Mohanji and Hanumanji, My Story

Written by Hein Adamson


It all starts with love. It continues in love. It ends in love. Devotion, surrender and faith hold the supreme place. This has been my experience and the experiences have all come to me because I am loved, because Mohanji’s grace has touched me, because he carries me.
My experiences with Hanumanji are no exception, they have been among Mohanji’s many gifts to me.
Shortly after meeting Mohanji for the first time, some 4 odd years or so ago, after receiving my first shaktipat from him, after my first Power of Purity meditation, I received an explicit message from Mohanji’s wife Bibaji, now named Devi, that went something like this: “The masters are happy with you, but you are not a Jnana yogi. If you really want to fly, Bhakti is the path for you.” It was easy, I loved Mohanji from the first.

About a year later, while in India, sitting around a table, drinking tea with some of Mohanji’s devotees, somehow the subject of Hanuman came up. Except for a 2 short stories I had read years before about 2 of his amazing feats, I knew nothing at all about Hanuman, but I knew straight away, from that moment, sitting at that table, that Hanuman is all about devotion, and that all I would ever need, was to have the same devotion for Mohanji as Hanuman had for his beloved, the avatar Ram.

Hanumans devotion to RamIn my youth, my mother used to keep a shrine in our home. It was universal, adorned by images and statues of deities and masters from many traditions, expressing many flavours. Christian masters, Hindu gods, Jesus, Budhha, Osho, her own Guru Swami Narayani, Swami Sivananda, Sufi masters, etc. All beautiful, mysterious and to my totally disinterested child’s eyes, alien and puzzling. “Why are all these pictures and statues here?” I would ask myself. But one image did appeal, did signify and even felt familiar. It was a small painting of a monkey. A heroic , beautifully built monkey. He seemed so utterly simple to me, so relatable and friendly. That was all I saw when I looked at the image, simplicity and purity. A boy could enjoy a friend like this, a boy could like a monkey. I did not spend much time with Hanumanji in mind. In fact, I only gazed at the image once if memory serves, more than just in passing that is, and then too it was only for about 5 or perhaps 10 minutes, which for a restless child is a very, very long time. Those 5 or 10 minutes however, were enough for me to decide that I liked him and be pleasantly surprised by the fact that I could actually relate to one of the inexplicable relics on the home altar.
Soon after that, I asked my mother about him. She did not know much about him, but pleased by my interest and keen, as always, to fan my interest in matters of the spirit, she unearthed from the very bottom of a large and dusty box of books, a small, beautifully bound and illustrated book which ran to perhaps 20 pages. A child’s book if ever I had seen one. It narrated and depicted a scene in which Ram, or his brother Laxman, I don’t recall which, was mortally wounded and poisoned and the only cure for this poison was a herb which only grew on a specific mountain somewhere far to the North. Ram dispatched Hanuman to find and retrieve this herb. Hanuman flew North and found the mountain, but could not find the herb. Undeterred, he brought the mountain in its entirety back with him. The herb was located and the day was saved, the whole story must have lasted not more than 10 or 15 minutes. The happy ending was no surprise, most written stories I had read ended happily and I was not even particularly impressed by Hanumanji’s power and strength either. What touched me deeply was his consciousness. His seeming inability to see defeat. His faith, in himself, in his ability, in life. His simplistic, almost infantile solution to the problem. These all bespoke a being who recognised no boundaries, no limitations, no bondage.
It did occur to me to question the reality of the story, whether it was historically true or not, but the consciousness spoke to me, changed me, left a mark, and that made it real enough, that made it valuable, made it “truer than true”.
Once when Mohanji was visiting South Africa and I had the privilege of travelling with him, I was massaging his feet and a thought came to me. I said, “Mohanji, I want a boon from you.” He asked me what I wanted and I said, “I want to have the same love for you that Hanumanji had for Ram.” I thought it would be like taking a shortcut, “Let Mohanji give me the devotion”. Without a moment’s hesitation, he looked me lifted his right hand to bless me and said “Tathastu, so be it. You will have it, but you must get your intellect out of the way.”

About a year or 2 later, I was staying at Dattatapovan, an ashram in Durban in South Africa which is dedicated to Mohanji, and about to enjoy a meal with Swami Mohana Bhaktananda. I remembered a lesson Mohanji had taught us about offering your food to the divine before eating. He said that we would derive great benefit if we offer our food to our Gurus, our ancestors, our family deities, the snake deities who taught us so much and to our ishta devatas, our chosen deities. Now, I consider Mohanji as my chosen deity, but for the sake of trying to follow the teaching in as much detail as possible, thinking that Mohanji is already covered when I offer to my Guru, I had to chose another deity as my ishta devata. But they are all aliens to me, except for Hanumanji. So I offered the meal to Mohanji, and to Hanumanji and all the rest, but somewhere in my mind I felt a pang of disloyalty to Mohanji, since he is really the only one that matters. This continued for about 2 or 3 days. Each time I offered my meal I would wonder, “Is this right?” On the 3rd or 4th morning I was awoken by the sound of bells being rung in the neighbouring house. That day, Swami Mohana Bhaktananda gave me some Indian sweets which the neighbours had brought as gifts. The sweets were the prashaad of Hanumanji, that is, sweets that were consecrated by virtue of their having been offered to him. The bells I had heard in the morning were a part of the worship, it turned out to be the day traditionally recognised as Hanuman’s birthday. The next day Swamiji brought me a gift, a small Hanumanji yantra, that is, a small plate with geometric patterns which echo the energy of the presiding deity. I had told Swamiji none of what was happening in my mind regarding Hanumanji. These were all tangible signs from Mohanji, perfectly timed confirmations.
That same year, while journeying with Mohanji around the feet of Mount Kailash in Tibet, I chanced to look upon the mountain and to my amazement, saw Mohanji’s face, as clear as day, standing for all to see, mighty and massive on the side of the Kailash itself, complete with long hair, beard and sunglasses.


While I knew beyond even the shadow of a doubt that it was the face of my Master, it was also the simian face of Hanumanji. I stood gazing at the huge stone face, seeing 2 faces there, spell bound, “We are one” the face was saying. I continued along the path beside that most sacred of mountains and eventually reached a pit-stop tent along the way. There I found Mohanji resting. I sat beside him, feeling him, enjoying the nearness of him, not speaking. He looked knowingly at me and said, “Feel my arms, feel my legs”. I did so and was astonished to find that the muscles beneath his thick jacket and mountaineer’s trousers were as hard as steel, they had none of the usual fleshy “give” that even the strongest muscles have, they did not feel as though they were made of flesh and blood at all, Mohanji was a being whose body was carved from the hardest granite. This, as the reader may know, is a quality attributed to Hanumanji. One of his names is Bajrangbali, which translates as “limbs of thunder”.
A month or so after the Kailash journey, I was staying in Mohanji’s ashram in India with a beautiful soul named Sandeep.

Hein and Sandeep

Mohanji was travelling at the time, in America and Canada and so Sandeep and I were alone for almost 2 months in the ashram. One day, while running an errand, we chanced to see and old man, clad in a blanket and walking slowly along with the help of a walking stick. The sight of him struck and compelled me. He bore a strong resemblance to Neem Karoli Baba, a master who Mohanji had said was an incarnation of Hanuman himself. “This is Hanuman,” I thought. I knew it to be so, but the mind, being what it is, is usually blind to the miraculous and the divine or else refuses to believe and casts us into doubt. I continued on my way. Just then, Sandeep looked at me and said, “Did you see that old man?” Then I knew, he had felt it as well, he too, knew it to be Hanumanji. His feeling confirmed my own and together we rushed to the old man and gave him an offering. The old man took the money without a word and without any formality and continued on his way. As he disappeared into the distance, Sandeep and I looked at each other and spoke what we were both thinking, “It’s Hanumanji, isn’t it?” We gave chase and caught up with him. I was too astonished and to be frank, still doubtful, to say or do anything. Sandeep spoke to him however. Not saying much, “Are you well?” and so on. In response, the old man stuck out his tongue, which looked very dark, almost black. When Mohanji graces me with such experiences or visits me in my dreams, I usually don’t discuss it with him, choosing instead to contemplate on it in silence until the meaning is made clear, or simply silently enjoy the savour of the experience. So, I did not discuss our divine encounter with Mohanji, or seek confirmation. Sandeep however, did and sometime later he told me that Mohanji had confirmed the identity of our humble and unassuming friend. He had come, Mohanji said, to bless and to protect us.

We received yet another sign of the same around the same time. Across the way from the ashram, was another house, at the entrance of which stood a potted tulsi bush. Nondescript as far as plants go, but for the fact that when seen from the balcony of the ashram, the tulsi bush exactly resembled Hanuman carrying the aforementioned mountain. From any other angle, it was just another potted plant, but not so from the balcony vantage. It seemed to retain that form for a long time and only reverted to normalcy scant days before Mohanji was to return from America and Canada.
Let me take this opportunity to remind those who are reading this that miracles happen, especially when Mohanji is with you, and you may rest assured that he is always with you. Do not let the doubting mind blind you to the gifts which you have been given and which are being given to you even now. I might have behaved very differently on that day when Hanumanji came to meet us, had I had fewer doubts. Perhaps I could have asked him to bless me with his devotion, perhaps I would have taken the opportunity to put my head on his feet. Perhaps I would have asked him questions which admittedly, may or may not have been worth asking. Perhaps I would have done exactly what I did anyway. The point is, not to doubt and not to miss.
Now we come to the picture, the inspiration behind this little story. It came to me and that is really all I can say about it how it ended up in my hands. I don’t know where it comes from, nor how it came. I remember the moment I discovered it, sitting in my room in South Africa. I remember nothing more. All I can say of a certainty, is that it had not been there and then it was. As far as I can recall, it came to me very near the time when Mohanji was in South Africa and I had asked him for my boon. I saw it and wondered at it and loved it but thought nothing more of it until just a few months back when I realised the significance of it. It is, as far as I can tell, a one of a kind picture, depicting a very rare form of Hanumanji.


Dattatreya Hanuman

I have looked online and found no other images which resemble it. I have asked my Hindu friends and fellow disciples about it and they too have never seen anything like it. I have never seen this 3 headed form of the divine monkey in any other place.
It is Dattatreya Hanuman. It is Mohanji Hanuman. It is the place where the disciple and the Master come together. It is a sign of the oneness and unconditional love of true devotion. Mohanji is Dattatreya, he is Hanuman and He is Para Brahma, the Supreme Father. It is a lesson in understanding Him: Hanuman exists solely for his beloved, for Ram, he exists solely to serve his Master. In the same way Mohanji serves us; nothing for himself and everything for his children.
It all starts with love. It continues in love. It ends in love.
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Religions Are Many, But God Is One

Written by Rasha Oustwani

Rasha 2

 “Apart From Love, Whatever You See Will Not Remain” – Rumi

Life is a joy and we are blessed to be experiencing it. The aim for all is just to be happy. We are all one, each has his or her journey and purpose for which we are here to achieve and experience.  However, everyone struggle with their mind in control, indulging more in illusions. It took me sometime to wake up from this illusion and see the truth. Thanks to Mohanji a real true master who helped me in this process.

My name is Rasha Oustwani and this is my story of how I met Mohanji and the blessings He has showered on me.

I am from Saudi Arabia with Syrian origins. I am a Muslim and practice my religion and prayers. I go regularly to Makkah perform Umrah and have also gone for the Hajj pilgrimage. I have always been the reference point for my friends if they wanted to ask about special prayers and details about our religion.

Four years ago, I got acquainted with Mohanji through his writings and instantly connected with His Universal message. I had the desire to meet him but had no clue how to do so.  I was going through a rough patch in my life; the lowest point literally – a messy heartbreaking divorce, the loss of my father who got captured in Syria and financial problems. I was feeling completely lost and hurt. 

During this tough time, all of a sudden my dear friend Zarine who was supporting me with her loving energies and Gong teachings, called to inform me about Mohanji’s visit to Dubai. She also mentioned that he would be attending the MeVeg Conference that day.  MeVeg is a community promoting vegetarian and vegan living in the Middle East.  The conference was to start in a couple of hours at the Dubai World Trade Centre and there was no way for me to reach the venue from where I was in the peak hour traffic. Disappointed, I said well I don’t think our meeting is meant to be. However, the yearning to see Him remained.

The next morning, Zarine miraculously called me and said there would be a private meditation session with Mohanji at a friend’s house, Christina in Jumeirah which was 10 minutes from my house.  I jumped with joy and was excited to go meet him.

I met Mohanji for the first time and he said “Hello Rasha!” He knew my name and was talking to me as if we had met before. I was astonished but felt happy and at peace.  I attended the Satsang and he gave Shaktipat, which was the first time in my life, clearing a lot of negativities and insecurities. I also sat with Mohanji and told him about what I was going through and about my fears etc. He comforted me and answered all my questions with such clarity that left no doubt in my mind. He gave me his eye card and asked me to connect regularly to him and that I could write to him on Facebook anytime I wanted.  I felt a huge difference as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. From then on, each time I connected to his eyes I would feel his energy.  I felt stronger and things started flowing with ease.  Every time I wrote to him, he would lovingly reply and this used to give me so much support, peace, comfort and strength.

“When we remember that love is the answer, we forget there ever was a question”
Rasha 4

I started reading and sharing his write-ups in his Blog and Facebook regularly. Slowly, as things started improving, my clarity and faith grew stronger.  My friends were surprised that I was going deeper in spirituality being a religious person! This to their mind was totally different as it meant I was drifting away from religion! However, my reply given with clarity and confidence was that there is no difference between spirituality and religion! In fact it’s one… It’s the same – it’s connecting to God the Supreme Power! Religion varies according to each person’s location; journey etc but there’s no difference in the purpose!

My own experience after going deeper in spirituality is that my faith has become stronger and every act I’m doing be it a prayer or any form of charity or religion is coming out of pure love and not out of fear or worry! And there’s a huge difference in that feeling.

Life is not a punishment, it’s an enjoyment. It’s a great journey of discoveries and miracles! My whole perspective on life changed positively after meeting Mohanji.  I feel truly blessed to have a real master in my life who made me see my own potential, who made me believe in myself who gave me the possibility to discover my abilities to heal myself and others in life, the ability to make a positive difference in this world by just being you… He gave me clarity in discovering my purpose and showed me the way… I can’t thank you Mohanji enough!
I’ve always had faith but I also had doubts. Mohanji showed me that having faith means there’s no 0% doubt! With this in my heart I reached total acceptance and surrender. I dropped judgments and expectations and this is the way to go higher on the path of liberation.

My Birthday Surprise

Last year, I had a very special experience.  It was my birthday and I had planned to celebrate it with my friends and family as always.  A friend of ours from Mohanji’s family had called the previous day to ask if I could come to his house for a special Power of Purity meditation the next day at 7 p.m. in the evening. I tried to excuse myself saying I had to attend a function etc but he insisted that it would take a short while only. So I agreed as I usually don’t like to miss any of these meditations. 

Rasha 3

I arrived a few minutes late to the house and found a Crystal ball Sound Healing session in progress.  I settled myself and gazed at a picture of Mohanji kept on a couch in front of me.  As I meditated, I went deep inside and started conversing with Mohanji. I wished He was there for my birthday to seek his blessings.

As the meditation finished, I opened my eyes and suddenly found Mohanji himself seated in front of me. I was surprised and pinched myself to see whether it was true or I was hallucinating. It was really Him. I burst out crying and hugged him. He laughed and said that my calling was so strong that He had come there on his way back to India. Everyone felt really happy at the lovely Gift of His presence on my birthday.


I began attending various retreats and programs that were being conducted by Mohanji. My first retreat was in Umm Al Quwain, UAE.  Later, I travelled to India for the first time to attend the retreat in Rishikesh and Haridwar in the Himalayas. This was a real turning point in my whole life as I had never travelled to the Far East before. So India for me is something extremely auspicious and special and it did change my life in many ways. I also attended the retreats last year in Sharjah, UAE and later in Kumbakonam, India.

Rasha 10

Mohanji’s Omnipresence

As my connection with Mohanji has grown stronger, I am able to merge with his consciousness. I speak to him daily as if he’s present in front of me.  I feel stronger with his presence in my life as he’s my spine, my strength, my dad that gives me confidence and strength…. God bless him.  

He pushed me to tap in believing in myself, into realizing my own potential. He helped remove any trace of doubt in my faith.  I’m blessed to feel his presence and Sai Baba’s regularly in my life especially in my meditations! I used to ask him after seeing him in my meditations “Was it you Mohanji?” Haha – he used to laugh and say Rasha and her doubts!

Today the place I’m flowing from, the purity I’m feeling, the grace and faith are divine. I’m so grateful for Mohanji’s presence in my life and in the lives of my children – they also have his eye card and connect to him.

To conclude, our true nature is Unconditional Love and Light – if somebody really sees this truth and feels it, not only will they be blessed but the world will also be a better place. This is what we should all aim at.   A Compassionate World.




My Huge Inner Shift

Written by Swami Mohana-Bhaktananda Bharati

Jaya Shri Mohanji!!

       I prostrate to my loving Babaji. Whatever I am today is solely because of his blessings. I prostrate to the tradition that he himself is. I prostrate to the Guru of all gurus, that Adhi Guru, which seamlessly walked into my life as Mohanji. Mohanji has such an unassuming method of operating. He makes you experience great truths, rather than teaching them to you with the hopes of you assimilating them. As I have come to learn experience is far better than simple learning. And all you need is to surrender to the tradition or Guru Tatwa. Mohanji takes care of the rest. His words are not just words, but piercing arrows that tear open the darkest layers of yourself and allow light to flow. This is what really happens when you communicate with Mohanji at any level.

1 Mohanji and Swami Bhaktananda

His words are not just words, but piercing arrows that tear open the darkest layers of yourself and allow light to flow.

I write this experience so that it can be used as a message to all Bhaktas and act as inspiration. I am just by-the-way in all this. The message is important, and not how the message came.

A while ago I noticed a change in my diet. I only wanted to eat fruit and felt very drained. I now see that this was Babaji preparing me for what was to happen. And this is the first lesson I have learned from this experience. Mohanji is not the physical body. He is truly spirit. He is truly the consciousness, that is with you all the time and that is guiding you all the time. He is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. This is really important to fully understand. Mohanji is the consciousness that pervades the universe. So every piece of food you ate, every drop of water you have consumed was Mohanji nourishing you. Every bed you have slept on, was Mohanji’s arms that have cradled you. We need to learn to respect everything around us and a manifestation of Mohanji.
We need to treat this earth as Mohanji, and stop killing her. The same respect we show to Mohanji’s physical body, we need to show to everything around us. It’s a shift in thinking that is needed. So small actions: teenagers should be taught to make their beds as respect to Mohanji for holding them as they sleep, we should recycle thinking that it is Mohanji’s body that is being transformed into another useful item for this existence, we should pollute less thinking we are ensuring that the Mohanji’s earth body is not being hurt.


2 Mohanji - If you are on earth, you have to pay the rent and the rent is service

“If you are on earth, you have to pay the rent. And the rent is service” – Mohanji

One night I went to bed early and fell asleep easily. At around 3am (although this is around the time I wake up to do pujas) I went into a deep sleep. I saw myself walking into a room, and there I saw Mohanji in front of a picture of Shirdi Maharaj. He was chanting some mantras. A voice was heard saying a few things, one of which was, “See your param bhakt is here” (I only understood this later, because it was a confirmation of the authenticity of the experience).
Mohanji stopped midway and turned to me. I saw his face and started crying. I grabbed his feet and couldn’t stop the tears flowing from my eyes. I was so content. All I wanted was to be there. Mohanji wanted to hug me, but I refused to leave his feet. Everything I could ever wanted was at these lotus feet.
Mohanji is more than just a wish fulfilling tree. He is more than an ATM that we can think we can transact with. There is no offering a coconut or jalebi to him for a BMW in exchange. We all need to learn to move beyond asking things. We should love him just because!! For no reason but love itself. Not even because he loves us back. And in any case, what can we ask that he does not already know? If we need it (not want it) he will give it to us. We don’t even have to ask. It is all Babaji’s will. All we should desire is to love Babaji.
I think the tears wet my pillow and I woke up a bit. Also I did not want to leave him, so he had to send me back so that I could continue with the experience.
Suddenly I saw myself behind a huge golden throne, which overlooked a sea of million people all dressed in white. They were all chanting AUM in union. Suddenly I noticed Shri Satya Sai Baba sitting on the throne. I looked at his face, his soft skin, his warm eyes and he smiled at me. I thought to myself that I should take a picture for everyone at the Ashram. So I took my phone and got a selfie. But when I looked at the picture I saw orbs with pictures of Shirdi Sai Maharaj and Babaji in various poses. This was an important lesson to me. Mohanji is the manifestation of every Guru. In him you will find every form. The entire guru Tatwa is in Mohanji. His blessing is the blessing of Swami and Baba. His blessing is that of Agastya and Mahavatar Babaji. Who else do we need? We don’t realise who stands before us. He is not just a guru, or even sadguru. He is not even just a manifestation of the divine. He is everything. He is the entire cosmos. He is you and everyone else.

3 Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Baba sitting on a golden throne overlooking a sea of million people all dressed in white. (This is exactly what I saw and I only saw this picture after the experience.)

When I saw these pictures, I prostrated before Swami and said that my faith in you has now grown. He then asked in a sweet voice, what I wanted. He was willing to give me anything I wanted. Anything at all. All I needed to do was ask. I replied saying that all I wanted was to love Mohanji more. I wanted to serve Mohanji. I wanted to be a good instrument that Mohanji could use. I wanted Mohanji to live in my heart. All I wanted was to truly love Mohanji, and love Him in Mohanji.
Swami began to cry, and as these tears of joy flowed down his delicate cheeks, he said yes, I bless you. He then said that he wanted to see me in private.
Suddenly we were in a place I did not recognise. Swami had his hands around me holding me under my arms, and suddenly the earth gave way. It just formed a huge pit, at the bottom of which was a raging sea, the milk ocean. I saw hundreds of people offering prayers to the milk ocean and its essence. We were floating in mid air and I was looking at the ocean from the top. Swami asked me if I was afraid. And I said, “If you are holding me why should I fear?” Suddenly the sea of water became a sea of fire. Again he asked me if I was afraid and I answered him as I did before. And then I felt him tighten his grip and hold me closer. Surrender….surrender is the key. Everything changes when we realise one thing: nothing happens without Mohanji’s will. If it is happening, then it’s Mohanji’s will. And Mohanji will’s only what is best for us. So no matter what is happening in our life, know that it is always for the best. Experience it with awareness and leave it to his will. It is him that is holding you. Not you holding him. It is Mohanji who holds you close, not you holding Mohanji close. It is Swami that supports you, not you supporting Swami.

4 Mohanji - it is Him holding you, not you holding Him

It is him that is holding you. Not you holding him.

I then found myself in a white room, and Swami gave me a golden liquid to drink. I drank it and he just smiled at me. He said that people do not realise who Mohanji is. He said I (we) should always be with him. He said I (we) should always serve him. Through him moksha is easily possible for everyone. Through Mohanji’s grace everyone can become one with him.
I then bowed before Swami and touched his feet and told him I love him. He said I have patience and faith and this is the key. He said everyone must learn patience and faith. He then blessed me and told a secret (with so much love in his eyes). He told me who I really am. He told me where I had come from, and how these energies combined to form the existence called Mohana-bhaktananda. Only then I realised Mohanji had also hinted this to me a few times. I felt the energies that Swami spoke about as being me, manifest even more in me. I saw in the experience how my body changed in keeping with these two energies. Because Mohanji said I should tell people this experience, I told a few people more details about this part of the experience. Because of this instruction, I began to internalise this and not just ignore it as I normally would have done.
I woke up from the dream and messaged Mohanji. This was when he told me that this was not just a dream. That everything said was true. In the vision Swami materialised vibuthi for me. A great Bhakta of Swami sent me a message when I woke up, with a picture of vibuthi that Swami materialised at an ashram and said Shirdi Baba had asked him to show me this picture while he was reading Sai Satcharita.

5 Through Him moksha is possible for everyone

Through him moksha is easily possible for everyone.

Later this most amazing Bhakta (who goes into a trance and Swami and Baba speak through him), sent a message from Swami to Neha, “Tell my Param Bhakta in Africa that I live in his heart and he lives in Baba’s heart. Tell my Param Bhakta in Africa that I am going to give Him more Shakti to do more Baba’s work. His patience and Faith are his strength….use them wisely and he will merge into me”. This blew me away, because it was the exact words that Swami had spoken in the experience. It was exactly what I had asked him for… to be a better instrument and for him to live in my heart.

It was at this point I also realised something very important. I was not in physical pain!! For those that are very close to me, they know a little of the pain I went through on a daily basis. There was never a time that this body was not in excruciating pain. The pain felt as if there were hot red coals under my skin. I lived on pain killers just to get through the day. But suddenly all the pain was gone. Even till today, 98% of all my pain is gone (just the normal pains everyone has are there). I have not taken a single prescription pain meditation, not one pill!! From living on schedule chronic pain medication, getting pain injections, and trying to get every possible thing to relieve the pain……all that pain is gone!!!
This is my experience that happened on the auspicious day of Pongal. How can I even begin to thank Mohanji. How can I even begin to show Mohanji how much I love him. He is Swami and Swami is him. How can I begin to express my gratitude to him for clarifying to me what I am. A great change has come over me since then. How do I say thank you. All that comes out of this mouth is just one word….”Mohanji”.
6 Hanumanji


All His Grace (Part 2)

By Narinder Rohmetra (Mamu)

This is a continuation to my last post “All His Grace“. I have included a few more of the anecdotes and learning from Mohanji in this post. This and my last post are my humble offerings at the feet of the Master. I also offer my immense gratitude to the Master for showering immeasurable grace on my being and for choosing me as an instrument in His mission.

My Connection with HIM

During retreats, there are one-to-one meetings planned for the participants with Mohanji. As mentioned in my last post, I had exhausted all my queries about spirituality in my very first meeting with Mohanji in July 2011. From then on, I never had any questions for Him. So I never availed of any one-on-one time with him at the retreats. However as time moved on, a question kept cropping up in my mind every once in a while. I mentioned this in my last post as well. Why was I the recipient of all this grace? I could not attribute it to anything in my current life. I hadn’t been following the designated path of spirituality. Then why? This question kept gnawing within me.

In the Wayanad retreat, I finally decided to request for an appointment for a one-on-one meeting. When it was my turn, I entered the designated meeting room without any agenda. He smiled and asked me “What do you want to know now?” I asked him, “What is my connection with You?” Mohanji said, “You  had done intense sadhana of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu in the last five lives. In all these lives, I was taking care of you. But we were destined to meet physically only in this life.” Before taking me under His wing in this life, He had been watching over and protecting me like a mother hen through all these lives unbeknownst to me. All His Grace!

A Touch of Hanumanji

After the inauguration of the Madhuban restaurant at Katra in July 2013, a trip to Mata Vaishno Devi temple was planned. The path to the holy cave temple is via a 14km trek from Katra through the mountains. To save on time, we decided to travel by helicopter but the weather was playing truant.

In the afternoon when we were planning to leave for the helipad, the weather was nice and sunny. We asked Mohanji if the flight would operate. He smiled and said, “Sure. We will go on four legs!”. We thought he was referring to the rotor fins of the helicopter. When we reached the helipad, the weather suddenly turned cloudy and all the flights were cancelled for the day. We had no option but to take a pony. Four legs! Ha Ha Ha. :-)

We were leaving for the yatra base camp at the Banganga check post, situated at the foothills, to begin the trek. Mohanji asked me about my feeling of Hanumanji. I thought that He was referring to my meeting with Hanumanji in Ayodhya. Mohanji said, “You have met  Hanumanji. But have you felt Hanumanji?” He then asked me to feel His body. As I bowed and touched His thigh and calf muscles, I was stunned. They were like stone and had a muscular shape like that of a bodybuilder. I could hardly press them even when I applied my full force. I wondered how this could be. He never visits any gym or performs any type of exercise. People who have massaged His legs are aware that His muscles are very soft. People close to Him know that His body changes as per the requirement of the situation and depending upon the Masters that operate through Him at that moment. These changes have been witnessed by many around Him. This time, He made me feel Hanumanji in the flesh. All His Grace!

Definition Of Tradition in the simplest way

Once I asked Him, “How do we explain the path in a simple way?” He drew the picture of a house (illustrated below).


He explained the tradition as follows:

  • The Foundation is Unconditional Love

Love without expecting in return from our spouse, children, relatives, friends, society etc. Most of the unhappiness lies here as we attach conditions to love. The foundation of the building must be strong to raise the structure.

  • The super-structure has two pillars
    1. Purity: in thought, word and action
    2. Faith: When situations do not happen as per our expectations, we start losing faith and start a blame game
  • Roof slab is Bliss

If we have a strong foundation and super-structure, we will attain the ultimate Bliss.


There are numerous incidents in my life that attest to the presence of His Grace. What I have observed is that He showers His grace in such a way that it looks like a coincidence. He claims no credit for it. It requires eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to feel His Grace. Those who dismiss this as a coincidence have missed the bus, so to speak.

During my journey with Him, I have seen people blaming Him when they were either in the Foundation stage or partially in the super-structure stage. In His very first teachings, He had clearly stated, “Marry the teachings, not the Guru (physical form)”. Yet, they got distracted by getting attached to His physical form or analyzing His physical actions rather than attaching to His Consciousness. All these people had profound personal experiences of His Consciousness including travelling astrally with Him. I know about these experiences based on their own narration of it in one-on-one conversations with them. Inspite of this, they got trapped in the mind game. Our mind becomes very strong if we continue watering it. All Masters have been criticized, blamed, reviled and attacked (even physically) when alive and some have even been assassinated. Only after their death, people have realized their true worth. All because of these mind games. When will we stop operating from the mind???????????????????

With Love

Narinder Rohmetra(Mamu)

Chief Engineer (Rtd.)



All His Grace

By Narinder Rohmetra (Mamu)

2013-02-03- Mohanji - India - Vrindavan - Retreat (60)

My Background

My name is Narinder Rohmetra. I graduated as Civil Engineer in the year 1977 from the Regional Engineering College, Srinagar (now known as National Institute of Technology). I have been recently retired as Chief Engineer of Jammu & Kashmir Government in October 2012 after working in the Hydraulic department (Road & Building, Water Supply, Irrigation & Power) for the last 35 years.

I had faith in religion and God but I was not a person who would follow rituals precisely & vigorously. Except the Gayatri mantra, I never learnt any mantra. I only bowed down to God but rarely asked for anything except peace of mind and contentment. I was a staunch non-vegetarian who loved to have meat almost every day and also occasionally had alcohol. I did not believe in lying to anybody for personal gain. Even in my professional duties, I tried my best to work truthfully. I was very emotional and had a strong ego to convince everybody on my ideas. I always tried to judge/change the other person/situation as per my understanding.

I was never a person who believed in Gurus. I always believed in myself. I never had an inclination to go to any Gurus in physical form. However, I had a great curiosity in understanding how life works – the origins and what happened after death.I strived to get that understanding from books and learned people but could never get proper convincing answers with the desired clarity. I should however state that I was not a avid reader of spiritual books.

I was always operating through my mind 24*7 either gloating over the past or worrying about the future. I used to always get upset whenever things did not happen according to my wishes. I never learned to enjoy the present moment due to my analytical nature. Further, I had an overly critical nature that found fault with everything. God has always graced me with everything I needed materially.

My Meeting with Mohanji

My nephew Sumit – younger sister’s son) was always actively pursuing spiritual practices. He was always after us to try out some of the practices like Reiki. In July 2011, I got a call from Sumit to attend a meditation session being conducted at his residence in Trikuta Nagar, Jammu.There, I was introduced to Mohanji as Mama ji (uncle) of Sumit and Mohanji addressed me also as Mamu. Since then, the name stuck on and I have been called Mamu by Mohanji and by others within the community. :-)

The moment I saw Him, I immediately felt as if I had known Him for a long time. We spent three days with Him at Sumit’s house in Jammu and in Sumit’s hut at Kud in Patnitop (now declared Mohanji residence). Over these three days, I asked Him a lot of questions – around a 100 of them. :-) Some of the questions were – Why people suffer in spite of good work carried by them for society? How and why catastrophes happen in religious places? How karmas are created? What is unconditional love, purity and faith? What is surrender? Questions about suffering in relationships, etc. What happens after death? How souls (human, animals, insects, birds, etc) are managed and by whom? He answered all my questions with patience, simplicity and with such scientific clarity that the answers did not leave even an iota of doubt. In my mind, there were no questions and a perfect peace of mind. I had finally found the Guru I wasn’t seeking. :-)

In hindsight, I was asking all these questions just for sake of it or maybe to judge Him. Haha. :-) Now, I realize that all these questions were just a mind game as only mind gets insecure and seeks answers.

My Experiences

The very next day after returning from Patnitop (Kud), I had a beautiful experience. During the night at my house, I woke up to the loud sound of ringing bells. I had never heard such soothing sounds. I was fully awake and moving my legs but was unable to open my eyes. Through my inner vision, I saw Shesh Nag (the snake whose hood serves as an umbrella for Lord Vishnu) with very beautiful colors quickly moving in waves with a Glove in which Mohanji’s face was visible. I have never seen such beautiful calming colors. All His Grace!

The next day when I went to meet Him, I asked Him “Did you visit me last night?”. He smiled and confirmed his presence. A day later, Mohanji was leaving for Delhi by an afternoon flight from Jammu. All of us went to the airport to see Him off. Mohanji was sitting in the small Jet Airways office chatting with the airline staff. I thought that it would have been better if He moved to the lounge so that we could also have the grace of His lecture. At that very moment, He said, “Let us move to the lounge so everybody can hear”. He turned to me and smiled acknowledgingly.

2013-02-03- Mohanji - India - Vrindavan - Retreat (28)

There was an announcement to board the flight and it was time to say goodbye. Mohanji gave a hug to Suman and his wife Jyoti. I felt a strong desire that he should also give me a hug. He immediately extended his hand towards me and beckoned me to join. So there I was in His arms along with Suman and Jyoti. He was taking care of every desire of mine without me conveying it physically. After dropping him, we departed from the airport in complete silence.

I reached home in about 15 minutes. When I reached home, strange things started happening to my senses.I was almost paralyzed and it took a lot of effort to move from one place to another. White light in the form of waves were continuously falling over me.I lay down on the bed and remained in that position till evening. Late evening, I made a call to Sumit and explained my situation to him. He asked me to come over to his place.When I reached his place, Mohnish and Mousami (the son and daughter of Dr. Deepali Jaju) were also there. They were narrating their astral journeys with Mohanji.They assured me that things will be alright soon. We performed the evening aarti of Sai Baba. Soon after the aarti,I was back to normal. Later, Mohanji explained that the white light resulted from clearing of my blockages due to the hug he gave me. AllHis Grace!

A couple of years later, Sumit asked me to join them for a trip to the Maha Kumbh Mela in Allahabad (13th February to 19th February 2013). Kumbh Mela is one of the most sacred events in India and happens to be the largest peaceful gathering in the world. Over a 12 year cycle, It is conducted at 4 places – Nashik, Ujjain, Haridwar and Allahabad – on a rotational basis. Millions gather at these places during the Kumbh Mela to bathe in the sacred Ganga river. The Maha Kumbh Mela is a once in a lifetime event that happens after 144 years.This was my first participation in such a big assembly of people where around 30 million were expected to take a dip at the Triveni Sangam at Allahabad – the confluence of the three holy rivers Ganga, Jamuna and Saraswati.

My colleagues and family members could not believe that I was going to the Maha Kumbh Mela because my general view of these events, until then, was overly critical. I dismissed them as a waste of time and unhygienic. I understood the value of these events only when I attended the Maha Kumbh Mela with Mohanji. We stayed in tented accommodation around 3 kms away from the Triveni Sangam. We visited several ashrams in the area around the Maha Kumbh Mela since Mohanji wanted us to get a feel of these ashrams and soak in their divine vibrations.

We used to get up at around 2am, take a bath and then proceed towards the Sangam for a dip. Our group had three elderly persons- two ladies and Shashank’s father – who could walk very slowly and that too only with support. Mohanji, on the other hand, tends to walk fast and it is hard to keep pace with him. We were moving quickly through a big crowd. When we reached the place at the Sangam where we were taking dips, I thought that we may have to wait for Shashank who was coming with his father. But to my utter surprise, they were right behind us. Isn’t that strange? How did they manage to keep pace?

One day, a saint visited our camp. Baba Goraknathji (the most famous of the nine Nath saints) communicated through Him.The saint told Mohanji that He was directed by Baba Gorakhnathji to give Shaktipat to Mohanji. As soon as the saint touched Mohanji’s third eye, the saint started shaking uncontrollably and went into a trance. Baba Gorkahnathji started to speak through the saint. The saint started predicting about Mohanji and about the rest of the group. I choose not to reveal the predictions due to their personal nature. Our group also got Shaktipat from the saint in that elevated state.

In between the dates of the dips, we planned a one day trip to Ayodhya. It was raining very heavily.We reached a small ancient temple of Lord Hanumanji (considered an epitome of service through his devotion to Lord Ram). The presiding priest of the temple and his family prepared and served lunch for us with a lot of love. After lunch, when we were about to leave the temple,Mohanji saw an old man sitting in the verandah of temple with his back to the sanctum sanctorum. Among Hindus, it is considered disrespectful for one to sit with their back to the idol of deities. Mohanji asked Sumit to go and take his blessings. I also followed Sumit. To my surprise,I could see Hanumanji through the side of Sumanji‘s camera screen. An image of Hanumanji was overlapping that of the old man sitting in temple. This was only visible through through the camera screen. When I looked directly, I could only see the old man. Later, Mohanji explained that I could not see Hanumanji directly because I was excited and, hence, operating through the mind. I walked up to the old man (Hanumanji) and bowed to him to seek His blessing. He blessed me and said ”Khush raho” (Be happy) in a deep sonorous sound. I had never heard such a deep sound before. I could not control my emotion and was consoled by Mohanji with a hug. All His Grace!


I have always had a very strong desire to see deities physically. After the Maha Kumbh Mela, we left for Varanasi to visit Kashi Vishwanath. I was continuously trying to connect to His Consciousness. After sometime, I had a vivid vision of Devatas (demigods), Devis (demigoddesses) and saints walking past my sight in a steady stream. It was like watching a movie. I hardly recognized some of them. The visions stopped when the driver announced a stop for lunch. In this way, Mohanji fulfilled my desire for a vision of saints.When I got down, He looked at me smilingly to check if there was anymore desire left in me. All His Grace!

We had been taught Kriya yoga by Mohanji at the Patnitop retreat. Once I was doing my usual practice of Kriya yoga at my residence early in the morning. I felt a strong fragrance of sandalwood and camphor for some time. I am not very good at identifying fragrances. I knew that the fragrance indicated the presence of Mohanji. I bowed to Him mentally and continued my practice. He means it when he says, “I am always with you”. Later, I checked with him and He confirmed His presence.

I participated in the Vrindavan retreat with Mohanji from 27thJanuary to 2ndFebruary 2014. On the 5th day, all of us had assembled for doing yoga at 6.30am. While performing the yogic exercises with closed eyes, I suddenly lost all feeling of the body and had a glimpse of Cosmic Consciousness.With closed eyes, my vision extended to 360 degrees and I could see in all the directions at the same time. I could see Mohanji and all the retreat participants around me. I saw Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva dancing. It is difficult to describe this state in words. While in that state, I could clearly hear the instructions of our yoga teacher (Sanjay sir ) and also perform all the exercises standing, sitting and lying down. But there was no feeling of the joints or the body during that stage.I had heard that God is omnipresent but wondered how? Also, Mohanji always said, “I am there with you all the time if you think of me from the core of your heart”. Until that time, I had only heard about consciousness but never felt it or understood it. Mohanji fulfilled that desire by granting me the experience.He carried me into consciousness by nullifying my mind. Now I understood how saints can communicate within a fraction of second. All His Grace!

On that day, we visited the Barsana temple of Radhaji (considered an epitome of love expressed through her devotion to Lord Krishna) and the ISKCON temple. When I entered the temples, I was completely filled with joy. As I closed my eyes and bowed before the idol(s), the idol(s) completely vanished from my mind’s eye and I was transported to the time of the presence of Lord Krishna on earth. I saw the Mahals (palatial houses) in which they were living and moving around. This was happening in all the temples that I visited on that day. A day filled with an outpouring of divine blessings! All His Grace!

I participated in the Wayanad retreat with Mohanji (2nd June to 8th June2014) in Kerala. On the last day of the retreat, I asked Mohanji, “We have not been blessed with Shaktipat this time”. He replied in a sharp and stern voice, “Why do you need Shaktipat when you are already in My Consciousness”. I kept quiet and understood that the thought was another game played by my mind. Late in the evening, we were all having dinner in dining hall. After finishing my dinner, Mohanji called me when I went to keep my plate in the kitchen. When I walked upto Him, He asked me to touch His spine.I touched and felt as if something was moving up and down His spine. I told Him what I felt. He smiled and said Ok . I felt like sitting down and took a seat a few seats away from Mohanji on the same table. The moment I sat down and closed my eyes, I sunk into a deep consciousness. I was transported to the period of Lord Rama. It was the time of the war of Lord Rama with Ravana. I could see Hanumanji fighting in the war alongside Lord Rama. I am not sure if it was a reflection of a past life or just a view of that glorious period. I also saw my previous lives with the present relation. It was like a rewinding of a movie in fast track mode. At the same time, I could hear the voices in the dining hall as well. I regained myself after an hour or so. When I opened my eyes, only one or two workers were present in kitchen. Everybody had left without disturbing me. All along, I was in sitting position and awake. He fulfilled my desire of Shaktipat. All His Grace!

There are many more incidents but I mentioned only the ones which significantly changed my perception and perspective of life.

Till date, I am unable to understand one thing. – to what do I owe this good fortune to have all these wonderful experiences? I am not the usual stereotype of a spiritual seeker. I have been a non-vegetarian and used to drink alcohol as well. I have neither done any major spiritual practices nor read many spiritual texts. I have no words to express my gratitude. This is all I can say. All His Grace! All His Grace! All His Grace!

My Transformation

How all these experiences helped me in my daily life?

  • I became a vegetarian by choice without any compulsion. I could see no difference between the consciousness of animals and mine. Hence, I could not accept putting any being through any pain to satisfy my cravings.
  • I started loving everybody without expectations of love or anything in return. Even if they don’t agree with me. Previously, I would react to situations and people. Now I respond to them.
  • I stopped carrying the guilt of the past. If I commit a mistake, I straightaway accept it without lingering on it.
  • I now accept people around me as they are and stopped judging them.
  • I prefer to change myself rather than change the situation. Earlier I was unsuccessfully trying to change situations and people as per my choice. Believe me that people change after you stop reacting. Now I only respond.
  • I have started to enjoy the present moment. Once you are happy in the present moment, the past and future will be happy too.
  • Now I do not suppress my desires. Either I fulfill my desire or let it go with awareness. Previously, I used to suppress them if they were unfulfilled.
  • Now, my happiness is not dependent on outside objects, situations or behavior of people. Previously it was the contrary. My happiness depended upon the external.

All this is due to His Grace! His Grace! And only His Grace!

P.S: I am grateful to my nephew Sumit Gupta who guided me on this path of awareness and got me in touch with my Guru, my Teacher, my All. I am also grateful to Reva Gupta who always encouraged me on the path of spirituality.

With Love

Narinder Rohmetra(Mamu)

Chief Engineer (Rtd.)


An Experience of the Panch Tattwa Retreat, Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu, November 2015

Written by Raja Shree U.K.Lighting Lamp

Gratitude to Mohanji

I wish to offer my gratitude to Mohanji for being there, for radiating so much love and beauty, and for guiding and teaching us all towards the ultimate.  Thank you endlessly.

Basking in the Lap of Shiva at Kumbakonam

I was deeply drawn to the Pancha Tatwa retreat from the moment I heard about it. It was not an easy decision to make especially when you have young children at school. However, I decided that I would try to make it happen and accept whatever outcome came. I trusted Life and so surrendered knowing that there is a perfection going on in my life which has never failed me.

Therefore, I worked towards making it happen and luckily for me everything happened flawlessly. The thing that most surprised me was the arrival of my Indian Visa in 2 days, despite most people waiting much longer due to a busy Diwali holiday period. In fact, I was at my cousin’s stunning Kali pooja on Kali Chaudus (3 days before flying out) where we had made elaborate offerings to Maa Kali, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Swami Vivekananda and our Guru’s. Surprisingly, just as the pooja got completed, I got a text from the Visa office confirming my Visa and passport were ready for collection from 4pm onwards the same day. With beautiful synchronicity, I was able to complete the pooja, have lunch and arrive at the Visa office en route home by 4pm. At the Visa office, I overheard disappointed people ahead of me in the queue complain that their Visa had still not arrived (though they had submitted their application forms several days prior). I felt the graceful hand of the Divine on me, overseeing everything and making things happen wonderfully. I was elated and feeling very grateful.

The Retreat

The structure of each day was intense and I was surprised at how well I got into the swing of things. My body coped with the intensity of it all from the 4am arising to drinking 1.5 litres of water for water therapy, to the packed days full of yoga, sacred temple visits and Satsangs with Mohanji. Within me there was no resistance, I just did what I was told happily.

Many wonderful things happened during that incredible week. Here are some of the highlights that I would like to share:

Physically energized, consistently uplifted and joyful

Right from the start, I was riding high on some immense energy like I had a Duracell battery inside me that was on fast-forward keeping me ‘on’ the whole time. By His Grace, it seemed like I was surfing high on an adventurous divine wave of light, brightness and utter beauty. All I wanted to do was sing and smile.  I felt my legs had no role to play for me as my body (from head down to my groin) was like a wheel and I was just floating through time and space without much effort on my part, doing what was needed at every point in time. It felt light and good.

The Homa raised the bar for me further and I felt as if on fire. I took some incredibly charged up pictures of the Homa in which clear images of Ganapati Bapa and what was later revealed by Mohanji as Dakshinamoorthi could be seen in the flames. Mohanji is so divinely bright, these things always manifest around Him. I love Him – He is beautiful!


After the Homa, I sat quietly in the background behind a pillar and just observed everything in silence and solitude. I could have sat there forever needing nothing and no one. At that moment my whole body was tingling with electrical pulses like every cell, every particle in my body was buzzing, enjoying its own ecstatic and vigorous dance of Shiva. Imagine, a trillion cells in my body each enjoying a little ecstatic Tandava dance of bliss! I loved the Homa so much; I could have easily continued for another three or four hours without any problem.

Profound meditation experience, like Shiva was cradling me in the palm of His hands:

My goal for the retreat was to use the time to go inward. I feel I did enjoy some deeper states of meditation. One evening, after the 360 meditation, I sat in a very deep trance like state. Mohanji was talking about what it means to be in the Shiva state. He said that you become desire-less, you become expression-less and you are constantly in a perpetual blissful state (called Sat Chit Ananda). I was in an elevated state of absolute pleasantness within myself, no desires and needs and no need to express anything to anyone. Was this the Shiva State that Mohanji was talking about? I felt like I had become my sweet Mohanji that evening and it felt magnificent.

Shiva’s energy rushed through my veins embracing me and injecting me with his fire and magic:

All my life I have felt a very strong connection with Shiva; from a very young age Shiva’s chants were always on in my home. I feel like He follows me around all the time and, lucky for me, He will not let me go. His blessings are felt!

I had some deeply moving experiences at some temple visits. At the Airavatesvara Temple near Kumbakonam my body, mind, my whole being was flooded with the compassionate grace and energy of my sweet Shiva. It is always hard to fully describe an experience, however the best way to explain it is that I felt totally taken over by something higher, like I was possessed by an entity far bigger than the tiny, speck-like me. I surrendered to what was happening. It was so intensely beautiful, and whatever sounds and song came from my mouth, I felt like it was not coming from me; it was coming from His mouth. Tears flooded the place and one word I kept on saying involuntarily was “Shiva Shiva Shiva Shiva”. It was like an engine throttle going on, which was out of my control. I just kept on chanting soothing every cell of my being. The mantra became a constant sound in me and I was drenched in it. I could not get enough of it and I never wanted it to end. Unfortunately for me, I was more or less forced to leave the temple by dear Mamu and our team of organisers! It is fair to say that I would have happily died there in the arms of my beloved Shiva.

A divine synchronicity, like One Mind was operating the show:

It often seemed like I was operating with One Mind amidst all the lovely participants around me. Whatever I desired (or what others desired) was being delivered at all times through this One Mind.

A few examples are mentioned here:

  • At one temple visit I bought an archana plate, which had various offerings in it including one lotus flower. I remember looking at it and thinking to myself, I wish I had two lotus flowers. I was a split second away from telling the seller I wanted to buy another lotus flower and suddenly the archana seller gracefully put another lotus flower onto my plate. Magic!
  • On one of the first evenings, Devi was doing the arti after satsang. I was set back from the Dias and thought quietly to myself, ‘I would love to do the arti to my dear Mohanji’. After a few minutes, beautiful Mamu (who I love so dearly!) appeared right next to me and gestured to go and take the arti. He did this several times actually but I was too shy to come forward! I did not want to interrupt Devi but eventually I moved forward and politely took the arti plate and did arti to Mohanji. I was so tearful and joyous, I swayed merrily whilst doing arti. I loved every minute of it and certainly danced like nobody was watching! No doubt all this was His grace.
  • I had taken some Devi Sutras to the retreat because I wanted Mohanji to tie one on my left hand. This was a way of allowing his highest intentions for me to soak into my world over the coming months. I had bought a few spare sutras to give to others. One time I got a random urge to give my final sutra to Bindu Nair. She looked at me so very touched and grateful, she then shared that she had told Aneeta she really wanted a sutra for Mohanji to tie on her wrist! Bingo. I was so happy to be the one to deliver it.



My favourite aspects of the week were Shaktipat, Satsangs with Mohanji and simply being with Him in physical proximity. The Shaktipats I felt were like fire pulsing through me via his hands and touch. I absolutely know that a divine seed was being planted in me, and in all the participants, which in time will be hugely transformational for all. I am so utterly grateful for his sacred touch but more so for his love and compassion for being with us all and always offering himself to us so fully. He is a rare being, made of nothing less than Shiva’s fire, the Ultimate.

Aum Arunachala, Shiva, Aum Shiva Arunachala

After a magical week with 50 beautiful people, I was delighted to be travelling to Arunachala with Mohanji and a few others. I felt so lucky and braved two amazing parikrama’s barefoot in rainy but refreshingly crisp weather on two very sacred days – on the Sunday (Prabhodhini Ekadashi, dedicated to Lord Vishnu) and the Monday (Dedicated to my beloved Lord Shiva). Although I was often in a lot of physical pain as the path was filled with small stones, which dug into the soles of my feet, I made a point to remain focused and not internally suffer or give in to the pain. I had decided the goal was set and I made sure I delivered if only for my higher self. There was nothing more worth doing for me. I did not want to be a tourist on this route, wanting everything to be cosy and comfortable. I would be a devoted pilgrim, even if I bled, got blisters and endured physical pain, I would happily endure this as my volition was clear – to complete the parikramas with the full force and intensity as Shiva would have done it.

I had read that Arunachala Giri Vallam is regarded as one of the most sacred walks in India because unlike four other sacred mountains, which are regarded as Shiva’s abodes, Arunachala is regarded as the actual body of Shiva. I felt immensely lucky and blessed to be walking on the body of Shiva especially with Mohanji & that too on two very sacred days. Completing these parikrama’s were the ultimate for me. I was exhilarated and on a high! Thank you God! Shiva! Mohanji! You have made my world. Literally.

On an aside, I had been suffering from a painful lump at the back of my left Achilles heel for the past 6 months, which the doctors had diagnosed as Tendonitis. However, since the day I completed the Arunachala parikrama, the lump completely disappeared and I am now pain-free even though we had walked on rough terrain in bare feet.

To conclude, since the trip, I feel more stillness in me. Often during meditation, there used to be involuntary movements in my body however now my body and mind seem to have settled. I also feel that my sushumna, ida and pingala pathways seem to be clearer. The sensation of my breath doesn’t seem limited to my nostrils and lungs and I can feel the prana extending all over my body and beyond especially in the head region.

Thank you my dear Shiva Arunachala! Thank you my sweet Mohanji Mahadev! Thank you my darling Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev! Thank you Shree Ramana Maharshi! (for your piercing gaze which split me open). Last but not least, Thank you to my beautiful, powerful Siddhas for residing in the stunning Arunachala Hill and making it shine, throughout the world, with its scintillating radiance. Thank you for hearing my songs, chants and heartfelt, sometimes tearful calls during both parikramas.  My heart is drenched in devotion for you all. I love you all so completely and dearly. Please continue to be with me.

“In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art.” Here is one of those poems:



Mohanji, My heart,

Let every situation

Be a stepping-stone

Gracefully offered

To reach the divine

Fulfil my potential

To become Absolute

The Ultimate-

In Shiva

The Auspicious-

In Shambo.

No compromises

In this life

I want,

Nothing less

Nothing more

Nothing else.

Just Shiva.

Nothing else

For me

You see.

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Skanda Vale trip with Mohanji and Biba

Skanda Vale is a multi-faith ashram and home to a resident community of 25 monks and nuns. Every year they welcome over 90,000 pilgrims to their three temples. Their work involves worshiping the Lord in his many forms, caring for hundreds of animals, providing food aid to people in need, giving spiritual education and caring for the terminally ill at their hospice. The ashram was founded by Guru Subramaniam who was born in Sri Lanka. The ashram is set in over 100 acres of woodland and is located in South Wales, about 250 miles away from London.

One of the monks, Swami Govinda had travelled with the UK group to Kailash with Mohanji in 2014 and he had invited Mohanji and Biba to visit Skanda Vale whenever they came to the UK. A group of us travelled with Mohanji and Biba to Skanda Vale straight after the retreat. It was a long journey of nearly 5 hours but the time went in a flash as we reflected on the amazing retreat experiences. On his arrival, Mohanji was very warmly welcomed by all the Swamis who were eagerly awaiting his arrival, especially Swami Govinda.

skand vale.png

We had arrived just in time for a special Maha-abhishekam to the main deity in the Maha Shakti temple. This puja is conducted once a month on the Saturday before every full moon. On this occasion, the temple was completely packed full of pilgrims. In the terrace outside sat about 80 pilgrims who could not get into the temple. Outside the terrace hundreds of people watched the puja on a large TV screen as they could not get into either the temple or the terrace. The Swamis had very kindly kept space in the temple for Mohanji, Biba, my wife Ranjana and I. As well as the magnificent main deity of mother Kali which is about 2 metres high, there are pictures and murtis of all the different manifestations of God from the different religious traditions. The atmosphere in the temple for the full moon puja was an intense and amazing experience. The energy in the temple was at fever pitch. The mantras were chanted by the Swamis with intense concentration. The vibrant bhajans sung with utmost devotion accompanied by the beats of the drum, the harmonium, cymbals, bells and conch, sent waves of bliss through the congregation. During the bhajans, Abhishek was performed to the Divine Mother with vibhuti (mixed with water), milk, yoghurt, honey and fruits. In between each offering she was offered frankincense and arathi. After the Abhishek she was bathed with water, oiled with fragrant perfume, offered arathi again and serenaded with more bhajans. She was offered the sacrificial offerings of coconuts, lime and kumkum. Finally she was beautifully adorned with jewellery, colourful sarees, a shining crown, garlands of limes and the most colourful fragrant flowers. At the climax of the ceremony when the 108 names of the Divine Mother were chanted, Mohanji was invited into the sanctum sanctorum to offer petals to Her together with the Swamis.


After the puja had concluded and all devotees had taken Arathi, Swami Brahmananda, the head of the ashram invited us into his private quarters to share a delicious meal that he himself had prepared. All the monks and sisters gathered together and we shared this meal in the room where Guru Subramaniam (who left his body in 2007) used to stay. We then had an insightful satsang with the monks and sisters where they got the opportunity to ask Mohanji many questions which were answered with clarity and purpose.

The following day was the biggest day of the year for Skanda Vale, the climax of the Subramanium festival. The Subramanium festival starts off with the separation of Subramanium from his wives, Valli and Devani. The 12 days in between are a period of intense pujas, prayers and sadhana. The culmination of the festival is the reunion of Lord Subramanium with Valli and Devani. The final ceremony was held in a large outside space called the yagayashala and Mohanji was invited to sit with the monks at the front of the congregation. During the ceremony the ladies went off in a procession to collect Devani and Valli from the Subramanium temple. After their arrival, the men then went to collect Lord Subramanium in a procession. Mohanji was given the honour of carrying Lord Subramanium on the final leg from the temple to the yagyashala to reunite the lord with his wives, the union of Shiva with Shakti. Mohanji had a nagging gout issue and he could hardly walk. But at no point in time anybody felt any discomfort from him. He was as normal. Obviously he could have been in expanded consciousness. He carried the idol Lord Subramaniya barefooted and also in the cold atmosphere of Skande Vale despite his swollen feet. Just a short while ago he was on a wheel chair and later on crutches. But ever since he came to Skande Vale he methodically participated in every function that the monks invited him for. This ceremony was a heavenly experience with grace and blessings flowing abundantly on all the pilgrims. The swamis told us later that this was the best festival yet. Despite the rain, this was a festival with a difference, a festival imbued with a unique and special vibration!

Swami Brahmananda gave a beautiful talk on the significance of the festival. He started the discourse by welcoming Mohanji saying:

‘Today is a particularly auspicious day… particularly special because we have a very revered guest with us. Mohanji has come to join us, to celebrate this festival. The first time I met him yesterday it was like meeting an old friend.

All of us in the community had the grace to spend many years with Guru Sri Subramanium, so we are able to discriminate what the word Guru really means. Nowadays it’s used very loosely, and misused very often. But I’m very privileged to know that Mohanji is a real Guru. And real gurus are a rare commodity. So we’re very blessed that the Lord has instructed him to come here, and he has brought a grace with him. I am very proud, and very happy that he’s able to come here and spend time with us in Skanda Vale.’


Mohanji attended all the pujas and services at all the temples including a very moving Christian prayer service. The Swami conducting the service commented that it was one of the most powerful services that he has ever had the experience of conducting during his stay in Skanda Vale (over 25 years).


During those blissful days the Swamis took Mohanji on a tour of Skanda Vale. We met the resident elephant Valli and fed her lots of fruit and bananas. She gave shaktipath to all of us by placing the tip of her trunk on our foreheads!

We saw birds, deer, cattle, peacocks, geese, dogs, donkeys, horses, all of who have taken shelter in Skanda Vale and are lovingly looked after by the monks and sisters.

The next day we attended the prayers in the Sri Ranganatha temple which is an open air temple of Vishnu lying on the serpent Vasuki surrounded by Lord Hanuman, Lord Brahma and Mother Lakshmi. Mohanji participated in the Poojas also at the reclining Lord Vishnu idol flanked by Lord Hanuman and Goddess Lakshmi despite the cold morning hours as well as the swollen feet. Swamiji himself held his hand and escorted him to the idol situated in the middle of a pool. Mohanji noted that Garuda (Lord Vishnu’s vehicle) should be there also and immediately made arrangements for an idol as per the approved standards of idols based on scriptures. (The idol of Garuda is getting ready and should be in Skande Vale by February 23rd, the 51st birthday of Mohanji). The temple is completely exposed to the elements and the deities are located in the middle of a small pond. The Swami’s have to walk across a plank to get to the deities for conducting the pujas. Mohanji was also invited to offer flowers at the culmination of the prayer. I was a little concerned as Mohanji was limping and had to walk on the plank. However Mohanji made it there and back with no trouble despite the pain in the leg and discomfort.

The Swamis showed Mohanji all the building work being done in Skanda Vale. A major project that Skanda Vale have embarked upon is the creation of a hospice to care for the terminally ill. The hospice is located about 20 miles away from the ashram in the small village of Saron. Mohanji was invited to visit the hospice and see the construction work going on there in Swami Brahmananda’s new pickup. The previous pickup had to be replaced due to an accident. Swami was keen that the car should be blessed by carrying Mohanji as the first passenger!

The unique open air environment, the peaceful location in woodland, the wonderful pujas and the welcome given by the swamis made the trip to Skanda Vale an unforgettable experience. We had many impromptu satsangs with the monks, sisters and visitors to Skanda Vale who all had a perfect opportunity to ask Mohanji questions on a range of spiritual topics. We spent three blissful days in Skanda Vale and left with some very special memories.


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