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His Grace Is Beyond Human Comprehension

Written by Neeti Shori

Neeti 1

I have been a depression patient for many years. Slowly and steadily my condition improved over the last two years and I returned to normalcy. However, since February this year, I once again began slipping into a severe depression. I stopped going to work. I stopped doing most of my household chores and completed just the minimum basic requirements of cooking for my family. Along with a feeling of severe loss of energy in the body, there was constant anxiety in my heart and I was never peaceful.

Each day, I tried my best to be active but would end up being lazy, lethargic and inactive all the time. I never felt like doing anything, including my regular puja (worship). I would just lay down silently on my bed all day, not talking to anybody or even listening to bhajans (devotional songs). During this time, I was taking my medicines regularly but the depression kept increasing each passing day.

Then one day in April, I messaged Mohanji and told Him about my situation and pleaded Him to make me normal. I had strong faith that He could bring me out of this condition because two years ago a similar situation had happened and he HAD brought me out overnight.

He looked at my message soon and replied “Tathasthu! Bless You”. I was overwhelmed because I knew the power of His words. I slept at night and the very next day when I woke up, I was fresh, healthy, peaceful and happy. There was no laziness or sleepy feeling. I stayed active throughout the day. I didn’t go to bed even once during the day. I cleaned my house, went to the store, did my puja, listened to bhajans and cooked with much happiness.

He cured me overnight with just a few words. No medicine at all. It has been several days now and yet I feel active, energetic and happy all day long. All the anxiety has stopped and I feel so blessed to be normal – something which I was struggling so hard to be.

What a blessing, what a miracle, totally unbelievable and beyond human comprehension. I can never thank Gurudev enough for His Grace upon me and my family. We are so fortunate to be in His sharan (divine protection).

Jai Ho Gurudev, I love You a lot. You are always with me.


Read Neeti’s previous experiences, the story Know that I am always Alive within the blog and He is Omnipresent, Always Listening to us. Experience them and identify the truth.


What Can I Do?

Written by Snezana Jovanovic-Popov

This is a story about a sudden manifestation, about honestly surrendering and asking a precise question. After my third retreat with Mohanji in Sharjah (U.A.E), certain processes were taking place in me every day: insights, awakenings, discoveries and getting to know myself. For some time before the retreat, I’d had the intention of hosting Power of Purity meditations in Doha (Qatar) to enable people who want to find their answers through Mohanji’s meditations. I felt it was my task.

Time was passing by and every day in the moments between my past (which manifested in a torrent of tears) and the future (various questions and human fears), a  kind of inner battle waged within me – Between that me who is actually not me, and the real ME who is the fulfillment of my existence on Earth.

Snezana Jovanovic - Popov in a vegan restaurant with Mohanji

In a vegan restaurant in Novi Sad, after a satsang with Mohanji and my first retreat

I was sitting in my flat in Doha looking at all the pictures and messages announcing that the holiday season and associated celebrations was here. Images of the years passed appeared in my thoughts. I felt my heart beating strongly in my chest. It reminded me that I used to be sad during the New Year holidays when I was a girl. There was an heavy cloud in my chest telling me that there was something I needed to face, something which was holding me stuck in one place, and binding me. There was something which I needed to release, to let go of, so that I could move freely into the New Year. I was sitting by an open window, watching the clear blue sky, on that beautiful Christmas Eve. There was a moment of awareness that I was at the end of my past, and at the beginning of the future. Earlier also I used to stare up into the sky, into that endless blue vastness, and surrender to it.

As the feeling in my chest continued to become stronger, rumbling within me, tears rolled uncontrollably down my face. I didn’t even care to wipe them. From that pain which was tightening within and all the mixed feelings, suddenly from my heart and soul a question arose. While I was wiping away my tears, watching the sky, watching that beautiful blue vastness, I somehow surrendered to it. I surrendered and asked a question from my heart: “My God, tell me what to do? What to do? Silence, silence… silence… After ten minutes I received a message. “Hello Snezana. I am coming to Doha tonight. Could we organise a Power of Purity meditation tomorrow?” It was Jay from Dubai. Suddenly I realised that I had just got an answer to my question. I felt happy because we were going to hold the first organised meditation in Doha. I was exhilarated with the realisation that our communication with higher consciousness is easy and available all the time. With my master Mohanji and with everyone.
The next day we performed the meditation. In all, there were five of us. During the meditation, some intense and very strong reactions took place within me, including an intolerable pain in my chest, as if a hundred knives had been stabbed into my chest. For one hour after the meditation, I felt pain, discomfort and heaviness. Then the release happened. With a smile, I saw Jay and Binoj off, and feeling like a newborn baby, grateful that I had gone through this experience, I fell asleep. When I woke up the next morning, it was only then that I felt the benefits of the Power of Purity meditation and the blessing delivered by Jay. I felt lightness, inner serenity, clarity of mind and joy from all the positivity which was coming into my thoughts. In my chest I felt only mildness, tenderness, peace and purity.


With gratitude for everything and to everyone,
Love to all



Walking in the Presence of Master’s Grace and Love – Part 2

Written by Riana Gaspar (South Africa)

 Riana 1


Since October 2015, several incidents occurred where Mohanji had to intervene to protect me from physical harm. While the first part of this blog is on the most recent and horrendous accident from which Mohanji saved me, I now humbly try and describe the Grace and protection of Mohanji on my life.

In Kumba Mela of 2015 at Nashik, Mohanji blessed a rudraksh mala bracelet for me as protection against black magic, which I encounter daily and the violence against girls in our community.  Every day when I put it on, I am reminded that Mohanji is with me and will never leave me.

Dealing with criminal children

I work as the Director of a shelter for abused, abandoned, destitute, street children or trafficked teenage girls in the slums of Hillbrow, Johannesburg.  The government calls the area we work in “little Beirut”.  We are surrounded by various drug dens and mostly illegal immigrants. The crime rate is extremely high in this area.

Over time, the good relationship we had with our neighbours started dwindling and people who were normally placid became progressively more aggressive.  Street work started tapering off as we were suddenly met with threats. In addition, the children’s behaviour at the shelter started getting more and more erratic and sometimes violent. Gangs were formed and children and staff were threatened. I contracted an NGO dealing with criminal children to help us cope with this kind of behaviour, which were outside our scope of expertise.

Late October 2015, we had a thanksgiving weekend for Mohanji at the Datta Tapovan Temple in Durban.  During the Skype Satsang with Mohanji that Saturday I asked him how to cope with what is going on around us, as I do not understand the changes in the world.

He explained that for the next two years the energies will shift and a lot of churn will happen at all levels – internal (doubts about faith in people), in relationships with others and external (conflicts, earthquakes, disasters, etc). Mohanji explained that the next two years would bring out a lot of negative energies until it begins to subside slowly by 2018.

The next day we were getting ready to return to Johannesburg when during a freak accident I cut my head. Swami Bhaktananda, Keshnie and Ami took me to hospital to receive stitches. Swami told me in his soft and gentle way that Mohanji prevented us from leaving as something much worse was waiting for us on the road.

A robbery

Two weeks later, I was held up at gun point in an armed robbery. It was a
nice sunny day when I went to the bank to withdraw money to pay the staff at
the shelter. Not all the staff  have their own bank accounts and hence need
to be paid in cash. Everything was going fine. I withdrew the cash, put it
in my wallet and walked out of the bank.

I was driving back to the centre when I stopped at a bookstore to buy
textbooks for the children.  Some of them lost their textbooks and would not
receive their end year school report if they were not replaced. Trouble began
when I stepped out of the car.  Three men wearing  business suits
surrounded me. One of them was clearly the leader and older in age.
He also held a gun in his hand. He politely asked me, “Please ma’am, can you
hand over your wallet and phone?”  Later I realised I must have been
followed from the bank.

In South Africa, armed robbery can easily turn violent often causing the
loss of life of the person being robbed over petty demands and a few Rands.
I was in a state of shock yet somewhere from within directions were being
sent to my mind and  body. I calmly handed over my wallet to the men before
they could grow anxious or angry. I also handed over my new phone (which I
really loved)! Last place it was traced to was an African Country Embassy.

The men checked the wallet for the cash and seeing it there, lowered the
gun and walked off. Quickly they disappeared from sight.  I stood at the
place rooted still shell shocked. More shocked that my life was spared than
by the loss of money and the phone.

At that moment I knew that Mohanji was present and prevented the armed
robbery to turn nasty.

At the same time

The story doesn’t end here. I once again witnessed how Mohanji works! In
India, during that exact point of time while the robbery was in progress,
Mohanji was travelling with some people in a car. The whole group was chatting.
As the armed robbery began, he informed the co-passengers that He just
wanted some moments in silence as someone needed His help. Later on we
correlated the time when Mohanji went into silence back to when the
incident was taking place.

After the incident

Across oceans and continents, my Master was present by my side and
prevented a calamity.  He  whispering His Guidance into my soul and saved
my shock-induced paralysed body from body harm.

After I became aware of the whole incident, I was in shock more than ever.
My Master made me witness a small part of how He protects His devotees. How
can I merely say a thank you! This incident is beyond me.

I know for certain that when He says, “I am with you”, He actually is,
always! No matter where you are, no matter at what time you call out to
Him. He is always with you. He always keeps His promise.  These are not empty

The support I received from the Mohanji Family after the incident was a
true blessing and a testimony of Mohanji’s message of unconditional love
for all His devotees.  All the money which was robbed (this was the salary
of the staff at the shelter) was donated back to us from all over the
world. Not only this, support came on many levels and through prayers.

A few weeks after this robbery, the children at the shelter arrived from school and as the main security gate was opened for them to enter, a gang of men with guns and sticks chased two people into the shelter’s premise.  It was mayhem as they wanted to execute those two people in front of the children!  Once again it was Mohanji’s name which repelled the attackers.  I know how my Indian friends chant Hanuman chalisa when faced with mortal dangers such as these and Lord Hanuman immediately protects His devotees. For me, Mohanji’s name is as powerful!

Mohanji’s presence is very visible at the centre.  His photographs are everywhere and Power of Purity meditation is done with children as a therapy.  The Shiva Kavach in His voice is played for protection.

Riana 3 Mohanji ‘looking’ at the Shelter – Guarding and Guiding always

Mohanji ‘looking’ at the Shelter – Guarding and Guiding always



Riana 5 - Vicky plays Mohanji Mantras constantly at the Shelter

Vicky plays Mohanji Mantras constantly at the Shelter

I can go on and on and describe all the small and big things which show Mohanji’s protection and Grace on my life. I am blessed to live under my Mohanji’s Grace and protection 24/7. I hear his voice clearly and dwell in His Presence with a loving heart.


Mohanji: “Do not take ownership.  The crisis has taken place and you are dragged into it.  This means it was part of your karmic agenda to go through it.  Go though it in a non-attached way.  This will not destroy you.  This is just another phase.  Also this will pass.” (Power of Purity, page 122)

With Love


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The Divine Symphony

Written by Jelena Pribicevic (Serbia)

Jelena 1

I heard about Mohanji in 2013. The first thing I read about Him is that He is a Guru who finds you. when the time is right (it was a text in “Life Positive” magazine). Drawn by the text and its vibration I continued to follow Mohanji and his writings online. I started practising the Power of Purity meditation on my own.

The following year I had the privilege to attend Mohanji’s Satsang and meditation and to receive Shaktipat. He also hugged me and that hug expanded my heart and rejuvenated it. Since then an incredible and intense inner connection with Mohanji began. I would receive answers from him through dreams and various ideas/suggestions about my energy healing work and ways of spiritual progress would usually come during meditation.

Jelena 2

During our last Power of Purity meditation I saw Shiva, Vishnu and then Mohanji appeared.  When I rested my head on his heart I saw/experienced his true form and size. I saw that his body is just like a shield that he uses to communicate with us in an easier way. He is not that body, he is the entire Universe. Endless. I was like a baby rocking in the bliss of the Universe and the Grace I experienced made me cry from joy. I could see the way in which Mohanji communicates with us, how he guides us and leads us Home. Words fail any attempt to describe something so grand and omniscient.

Jelena 3

When the meditation completed, I saw vibhuti had appeared on my trousers. I was completely amazed and dumbfounded. I just knew it is a very great blessing. My mind objected and tried finding other explanations. I asked Mohanji and he said, ” Presence can be manifested in various ways. Let your faith lead you.” Indeed, faith is all it takes for grace to flow.

Mohanji is like the one who plays his melody all the time and we are like radio receivers. It is necessary that we get tuned properly to be able to communicate with him. Once we get connected, we begin to sway in that blissful rhythm in a Divine Symphony.

I am grateful for all the grace and blessings.

With love


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Mohanji – Infinity

Written by Sanja Obradovic (Serbia)

Sanja 1

This is a story of Sanja Obradovic, who suffered the presence of a horrific entity in her body for most of her life. Through a dramatic excorcism that Mohanji conducted in his physical absence, through Shaktipat instruments – Devi, Hana and Dejan in Feb 2016, Sanja was free to start a new life. Her experience sharing after one of the Power of Purity meditations in Serbia in February was really touching and inspiring. This is how she described this experience: (Remember, while this is happening, Mohanji was physically absent in Serbia. He was in India and not in Serbia)

I was born on 16th February, 1968. I’m not very talkative, but will, briefly, in my own way tell you about the road I travelled with Mohanji. I will tell you the story that has its beginning and end. Unfortunately, and fortunately, our road started at the dark side of the universe, the space where there is no peace, light, flowers, trees, mountains and nothing of all those wonderful earthly and divine beauties.

Since I was three months old, there was a presence of a being of high intelligence and multiple transformations, which settled in me when I was 12 years old and turned my life into chaos and madness.

There was only one way for him to leave, and that required faith, serenity and love. I have acquired these in the meantime, but above all I needed Mohanji, because now, I was ready to let go. 

What is this man? Who is this man? Where did he come from? What is the reason? What is this human mind? It is infinite.

While kneeling in front of Mohanji, half-conscious, lost in space and time and in the distance, I heard a voice, “Let go, Sanja”.

“I would gladly let him go, but he is refusing to let me go,” I am not the one saying it. And it continued, day after day, year after year.

On a beautiful sunny day, 8th February, 2016, Mohanji (Non-physically), Devi, Hana, Dejan and I, made the circle, the final round and brought this story to the end. The being of high intelligence was asked to return to universe with love and find its peace.  I am thankful it has gone and taught me a lot. This soul is saved and I was born again. I see the light and I see the light of the day.

Now I sing mantra, I hear chanters – they do not disturb, dogs’ barking – I am not afraid… I cry and smile, grateful for everything, everything that is. I am.

A firefly, a spark and a busy bee,
landed on my palm,
made my day, my life,
sensible and calm.
And as Pava listens quietly,
looking for a solution,
I see in him my salvation.
Now I can continue, from where I paused
for this road,
many a stumble and fall has caused.
Surrounded by people, silence crushes me,
pain is in my chest, and the din follows me.
What’s going on, how it happens,
that even with them, there is loneliness?
Ring tightens, squeezes ever stronger,
who was it that made my happiness bitter.
And I asked myself, “Is there happiness at all?”
In this waste bin, over flown.
As I call on God and pray for salvation,
from waste bin I hear the voice of redemption.
I listen a little, defy the din,
and take that friendly hand that offered has been.
And so I walk slowly
to meet the sun, on the road of happiness,
not all in this bin is ugliness.
When I clear this life’s swirl,
then my soul in peace will hurl.
A life novel for all of us writes,
but not all in a book fits.
Passing thoughts are mighty fast,
but sometimes they stop and last.
They create a film, frame by frame
when all is considered there is a sense of almost fainting.
While looking at life as if on painting,
it seems it takes place in quick sand.
Dragging me slowly, ever more deeper,
and the fear grabs me, madness at hand.
I accept all as God’s gift,
for this is a mental shift.
Mire pulls me, fills my mouth
and all my life to my eyes is brought.
I cannot see, I am left without hearing,
whose quiet voice is to my soul hollering.
There is no firm ground beneath my feet,
only this soft muddy seat.
But then comes God’s own gift,
my Guardian Angel pulls me from mud swift.
His strength throws me in a deep whirling abyss,
here in the darkness, there is no peace.
The demons of darkness are tightening the ring,
and my hands and feet strongly binding.
My voice was stolen by an apparition,
I beg of you, dear God, grant me salvation.
A cry tears from the blackest dark,
extinguishing every soul’s spark.
I woke up not so long ago,
but do not see life as a permanent flow.
The attack left no mark,
the memories are not so stark.
But still, when I close my eyes,
before them monsters arise.
It has been long and I’m wasting,
how many monsters this maze is hiding?
The feeling is here, but slight
God, lead my soul to the road to light.
My verses have a dreadful cast,
because the soul feels a cold storm’s blast.
That’s life, one might say,
because in the darkness he did not stay.
Has anyone stumbled in rain,
while a stranger his thoughts tried to rein?
I may seem to blunder,
but life is full of wonder.
All this may not make sense,
but the fear grabs my soul with suspense.
Such weight, I could not have imagined
but strength I have recovered.
I’m spinning out of circle,
the others are stronger lads,
intelligent being’s descendants.
Now it spins me like a cat
but to that I will put an end.
Beholder you are, and artful,
but you will be defeated by my love’s pull.
I love myself and all that is mine,
you’ll go back to dark chambers thine.
There is love in me and happiness and brightness,
you will be chased away by God’s holiness.
God is in everyone, he has me strengthened,
go to your master in the wasteland.
Shine, you creature cunning,
because in me love is dwelling.

Sanja 2

Sanja Sharing her experience at the POP meditation

Sanja 3

And so, Mohanji and I have come to the very end – knowledge and awareness.

Love yourself
for once,
you will be alone.
Know yourself,
for dark is frightening.
Hug yourself,
to avoid monsters attacking.
Rock yourself,
thank your mom.
God is in you,
you are not alone.

Thank you is not enough, there is no word, there are no words which can describe it, but if you could gaze into my soul and my heart you would see eternity.

I am grateful to all spiritual fathers who have shown me the way I was to tread, the way to Mohanji, the Master of love, light and simplicity.

Born again


Beyond the Doors

Written by Tatyana Povarintseva (Macedonia)

Tatyana 1

The experience I would like to share proves the truth about the unity of all Masters. I hope it would be an inspiration for all seekers of truth.

It happened during the Power of Purity meditation in Macedonia on March 9th, 2016. I mention the date and place here so that other participants can recall their experience as I know that the meditation was very special and unusual for other meditators.

2 Satsang in Macedonia

Satsang in Macedonia

A couple of minutes after the beginning of the meditation, I received Shaktipat. During this process I saw a ray of light coming from above, entering my body and expanding inside. It opened itself like a fan unfolding 360 degrees and then suddenly an explosion of light happened. I felt like my personality disappeared in a second – I didn’t exist any more. There were no thoughts, no body, and no feelings, nothing… Just consciousness and space which contained nothing and everything at the same time.

3 Shaktipat by Mohanji

After a while I started feeling like being Mohanji. I should mention at this point that since my first POP meditation I have been constantly experiencing this — I’m often aware of myself as being one with Mohanji. To be more precise, I witness being inside his body, looking at others with his eyes, bathing in his consciousness. So it might sound strange, but in a way I have got used to such an experience. It is still a miracle for me but I am not confused by it, as by now I am quite used to seeing it happen.
However, this time it was different.
Tatyana’s personality vanished completely; what was present was only the
observer, the witness. Right away I realized that I was Mohanji and the feeling was so intense that for a moment a few thoughts and worries appeared, “How will people see me? Will they see Tatyana’s body or Mohanji’s? They might get frightened if they see Mohanji instead of Tatyana”. Trust me, I was not sure at all if the changes were still on a subtle level or they appeared on a gross level as well. It seems hilarious now, but I was touching my face with my hand — checking if I had a real moustache, because I was sure that I was inside Mohanji’s body and felt it:).

Soon I gave up and just ignored these fears. After that immediately I was moved somewhere further, with a high speed to some different realms. My consciousness travelled to another plane. I realized that I had got transformed to somebody else, to be clear, I entered the consciousness of another being… I felt his arms outstretched, opened to both sides… and at once I found myself being Jesus, being in his consciousness and looking through his eyes. To my surprise, it happened to me despite the fact that I’ve never felt connected to Jesus before, neither deeply prayed to him, nor read the Bible. It appeared to be just a pure experience of his consciousness, without any expectations or knowledge. Simple as that.

I should explain at this point, that I’m Mohanji’s channel, so during the meditation he transfers energy through me to the meditators. That’s why a bit later I came up to the altar to do some preparations for the energy transfer. Although I was supposed to connect to Mohanji’s eyes, I was looking at Dattatreya’s picture instead. With all due respect to the instructions, I have been “breaking” them for several months already. I feel like connecting to Datta, because for me it’s still Mohanji but in a different form, which is less physical, more radiant. I don’t see any difference between them, honestly.
So I was looking at Dattatreya’s picture and right away I realized that Datta was standing behind me, energising my body with high energy. I became electrified, the energy was very powerful and it was burning out all the unnecessary baggage, and God knows what else, but still not burning out my organism. Everything was extremely intense but not more than my body could handle. I started transferring energy to the meditators and my arm, hand, fingers were moving on their own full of electricity. Again, during the transfer I felt as being Mohanji, our consciousness was one. Tatyana was far away and simply watching. I dissolved.

As soon as the meditation finished, I heard the inner voice, “And now you’re Tatyana”. I became sad for a moment, as it was so nice not to have a personality at all, nor your body, nothing — being light, being Mohanji, Jesus, being everything and nothing. But okay I knew it was right, everything that happened was right. It took me a while to come back to my body. What an unpleasant feeling! I had my time after the meditation, sitting still and silently enjoying the sweet energy from the source. After a while I made myself stand up, came and bowed in front of the altar. For a moment I looked at Shirdi Sai Baba statue and straightaway I was not just looking at him, but became him. I spent several minutes like that and when the experience finished, finally made myself go home. I couldn’t speak until the next morning; I didn’t want it to end at all and allowed myself to be silent.


All that has happened during this meditation was a great and precious experience for me for which I’m forever grateful. It showed me that we are all one; the division is just an illusion. I was aware that every person, not only me, is Jesus, Sai Baba and Mohanji at the same time. We are all one. And it’s not just intellectual knowledge for me any more. It had not been intellectual even before to some extent, but this experience made it even stronger.

There is no difference between us. Even the concept of disciple and Guru disappears when there are no borders between our consciousness. Believe me, you’ll never find where one finishes and another starts: Mohanji doesn’t exist, I don’t exist, Sai Baba, Jesus don’t exist. There’s only this huge ocean of consciousness which manifests in a variety of forms. The truth is, when I experienced being one with Mohanji, Jesus and Sai Baba during this meditation, it was the same for me, the same state which has no name or attributes of their personalities or special characteristics.

This is why now I feel that every Master is like a door. There are different doors which you can come across. It can be a thick, heavy metal door, an old wooden door with peeling paint, a soft padded door full of decorations. You look at them; they are so unique and attractive… But when you open one of them, as soon as you let the door-handle go, there’s no door, it’s not important any more, it doesn’t exist… When you enter there’s only space of nothingness which is everything at the same time… And different Masters are just different doors which lead us to the same space.

Love you.


Walking in the Presence of Master’s Grace and Love – Part 1

Written by Riana Gaspar (South Africa)

Riana 1

Master’s Grace is always there whenever you need it (however, never take it for granted when faith falls short).
As I look back over the last few months, I realise that the only thing that stood between me and probable death or grave injury was my Master’s love and Grace. I share with you a couple of major incidents which shook me completely, but brought out how a Master’s Grace works across oceans.
Saturday 5th March was one such fateful days! The people who saw the incident could not believe that I walked away unscathed as the accident almost defied the laws of physics.
Before I dive into the incident, allow me to give you a quick background.
The car I used to drive was very old and used to repeatedly break down time after time. Eventually I had to let it go.
The option left for me was to use public transport. However, in South-Africa, public transport is really dodgy and overcrowded minibus taxis are a seriously bad idea, more so when one is a white female and travelling into the slums areas of Johannesburg.
A couple of days later I went into my home temple and prayed to Mohanji – that I was seriously scared of going to work by taxi.
I clearly heard his voice: “It’s taken care of”.
The next morning a friend of mine was at my gate at 6:30am with her old car! All she said when she gave me the keys was that she could not sleep the whole night thinking about me and that she had to bring the car to me immediately. Her consciousness did not allow her to sleep knowing that in the morning I would disregard my safety to help others while she slept comfortably. (I run a shelter for abandoned and abused teenage girls in downtown Johannesburg which is a very rough area).
Her car doesn’t run fast, however that is not an issue for me as long as I can go from point A to B. At least we now have transport in the shelter again.
Thank you Baba for the loan of the car!
Coming back to the incident on that Saturday …
Due to the slow pace of the car, I was driving on the left hand lane on the freeway. With my previous car, I would have been flying in it on the outer right hand lane. I was driving on the freeway with a couple of Mohanji’s devotees – Ami Hughes and Sjarn. They were a couple of cars behind me on their way to a Power of Purity meditation at Nameshri’s house in Johannesburg. Normally Ami would have been way in front of us and we could have been eating her dust. I was expecting her to come flying pass fast as they were running late for the POP meditation.
Suddenly, the car on my right hand lane clipped the first car on its right side and then smacked hard into the side of a second car. The impact caused the driver to spin around and at about 120km per hour dashed head on into the concrete barrier on the far right. It immediately spun around again and headed straight towards me at a high speed. There was nowhere for me to go! Even braking would have been too late.
All I remember doing was scream out Mohanji’s name!!!
The oncoming car as if guided by unseen divine hands veered away me and instead crashed into the embankment on the left side of the freeway. I managed to come to a standstill just within less than a few meters away from the crumpled car. The distance was little between my car and the crashed car that when the ambulance arrived, it could barely get its nose in between our cars.
As I rushed to the crashed car all I could do was pray that there were no children in it. The front wheel caused the door of the crashed car to get stuck and I have no idea how I got it open. Divine play again! At this stage I was petrified because the lady driving that car was slumped over the steering wheel with the airbag engulfing her face. All I could get out of my mouth was – “Please Mohanji Please”. I pushed her back gently towards the seat, saw her eyes roll back in her head and she passed out immediately. I refrained from moving her as I was not sure about injuries to her spine, hence I started channelling Mohanji’s shaktipat immediately to heal and provide solace to her.
A man rushed over and the first thing he asked me was, “How did you miss that? It looked like you were pushed sideways away from her car.” Ami and Sjarn arrived seconds later and contacted the ambulance and police. I passed Sjarn the accident victim’s phone, and she phoned the last number on display, it became evident that she was on the phone when the accident happened.
As the victim started regaining consciousness, all I could do was hold her in my arms, give Shaktipat and pray fervently to Mohanji. A few minutes later she regained full consciousness but had no recollection of what had transpired. Fifteen minutes later she was able to climb out of her car just before the ambulance arrived.
I still can’t believe how the victim walked out of the car after that horrendous crash. What a divine play of Mohanji! That day Mohanji saved not just me, but the victim and many others maybe. Thank you Mohanji also for protecting Ami and Sjarn.

After the incident I was in shock but with so much gratitude that Mohanji is in my life in this volatile time. To get rid of the adrenaline spike I went for a long walk when I arrived home. Thinking how we waste time and our abilities. How easily everything can change in a split second. As I was walking the only sound I kept on hearing was the impact, the dull sound like a plastic coke bottle bursting but much, much louder. Smelling and seeing the smoke in the car interior as I pulled open the door, not knowing if the lady was alive or dead…
Slowly the sound and vision got replaced with calmness and more gratitude. I heard Mohanji’s voice telling me not to be afraid of wasting time but to be aware of every action. To live the moment in unconditional love and His grace will flow.
I live in eternal Gratitude and Grace of my Guru, Mohanji!


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