

As I got in, instead of slowly ambling down the river, we shot out into the sky, and the old man straightened up and turned around and it was Mohanji!  We move at lightning speed. His quiet demeanor belies an enormous ability to work at incredible speeds.

Mohanji at Bor Lake, Serbia

Mohanji first brought me to a huge chamber where my astral body was left on a large stone to be worked upon and many Ascended Masters floated about in orbs. Next we went to Jerusalem where I saw His wife, Devi, sorting herbs although I hadn’t yet met her, I immediately knew it was her, along with many other women in a cottage.


Many other events transpired and although I understood who He was in that time, I never did figure out who I was then. I think that surprise awaits me in the Bosnian pyramids this spring.

A few days later, someone had asked for a Homa and I was delighted we were able to do this at our farm. The night before the Homa I was awoken at about 3:00 AM and I was guided to my bathroom where I looked down and saw a female wolf with four cubs. She stopped right below me and the cubs tumbled, rolling like little balls underneath her and bumping into her legs. One wolf cub hung onto her mother’s back as she walked. It was an amazing sight.


Wolves are not known to be in the area and I had never seen one before but I’m very sure I saw one that night. I told Mohanji about it later and He said it represented Shiva and the four Vedas. I felt so lovingly graced by this real life sight. I love animals but I bet not as much as our beautiful Para Brahma, Mohanji does.

Mohanji and the white healing wolf FB


Many years ago, before I’d been introduced to India and gurus, I’d had a dream of a great, blue entity covering a vast amount of a starlit night sky. And, within his energy field was a circle of wolf cubs he was teaching to do flips in the stars. I was invited into the circle and allowed to do flips with them. I woke up so excited as I knew for certain I’d dreamt of a God. It was many years, decades, before I realized I’d dreamt of Shiva. Tomorrow is Shivaratri, and I feel Shiva’s Loving presence gracing my life through our beloved guru.

Shiva and Mohanji

I accepted Mohanji as my guru, even though I had a guru before, because he was able to offer me complete freedom and I believe that freedom is the very first requirement of the Soul. The Soul needs freedom like the body needs air. It is important never to be bound to anyone nor anything. It hinders the soul’s growth.

Mohanji 2

Back to the beginning, Mohanji left from USA after a busy trip around USA. I was a bit at a loss as I had had a very disciplined sadhana full of puja, chanting malas and daily satsang and meditation. One day I found lessons from the Sikhs on singing from the chakras. I thought, “Oh how lovely, I need this!” I began the singing lessons and practiced daily while continuing meditation.

A year later, Mohanji returned and asked, “How are your singing lessons?” I was shocked.

I said amazed, “You sent them to me?”  He simply smiled.

He never stands on ceremony or makes a big deal of the millions of ways small and large that He graces our lives every single day. And, I know I am not worthy of all He gives to me but I do try my best and endeavor to surrender ever more and try to build up more discipline and move bhaav (love, devotion).

Mohanji 3

Many, many other things occurred with Mohanji’s infinite love and grace but one incident I’d like to share is that the farm I live on is in “hurricane alley.” This means we have old mountains on either side which grace our valley with very rich black soil that our organic flowers and vegetables love but we also catch the hurricanes.


When I first moved onto the farm the electricity went out three times in one week! And, back then it could take days to come back on again. Since Mohanji’s arrival I don’t think we’ve lost electricity for more than an hour. It’s been amazing.

One time an enormous hurricane blew through the valley and threatened to take the roofs off and blow out the cars’ windows.  It was suddenly diverted. We had no idea why this hurricane didn’t come as it had been headed straight for us. Mohanji later asked, “So how was the hurricane?” I was again astonished but I really should have been able to pick up on his subtle ways by then. He had diverted the hurricane and kept us all safe.

Very recently, in Dec 2017, I had a small miracle that graced me. While Mohanji was with a group tracing the steps of Shirdi Sai Baba I was graced several times with the smell of Shirdi Sai Baba’s cheroot. It was so strong I would get up and go look upstairs and outdoors to see who was smoking. I finally looked on the computer to see where my beloved guru was and realized what was happening. I missed Him so much and He gave me this gift to let me know He and the guru mandala were with me.

Shirdi Sai Baba and Mohanji

Just recently, I was injured and it is a rather long, complicated story which I’ll leave for another day. After I was injured, I connected directly to Mohanji and a huge healing happened to me, I could feel golden light descend into parts of my body. My intuition sky-rocketed and I could read everyone in the hospital – their intents were completely transparent. This is normally the case but now it was like looking through glass – it was so very clear. The energy of the golden light lasted for days. I knew I’d been transported to a place of real grace.

Mohanji 5

I was so energized that I began to spontaneously chant and heal people. I asked to be transported to different parts of the globe and saw children suffering and chanted with them in my lap. The first child was in Africa, later I went to various parts of India. I was so grateful to Mohanji that I had the energies to do this great work.

To My Beloved Brahmarishi Mohanji

Ajnyaana-Timira-Andhasya Jnyaana-jana-Shaalaakayaa
Cakssur-Unmiilitam Yena Tasmai Shrii-Gurave Namah

Salutations to the Guru – Who Removes the Darkness of Ignorance from our Blind (Inner) Eyes by applying the Collyrium of the Light of Knowledge.
By Whom our (Inner) Eyes are Opened; Salutations to that Guru.

Infinite Love, Annette



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Grace at Death – A Maitri Healing Experience

Author: Subhasree Thottungal

Grace at Death 1 A Mai Tri Healing experience

आत्मञ्जानाग्निदानेन तस्मै श्रीगुरवे नमः ॥९॥

Aneka-Janma-Sampraapta-Karmaindhana-Vidaahine |
Aatma jnaana-Agni-Daanena Tasmai Shree-Gurave Namah

Salutations to the noble Guru, Who Burns away the Fuel of Karma, Accumulated over Many Births, By Giving (Kindling) the Fire of Self-Knowledge.

The above shloka from Guru Gita explains how Guru helps in burning the Karma thus achieving liberation.

It’s true that with absolute surrender, openness and faith, we will get to see, feel and experience the true phenomenon of how Guru mandala operates in various dimensions, for liberation.

Grace at Death 2 A Mai Tri Healing experience - Gurus

Maitri Healing – the healing process through the divine energy of Mohanji is one of such processes that made me witness such a powerful phenomenon recently.

Grace at Death 3 A Mai Tri Healing experience - Mohanji blessing

This incident has brought awareness to visualise and understand with more clarity than before. Hence I feel it’s very important to convey what I have realised, which will help everyone to get the awareness of Guru Tatwa (principle) and come out of any materialistic bindings and doubts.

A recent quote from Mohanji mentioned –

 “At the time of final displacement from earth, at the time of our death, no wealth, money, power, position or relationships come handy. All that comes handy is our connection with God. Establish yourself in God while you can. That is your only insurance for a smooth transit.”

Grace at Death 4 A Mai Tri Healing experience - Mohanji

This is just so apt and what I have witnessed, very much relates to this.

Well, here is how, the experience goes, while keeping the name anonymous to respect the privacy as requested.

Around end of December 2017, I received a request for a Maitri Healing session for someone’s father (I am going to refer him as “uncle” throughout this text), who was quite old, but was suffering from a very bad skin reaction.

body - Maitri Healing

As I do in every Maitri healing session, with surrender to Mohanji and Guru Mandala, I carried out the session. From this very first session, there was an indication of the journey of the soul has started. This uncle was very connected to his Guru and God and would always keep chanting. It was clear that the previous impressions were erupting out to finish off any karma.

Mohanji quote - The whole spirituality is about

Uncle felt positive with the healing session and requested me to do quite frequent sessions, if not every day, at least every other day! In a couple of weeks’ time, doctors found the root cause of his skin disease. This was not diagnosed for about 3-4 months. But within couple of weeks of Maitri Healing sessions, the root cause was found and appropriate medications were started. I knew divine energy was working! We continued the sessions. In a couple of week’s I had to go to India for my Yoga training programme, but I was going to Shirdi first. Uncle and aunty gave me some money to donate for charity knowing that I am going to Shirdi and said me to pray for them. I was also going to meet Mohanji in Shirdi, so they conveyed their gratitude for Mohanji, too.

Shirdi Sai Baba and Mohanji

During this trip to India, I met Mohanji in Shirdi, I had so heavenly darshan of Sai Baba and also later on at Ganeshpuri, I had a beautiful darshan of Bhagwan Nityananda on the day of Prana pratishtha of his new idol.

Grace at Death 5 A Mai Tri Healing experience - Prana Pratishta, Mohanji, Shirdi

Being in the holy soil of masters, visiting the temple, meeting Mohanji himself, all these indicated the grace of Guru Mandala.

After returning from India, for more than a week, I could not go to them for any healing session due to some or other work engagement. Few days later, we had another Maitri Healing session happening at my home by Deviji. Uncle came to my home for healing with Deviji. Even during this healing session, eruption from past life impressions came out, thus indicating exhaustion of those impressions too. Along with healing, he also received the Shirdi Baba’s Prasad that I had brought for them.

A week later, Uncle wanted to see me and have a healing session. On that evening, though he was otherwise quite independent, seemed bit lost, neck bending down, hard to keep the head up. While looking for a devotional chanting to play, Maha Mrityunjay mantra that too sung by his Guru started to play. A smile came in my lips. This indicated the presence of Guru at that moment. A feeling of positivity, joy and peace overtook the otherwise uneasy physical pain situation. Until I was there, Uncle stayed in the same room chanting while the mantra was playing!


Couple of days later, I received a message that Uncle is no more. He took his last breath early in the morning, while chanting a mantra all through the night. When I went to his home and saw him, there was an amazing peace on his face. No doubt that the soul was at peace on its way back to the Home! What an end! No hospital stay, no hassles, no life like a vegetable, being at home, amongst the loved ones, being independent until very end, Uncle left his body.

In the last couple of months, through the healing sessions I have felt the compassion of Guru Mandala. During every session, the chain of karma was severed. Realisation of each Karma was accelerated and was exhausted in a speedy way. When all the Karma exhausted, he was lifted by the Gurus in the safe journey back to home and he left in a vehicle “Om Namah Shivay!”

Grace at Death 6 A Mai Tri Healing experience - Baba Ganeshananda, Mohanji

Gurus embraced him, guided him and lifted his soul on its final journey! Witnessing this journey of the soul with the Gurus, was an astounding eye opener for me.

Maitri Healing with divine energy connected to Mohanji’s consciousness is not just about physical and emotional healing, its actually about freedom. Freedom, via breaking down the chain of Karma! Every time, healing helps soul to detach from karma subtly but surely.

Once again, I realised, faith and surrender has made the soul eligible to receive the eternal love and compassion from entire Guru Mandala and they embrace the soul back to its home.

I feel no less fortunate even to be able to witness such a beautiful journey, even from far away. My head bows down to Mohanji and the entire Guru Mandala for the silent work they constantly do to empower liberation of each single soul. May this grace of Guru flow through us until the very last soul in this earth gets the liberation.

Grateful to have found my Guru Mohanji carrying me on this golden path on this beautiful journey. Thank you Mohanji. Thank you Para Brahma. I end this gratitude with a prayer to Adi Guru, one and only Shiva!


Om Shiva Om Shiva Paratpara Shiva

Omkareshwara Tava Sharanam

Namami Shankara Bhavani Shankara

Uma Maheswara Tava Sharanam







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Mohanji’s 53rd Birthday Worldwide Celebrations

Mohanji quote - Remain love

Mohanji’s message

“Celebrate my birthday with abandoned children, children without parents, abused children, old and abandoned people, sick people, etc. Make them happy. Show them that you sincerely care. Their joy is my joy. Give them assurance, strength, support and love. Share what you have, whatever you have in abundance with those who have nothing. Do not discriminate between species. Remember, human species is just one species in this world. Rescue and take care of abandoned animals, if you have the capacity too. All these actions will create positive energy in this world…

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your deep love and affection for me. You are my true wealth. Your love is my inspiration, oxygen and existence. Be happy. Remain love. No other emotions will give you so much power, elevation and purification. I shall never leave your hand. Make sure you will not leave my hand either. Everything that you offer to me is well received. I get it each time, every time. So, be at your place. Chant your favorite mantra with sincere devotion in your mind the whole day. Perform aaratis which will purify your internal and external environment. Be more beneficial to the world. My happiness is when the people who love me and I love serve the world unconditionally and see me in every being. I bless you and am with you. Be rest assured.

Bless you with a good life filled with love towards all, and hatred towards none.

Infinite Love

Countries on all continents celebrated selflessly, gifting the needy instead of Mohanji personally, as He suggested before His birthday and as He reminds every year. To see the moments from various places, follow the links below:










In South Africa, we started with yoga sessions at Shumbashaba (Johannesburg) every Saturday, with groups of 20 to 45 kids, aged 6 to 18. Besides postures, we learn about the importance of breath and a healthy body. We learn to hugs ourselves and love ourselves. Along comes respect to others, love and compassion, gratitude and discipline. We start every class with breathing, Om and an affirmation. Momentarily, peace and silence arises. Each day transformation is truly visible. After each class the kids are different. Now the look forward to our next classes. Out of 40 kids, if even one child gets transformed, our job is done.

Mohanji Youth Club - yoga - happy birthday
On the day of Father’s birthday and the day of Mohanji Youth Club, along with ACT South Africa, after the yoga class we celebrated with a huge cake for 200 little ones and a hearty vegan meal.
In Belgrade our team visited a family in crisis, spent time with them and provided packaged dry foods.
At our center in Belgrade, Serbia, it is now a long term project to collect and distribute packaged food for humans, dogs, cats and birds. We celebrated Father’s Birthday in the close surrounding of our MYC family, bonding and preparing vegan meals.
One objective of MYC has been accomplished – we have become one true family, who loving and supporting each other.
We look forward to an even more fun month of March.
Infinite gratitude to Father for the strength and inspiration. All activities surrendered at His feet. ❤🎊

Mohanji Youth Club - happy birthday- vegan cake


HSTY celebrated the birthday of our founder, Brahmarishi Mohanji’s, birthday by offering the gift of traditional yoga to people at various locations around the world. Each session brought HSTY’s unique blend of spiritual knowledge, traditional touch and deep element of devotion to each participant, filling them with lightness and joy.

Canada team conducted a morning yoga session as part of a day-long event (A Day in Mohanji’s Consciousness). The session lasted over 2.5 hours without people realizing it! In the words of a participant Anand Prasad, “During these exercises, Neha got me connected to my body and I could feel each part of my body from joints to muscles and could even feel the blood circulating through my entire body parts. To be honest I found these yogic exercises much more rigorous yet very effective on my body as well as mind as it made me feel very light and centered. Further it broke my false concept that gym is better than yogic exercises and also realised that my body has become so stiff because of gyming. Though the yogic exercises were a bit painful for my stiff body, but Neha made it easy for us by creating a jovial environment. The precedence of yogic exercises to yoga nidra took me deep inside me and it made me totally blank and silent. For almost 20 minutes I went into silence and didn’t feel like moving or talking. Thank you Mohanji for gracing us with such activities through Neha. Jai Mohanji”

Malaysia team conducted a yoga session besides sadhana and seva activities to mark the day.

UK team conducted yoga sessions at two different locations, a corporate office and a meditation centre, catering to diverse sets of participants. The sessions began with light yogic exercises and built up through a series of asanas and pranayamas towards a yoga nidra. The team also shared knowledge from Patanjali’s yoga sutras to help participants understand the true meaning of traditional yoga.

South Africa team conducted yoga session for children from ages 6 to 18. The volunteer teachers explained the importance of breath and a healthy body, besides the techniques of postures. The class started with breathing, Om chanting and affirmations. Fun elements were incorporated to keep the children engaged through the yoga session.

In India, yoga sessions were held at multiple locations. The highlight was a special yoga session in Delhi at a shelter for children. The volunteer teachers Pooja and Sanchiti conducted a fun-filled session for over 50 children. As Pooja said “These kids were such an inspiration to learn and know more. Loving and hugging them felt a beautiful energy exchanged with them filling and making us richer in sharing more love and joy. We ever remain indebted to our teachers who gave this prasad”

HSTY Happy birthday Mohanji




On 23 Feb 2018, in celebration of birthday of our beloved Mohanji, founder of ACT, our ACT Serbia team ventured out to a distant city Petrovac na Mlavi for the first time, reaching out to the needy Roma community with 300 large food packets and over 40 packets of clothes and shoes.
Children were most delighted to receive the aid, especially the toys, accessories and perfumes. Their innocence and beauty touched our hearts.
Mr. Jamail, President of the Roma Community of Petrovac na Mlavi, thanked the ACT team members and volunteers and especially Mohanji, congratulating his birthday and celebrating the historical link between Punjab and Roma community.
ACT Serbia team also thanks all those who supported this initiative and the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization (EHO) who helped us find the truly needy people and reach out to them.

ACT Serbia Happy birthday Mohanji - clothes and food donation - Petrovac na Mlavi


We are very blessed to have spent this day with so many beautiful and loving people.  We organized Conscious dancing with Devi Mohan, meditation Blossoms of Love, and enjoyed a mini group Satsang in this amazing atmosphere.

Food was blessed and offered to our beloved Mohanji and the Divine Masters. We were showered with love and light.

Happy birthday Mohanji - Zemun - conscious dancing, Blossoms of Love meditation




In the honour of Mohanji’s birthday,  ACT Macedonia carried out a charity activity with donating packages with food, clothes , school and hygienic supplies to three families in social risks and one beautiful man (without any financial income)  who takes care for many birds and cats. All together, we celebrated the birthday with sharing a lot of unconditional love and smiles.

Happy birthday dear Father!

ACT Macedonia - Happy birthday Mohanji 2018



In Split, Croatia, we celebrated Mohanji’s birthday organising two ACT Foundation Croatia actions. For the second time, we had a vegan meal for about 40 homeless people, and we visited an association that takes care about children without parents, and donated clothing, food and hygienic supplies. The children were very happy about our visit and it was such a blessing to serve them.
The ACT Foundation Croatia has made 8 major actions since the beginning of this year and many more actions are planned.

ACT Fondacija CROATIA - Happy birthday Mohanji


Thanks to God, the exalted master Mohanji and dear and generous people from Bjeljina, today we have made the day at least a little more wonderful to a beautiful eight-member family from Batkovic (a village near Bjeljina). Let the loveliest joy be with them, as well as the awareness that they are not alone, thanks God.

From now on we are going to organise a similar activity each month. Humanity is our path. The path of liberation and unconditional love.

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Happy birthday Mohanji



What can we say Mohanji… we are being selfish when we wish you Happy Birthday and pray for your long life… this is for us as we live, as long as you live!! We exist till you exist!
Let this existence be eternal, our Parabrahma!!!
May you succeed in your mission for this incarnation and we will be with you, latching on to you…

Your birthday is very special to us and to many other people, birds and animals who are benefiting from the service activities of those who love and follow you.

On this auspicious occasion, we would also like to announce that our application to register MOHANJI FOUNDATION UK as a registered charity of England and Wales has been accepted by the UK charity commission!! Our charity registration number is 1177264 and the link is at: http://bit.ly/2COzYar
This is all your grace and we offer you our love, affection and gratitude for giving us this opportunity to sanctify our lives. Lots of love to you from all the UK team.
Such a blessed day for the UK team to have got an official recognition of our organisation by UK Charity Commission! We have miles to go, but this start on this auspicious day will always be in our hearts.

Happy birthday dear Mohanji… Lots of Love from all of us in UK family!

UK - Happy birthday Mohanji - Paduka puja

As the UK family is now moving to the last event this evening, of this year’s birthday celebrations, following activities have been completed:

On 23rd Feb
Paduka puja, chanting and arati in Pinner.
Dry food donation at Milton Keynes.
Cooked food donation to homeless center Watford.
HSTY yoga at Milton Keynes.
Dog and cat food donation to animal shelter in Wales.

First PoP meditation at Cardiff.
Poor children fed in Uganda under ACT foundation sponsored by Lisa, a devotee from UK family.

UK - Happy birthday Mohanji - Feeding the hungry - ACT UK

On 24th Feb
Cooking for Homeless at Mother Teresa Home.
HSTY yoga session in Pinner.
Homa and food seva at Birmingham.

We also had Paduka puja, mantra chanting, bhajans by devotees, bhajan by a professional singer, cake cutting and vegan dinner for all.

UK - Happy birthday Mohanji - HSTY YOGA - Feeding the hungry - ACT UK

UK - Happy birthday Mohanji - evening - cake and bhajans

See more photos here.



Mohanji Italy


India title

Mohanji spent His birthday at Vaishno Devi Temple. Before that, He was gifted with a vegan cake from Madhuban restaurant.

Happy 53rd birthday Mohanji

Maa Durga Vaishno Devi Temple

Yet another divine presence!!! A clear presence of Maa Vaishno Devi. Maa Durga in Mohanji with sword in hand. This sword is the symbol of divine power in Him empowered by entire Gurumandala, all deities, to remove the negatives and blockages from every being in world… inside and outside.

Pic. left. Mohanji with the chief priest of Vaishno Devi temple!
Pic. right. Message filled with Shakti power from Shiva!!! “Ardhanarishwara” – the true amalgamation of Shiva and Shakti. Jai Mohanji. This is our true blessing from You on Your Birthday, Mohanji! Thank you. Super charged.


Mohanji’s birthday was celebrated in Jamshedpur starting with an intense Power of Purity meditation, followed by Mohanji Arati and Cake cutting. The beautiful evening ended with a wonderful experience shaing.One of the participants for whom it was just the second time of attending the meditations said that he could see lots of colors especially blue and black and some flash of light.
Jamshedpur - Happy birthday Mohanji
In Kerala, Mohanji’s Birthday was celebrated by conducting Power of Purity Meditation at Guruvayur and Archanas and Pujas were conducted at various temples on Mohanji’s name at Thiruvvananthapuram,Cochin,Palakkad,Angadippuram,Ottapalam
And Mohanji Arti, Chanting Mantra were done at
Cochin and Angadippuram.
Kerala - Happy birthday Mohanji
On Mohanji’s birthday, there was food seva facilitated by Mohanji Team in Leprosy colony in Kurnool.
Kurnool,Food seva facilitated by Mohanji Team in Leprosy colony on His birthday
The Bangalore Mohanji Family celebrated Mohanji’s birthday by starting with Power of Purity meditation, followed by chanting, Mohanji Arati and cake cutting.
The Bangalore Mohanji Family celebrated Mohanji's Birthday by starting with Power of Purity Meditation, followed by Chanting, Mohanji Arati and Cake cutting
The Jammu family celebrated Mohanji’s Birthday by conducting a Yoga session, followed by Chanting and Bliss of Silence Meditation.
Jammu - Yoga - HSTY - Happy birthday Mohanji
In Chennai, Mohanji’s Birthday was celebrated at an old age home, by conducting an intense Power of Purity Meditation. The energy levels were really high as the meditation began . The attendees were quite elderly, however they patiently and lovingly sat through the meditation and acknowledged that they were really feeling good after meditation and they all blessed Mohanji.
Chennai - Happy birthday Mohanji
The Mumbai Mohanji family celebrated Mohanji’s birthday starting with a powerful Power of Purity Session, followed by Mohanji Paada Puja, Mahamrityunjaya Chant and the Cake was cut after the Mohanji Arati. The blissful program ended with beautiful experience sharing by all the participants.
Mumbai - Happy birthday Mohanji
The Kolkata Mohanji Family celebrated Mohanji’s birthday starting with the Master’s Paada Puja, followed by Chanting of Mohanji’s Ashtottari(108 names), Mohanji Gayatri Chant.The blissful program ended with Bhajans.
Kolkata - Happy birthday Mohanji
In Gurgaon, the Mohanji family celebrated Mohanji’s  birthday  by starting with a very energetic Power of Purity Meditation followed by Devi Kavacham Chant and ended with Arati to Mohanji.
Gurgaon - Happy birthday Mohanji
he Delhi Mohanji Family celebrated Mohanji’s birthday at  Nizamuddin by cutting a cake which was followed by an Arati to the Master.
Delhi - Happy birthday Mohanji



Wishing you a very Happy Birthday on behalf of Ammucare team!  We offer our gratitude from the core of our beings for inspiring us with your unconditional love  to walk this  path of ‘seva’.
Love You beyond all expressions.

Ammucare - Happy birthday Mohanji

On the occasion of the birthday of our Founder, Visionary, Guide and Inspiration, as a part of celebration we did “Annadan” (food distribution) at various centres of the country, accompanied with blood donation in Bangalore.

1.Suresh from Guhawati organized Food seva for 50 mentally challenged and abondened women  of Ashadaan Orphanage.

2.Nikita and team from Pune distributed snacks and cakes to the children of a large slum and Mohanji ka Aangan.

3.Deepali organized Food seva for more than 300 underprivileged Tribal  people on banks of river Narmada.

4.Harmeet from Delhi organized Food seva for 120 differently abled people and also distributed cakes.

5.Nikunj from Jamshedpur made sure that  our feathered and  four legged friends were not left behind and served them food and grains.

6.Arpana and team from  Bangalore served food and cake to 20   victims of child  sexual abuse/

7.Sunita and team from Kolkata visited a school for street children and served 42 kids with food and cake and gave out goody bags.

8.Rekha and team from Chennai served dinner to 26 inmates of an orphanage  on 17 th of Feb.

9. Team Jammu led by Sakshi  organized dance workshop, sports and many fun filled activities  for the  kids of Mohanji ka Aangan.They also distributed  food and cakes to children.

10. Mumbai team led by Seeta and Preethi organized Annadan and other activities in various locations in Mumbai

11. 100 migrant  workers were distributed food in Andheri.
-75 blankets were distributed to security guards of a housing complex.
12. Birds , ants and other animals were fed in Mahim.
13. Team Mumbai did Annadan near Mahim area…they distributed 100 snack packets  and muffins to street children and homeless people.

14.Blood donation  camp is going at Bangalore.


Ammucare Team Delhi celebrated Mohanji’s birthday at Cheshire home, a home to 120 differently abled people.We were really touched by the humility and unconditional love expressed by these people. All of them wholeheartedly joined in the celebration , a huge 10 Kg cake was cut and later sandwiches were distributed.
Final celebration of Mohanji’s birthday was held at Aangan along with pre holi celebration.The children enjoyed the blast of music and dance.Food packets, chips, fruit drinks,muffins and sandwiches were also distributed to all the kids along with splash of colours.

New Delhi - Ammucare - Happy birthday Mohanji


On the auspicious occasion of Mohanji’s Birthday, Jabalpur’s team organized Annadan on the banks of river Narmada. The Narmada amongst other sacred rivers in India holds a special place in our hearts for many significant religious and Spiritual reasons. Annadan started with the century old rituals of Aarti and Bhog to river Narmada. First food was served to cows and little girls considering her as form of the River Narmada. Around 300 people ate sumptuous prasad consisting of Veg Biryani, Chana – Potato Curry along with Kheer as a meal. Ammucare extends its heartfelt thanks to our member Nripendra Chauhan & his team of Volunteers for organizing such beautiful seva activity.
We intend to organise many more seva activities in this region in coming times.
Ammucare - JABALPUR - happy birthday Mohanji 0



Annadhan at an Orphanage!

Birthday celebrations commenced at the Chennai center on 17th February when, our team visited a girls’ home for orphans and abandoned children. The evening started off on a cheerful note with Freedom meditation after a brief introduction of the meditation process in Tamil. The meditation transformed the energy and soon it was party time. We sang songs, played games and shared experiences. A sumptuous dinner was served to the 26 inmates by the volunteers. The kids were also given a small gift of personal accessories. The volunteers returned after a joyous evening with their hearts and souls filled with gratitude and bliss!
Jai Mohanji!

Chennai Aangan - Happy birthday Mohanji - annandan at an orphanage 0


Our beloved Guru’s birthday was celebrated on 23rd evening by the Ammucare Chennai team at an old age home called Amma Illam. These 25 old people and 15 children are being taken care of by a lady called Jacquiline. This young lady is recovering from a stroke this past year but continues her Seva with a beautiful smile and strong will power.

The team visited the old age home in the evening between 4 and 6 pm. After some interaction, a POP was conducted. The energy was so powerful that each one of us was overwhelmed. There were tears of gratitude in the eyes of many women.

We had a very lively interaction with the inmates after which we sang a number of bhajans. The enthusiasm of these women floored us completely. The food seva commenced at 6 pm with a simple meal, keeping in mind the age of the group. A separate and more sumptuous meal was sent to the 15 children who were engaged in studies. Their loving smiles and blessings of these beautiful women really made our day!

Few litres of cooking oil and fresh coffee powder were also donated as per their requirements. The few hours filled our hearts with joy and listening to their experiences truly was a learning experience. The key takeaway for the volunteers was from the oldest member of the group – a 95 year lady. This beautiful soul saves a portion of her meal each day and shares it with a mentally imbalanced man who lives on the street outside her home!!! Need we say more!

Chennai Old Age Home - Happy birthday Mohanji



We had a blessed evening at Mohanji ka Aagan. We could feel the presence of father! Kids were so happy, we started with warm up excercies then dance workshop. Kids were dancing, laughing and smiling…it was such a beautiful scene.
Then the next part was sports completions, racing, tabata, tug of war, planks, etc.
3 winners were selected from each category…
After that cake cutting and final dance practices, we distributed puri, halwa, aloo bhaji to the kids!

Jammu Mohanji Ka Aangan - Happy birthday Mohanji - Ammucare 0


Guwahati team celebrated the occasion of our beloved Father’s birthday on the 23rd of Feb, 2018 by organising Annadaan for 50 inhabitants who were differently abled and rescued desitiute Women at Ashadaan Orphanage home in Goalpara, Assam. Snacks were also provided to all after which feeding of cows at Gowshala took place in the nearby village.

Guwahati - Ammucare - Happy birthday Mohanji - Aanandan


Mohanji’s birthday at Visakhapatnam was celebrated by serving early morning breakfast to street dwellers and underprivileged. Hot Breakfast comprising of Idli, Wada, sambhar and Chatni and water packet was served. Many new
volunteers also came forward and joined hands to serve the needy. Many blessed the volunteers with the chants of “Jai Sai ram”. The happiness in the eyes of the recipient was unparalleled. The people exhibited extraordinary helpfulness by
collecting food packets for their friends also who were sitting far away and due to their illness or handicap were not able to come to collect the packets. The activity was planned many days prior and a local hawker was tied up to
prepare breakfast. Hawker was extremely happy to prepare breakfast as he has small business and hardly gets big orders. This activity was actually a soul food for the noble hearts who joined together to make this a reality.

Visakhapatnam - Ammucare - Annandan - Happy birthday Mohanji 0


Girls’ Rescue Home

Ammucare in Bangalore celebrated Father’s Bday at a girls rescue home, Swakshatra. Swakshatra is a girls rescue and rehabilitation centre aimed at ensuring basic child safety and giving rightful education and care. The home currently houses 20 girls from the age of 7-16 years. We arrived at the venue with a cake, some sweet boxes and lunch items. The girls were very jubiliant throughout the celebration and delightedly cut the cake and sang a beautiful B’day song to Mohanji.

Bangalore - Ammucare - Happy birthday Mohanji - Girls shelter


Winding through the lanes and bylanes, we reached a shanty area called creek lane and entered a small room where many little children were waiting for us. We distributed the lunch boxes which consisted of dal, two chapatis, two vegetables and rice. The excitement rose during the cake cutting as they sang happy birthday to Mohanji. They relished the cake. These children are housed in that room for few hours where they get food and basic
learning and as evening approaches they are back on the streets. We distributed a goody bag to them, it contained a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, a chocolate biscuit packet,
drawing book and box of crayons.Their happy smiles brought great joy to all of us.

Kolkata - Ammucare - Happy birthday Mohanji - aanandan (0)


Ammucare Team Mumbai organised Annadan at multiple locations on the auspicious occasion of Mohanji’s birthday.

The smile and contentment on their faces as they received the food warmed the hearts of our volunteers.

Mumbai - Ammucare - Mohanji happy birthday- aanandan (0)


Ammucare Pune Team celebrated Mohanji’s Birthday by carrying out food sewa of samosa and cakes for kids of a large slum as well as Pune Aangan kids. The kids sang merrily for Mohanji.

The celebration continued over the weekend, the team conducted meditation at the school for specially abled children which houses 140 kids both boys and girls and distributed chocolates. In spite of the disability the children were smiling and exhibiting an environment of positivity and camaraderie, helping each other on wheel chairs.They also distributed crutches to some and bed sheets.
The administrative authorities were full of gratitude and all the volunteers felt blessed.

Ammucare- Pune - Happy birthday Mohanji

-In Andheri, 100 migrant workers including men, women and children were served hot idlis and chutney. The migrant workers come from all over India to Mumbai just to make money for their families in their hometowns.

– In Chembur, blankets were distributed to 75 guards of a Housing Complex.

-In Mahim, 100 snack packets containing veg roll and chocolate muffin were distributed to street children and homeless people.

– In Dadar and Mahim, seagulls, pigeons, crows and and ants were also fed by our team.

– In Vashi, veg biryani, sweets and biscuits to 250 street children and homeless people.

– In Malad a month’s grocery packet including atta, rice and daal was handed over to
‘Relief and Welfare Society for the Blind’

Ammucare- Happy birthday Mohanji-seva at various places


To commemorate a very special and sacred occasion – our beloved Mohanji’s birthday, the Mohanji Malaysia team organized a pada-pooja and Mohanji aarti, along with the Power Of Purity meditation afterwards, and then ending the day with a joy-filled, heartwarming chat and experience-sharing session. A special HSTY yoga was even conducted by one of our beloved devotees.

Speaking of seva/ service, Mohanji says, “Your spontaneous expression of kindness, compassion and love towards all beings, without discrimination, is celebration for me. If you consistently express love, compassion and kindness to all beings, including nature, it is indeed celebration for me. Then my time on Earth becomes truly worthwhile. This resonated deeply within us.

So in line with this precious life lesson and in honor of Mohanji’s birthday, together we raised some funds to purchase items of necessity for the beautiful children of HCK Home. We spent some time with these precious little ones talking about all that made them happy – from prayers just before bed, favourite things to do, a bit about school and group haircuts at the barber. With wide-eyed anticipation, one of them even asked us, “Who is more powerful? Mohanji or Jesus”. Pure happiness was evident on their faces, and this made for a truly heartwarming sight for all of us.

On a whole, it was a beautiful day doing all we did with Mohanji’s guidance and blessings. Thank you dearest Mohanji for just being there and making our souls shine.

Lots of Love from all of us in Malaysia.

Malaysia - Happy birthday Mohanji



Mohanji birthday celebration started with 108 Mahamrityunjaya Mantra chanting followed by Aarti and Cake Cutting.
Started with 108 Mahamrityunjaya Mantra chanting followed by Aarti and Cake Cutting- Happy birthday Mohanji



By Mataji T. Villareal Sharma

Happy Birthday Mohanji and Rahul! 😍

I have no words to describe today, except that it was pure joy and lots of fun! 😇🙏

The kids prepared several amazing and moving song and dance numbers for us. They gave back before they even received. Such is the grace of a powerful upbringing in their blessed space. The sisters were encouraging, gentle and loving. I saw in their eyes, how proud they were of their girls! 😍

“Yay! May drawing book na ako!” shouted one little girl. (Yay! I have a drawing book now!) The others flocked on the books spread out, and quickly chose the ones they wanted to keep for themselves. We went there to bring them smiles, but they gave us so much more than what we brought with us. 🙏

Thank you team #MeditationGarden for your love -boundless, pure and beautiful.

Our gratitude to everyone who contributed their mind, body, heart, spirit, time and finances for today’s outreach project.

The initiation of our feeding projects and rice distribution projects were deeply inspired by Avadhoot Nadananda, who gave us the opportunity to serve at a hospital center in Kurnool, India. 🙏#SiddhaganjKurnool

We would have nothing to hand-out if not for our generous and loving donors. Our sincere gratitude goes to: #AbdulAlsaad#DottieArnaldo#TinTiu#HelenBarbasa#CarolinaUrban#LalaLucas#OliverLucas#SachiVillareal#LuvimAmores#RonaBaes#MutyaNavarra#ManuelBlancolll#ValentineBaclor and to our of course, to the entire team of The Meditation Garden who shared their mind, body, heart, spirit, time, effort and also finances to make our outreach projects a success.

We are fortunate to have the Grand Gazebo’s best chefs to cook our outreach meals. Thank you for to Mrs. Nelida Araza too for the crunchy and soft banana turon!

Philippines - Happy birthday Mohanji





ACT SA Teams celebrated Father’s birthday and served over 2000 meals in the last few days. Many ACTs of kindness took place from visiting special needs homes for children,

2 Orphanages

2 Old age homes

2 Homeless shelters

Home for mental health

and terminally ill patients home

Creches for under privileged children

Donations of water to the Western Cape

Clothing, groceries, cash a wheel chair  and cleaning material donations to homes and crèches

Gifts of blankets, toiletries, T-shirts health packs and bags at Centres and creches

Handing out bread, sandwiches and food along the road and in townships

Handing out specially baked vegan cakes at a hospital, orphanage, school and campus

As well as over a thousand meals lovingly prepared

for homeless in the streets and at the beach front

And 2 community centres for children.

All in gratitude and surrender at Father’s Lotus Feet.


1008 Gifts of Kindness

“Namaste Guruji we have reached our halfway mark for our target of 1008 seva, 450 people were seen at the health clinic which we paid for and 50 people had their eyes tested and glasses given, yesterday we did the children’s home and today we doing disabled home. Thank you for blessing our outreach to the vulnerable in our communities. I am more than fulfilled we had an awesome opportunity to serve these embodiments of love, it was by far the most beautiful experience we had and it is all through Your divine Grace in making us instruments of Your unconditional love. I am forever grateful to You and angel Ammu that I fell in love with from the beginning. All my thoughts and prayers spurred on by Her presence centers around service. I prostrate at your Divine feet Guruji.” Sulosh Pillai

In honour of our Guru MohanjiACT KZN is doing 1008 gifts of kindness this month to celebrate, we will be gifting free eye tests and medication for the vulnerable on Pheliphepa health Care train this week and gifting Mohanji T shirts and bags to homes of the disabled and abandoned children, we will also distribute health packs from this week and combine it with meals in different areas, we kicked off the seva in Stanger where Molly cooked a sumptuous meal. We distributed school bags, health packs chips and sweets we also presented them with Ammu Care Bears and the joy was plastered on their face. Shiva and Mohanji’s Presence was palpable today. Koti Koti Pranaams Guruji. We are so blessed to be in His breathing space in this Lifetime! Bless you  Molly for taking us to this seva.

Happy birthday Mohanji, South Africa, 1008 seva by Sulosh Pillai

“I am blessed meeting you and your team Sulosh. You all have done an awesome seva. The joy on those kids faces brought tears to my eyes. Doing seva on an auspicious evening really felt great. Thank u Sulosh for your love and kindness. Blessings to you always. It was really an amazing evening.” Molly Stanger
Yugen ACT Foundation Centre Durban

Durban met their target of seva feeding over 1000 people in February!

Started at 3.30pm by leaving supper for 80 people at the Ark Cato ridge . Thereafter went to Durban esplanade did feed 120 homeless adults . At beach front did another 70 homeless adults with veg curry and rice with two slices of bread . At 5pm Cato street two shelters did feed rice curry and two slices bread . At shelter served 60 people and one child  Cooked one big pot of rice and veg curry , potatoes Lentil soya chunks . With so many people I had to buy 8 loads of bread . At every feeding points people where very happy and were waiting to be served, they are very happy and appreciative.🏻

Yugen Centre Durban - ACT South Africa - Happy birthday Mohanji

Truly inspired Seva and dedication in Durban! Wyebank crèche lunch for the children. Supper at the ARK Home for men. Gift packs of toiletries, bags and clothing were handed out.

Yugen Centre Durban 2- ACT South Africa - Happy birthday Mohanji


Julie, Oliver, Ruvesh Dheena from Randburg centre celebrated Mohanji’s birthday!
“Serve the world selflessly and unconditionally and with no partiality for any beings!”
ACT Foundation Randburg Centre donated a new wheelchair, groceries and cleaning materials at Tswelopele Old Age Home and Frail care centre for 90 residents that have been abandoned in Hillbrow.
Randburg - ACT South Africa - Happy birthday Mohanji


Warren, Mamma Warren, Deloshnie Ivory Park Midrand

24 February serving in Ivory Park:
38 kids were fed a delicious veggie soup with bread. To celebrate Mohanji’s birthday chocolate cake and sweet packs were handed out with bananas.
Ivory Park Midrand - ACT South Africa - Happy birthday Mohanji

Poovendree  and devotees from Centurion Centre Pretoria

A beautiful day was spent yesterday at the Kalafong Mohau Orphanage Centre where the Centurion team celebrated our beloved Brahmarishi Mohanji’s birthday.  A lunch meal of rice and veg stew with macaroni , juices and fruits were served to 35 little souls.   It was so humbling for all the devotees to see the level of appreciation of Mohanji’s birthday celebration by the staff and children as we sang the birthday song.  Kids were so appreciative of their party packs and cupcakes. The baker that had the cupcakes done did not drizzle chocolate “M” on the cupcakes, yesterday every cupcake that was  given  to the children had perfect “M” imprints.  Thank you father for affording us the opportunity to serve the Mohau orphanage on your special day.  Much gratitude at your lotus feet. From Poovendree Centurion.

Centurion Centre Pretoria - ACT South Africa - Happy birthday Mohanji


“Happy birthday Brahmarishi Mohanji. May your day be very blessed and full of love! 50 children were fed bananas, pears bread and chips at Plastic city in Pretoria.
Love from Cindy.”
Plastic City Pretoria - ACT South Africa - Happy birthday Mohanji


Sholane and Salona  Annlin West Pretoria Centre

In the spirit of selflessness and in celebration of Mohanji’s Birthday, ACT volunteers from Annlin West Pretoria centre embarked on various seva drives. On 22nd February, vegan sandwiches were distributed on the streets in Annlin and Danville, Pretoria. Good usable clothing, rice and vegetables including pumpkins, potatoes, butternuts etc were donated to a homeless shelter in Danville.

Vegan chocolate cakes were baked on the morning of Mohanji’s Birthday and distributed to hundreds of university students from Soshanguve township.

A seva drive of over 500km from Pretoria to Ladysmith was undertaken were loaves of bread were given out along the way. This positive energy travelled across four of the nine provinces in South Africa namely Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Free State and Kwa-Zulu Natal. Bread was given out from Johannesburg, Villiers, Warden, Harrismith, Van Reenen’s Pass and finally the last few loaves were given in Ladysmith where the last loaf was donated just outside the Mohanji Ladysmith centre. After a day of awesome seva, the volunteers engaged in a beautiful evening of Birthday Celebrations, joy and cheer. What an incredible and blissful journey of Love!

West Pretoria - ACT South Africa - Happy birthday Mohanji


Milica Ogi Sara Sameera Deloshnie Barbara Johannesburg Fourways

Shumbashaba today started with a yoga lesson in collaboration with Mohanji Youth Club
Lunch for over 200 children – Their favorite pasta was served with bread, juice, fruit.
Special cake was everybody’s favorite. It was exact amount as the last child came last slice was given.
Donation of tables and chairs for little ones were greatly appreciated and used for art and lunch.
A really very special day!

Johannesburg - ACT South Africa - Happy birthday Mohanji


“Our Mohanji family spent the morning preparing vegetarian rolls which were presented to the Vermouth old age home.
We also drove into the neighbouring areas and distributed rolls along the way…the children are now starting to recognise my car and within minutes they were upon us.” Devika Knysna

Vermouth Old Age Home - ACT South Africa - Happy birthday Mohanji


“Jai Mohanji! Decided to go to the streets in my community about 10 km radius and fed 9 people , 2 women with kids. Made toasted soya and tomato sandwiches with sauce and an apple for after. Still warm for this chilli morning. All these people have such amazing personalities and my heart just filled with tears.Thanks to our baba I had this opportunity to do what I have been wanting to do for a while but was just a little scared.♥♥♥.”  Sameera


We had such an awesome team for the seva in Melville and Mayfair.Over 120 homeless people received a hot meal.
Sjarn was busy preparing meals today. What a delicious variety .
Amir also brought kitcheri with a vanload of things from table and table cloth to huge pot of hot off stove kitcheri..!!!
Avi and Yogam brought along countless packets of biscuits apples and bananas…
Two huge boxes of apples from me…
A great lot of wonderful food … What a privilege to see it all go  – Ami

Thank you Ami, Avi, Yogam, Amir for making this such a special day for Mohanji
It was truly a special day indeed. Very grateful in being able to be part of an amazing team – Avi.

Well done team. Avi its so nice to see you spending your birthday in service to Mohanji. Hope you having a magical birthday. Happy birthday – from Deloshnie

What an incredible day! Experienced such a wonderful energy and such high spirits as Mohanji’s birthday was lovingly dedicated to Seva all over the world! –  Sjarn

Fordsburg and Melville - ACT South Africa - Happy birthday Mohanji


Brahmarishi Mohanjis birthday Seva in various parts of Ladysmith. Members of the Ladysmith family conducted various acts of seva in their individual areas during the course of Friday. We are thankful to Mohanji for making it all possible.

Mr and Mrs Dharam – Conducted acts of seva on various days during the week of the 23rd by handing out food and clothes to people.

Veena – Seva at Victory Haven Children’s shelter.



Shireen – Seva at M. L. Sultan Primary School Ladysmith with learners and cleaners. They enjoyed eating fresh fruit. The caretakers appreciated the clothes they received

Nirmala – My granddaughter distributed little cakes to her class as part of the Seva.

Shani -Staff at work including the garden boy received bread and groceries. They were so overjoyed

Kitty – Gave cash to a person who is going through some hard times
I am not going to mention his name but Baba will know. He is going to buy groceries with the cash. Lalitha – This family is always grateful for whatever they receive. I went to their home with some groceries. It was much appreciated.

Jayshree (Arivs mum) – Baked doughnuts for baby Ariv to give out to the hospital and homes. They also gave out party packs as 23rd February was also Baby Arivs 1st birthday. He later celebrated his birthday at the centre by offering a vegan cake to Mohanji.

Mr and Mrs Leo – Provided lunch meals at their home and gave out groceries to people in their area.

Ish and Shamilla Singh, Ashna and devotees from Newcastle

Celebrating Mohanji’s Birthday with such love! We donated the Esprenza special needs school with can food, bed sheets and towels. We also donated over 200 liters of water to the Western Cape.

The day ended with wonderful birthday celebrations for Mohanji in Newcastle!

Newcastle - ACT South Africa - Happy birthday Mohanji


Happy Birthday Babaji from the SA team

Thank you for always protecting us and carrying us through our storms. We are eternally thankful to you.

Today, to commemorate your birthday we launched the MFSA newsletter through Mailchimp. We are hoping to take your messages to wider audiences as the months progress. This month’s edition is basic and introductory.

We love you endlessly and even as we speak there is 12 hour chanting taking place for your well being at Dattatapovan Ashram.

Jai Brahmarishi Mohanji

Chanting (Saptaha) at Annlin West Pretoria Centre

Chanting 7 daysDay Six of chanting at Annlin West Pretoria centre concluded with much love, bliss and peace within the heart. Each chant creates a sense of deep cleaning inside where toxic emotions and karmic bindings gently dissolved. Truly a beautiful experience and blessing from Baba.

Day Seven of chanting at Annlin West Pretoria centre was equally powerful & as beautiful as any of the other mornings dissolved in the chanting sadhana. We felt sad to be concluding such a beautiful week of sadhana and it really created productive and beautiful moments after morning chanting each day.

This morning we begun with salutations to our Guru tradition, chanting Gayatri Mantra, then one mala on Mrityunjaya Mantra and one mala on Mohanji Gayatri Mantra followed by Aarti. I felt refreshed, energetic and blissful after chanting. These chanting sadhanas will definitely form part of our Mohanji activities at Annlin West Pretoria where a beautiful protection of Love will be created for all Beings.

Thank You Baba Mohanji for Being in our Lives. Love You!

Bliss of Silence Meditation

Sixteen dedicated members of the Mohanji group gathered together to experience the Bliss of Silence Meditation. After the invocation prayer, we recited the Mahamrityunjaya mantra, Mohanjis Gayathri mantra, healing mantra, followed by the meditation. Vibration at the centre is always at its peak and members are grateful for the experience. Jai Brahmarishi Mohanji Ki Jai !!

We all were excited about Baba’s birthday celebration and planned an evening of love, prayer and devotion.

Joint birthday celebration

We were also overjoyed that Baby Ariv and his parents would be gracing the celebration by having a joint celebration of Baba and Ariv’s 1st birthday. Sholane and Salona took us by complete surprise when they walked into the prayer area at 6pm reaching on time for the celebration.

Sholane had gifted a beautiful Shirdi Sai Baba murthi to the Ladysmith Centre, which she had bought and got blessed by Brahmarishi Mohanji in Shirdi similar to the blessed murthi she donated to the Randburg Mohanji Centre. The murthi is placed near the Lord Dattatreya photo in the temple.

Members lovingly gathered outside the temple on a cool evening as we commenced with invocation chants, Mohanji’s Gayathri mantra and started with 108 Mahamrityunjaya mantra. Thereafter Ariv had offered a vegan cake to Mohanji and enjoyed pinching the icing off the cake, as he celebrated his birthday with Baba.

Ariv was full of energy even after a long day since his mum had taken him to the hospital and homes to do a seva where they had baked and given doughnuts and party packs to the children.

Each Mohanji Ladysmith member also conducted selfless seva in their own areas on Friday and during the week, by donating food items, good clothing and money as well as inviting people to their home and serving them food. The love of Mohanji filled the hearts of all.

Baby Ariv and Mohanjis birthday 0

Annlin Pretoria West Centre

We conducted Blossoms of Love meditation, Padam Puja and Mohanji Birthday Celebrations at

In Celebration of Mohanji, Annlin West Pretoria Mohanji centre engaged in a week long sadhana of early morning chanting of Mohanji Gayathri mantra and Mrityunjaya mantra. In the spirit of selflessness and in celebration of Mohanji’s Birthday, we embarked on various seva drives.

We continued by singing bhajans and Hanuman Chalisa. Shani had sang the birthday song which she had made for Mohanji last year and we all joined in while Sholane & I offered Baba another vegan birthday cake which she had made. The energy during Mohanji’s birthday song and Aarti was so intense that a few devotees actually saw or felt Mohanji’s presence as huge as the entire front altar with His hands stretched out blessing all the devotees. We concluded with aarti, fruit prasad and supper.

Happy birthday Baba Mohanji!!!

Spiritual grace and devotion of a devotee begins at the Feet of Guru hence on evening of 22nd we were lost in blissful love and devotion by chanting Mohanji’s Gayatri & offering rice to the Feet of Baba Mohanji (Padam Pooja), followed by a refreshing Blossoms of Love meditation.

Julie said she felt very relaxed and happy. Julie, Salona and I all read from the Power of Purity book and each of the paragraphs we read correlated with each other – like a direct message from Mohanji.


Thereafter we were happily enroute to Mohanji Ladysmith centre to celebrate with the Ladysmith family. Usually from Soshanguve back to Pretoria one would take the N4 via R80. However in that moment my GPS system directed me via the west. I was going to turn onto the N4 then decided to flow with the GPS. Seconds later Suraj Bhai called concerned as to where we were as there was a cash in transit heist with gunmen opening fire and a bombing literally close to the N4 / R80 which we just bypassed. This again reaffirms that Mohanji is always with each of us, holding us in His divine arms of protection.

The energy of Mohanji was so high that we decided to drive through to Ladysmith taking that wonderful selfless energy of Mohanji into each town/ city on the N3 route to Ladysmith – a spontaneous SEVA DRIVE. This positive M energy travelled across four of the nine provinces in SA.

Nana who was feeling very sick said once we arrived and hugged him he was filled with energy to participate in the Ladysmith Mohanji Birthday Celebrations. We joined with Ladysmith centre and had the most awesomest Mohanji Birthday Celebrations.

Mohanji Birthday celebrations are always so fun because one starts flowing in joy and happiness and really has no idea what would happen next yet it turns out so wonderful always and all the seva food remains in abundance feeding lots and lots of people.  Thank You Mohanji! Happy Birthday to You!

Happy birthday Mohanji - South Africa

Shanti Sanctuary

The meditation at Shanti was absolutely transforming. With fresh enthusiasm we all enjoyed the Bliss of Silence. Pin drop silence. Starting with yogic breathing, we entered into a deep state of silence, ending with a song of gratitude during MET delivery. We ended the meditation by chanting “Bless all beings” mantra. The atmosphere was divine, the ladies asked questions, we spoke about Liberation as the key teaching of Mohanji, selfless service as another aspect, the importance and relevance of a living Master in life. Also spoke about the importance of energy exchange, suggesting to donate even a rand towards service to others, as a token of gratitude for the divine group meditation. We distributed M cards in the end, looking forward to the next session.

An international flavour to today’s meditation with Buddhists from Congo also joining us and American neighbours also experiencing pop meditation for the first time…

Participants experienced peace and bliss and were amazed at the powerful energy that they felt coming from their hands…

We began with invocation prayers. We then did Mahamrityunjaya chanting. We then did padam Pooja. We did power of purity meditation. There was a wonderful and beautiful energy that enveloped us.

With joyous spirits and much excitement.. We started the day chanting Mohanji’s gayatri .. Commenced at 6am and ended at 6pm. During the duration of chanting, devotees came throughout the day. Some took time off work to chant for an hour. We are so proud of Vachariya, she sat the entire 12 hours of chanting. The energy was incredibly powerful as we were reaching the end. Babaji’s presence was quite eminent. A flower from the vase that was placed firmly suddenly tipped over. As we completed chanting, we did homa. Chanting 1000 names of Shiva for the well-being of Babaji.  Thereafter Aarti, followed by cutting the tastefully and beautifully decorated birthday cake, made by our talented Ajay. Delicious treats made with love was prepared. A great evening celebrating Babaji’s birthday with wonderful Mohanji Family. We were so happy to have Aunty Julie and Family join us too. Thank You Babaji and Swamiji for the wonderful grace and blessings always. Jai Mohanji!!

Experience by Bhaktananda

One piece of the vegan cake was offered to Babaji, and later on we found that he physically took two bites, it reminded me of the time he also physically ate the pasta offered at the Ashram

Experience by Bhaktananda

To celebrate the birthday of our beloved Babaji the DattaTapovan Ashram hosted a magical evening of Bhajans, Ghazals and Dance. The chance to show our love as well as showcase what the Mohanji Foundation is all about and the teachings of our Babaji was encapsulated into the programme. We were blessed to have other Swami’s from within the Durban area attend the event.

We then did the cutting of mohanjis birthday cake and the offering of the parsad to Mohanji. We concluded with Aarti.

The evening was well attended by members from senior citizen associations, kids and adults from different suburbs around Durban and members of the community. The magical evening opened with a prayer by Swamiji and with our brilliant MC taking care of the programme, the first part of the show which was a dance.

We then flowed into some amazing bhajans beautifully sung by Pradeep Dhevanarain & Troupe. We then had an intermission allowing attendees to purchase items prepared by devotees from our tuckshop. This was well received and attendees enjoyed the scrumptious items prepared. The next part of the show was an absolutely inspiring and breath-taking play which showcased insights into the life of Mohanji.

The play was a combination of scene acting and amazing dancing from Bavika and Kiara. After the play we had the chance to listen to a recorded message sent from our beloved Babaji. A message filled with the teachings and guidance which resonated through the crowd.

Happy birthday Mohanji - South Africa 6

The evening concluded with more bhajans sung by Pradeep Dhevanarain & Troupe and during this time we had the chance to auction a beautiful Panchamukhi Hanuman deity donated by one of our devotees as well as two saris donated by the business community.

The auctions were well received and we raised an amazing amount of money for the foundation. The evening was concluded with a menacing storm that quickly dissipated into showers of blessings from Babaji.  A heartful thank you goes out to all devotees for their effort in making this show a success.  Jai Mohanji!!

Bliss of Silence meditation

We commenced with invocation prayer and thereafter Bliss of Silence meditation. We then sang beautiful bhajans and the hanuman chalisa while we all received the great blessing of energy transfer from Swamiji.

A beautiful Aarti was then performed and the night ended with a small birthday celebration for Ajay. An amazing evening with beautiful energies and deep inner silence. On a weekly basis we are seeing new attendees attend the services and we welcome them into the Mohanji Family. Immense gratitude to Babaji and Swamiji for allowing us to serve and be part of this amazing family.
Jai Brahmarishi Mohanji!!



Thank You Lord Datta for giving us such a precious gift on the 23rd Feb, our beloved Father, Mohanji.

May You be forever blessed with happiness,health & long life. 🎂HAPPY BIRTHDAY with tons of love. We celebrated Mohanji’s birthday at Anandam orphanage, food donation for 35 children…

Mauritian team




Mohanji USA family had a wonderful celebration for his birthday with a day in the consciousness of Mohanji which included yoga, conscious walk, inverted pyramid meditation etc.  We also had food seva in different parts of the country by members of the Mohanji family.  Seva included our beloved animals too. About 215 lunch bags were filled with sandwiches, snacks, fruit and drinks and distributed to the homeless/  Hot meal was served to over 125 people.  There are two more food seva events lined up for mid march.  We are also planning a food seva in Peru in honor of Mohanji’s birthday. Dry food was donated to animal shelters and birds were fed by some family members.  All in all we had a wonderful time serving and felt contented.


Some moments from Mohanji’s birthday celebration

Mohanji USA Birthday Celebrations - some moments (0)





Mohanji’s Birthday Celebrations in Toronto began form the 16th of February with Saptaah Chanting….an hour of chanting each night from 9 pm – 10 pm for Mohanji’s wellness. Canada and USA chanted together connecting each other via zoom for devotees. We chanted Maha Mrutyunjaya Mantra for Mohanji’s good health and protection and praying for HIS long and happy life. This was a chain chanting connecting different countries like INDIA, South Africa, Australia, UK and more. Each country had a time slot so it was a continuous chant in honour of our Pujya Sadgurudev Mohanji Maharaj’s Birthday. We all looked forward to this chant and felt peace and happiness to know and feel how our Mohanji has united many beautiful souls around the world and we who may have not met physically but were chanting for the same Love – Mohanji.

Canada - Happy birthday Mohanji


Many devotees came together to donate blood and offer this gift of life to the needy to mark as an offering in Mohanji’s Lotus Feet. When a devotee’s devotion reaches that height, when he realizes there is nothing but Mohanji the light, the love and the Grace with which he is blessed …..nothing more matters. Devotees came forth to donate blood on this occasion, in cold weather, being a working day they took time off but wanted to live by example by living the Teachings of Sadguru Shree Mohanji. Giving is Loving, To serve is to love and Love all Serve all….UNCONDITIONALLY and Always. Happy faces lit up with the thought that all the infinite love that they received from Mohanji, now is the time to give back to the world. Very gracefully each volunteer donated a part of their love with those who were in need. A remarkable sewa, indeed. Thank you Mohanji as without Your teachings and inculcated values we would never have received this teaching of Unconditional Service and Love.


23rd February- Mohanji’s Birthday was marked with offering Abhishekham to SaiBaba in Sai Temple, Toronto. Shawl was offered by Mohanji Foundation Canada to SaiBaba and Prasad was offered at the Mandir. It was a Royal Blue and Copper coloured Shawl very lovingly stitched and prepared by one of Mohanji’s devotee .Baba looked mesmerizingly handsome. Our SaiBaba looked so happy and the Smile on His face brought immense peace and satisfaction in our hearts that Mohanji is watching and has received all these offerings. Another Shawl was offered in the Afternoon soon after Madhyahan Aarti. This was a Fusia and Gold bordered Shawl, so like an Emperor Sai Baba looked that day. There was a very beautiful ring of light around HIM and the radiation was felt by us all. To our amazement, one of the devotees shared Shirdi Sai Live Darshan and SaiBaba in Shirdi was wearing the same colour in Shirdi as well, Fusia  and Gold. This brought tears of gratitude in our eyes …..Mohanji always says MAIN HOON NAA!…..I AM ALWAYS WITH YOU!  Yes, Canada feels Mohanji more and more with the passing of each moment and His Grace is received with open arms and hearts by more and more who walk into HIS Light. Thank you Mohanji for all that shower upon us.

Lunch was sponsored by Mohanji Foundation Canada on this day in a school in Shirdi for Children unable to hear and talk , SHREE SAI SHRADHA GRAMIN MUK BADHIR VIDYALAY. With Saibaba’s Grace and Mohanji’s blessings we were blessed with this opportunity to offer Prasad on Mohanji’s birthday in Shirdi to 150 children. It was such a blessing, we are in Canada, but SaiBaba accepted our love and sewa in Shirdi in Honour of Mohanji’s birthday. Jai Sai Ram, Jai Mohanji_/\_ The children cannot speak nor they can hear, but the Principal capturd  a video and them praying before lunch in their own way which was heart melting. Thank you Baba Sai. Thank you Mohanji.

Food and fruits were  offered in a food bank in Toronto on this day as an offrernign in Mohanji’s Lotus feet. Mohanji has opened our hearts and showed us the way to love and serve and see God in all. “For the hungry Food is God” says Mohanji. He requested all devotees around the world not to spend money on delicacies and flowers and all the luxurious offerings to HIM, Mohanji is always happy in and receives  all the sewa when we are feeding the hungry, looking after the needy and sharing unconditionally. In Canada we tried to live Mohanji’s teachings and shared this celebration with as many as we could. Thank you Mohanji for Your Guidance from time to time.

100 meals were offered by our Mohanji Canada Team in Victoria BC to mark Mohanji’s Birthday. With Mohanji’s Grace this centre is growing and flourishing with each day. The most amazing part is that no one from Victoria BC has still met Mohanji personally, they have consistently followed HIM and HIS teachings on facebook and Mohanji channels, you tube videos and opened a centre and are having weekly meditations, HSTY yoga and many sewa activities. This is a pure example that love flows far and wide, physical proximity is not necessary. They are content with all the Grace they receive form Mohanji in most Subtle form and are hoping to see HIM one day. Their interest in Datta tradition and Mohanji’s  teachings is remarkable. Mohanji always says “ Connect to my Consciousness”  HE says “ if you take my name, I am with You, when you remember me, I am with you, where ever you are, whatever you are doing, I am always with you and will be with you”. This is constantly felt by us all in Canada and throughout the world. Thank you  Mohanji.

Meditations were offered at 3 centers on Friday 23rd and on Wednesday Feb 21st in BC Victoria. Meditations were followed by a small celebration in each centre in their own way. There was an instance when Mohanji’s presence was strongly felt by a miracle that took place which is not understandable to human mind and which happened in front of our eyes. In words of a Poonam a devotee present in the celebration,“Mohanji showed his presence, by re-lighting the candles which we kept in a thick glass bowl after taking them off from the birthday cake.  After we all cut the cake, Shaloo and Manisha when offered a piece of cake to Mohanji, the candles themselves lit again and the thick glass bowl broke into pieces with His eye card falling flat on the alter. Mohanji showed His presence in His birthday celebration.  Jai Mohanji …….. Thank you Mohanji Gurudev for showing your presence physically as it was desired by Your devotees.”

Canada - Happy birthday Mohanji 2


This event was a unique Celebration which comprised of various powerful tools and techniques introduced by Mohanji. The day started as early as 8 am and the participants were excited as they did not know what to expect. They were informed to bring their yoga mats and also that Mohanji  Foundation Canada will be introducing the latest gift blessed by Mohanji – Conscious Dance. All were curious and wanted to taste this new technique of balancing the inner nerve centres with the help of music and motion. The program started with a welcome speech and lighting the lamp of devotion, surrender and Faith in Mohanji and Sainath’s Lotus Feet. Soon, after the HSTY session started with its unique flavour of spiritual knowledge, traditional touch and deep element of devotion through each asana/ posture and each pranayama/breathing technique. We inhaled Love and exhaled Gratitude. We released the stiffness from each joint and energised each cell with vibrant light and love. No one realized till they were told that we have almost already spent 2 hours and 30 mins.  in the morning session, all were so involved and intently listening to each and every word  delivered to them during this practice. There was only liveliness and smiles in the room waiting what’s next. The curiosity was building and every participant like a child awaited for what is coming next, the shower of Mohanji’s Grace knew no bounds. Soon the session wrapped up with a prayer surrendered with love and devotion and gratitude in the Lotus feet of Mohanji  and Sainath Maharaj and everyone headed for a nourishing Vegan breakfast which was  combination of Coconut milk, multigrain cereals, nuts, green tea and fruits . Such a healthy nutritious breakfast after a beautiful Yogic session was relished with divine taste as on this day everything sounded tasted and felt sweet like nectar   that was showering from Mohanji’s Presence.

After the break as the weather permitted (+6 degrees) we went for a Conscious walk. There were a few new people amongst the group who tried this meditative walk for the first time. This left all at peace and fresh for rest of the day. Upon return to the hall, after a few minutes all were requested to relax on their mat with a blanket and a cushion and now they were ready for a session of Yoga Nidra…..energising and nourishing them from their tiredness and stiffness. It was amazing how Mohanji plans and how His Grace flows! The script was pre-planned but Mohanji chose a different path for these participants……..a Divine path that left each and every person in Awe….Silence…..Gratitude….tears rolling down their eyes ,emitting only love. Each person was radiating only Love. The room was pregnant with Divine Love. No one wished to speak, open eyes or move after this mesmerizing session. The effect was profound and most of them could not feel their body, everyone was in a stillness that was deafening. Each cell, each breath, each individual was in a different world. It would be almost incorrect to ask them to talk any further hence an unplanned break was announced as each one needed to collect themselves before we were in a balanced state . During this break we announced about Mai tri Healing, Healing with Mohanji’s energy. We explained how Mai Tri healing works on karmic level of an individual and that they can avail of this opportunity during this break as we had a few Local healers present at the venue. That was a true blessing, it allowed all to settle their energies in the most subtlest manner and all were once again charged up and awaiting for what’s next……..and excited to feel and experience Conscious Dancing!!!

A blessed technique by Mohanji and intuitively received by Deviji is such a refreshing,  energising and at the same time fun bringing smiles to people’s faces.  This dancing technique is a superb tool to balance our inner nerve centres (Chakras) with the use of music and motion. Letting go of resistance, letting go of shyness, letting go of concepts and be free……taste Freedom and feel the inner core and balance the Chakras. For those who have never danced, who have always wanted to but were hesitant due to many factors were so excited that like small children they were patiently listening to the instructions given to them to be followed during the dance. They were given blind buffs that would draw them from the external to their internal view and allow them to fully feel the music and its effect on each nerve centre. It lasted for a good over minutes and once again all were asked to relax with another breathing technique to calm them down. The effects of this dancing was such that all felt they were young again, vibrant with energy and radiating positivity. A few shared their experience while in this state but many could not speak then as they were in a daze. But they promised that they will write down their experience once in a balanced state. It was hard for all to get up and head for lunch…by the way it was past 3.00 pm and no one was rushing for lunch, such was the power felt in MOHANJI’S  Grace.

Just before all were getting up, we announced a surprise for all from Mohanji….and their hearts skipped a beatJ . Mohanji was in Vaishnodevi and we requested for a 10 minute skype “Darshan” as a surprise for all. But since the network over there was not so powerful we could not do that. But our dearest Ggraceful Mohanji out of love for all  immediately said…..can I record a message for all since the skype is not working???? OMG HE is so Gracious. Even though it was late in the night past bed time, 12.30 am in India, Our Dearest Mohanji recorded a short speech for all of us and blessed us all with His Kind and loving words. That was a bonus for all of us  like A CHERRY ON THE TOPJJJ each word that played from the recording was a blessing….each letter felt like a petal HE was showering on each one of us. WHAT A DAY!!! Thank You Mohanji for all THY Grace and Love that You constantly shower upon us all.

With great effort we got up for lunch and wrapped up this beautiful memorable Day in Mohanji’s Consciousness,  each one promising their ownself to remain in HIS consciousness day in and say out. Why just 1 day….but let us all bathe in HIS consciousness each moment…..Connect Connect Connect  to HIS Consciousness and blissful you remain!!!


Mohanji’s birthday celebration was marked with this last program of the week by preparing sandwiches for homeless. 153 peanut butter and jam sandwiches were prepared by dedicated volunteers without whom this sewa is never possible. Some come to prepare, some distribute, some donate and some morally support. Wow what a Family…Mohanji Family in true essence. Tirelessly all worked at their work place but also carried on with their expression of love and service to live the teachings of our Master Mohanji to honour HIS birth on this planet for HIS people.

It is HIS grace that we are able to do anything. We ever remain indebted in Mohanji’s Lotus Feet for everything.



Ecuador Team joined the global food seva for Mohanji’s birthday by making and delivering food to the poor people begging for money or recollecting recycling material. It was a blessing to express our gratitude in this way and to give our small contribution to this beautiful event.

Maja Otovic, Ecuador, South America
Ecuador - feeding the poor and hungry-Happy birthday Mohanji



Happy happy birthday most revered father, Baba Parabrahma Mohanji. May we utter your name in each breath. May your love shine forever on the sanctuary of our devotion and may we be able to awaken your love in all hearts. Loads and loads of love to you on this special day.

This year on father’s birthday, we participated in the saptaha chanting.
In the weekend before the birthday , we had 2 Bliss of Silence meditation in Melbourne in two different locations and at the weekend after the birthday we had 1 Bliss of Silence in Sydney. On the very day, many of us did individual meditations and Mohanji aarti.

Team Australia



 By Gurulight Team

Happiest Birthday Dearest Mohanji

Blessed are we for being the chosen ones to be able to serve you.

Your blessings infinite, your smile and love wonderfully contagious, your guidance concrete and precious, your patience inexhaustible, and your compassion eternal…

Thank you for just being there and making our souls shine.

❤ Best Wishes and Loads of Love ❤

Team Gurulight

By Biljana Vozarevic from Serbia

Happy birthday Mohanji - poem by Biljana Vozarevic

By Preeti Duggal from India

Many happy returns of the day Father. May you shine brighter and brighter and keep illuminating the souls. Wish you good health happiness and abundance always. Love you always

Preeti Duggal

By Dejan Cosic from Bosnia and Herzegovina

It is undescribable happiness to be found by an exalted master who can lead you to the end of the journey, to the true Self, to the bliss of beautiful and pure unconditional Love.
Thank You for finding me my master Mohanji and of course, happy birthday to You, hehehe. One day I’m sure I’ll be totally conscious and grateful for such a privilage in Divine creation. Let All live in All.

Dejan Cosic and Mohanji

By Mirjana Kocevska from Macedonia

…I am never away from you. There is no existence in separation. Beingness is unity. We are one and never separate. MOHANJI Happy Birthday my beloved Master ❤

Mirjana Kocevska and Mohanji

By Pramod Nair from UK

A poem: A Guide to Eternity

O Mohanji

Beloved of my heart

Listen to me

Whenever I am in distress

Please uphold me

In my world of darkness

Be the lamp that lights up my path

Erase my ignorance

Enlighten and liberate me

My humble obeisance to you

For you are my guide to eternity.

By Natesh Ramsell from Sedona

In honor of our beloved Guru’s birthday I offer this recording at His Lotus Feet. This is a “hymn” to Lord Dattatreya written by Father in Palakkad recently while I was there and I was honored to be asked to create a musical arrangement for it.  Eventually there will be something a little more polished but I wanted to share this with you on this special day.  “Sarvam Datta Mayam” in my understanding basically translates as “Everything is Datta.” Enjoy! Jai Brahmarishi Mohanji!

mp3, pdf

By Jelena Fassbender from Germany

Lately, Father was singing this song quite often. Together with my best friend Nikola, l made it as his bday present.
You can listen to it here: Garuda Gamana Tava

By Bharti Kapoor from India

All we have is you
Koti Koti Pranaam ji
You are a celebration
Who has made us learn to celebrate our life too,
Happy Birthday our Gracious Baba.
All at your LOTUS feet ji

The most beautiful gift I have been graced with in this lifetime is knowing my “Being”with and through a LIVING MASTER.
How did it get any better than this?
My soul’s prostration to You
Happy Birthday Baba

Bharti Kapoor

By Subramanian Krishna

Jai Mohanji, Happy days ahead, with love,

Every day is beautiful than the day past.

Today is the day, an Avatar of Lord Krishna is born to carry and guide us over in this Kaliyuga…

God bless you all.

With love

By Lana Osei, USA

Happy Birthday my dearest Mohanji. I look around me and it is your birthday every day, every minute every second. A new baby is born and it is your birthday.  A piglet is born. It is your birthday. A puppy is born .It is your birthday. A caterpillar from a larvae. It is your birthday. A plant sprouts out from Mother Earth. It is your birthday. A new cell multiplies. It is your birthday. When the old gives way to the new. It is your birthday. It is your birthday all around us and we can just look at the wonder and amazement of our dearest Mohanji’s birthday with us every day every minute every second. Enjoy Him eternally.  Enjoy His fragrance. Enjoy His Love.
By Riana Gaspar from South Africa

Happy Birthday Beloved Mohanji, we adore you it is evident in in all the message and sea of love and service  poured out by your children around the world today.

We are so grateful that God has send you on this day, years ago, to be our Guru.
How blessed we are to have met you and walk in your Grace.

When I read this daily piece, written by Swami Narayani, this morning I knew it was for us, your children who met you, a message on our Father’s birthday.

How blessed we are, Happy Birthday Dearest Mohanji

Riana Gaspar, SA
By Keshnie Shennon Pillai from South Africa

Happy birthday Baba  ❤️ The joy you brought into my life is indescribable. Being your servant is my life’s honor. Love you endlessly.

Keshnie Shannon Pillai

By Jyoti Bahl from India

Happy birthday my Guru and God Mohanji. Words can’t express mine gratitude for showing me finally the path and real purpose of life, Thanks for being in our life.love You Gurudev and always at your lotus feet 🙏❤❤

By Sholane Surjoo from South Africa

Happy Happy Mohanji Blessed Birthday to you my Babaji. 😊 Jai Brahmarishi Mohanji ke Jai.

Sholane Surjoo

By Snezana Jovanovic-Popov from Qatar

Today’s blessing, these angels came to me from nowhere to take a picture with me. Gratitude for the divine sense of love and grace. I felt the father, and his divine love and grace, in them, in me … and that feeling swallowed us. Thank you, Father. Happy birthday!

Snezana Jovanovic Popov -Happy birthday Mohanji

By Trish Jain

Happy birthday Father
This video is a compilation of Mohanji’s devotees: Our Gurudeva

By Deloshni Govender

Happy Birthday to my Father, my Gurudev, my Everything🎉🎇🎆🎁. Thank you for all you do for all your children and for working so hard to raise the consciousness of all. Thank you for choosing to walk with me in this life and many lifetimes.

I came for you and wish to forever be in service at your lotus feet. Jai Brahmarishi Mohanji💟😍

By Chai Lai Siong from Malaysia

Salutations and salutations to the lotus feet of my guru Brahmarishi Mohanji! Gratitude is never enough. Happy Birthday!

By Pramod Soni

by Pramod Soni

Wish you very Happy Birthday Sai Shri Mohan ji. Pranam

By Roshani Shenazz from India

Dearest Mohanji,
Wishing you a very Happy and Blessed Birthday. May God keep shining through you upon the World. Thank you for your presence and love.

By Angela Strezoska from Macedonia

Angela Strezoska

By Aleksandra Stojanovic from Serbia

Aleksandra Stojanovic


My Loving Guru

Written by Shyama

As someone who has always shied away from sharing experiences with others, the recent article by Mohanji about writing testimonials was a gentle nudge to start! Writing this has been a beautiful sadhana for me, a way to express my love and devotion to my beloved Guru.

Towards the end of  2017, Mohanji was visiting Europe and I had the privilege of staying with a truly wonderful family who were hosting Mohanji, Deviji and Mila. It was an unexpected gift that gave me many unforgettable moments with Mohanji, treasured forever.

Before the trip, I spoke to the host family a few times, mostly to discuss what we would be cooking for Mohanji and the others who would be staying together for a few days. Dosa was number one on the menu, of course :). During one of our conversations, the host mentioned that he’d spoken to Mohanji the previous day and Mohanji had said, “Don’t worry about food, I can also help to cook.” When I heard this, my first reaction was to say, “Wouldn’t that be really amazing!” Having said that out loud, I somehow couldn’t imagine Mohanji in the kitchen. Anyway, we both agreed that Mohanji shouldn’t be cooking, it was not the done thing!

A couple of days after being together with Mohanji, Deviji and little Mila, we had gotten into the routine of making dosas in the morning for them. While talking with us about various topics during breakfast time, Mohanji would always make sure that everyone had eaten before leaving the table to carry on with His work.

One morning, I was sitting and watching Mohanji eat, thinking how lucky I was to do this beautiful seva, to make food for my loving Guru, to be there with Him and a group of really great people. Mohanji suddenly asked if I was going to eat. I replied that I would, a little later. He then said, “Shall I make dosas for you?” I can only imagine the expression on my face, a definite selfie moment I think! I could literally feel my eyes shining and my heart filling with love. My joyful response was, “Yes please Mohanji.”

Mohanji cooking

Mohanji proceeded to make dosas for all of us, with patience and skill. One minute He was like a child, saying, “Look, the dosas are coming out nicely,” and the next minute being the loving Mother and making sure we had all eaten well, serving dosa and sambar until we were happily full. Receiving food made by Mohanji was, I know, the yearning and prayers of lifetimes and the blessings of my parents. Words are not adequate to express the joy and love I felt, and still feel, whenever I think of this morning. Later Mohanji said that when one receives food from a sadhu, he or she will not want for food for a whole lifetime. Such a wonderful blessing.

An innocent wish that only lasted a few moments during a phone conversation turned into an unexpected and precious blessing from Mohanji. His love for us is unconditional and ever present. Filling us with joy, He’s guiding and guarding us. He’s with us always.

I finish with a prayer that I have learnt recently, one we sang during Mohanji’s birthday programme this year. It reminds me of the innocence, compassion and endless love that I see in Him.

Karpur Gauram Karunavataram |
Sansara Saram Bhujagendra Haram ||
Sada Vasantam Hridayaravinde |
Bhavam Bhavani Sahitam Namami ||

Meaning: The one who is as pure as camphor, the avatar full of compassion, the one who is the essence of the world, the one with the serpent king as His garland, always residing in the lotus of the heart, O Lord and Goddess, I bow to you both.

With love and gratitude,



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A Different Dimension of Mohanji

Written by Biljana Vozarevic

Mohanji i Bilja FB 3

On 23rd February is Mohanji’s birthday and a very auspicious day for selfless actions, charity, helping the needy, then spiritual practices, prayers, chanting and connecting to the Highest. This Friday, like every day, I fed my flock of pigeons in front of my balcony first. I poured a few kilos of wheat. About 30-50 pigeons happily flew down to have breakfast, wheat grains.
The day before, I was happy to hand over the last full car boot of clothes out of three to Adriana, for ACT Serbia clothes and food donation activity in Petrovac na Mlavi. I am grateful to all my students and parents from „Speak Up“ school who donated their clothes or the clothes which their children had overgrown. You really did a great job.
Before this day, I thought how I would be busy with classes in two shifts, morning and afternoon until late at night and in between with making a cake for my son Vukasin’s 15th birthday celebration which was to be on Saturday. His birthday was on Wednesday but we were preparing for the Saturday celebration with his friends. No place for silence, spiritual practice, chanting, prayer, I thought. “That’s life“ I was consoling myself, “I must be practical.“ So I appreciated the day as I expected it to continue.

However, how the day continued was totally unexpected.

I had one morning class and was waiting for the next one. The student didn’t come.

I had time to go home and prepare the cake. Immediately after that, I squeezed in some moments with myself and focused on the best wishes for Mohanji’s birthday. I wanted to write a poem, and there it came! Just flowed out of me. Here it is:

Happy birthday Mohanji - poem by Biljana Vozarevic

I managed to write it in a few minutes but didn’t have time to make a poster. “I’ll make it tonight, I thought.“ And I did. I rushed to school and, unbelievable but true, I managed to arrive in the nick of time. I took off my jacket, unpacked my things, to find out that my hands were dusted with fragrant white-greyish flour-like powder. Oh, Gosh, my vibhuti! The sacred ash spilled all over the pocket in my bag.

Mala, vibhuti

Out of several things, I have kept mala in the pocket, too.

Don’t misunderstand me. It did not materialise out of thin air. This vibhuti had been in a well folded little plastic bag and then wrapped in its paper wrapping. I got it when I first went to India in 2011. I had kept it there all the time and it had been safe for 7 years. But after so long, untouched and with the wrapping undamaged, now, like ceremoniously thrown confetti on a celebration, it was all over my bag pocket. How did it happen? I didn’t know. I remembered that maybe Mohanji was playing with me. I took and ate some I also put some on my crown chakra. Cheers! I said to Him silently, within. Happy birthday! I feel Him very close to me.


Then I sat to start with classes. The student didn’t come. “Wow, I have time now to sit quietly and enjoy the silence and prayer, chanting,“ I felt, relieved.

An hour passed. I waited for the next student.

The next student didn’t come, either.

Good heavens! I sat and used the second hour for sitting quietly and enjoying the silence and prayer, chanting. I was melting in bliss, my eyes welled up with tears.

After the second hour, and in total, the third empty class that day, I really felt I managed to use the day for what my heart longed for – it was not hectic  and I was not turned to external world all day as I had thought I would. I was gifted something precious. Later on my classes continued regularly until late at night.

There have been too many coincidences here to be usual sequence of events. I know Mohanji took part in it and blessed me with His presence, showing me even physically one of His different dimensions, His presence in a totally different, but for me easily understandable way.

Dearest Mohanji, I love you sooo much. You love everyone who connects to You and in spite of numerous devotees, nobody stays unattended.