Mohanji, the Brother in Truth: “Sabse Unchi Prem Sagai”

Author: Sujata Joshi, UK


Mohanji, The Brother in truth 1 Mohanji quote - fire of awareness

I was at Subhasree’s, after a troublesome period of experiencing energetic disturbances in my sleep. It did happen during the day as well. Eventually I chose to receive Mai Tri healing as a last resort to help settle things. Subhasree explained to me that it was important to be open to receive, whichever way Mohanji chooses to work through you.

I prayed to Mohanji, “Let me know whatever you want me to know.”

You see, I was experiencing separation from my guru, who guides me from beyond. This caused me to feel abandoned and unwanted. I prayed to Him before I came to London, “Please, I need confirmation. I need to know You are with me and that I am loved.”

My intuitive guidance was blurred at this point and I had doubts about my own guru, who recently broke His own image and caused many people to be upset. I know gurus do that! They have harder tests than us! They have to break every bond in order to move to higher realms of spiritual heights!

I knew my guru was a high being, but I had no physical contact with Him, only strong intuitive guidance, which connected me to His consciousness like an umbilical cord connects a baby in the womb to the mother.

Mohanji, The Brother in truth 2 fire of awareness

My guru is very strongly linked to Mohanji.

Mohanji’s presence during the healing was palpable. He actually was there! Very gentle. Very soothing! As healing energies began to flow, my tears started to roll!

My guru was there! He was always there! He never left! His funny, witty, loving, flirtatious, even naughty, presence was unmistakable!

I had no doubt, He was with me, I was still loved and protected, despite my various outbursts and doubts about Him, He loved me beyond judgements and conditions my mind had set about His image! I remembered Mohanji’s messages. “A master is never bound by our mental frames. Trust Him! Because the mental frames will keep on breaking!” I bowed to both my gurus and asked for blessings.

Rights and wrongs are man-made! They change.

God isn’t bound by man-made laws of the society.

My Guru showed me the image of Lord Krishna with the chariot wheel, charging at Bhishma, despite His vows of non-involvement in the battle. He broke His own image to protect His disciple, Arjuna!


Such is Guru’s love for us. In truth, we are all Arjuna. We just doubt ourselves and forget we are loved!

I am so blessed to receive this communion through Mai Tri healing.

I am writing this account for those of us who might have felt disconnected or abandoned by the guru at times. It is not easy to cope with that! Though the real guru is our own soul, we need the external guru to connect us within.

Mohanji has always been there to rescue me. Even before I knew about Him!

Mohanji, The Brother in truth 5 fire of awareness - Manasarovar lake - devotion

I received clarity later, much later, as my healing actually continued for days after. I was still in bliss, sleeping soundly, eating well and generally getting deeper and deeper in solitude of the loving embrace of my spiritual mother, my guru. Days later I recognised.

In my mind’s eye, was the question, why do I call Him (Mohanji) my brother?

Mohanji had rescued me from being an exotic dancer, hundreds of incarnations back. He had called me his sister since then!

Beloved brother, in deep love and gratitude.

Mohanji, The Brother in truth 6 - silence - quote - more eloquent than words


Mohanji’s 53rd Birthday Worldwide Celebrations

Mohanji quote - Remain love

Mohanji’s message

“Celebrate my birthday with abandoned children, children without parents, abused children, old and abandoned people, sick people, etc. Make them happy. Show them that you sincerely care. Their joy is my joy. Give them assurance, strength, support and love. Share what you have, whatever you have in abundance with those who have nothing. Do not discriminate between species. Remember, human species is just one species in this world. Rescue and take care of abandoned animals, if you have the capacity too. All these actions will create positive energy in this world…

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your deep love and affection for me. You are my true wealth. Your love is my inspiration, oxygen and existence. Be happy. Remain love. No other emotions will give you so much power, elevation and purification. I shall never leave your hand. Make sure you will not leave my hand either. Everything that you offer to me is well received. I get it each time, every time. So, be at your place. Chant your favorite mantra with sincere devotion in your mind the whole day. Perform Mohanji aaratis which will purify your internal and external environment. Be more beneficial to the world. My happiness is when the people who love me and I love serve the world unconditionally and see me in every being. I bless you and am with you. Be rest assured.

Bless you with a good life filled with love towards all, and hatred towards none.

Infinite Love

Countries on all continents celebrated selflessly, gifting the needy instead of Mohanji personally, as He suggested before His birthday and as He reminds every year. To see the moments from various places, follow the links below:










In South Africa, we started with yoga sessions at Shumbashaba (Johannesburg) every Saturday, with groups of 20 to 45 kids, aged 6 to 18. Besides postures, we learn about the importance of breath and a healthy body. We learn to hug ourselves and love ourselves. Along comes respect to others, love and compassion, gratitude and discipline. We start every class with breathing, Om and an affirmation. Momentarily, peace and silence arises. Each day transformation is truly visible. After each class, the kids are different. Now they look forward to our next classes. Out of 40 kids, if even one child gets transformed, our job is done.

Mohanji Youth Club - yoga - happy birthday
On Mohanji’s birthday, Mohanji Youth Club (MYC), along with ACT South Africa, celebrated with a huge cake and a hearty vegan meal for 200 little ones after the yoga class.
At our center in Belgrade, Serbia, it is now a long term project to collect and distribute packaged food for humans, dogs, cats and birds. Our team visited a family in crisis, spent time with them and provided packaged dry foods. We celebrated Mohanji’s birthday in the close surrounding of our MYC  family, bonding and preparing vegan meals.

One objective of MYC has been accomplished – we have become one true family, who love and support each other. We look forward to an even more fun filled month in March.

Infinite gratitude to Mohanji for the strength and inspiration. All activities surrendered at His feet. ❤🎊

Mohanji Youth Club - happy birthday- vegan cake


HSTY celebrated the birthday of our founder, Brahmarishi Mohanji’s, birthday by offering the gift of traditional yoga to people at various locations around the world. Each session brought HSTY‘s unique blend of spiritual knowledge, traditional touch and deep element of devotion to each participant, filling them with lightness and joy.

Canada team conducted a morning yoga session as part of a day-long event (A Day in Mohanji’s Consciousness). The session lasted over 2.5 hours without people realizing it! In the words of one participant, Anand Prasad, “During these exercises, Neha got me connected to my body. I could feel each part of my body from joints to muscles and could even feel the blood circulating through my entire body. To be honest, I found these yogic exercises much more rigorous yet very effective on my body as well as mind as it made me feel very light and centered. Further, it broke my false concepts that gym is better than yogic exercises and also realised that my body has become so stiff because of going to the gym. Though the yogic exercises were a bit painful for my stiff body, but Neha made it easy for us by creating a jovial environment. The progression of yogic exercises to Yoga Nidra took me deep inside and made me totally blank and silent. For almost 20 minutes, I went into silence and didn’t feel like moving or talking. Thank you Mohanji for gracing us with such activities through Neha. Jai Mohanji”

Malaysia team conducted a yoga session besides sadhana and seva activities to mark the day.

UK team conducted yoga sessions at two different locations, a corporate office and a meditation centre, catering to diverse sets of participants. The sessions began with light yogic exercises and built up through a series of asanas and pranayamas towards a Yoga Nidra. The team also shared knowledge from Patanjali’s yoga sutras to help participants understand the true meaning of traditional yoga.

South Africa team conducted a yoga session for children from ages 6 to 18. The volunteer teachers explained the importance of breath and a healthy body, besides the techniques of postures. The class started with breathing, Om chanting and affirmations. Fun elements were incorporated to keep the children engaged through the yoga session.

In Indiayoga sessions were held at multiple locations. The highlight was a special yoga session in Delhi at a shelter for children. The volunteer teachers Pooja and Sanchiti conducted a fun-filled session for over 50 children. As Pooja said “These kids were such an inspiration to learn from and know more about. We felt a beautiful energy exchanged with them as we loved and hugged them. It filled us up and made us richer in sharing more love and joy. We remain ever indebted to our teachers who gave us this prasad.”

HSTY Happy birthday Mohanji




On 23 Feb 2018, in celebration of birthday of our beloved Mohanji, founder of ACT, our ACT Serbia team ventured out to a distant city Petrovac na Mlavi for the first time, reaching out to the needy Roma community with 300 large food packets and over 40 packets of clothes and shoes. Children were most delighted to receive the aid, especially the toys, accessories and perfumes. Their innocence and beauty touched our hearts.
Mr. Jamail, President of the Roma Community of Petrovac na Mlavi, thanked the ACT team members and volunteers and especially Mohanji, congratulating his birthday and celebrating the historical link between Punjab and Roma community. ACT Serbia team also thanks all those who supported this initiative and the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization (EHO) who helped us find the truly needy people and reach out to them.

ACT Serbia Happy birthday Mohanji - clothes and food donation - Petrovac na Mlavi


We are very blessed to have spent this day with so many beautiful and loving people.  We organized Conscious dancing with Devi Mohan, Blossoms of Love meditation, and enjoyed a mini group satsang in this amazing atmosphere.

Food was blessed and offered to our beloved Mohanji and the Divine Masters. We were showered with love and light.

Happy birthday Mohanji - Zemun - conscious dancing, Blossoms of Love meditation




In the honour of Mohanji’s birthday, ACT Macedonia carried out a charity activity donating packages with food, clothes, school and hygienic supplies to three families at social risk and one beautiful man (without any financial income) who takes care for many birds and cats. All together, we celebrated the birthday by sharing a lot of unconditional love and smiles.

Happy birthday dear Mohanji!

ACT Macedonia - Happy birthday Mohanji 2018



In Split, Croatia, we celebrated Mohanji’s birthday organising two ACT Foundation Croatia actions. For the second time, we had a vegan meal for about 40 homeless people. We visited an association that takes care about children without parents, and donated clothing, food and hygienic supplies. The children were very happy about our visit and it was such a blessing to serve them. The ACT Foundation Croatia has made 8 major actions since the beginning of this year and many more actions are planned.

ACT Fondacija CROATIA - Happy birthday Mohanji


Thanks to God, the exalted master Mohanji and the dear and generous people from Bjeljina, we made the day at least a little more wonderful to a beautiful eight-member family from Batkovic (a village near Bjeljina). Let the loveliest joy be with them, as well as the awareness that they are not alone, thanks to God.

From now on we are going to organise a similar activity each month. Humanity is our path – the path of liberation and unconditional love.

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Happy birthday Mohanji



What can we say Mohanji. We are being selfish when we wish you a happy birthday and pray for your long life. We do this as we live, as long as you live! We exist till you exist!
Let this existence be eternal, our Parabrahma! May you succeed in your mission for this 1incarnation and we will be with you, latching on to you.

Your birthday is very special to us as well as to many other people, birds and animals who are benefiting from the service activities of those who love and follow you. On this auspicious occasion, we would also like to announce that our application to register Mohanji Foundation UK as a registered charity of England and Wales has been accepted by the UK charity commission. This is all your grace and we offer you our love, affection and gratitude for giving us this opportunity to sanctify our lives. Lots of love to you from all the UK team. Such a blessed day for the UK team to get an official recognition of our organisation by UK Charity Commission! We have miles to go, but this start on this auspicious day will always be in our hearts.

Happy birthday dear Mohanji… Lots of love from all of us in UK family!

UK - Happy birthday Mohanji - Paduka puja

As the UK family is now moving to the last event this evening, of this year’s birthday celebrations, following activities have been completed:

On 23rd Feb
Paadam puja, chanting and Mohanji aarati in Pinner.
Dry food donation at Milton Keynes.
Cooked food donation to homeless center, Watford.
HSTY yoga at Milton Keynes.
Dog and cat food donation to animal shelter in Wales.

First Power of Purity meditation at Cardiff.
Poor children fed in Uganda under ACT Foundation sponsored by Lisa, a devotee from UK family.

UK - Happy birthday Mohanji - Feeding the hungry - ACT UK

On 24th Feb
Cooking for Homeless at Mother Teresa Home.
HSTY yoga session in Pinner.
Homa and food seva at Birmingham.

We also had paadam puja, mantra chanting, bhajans by devotees, bhajan by a professional singer, cake cutting and vegan dinner for all.

UK - Happy birthday Mohanji - HSTY YOGA - Feeding the hungry - ACT UK

UK - Happy birthday Mohanji - evening - cake and bhajans

See more photos here.


Mohanji Italy


India title

Mohanji spent His birthday at Vaishno Devi Temple. Before that, He was gifted with a vegan cake from Madhuban restaurant.

Happy 53rd birthday Mohanji

Maa Durga Vaishno Devi Temple

Yet another divine presence! A clear presence of Maa Vaishno Devi. Maa Durga in Mohanji with sword in hand. This sword is the symbol of divine power in Him empowered by the entire Guru Mandala, all deities, to remove the negatives and blockages from every being in world… inside and outside.

Pic. left. Mohanji with the chief priest of Vaishno Devi temple!
Pic. right. Message filled with Shakti power from Shiva! “Ardhanarishwara” – the true amalgamation of Shiva and Shakti. Jai Mohanji. This is our true blessing from You on Your Birthday, Mohanji! Thank you. Super charged.


Mohanji’s birthday was celebrated in Jamshedpur starting with an intense Power of Purity meditation, followed by Mohanji aarati and cake cutting. The beautiful evening ended with a wonderful experience sharing. One of the participants who was attending the meditations for only the second time said that he could see lots of colors especially blue and black including some flashes of light.
Jamshedpur - Happy birthday Mohanji
In Kerala, Mohanji’s birthday was celebrated by conducting Power of Purity meditation at Guruvayur and Archanas and Pujas were conducted at various temples on Mohanji’s name at Thiruvvananthapuram, Cochin, Palakkad, Angadippuram, Ottapalam
and Mohanji aarati, chanting Mantra were done at Palakkad, Cochin and Angadippuram.
Kerala - Happy birthday Mohanji
On Mohanji’s birthday, food seva was organized by the Mohanji Team in the leprosy colony in Kurnool.
Kurnool,Food seva facilitated by Mohanji Team in Leprosy colony on His birthday
The Bangalore Mohanji Family celebrated Mohanji’s birthday by starting with Power of Purity meditation, followed by chanting, Mohanji aarati and cake cutting.
The Bangalore Mohanji Family celebrated Mohanji's Birthday by starting with Power of Purity Meditation, followed by Chanting, Mohanji Arati and Cake cutting
The Jammu family celebrated Mohanji’s birthday by conducting a yoga session, followed by chanting and the Bliss of Silence meditation.
Jammu - Yoga - HSTY - Happy birthday Mohanji
In Chennai, Mohanji’s birthday was celebrated at an old age home, by conducting an intense Power of Purity meditation. The energy levels were really high as the meditation began . The attendees were quite elderly, however they patiently and lovingly sat through the meditation and acknowledged that they were really feeling good after meditation and they all blessed Mohanji.
Chennai - Happy birthday Mohanji
The Mumbai Mohanji family celebrated Mohanji’s birthday starting with a powerful Power of Purity meditation, followed by Mohanji paadam puja, Maha Mryutyunjaya mantra and the cake was cut after the Mohanji aarati. The blissful program ended with beautiful experience sharing by all the participants.
Mumbai - Happy birthday Mohanji
The Kolkata Mohanji family celebrated Mohanji’s birthday starting with the Master’s paadam puja, followed by chanting of Mohanji’s Ashtothari (108 names) and Mohanji Gayatri mantra. The blissful program ended with bhajans.
Kolkata - Happy birthday Mohanji
In Gurgaon, the Mohanji family celebrated Mohanji’s  birthday  by starting with a very energetic Power of Purity meditation followed by Devi Kavacham chant and ended with aarati to Mohanji.
Gurgaon - Happy birthday Mohanji
The Delhi Mohanji family celebrated Mohanji’s birthday at  Nizamuddin by cutting a cake which was followed by an aarati to the Master.
Delhi - Happy birthday Mohanji


Wishing you a very Happy Birthday on behalf of Ammucare team!  We offer our gratitude from the core of our beings for inspiring us with your unconditional love  to walk this  path of ‘seva’. Love You beyond all expressions.

Ammucare - Happy birthday Mohanji

On the occasion of the birthday of our founder, visionary, guide and inspiration, we celebrated by doing “annadaan” (food distribution) at various centres of the country, accompanied with blood donation in Bangalore.

  1. Suresh from Guhawati organized food seva for 50 mentally challenged and abandoned women  of Ashadaan orphanage.
  2. Nikita and team from Pune distributed snacks and cakes to the children of a large slum and at Mohanji ka Aangan.
  3. Deepali organized food seva for more than 300 underprivileged tribal people on the banks of the Narmada river.
  4. Harmeet from Delhi organized food seva for 120 differently abled people and also distributed cakes.
  5. Nikunj from Jamshedpur made sure that  our feathered and  four legged friends were not left behind and served them food and grains.
  6. Arpana and team from  Bangalore served food and cake to 20   victims of child  sexual abuse/assault.
  7. Sunita and team from Kolkata visited a school for street children and served 42 kids with food and cake and gave out goody bags.
  8. Rekha and team from Chennai served dinner to 26 inmates of an orphanage  on Feb 17th.
  9. Team Jammu led by Sakshi  organized dance workshop, sports and many fun filled activities for the kids of Mohanji ka Aangan. They also distributed  food and cakes to children.
  10. Mumbai team led by Seeta and Preethi organized annadaan and other activities in various locations in Mumbai
  11. Blood donation  camp was undertaken at Bangalore.


The Ammucare Team in Delhi celebrated Mohanji’s birthday at Cheshire home, home to 120 differently abled people. We were really touched by the humility and unconditional love expressed by these people. All of them wholeheartedly joined in the celebration, a huge 10 Kg cake was cut and later sandwiches were distributed. The final celebration of Mohanji’s birthday was held at Aangan along with pre holi celebration.The children enjoyed the blast of music and dance. Food packets, chips, fruit drinks, muffins and sandwiches were also distributed to all the kids along with splash of colours.

New Delhi - Ammucare - Happy birthday Mohanji


On the auspicious occasion of Mohanji’s birthday, Jabalpur’s team organized annadaan on the banks of the Narmada river. The Narmada amongst other sacred rivers in India holds a special place in our hearts for many significant religious and spiritual reasons. Annadaan started with the century old rituals of aarati and bhog to the Narmada river. Firstly, the food was served to cows and little girls considered as the form of the Narmada river. Around 300 people ate the sumptuous prasad consisting of vegetable biryani, chana – potato curry along with kheer as a meal. The Ammucare Team extends its heartfelt thanks to our member Nripendra Chauhan and his team of volunteers for organizing such a beautiful seva activity. We intend to organise many more seva activities in this region in coming times.
Ammucare - JABALPUR - happy birthday Mohanji 0



Annadaan at an Orphanage!

Birthday celebrations commenced at the Chennai center on 17th February when, our team visited a girls’ home for orphans and abandoned children. The evening started off on a cheerful note with Freedom meditation after a brief introduction of the meditation process in Tamil. The meditation transformed the energy and soon it was party time. We sang songs, played games and shared experiences. A sumptuous dinner was served to the 26 inmates by the volunteers. The kids were also given a small gift of personal accessories. The volunteers returned after a joyous evening with their hearts and souls filled with gratitude and bliss!
Jai Mohanji!

Chennai Aangan - Happy birthday Mohanji - annandan at an orphanage 0


Our beloved Guru’s birthday was celebrated on 23rd evening by the Ammucare Team in Chennai team at an old age home called Amma Illam. These 25 old people and 15 children are being taken care of by a lady called Jacquiline. This young lady is recovering from a stroke this past year but continues her seva with a beautiful smile and strong will power.

The team visited the old age home in the evening between 4 and 6 pm. After some interaction, a Power of Purity meditation was conducted. The energy was so powerful that each one of us was overwhelmed. There were tears of gratitude in the eyes of many women.

We had a very lively interaction with the inmates after which we sang a number of bhajans. The enthusiasm of these women floored us completely. The food seva commenced at 6 pm with a simple meal, keeping in mind the age of the group. A separate and more sumptuous meal was sent to the 15 children who were engaged in studies. Their loving smiles and blessings of these beautiful women really made our day!

Few litres of cooking oil and fresh coffee powder were also donated as per their requirements. The few hours filled our hearts with joy and listening to their experiences truly was a learning experience. The key takeaway for the volunteers was from the oldest member of the group – a 95 year lady. This beautiful soul saves a portion of her meal each day and shares it with a mentally imbalanced man who lives on the street outside her home!!! Need we say more!

Chennai Old Age Home - Happy birthday Mohanji



We had a blessed evening at Mohanji ka Aangan. We could feel the presence of Mohanji! The kids were so happy, we started with warm up exercises followed by a dance workshop. The kids were dancing, laughing and smiling. It was such a beautiful scene.
Then the next part was sports completions, racing, tabata, tug of war, planks, etc.
3 winners were selected from each category. After that cake cutting and final dance practices, we distributed puri, halwa, aloo bhaji to the kids!

Jammu Mohanji Ka Aangan - Happy birthday Mohanji - Ammucare 0


Guwahati team celebrated the occasion of our beloved Mohanji’s birthday on the 23rd of Feb, 2018 by organising Annadaan for 50 inhabitants who were differently abled and rescued desitiute Women at Ashadaan Orphanage home in Goalpara, Assam. Snacks were also provided to all after which feeding of cows at Gowshala took place in the nearby village.

Guwahati - Ammucare - Happy birthday Mohanji - Aanandan


Mohanji’s birthday at Visakhapatnam was celebrated by serving early morning breakfast to street dwellers and underprivileged. Hot Breakfast comprising of Idli, Wada, sambhar and Chatni and water packet was served. Many new
volunteers also came forward and joined hands to serve the needy. Many blessed the volunteers with the chants of “Jai Sai ram”. The happiness in the eyes of the recipient was unparalleled. The people exhibited extraordinary helpfulness by
collecting food packets for their friends also who were sitting far away and due to their illness or handicap were not able to come to collect the packets. The activity was planned many days prior and a local hawker was tied up to
prepare breakfast. Hawker was extremely happy to prepare breakfast as he has small business and hardly gets big orders. This activity was actually a soul food for the noble hearts who joined together to make this a reality.

Visakhapatnam - Ammucare - Annandan - Happy birthday Mohanji 0


Girls’ Rescue Home

The Ammucare team in Bangalore celebrated Mohanji’s Bday at a girls rescue home, Swakshatra. Swakshatra is a girls rescue and rehabilitation centre aimed at ensuring basic child safety and giving rightful education and care. The home currently houses 20 girls from the age of 7-16 years. We arrived at the venue with a cake, some sweet boxes and lunch items. The girls were very jubiliant throughout the celebration and delightedly cut the cake and sang a beautiful B’day song to Mohanji.

Bangalore - Ammucare - Happy birthday Mohanji - Girls shelter


Winding through the lanes and bylanes, we reached a shanty area called creek lane and entered a small room where many little children were waiting for us. We distributed the lunch boxes which consisted of dal, two chapatis, two vegetables and rice. The excitement rose during the cake cutting as they sang happy birthday to Mohanji. They relished the cake. These children are housed in that room for few hours where they get food and basic
learning and as evening approaches they are back on the streets. We distributed a goody bag to them, it contained a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, a chocolate biscuit packet,
drawing book and box of crayons.Their happy smiles brought great joy to all of us.

Kolkata - Ammucare - Happy birthday Mohanji - aanandan (0)


The Ammucare team in Mumbai organised annadaan at multiple locations on the auspicious occasion of Mohanji’s birthday.

The smile and contentment on their faces as they received the food warmed the hearts of our volunteers.

Mumbai - Ammucare - Mohanji happy birthday- aanandan (0)


The Ammucare team in Pune celebrated Mohanji’s birthday by carrying out food seva of samosa and cakes for kids of a large slum as well as Pune Aangan kids. The kids sang merrily for Mohanji.

The celebration continued over the weekend, the team conducted meditation at the school for specially abled children which houses 140 kids both boys and girls and distributed chocolates. In spite of the disability the children were smiling and exhibiting an environment of positivity and camaraderie, helping each other on wheel chairs.They also distributed crutches to some and bed sheets.
The administrative authorities were full of gratitude and all the volunteers felt blessed.

Ammucare- Pune - Happy birthday Mohanji

-In Andheri, 100 migrant workers including men, women and children were served hot idlis and chutney. The migrant workers come from all over India to Mumbai just to make money for their families in their hometowns.

– In Chembur, blankets were distributed to 75 guards of a Housing Complex.

-In Mahim, 100 snack packets containing veg roll and chocolate muffin were distributed to street children and homeless people.

– In Dadar and Mahim, seagulls, pigeons, crows and and ants were also fed by our team.

– In Vashi, veg biryani, sweets and biscuits to 250 street children and homeless people.

– In Malad a month’s grocery packet including atta, rice and daal was handed over to
‘Relief and Welfare Society for the Blind’

Ammucare- Happy birthday Mohanji-seva at various places


To commemorate a very special and sacred occasion – our beloved Mohanji’s birthday, the Mohanji Malaysia team organized a paadam puja and Mohanji aarati, along with the Power of Purity meditation afterwards, and then ending the day with a joy-filled, heartwarming chat and experience-sharing session. A special HSTY yoga was even conducted by one of our beloved devotees.

Speaking of seva/ service, Mohanji says, “Your spontaneous expression of kindness, compassion and love towards all beings, without discrimination, is celebration for me. If you consistently express love, compassion and kindness to all beings, including nature, it is indeed celebration for me. Then my time on Earth becomes truly worthwhile. This resonated deeply within us.

So in line with this precious life lesson and in honor of Mohanji’s birthday, together we raised some funds to purchase items of necessity for the beautiful children of HCK Home. We spent some time with these precious little ones talking about all that made them happy – from prayers just before bed, favourite things to do, a bit about school and group haircuts at the barber. With wide-eyed anticipation, one of them even asked us, “Who is more powerful? Mohanji or Jesus”. Pure happiness was evident on their faces, and this made for a truly heartwarming sight for all of us.

On a whole, it was a beautiful day doing all we did with Mohanji’s guidance and blessings. Thank you dearest Mohanji for just being there and making our souls shine.

Lots of Love from all of us in Malaysia.

Malaysia - Happy birthday Mohanji


Mohanji birthday celebration started with 108 chants of Maha Mryutyunjaya mantra followed by Mohanji aarati and cake cutting.
Started with 108 Mahamrityunjaya Mantra chanting followed by Aarti and Cake Cutting- Happy birthday Mohanji


By Mataji T. Villareal Sharma

Happy Birthday Mohanji and Rahul! 😍

I have no words to describe today, except that it was pure joy and lots of fun! 😇🙏

The kids prepared several amazing and moving song and dance numbers for us. They gave back before they even received. Such is the grace of a powerful upbringing in their blessed space. The sisters were encouraging, gentle and loving. I saw in their eyes, how proud they were of their girls! 😍

“Yay! May drawing book na ako!” shouted one little girl. (Yay! I have a drawing book now!) The others flocked on the books spread out, and quickly chose the ones they wanted to keep for themselves. We went there to bring them smiles, but they gave us so much more than what we brought with us. 🙏

Thank you team #MeditationGarden for your love -boundless, pure and beautiful.

Our gratitude to everyone who contributed their mind, body, heart, spirit, time and finances for today’s outreach project.

The initiation of our feeding projects and rice distribution projects were deeply inspired by Avadhoot Nadananda, who gave us the opportunity to serve at a hospital center in Kurnool, India. 🙏#SiddhaganjKurnool

We would have nothing to hand-out if not for our generous and loving donors. Our sincere gratitude goes to: #AbdulAlsaad#DottieArnaldo#TinTiu#HelenBarbasa#CarolinaUrban#LalaLucas#OliverLucas#SachiVillareal#LuvimAmores#RonaBaes#MutyaNavarra#ManuelBlancolll#ValentineBaclor and to our of course, to the entire team of The Meditation Garden who shared their mind, body, heart, spirit, time, effort and also finances to make our outreach projects a success.

We are fortunate to have the Grand Gazebo’s best chefs to cook our outreach meals. Thank you for to Mrs. Nelida Araza too for the crunchy and soft banana turon!

Philippines - Happy birthday Mohanji




ACT SA Teams celebrated Mohanji’s birthday and served over 2000 meals in the last few days. Many ACTs of kindness took place from visiting special needs homes for children,

2 Orphanages

2 Old age homes

2 Homeless shelters

Home for mental health

and terminally ill patients home

Creches for under privileged children

Donations of water to the Western Cape

Clothing, groceries, cash a wheel chair  and cleaning material donations to homes and crèches

Gifts of blankets, toiletries, T-shirts health packs and bags at centres and creches

Handing out bread, sandwiches and food along the road and in townships

Handing out specially baked vegan cakes at a hospital, orphanage, school and campus

As well as over a thousand meals lovingly prepared

for homeless in the streets and at the beach front

And 2 community centres for children.

All in gratitude and surrender at Mohanji’s lotus feet.


1008 Gifts of Kindness

“Namaste Guruji we have reached our halfway mark for our target of 1008 seva, 450 people were seen at the health clinic which we paid for and 50 people had their eyes tested and glasses given, yesterday we did the children’s home and today we doing disabled home. Thank you for blessing our outreach to the vulnerable in our communities. I am more than fulfilled we had an awesome opportunity to serve these embodiments of love, it was by far the most beautiful experience we had and it is all through Your divine Grace in making us instruments of Your unconditional love. I am forever grateful to You and angel Ammu that I fell in love with from the beginning. All my thoughts and prayers spurred on by Her presence centers around service. I prostrate at your Divine feet Guruji.” Sulosh Pillai

In honour of our Guru Mohanji, ACT KZN is doing 1008 gifts of kindness this month to celebrate, we will be gifting free eye tests and medication for the vulnerable on Pheliphepa healthcare train this week and gifting Mohanji t-shirts and bags to homes of the disabled and abandoned children, we will also distribute health packs from this week and combine it with meals in different areas, we kicked off the seva in Stanger where Molly cooked a sumptuous meal. We distributed school bags, health packs chips and sweets we also presented them with Ammucare Bears and the joy was plastered on their face. Shiva and Mohanji’s Presence was palpable today. Koti Koti Pranaams Guruji. We are so blessed to be in His breathing space in this lifetime! Bless you Molly for taking us to this seva.

Happy birthday Mohanji, South Africa, 1008 seva by Sulosh Pillai

“I am blessed meeting you and your team Sulosh. You all have done an awesome seva. The joy on those kids faces brought tears to my eyes. Doing seva on an auspicious evening really felt great. Thank u Sulosh for your love and kindness. Blessings to you always. It was really an amazing evening.” Molly Stanger
ACT Foundation Centre Durban

Durban met their target of seva feeding over 1000 people in February!

Started at 3.30pm by leaving supper for 80 people at the Ark Cato ridge . Thereafter went to Durban esplanade did feed 120 homeless adults . At beach front did another 70 homeless adults with veg curry and rice with two slices of bread . At 5pm Cato street two shelters did feed rice curry and two slices bread . At shelter served 60 people and one child  Cooked one big pot of rice and veg curry , potatoes Lentil soya chunks . With so many people I had to buy 8 loads of bread . At every feeding points people where very happy and were waiting to be served, they are very happy and appreciative.🏻

Yugen Centre Durban - ACT South Africa - Happy birthday Mohanji

Truly inspired Seva and dedication in Durban! Wyebank crèche lunch for the children. Supper at the ARK Home for men. Gift packs of toiletries, bags and clothing were handed out.

Yugen Centre Durban 2- ACT South Africa - Happy birthday Mohanji


Julie, Oliver, Ruvesh Dheena from Randburg centre celebrated Mohanji’s birthday!
“Serve the world selflessly and unconditionally and with no partiality for any beings!”
ACT Foundation Randburg Centre donated a new wheelchair, groceries and cleaning materials at Tswelopele Old Age Home and Frail care centre for 90 residents that have been abandoned in Hillbrow.
Randburg - ACT South Africa - Happy birthday Mohanji


Warren, Mamma Warren, Deloshnie Ivory Park Midrand

24 February serving in Ivory Park:
38 kids were fed a delicious veggie soup with bread. To celebrate Mohanji’s birthday chocolate cake and sweet packs were handed out with bananas.
Ivory Park Midrand - ACT South Africa - Happy birthday Mohanji

Poovendree  and devotees from Centurion Centre Pretoria

A beautiful day was spent yesterday at the Kalafong Mohau Orphanage Centre where the Centurion team celebrated our beloved Brahmarishi Mohanji’s birthday.  A lunch meal of rice and veg stew with macaroni , juices and fruits were served to 35 little souls.   It was so humbling for all the devotees to see the level of appreciation of Mohanji’s birthday celebration by the staff and children as we sang the birthday song.  Kids were so appreciative of their party packs and cupcakes. The baker that had the cupcakes done did not drizzle chocolate “M” on the cupcakes, yesterday every cupcake that was  given  to the children had perfect “M” imprints.  Thank you Mohanji for affording us the opportunity to serve the Mohau orphanage on your special day.  Much gratitude at your lotus feet. From Poovendree Centurion.

Centurion Centre Pretoria - ACT South Africa - Happy birthday Mohanji


“Happy birthday Brahmarishi Mohanji. May your day be very blessed and full of love! 50 children were fed bananas, pears bread and chips at Plastic city in Pretoria.
Love from Cindy.”
Plastic City Pretoria - ACT South Africa - Happy birthday Mohanji


Sholane and Salona  Annlin West Pretoria Centre

In the spirit of selflessness and in celebration of Mohanji’s birthday, ACT volunteers from Annlin West Pretoria centre embarked on various seva drives. On 22nd February, vegan sandwiches were distributed on the streets in Annlin and Danville, Pretoria. Good usable clothing, rice and vegetables including pumpkins, potatoes, butternuts etc were donated to a homeless shelter in Danville.

Vegan chocolate cakes were baked on the morning of Mohanji’s birthday and distributed to hundreds of university students from Soshanguve township.

A seva drive of over 500km from Pretoria to Ladysmith was undertaken where loaves of bread were given out along the way. This positive energy travelled across four of the nine provinces in South Africa namely Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Free State and Kwa-Zulu Natal. Bread was given out from Johannesburg, Villiers, Warden, Harrismith, Van Reenen’s Pass and finally the last few loaves were given in Ladysmith where the last loaf was donated just outside the Mohanji Ladysmith centre. After a day of awesome seva, the volunteers engaged in a beautiful evening of birthday celebrations, joy and cheer. What an incredible and blissful journey of Love!

West Pretoria - ACT South Africa - Happy birthday Mohanji


Milica Ogi Sara Sameera Deloshnie Barbara Johannesburg Fourways

Shumbashaba today started with a yoga session in collaboration with Mohanji Youth Club. Lunch for over 200 children – their favorite pasta was served with bread, juice, fruit. The special cake was everybody’s favorite. It was exact amount as the last child came last slice was given. Donation of tables and chairs for little ones were greatly appreciated and used for art and lunch. A really very special day!

Johannesburg - ACT South Africa - Happy birthday Mohanji


“Our Mohanji family spent the morning preparing vegetarian rolls which were presented to the Vermouth old age home. We also drove into the neighbouring areas and distributed rolls along the way…the children are now starting to recognise my car and within minutes they were upon us.” Devika Knysna

Vermouth Old Age Home - ACT South Africa - Happy birthday Mohanji


“Jai Mohanji! Decided to go to the streets in my community about 10 km radius and fed 9 people , 2 women with kids. Made toasted soya and tomato sandwiches with sauce and an apple for after. Still warm for this chilli morning. All these people have such amazing personalities and my heart just filled with tears.Thanks to our Mohanji I had this opportunity to do what I have been wanting to do for a while but was just a little scared.♥♥♥.”  Sameera


We had such an awesome team for the seva in Melville and Mayfair.Over 120 homeless people received a hot meal. Sjarn was busy preparing meals today. What a delicious variety. Amir also brought kicchari with a van full of things from table, table cloth to a huge pot of hot-off-the-stove kicchari! Avi and Yogam brought along countless packets of biscuits apples and bananas. Two huge boxes of apples from me. A whole lot of wonderful food. What a privilege to see it all go  – Ami

Thank you Ami, Avi, Yogam, Amir for making this such a special day for Mohanji
It was truly a special day indeed. Very grateful for being able to be part of an amazing team – Avi.

Well done team. Avi, it’s so nice to see you spending your birthday in service to Mohanji. Hope you are having a magical birthday. Happy birthday – Deloshnie

What an incredible day! Experienced such a wonderful energy and such high spirits as Mohanji’s birthday was lovingly dedicated to seva all over the world! –  Sjarn

Fordsburg and Melville - ACT South Africa - Happy birthday Mohanji


Members of the Ladysmith family conducted various acts of seva in their individual areas of Ladysmith during the course of Brahmarishi Mohanjis birthday. We are thankful to Mohanji for making it all possible. Mr and Mrs Dharam – Conducted acts of seva on various days during the week of the 23rd by handing out food and clothes to people.

Veena – Seva at Victory Haven Children’s shelter.



Shireen – Seva at M. L. Sultan Primary School, Ladysmith with learners and cleaners. They enjoyed eating fresh fruit. The caretakers appreciated the clothes they received

Nirmala – My granddaughter distributed little cakes to her class as part of the seva.

Shani – Staff at work including the garden boy received bread and groceries. They were so overjoyed

Kitty – Gave cash to a person who is going through some hard times. I am not going to mention his name but Mohanji will know. He is going to buy groceries with the cash.

Lalitha – This family is always grateful for whatever they receive. I went to their home with some groceries. It was much appreciated.

Jayshree (Ariv’s mum) – Baked doughnuts for baby Ariv to give out to the hospital and homes. They also gave out party packs as 23rd February was also Baby Arivs 1st birthday. He later celebrated his birthday at the centre by offering a vegan cake to Mohanji.

Mr and Mrs Leo – Provided lunch meals at their home and gave out groceries to people in their area.

Ish and Shamilla Singh, Ashna and devotees from Newcastle

Celebrating Mohanji’s birthday with such love! We donated the Esprenza special needs school with can food, bedsheets and towels. We also donated over 200 liters of water to the Western Cape. The day ended with wonderful birthday celebrations for Mohanji in Newcastle!

Newcastle - ACT South Africa - Happy birthday Mohanji


Happy Birthday Mohanji from the SA team

Thank you for always protecting us and carrying us through our storms. We are eternally thankful to you.

Today, to commemorate your birthday we launched the MFSA newsletter through Mailchimp. We are hoping to take your messages to wider audiences as the months progress. This month’s edition is basic and introductory.

We love you endlessly and even as we speak there is 12 hour chanting taking place for your well being at Dattatapovan Ashram.

Jai Brahmarishi Mohanji

Chanting (Saptaha) at Annlin West Pretoria Centre

Chanting 7 daysDay Six of chanting at Annlin West Pretoria centre concluded with much love, bliss and peace within the heart. Each chant creates a sense of deep cleaning inside where toxic emotions and karmic bindings gently dissolved. Truly a beautiful experience and blessing from Mohanji.

Day Seven of chanting at Annlin West Pretoria centre was equally powerful & as beautiful as any of the other mornings dissolved in the chanting sadhana. We felt sad to be concluding such a beautiful week of sadhana and it really created productive and beautiful moments after morning chanting each day.

This morning we begun with salutations to our Guru tradition, chanting Gayatri mantra, then one mala on Maha Mryutyunjaya mantra and one mala on Mohanji Gayatri mantra  followed by Mohanji aarati. I felt refreshed, energetic and blissful after chanting. These chanting sadhanas will definitely form part of our Mohanji activities at Annlin West Pretoria where a beautiful protection of Love will be created for all Beings.

Thank You Mohanji for being in our Lives. Love You!

Bliss of Silence Meditation

Sixteen dedicated members of the Mohanji group gathered together to experience the Bliss of Silence Meditation. After the invocation prayer, we recited the Maha Mryutyunjaya mantraMohanji Gayatri mantra, healing mantra, followed by the meditation. Vibration at the centre is always at its peak and members are grateful for the experience. Jai Brahmarishi Mohanji Ki Jai !!

We all were excited about Mohanji’s birthday celebration and planned an evening of love, prayer and devotion.

Joint birthday celebration

We were also overjoyed that Baby Ariv and his parents would be gracing the celebration by having a joint celebration of Mohanji’s and Ariv’s 1st birthday. Sholane and Salona took us by complete surprise when they walked into the prayer area at 6pm reaching on time for the celebration.

Sholane had gifted a beautiful Shirdi Sai Baba murthi to the Ladysmith Centre, which she had bought and got blessed by Brahmarishi Mohanji in Shirdi similar to the blessed murthi she donated to the Randburg Mohanji Centre. The murthi is placed near the Lord Dattatreya photo in the temple.

Members lovingly gathered outside the temple on a cool evening as we commenced with invocation chants, Mohanji Gayatri mantra and started with 108 chants of Maha Mryutyunjaya mantra. Thereafter Ariv had offered a vegan cake to Mohanji and enjoyed pinching the icing off the cake, as he celebrated his birthday with Mohanji.

Ariv was full of energy even after a long day since his mum had taken him to the hospital and homes to do a seva where they had baked and given doughnuts and party packs to the children.

Each Mohanji Ladysmith member also conducted selfless seva in their own areas on Friday and during the week, by donating food items, good clothing and money as well as inviting people to their home and serving them food. The love of Mohanji filled the hearts of all.

Baby Ariv and Mohanjis birthday 0

Annlin Pretoria West Centre

We conducted Blossoms of Love meditation, paadam puja and Mohanji Birthday Celebrations at

In Celebration of Mohanji, Annlin West Pretoria Mohanji centre engaged in a week long sadhana of early morning chanting of Mohanji Gayatri mantra and Maha Mryutyunjaya mantra. In the spirit of selflessness and in celebration of Mohanji’s birthday, we embarked on various seva drives.

We continued by singing bhajans and Hanuman Chalisa. Shani had sang the birthday song which she had made for Mohanji last year and we all joined in while Sholane & I offered Mohanji another vegan birthday cake which she had made. The energy during Mohanji’s birthday song and aarati was so intense that a few devotees actually saw or felt Mohanji’s presence as huge as the entire front altar with His hands stretched out blessing all the devotees. We concluded with Mohanji aarati, fruit prasad and supper.

Happy birthday Mohanji!!!

Spiritual grace and devotion of a devotee begins at the Feet of Guru hence on evening of 22nd we were lost in blissful love and devotion by chanting Mohanji’s Gayatri mantra & offering rice to the feet of Mohanji (paadam puja), followed by a refreshing Blossoms of Love meditation.

Julie said she felt very relaxed and happy. Julie, Salona and I all read from the Power of Purity book and each of the paragraphs we read correlated with each other – like a direct message from Mohanji.


Thereafter we were happily enroute to Mohanji Ladysmith centre to celebrate with the Ladysmith family. Usually from Soshanguve back to Pretoria one would take the N4 via R80. However in that moment my GPS system directed me via the west. I was going to turn onto the N4 then decided to flow with the GPS. Seconds later Suraj Bhai called concerned as to where we were as there was a cash in transit heist with gunmen opening fire and a bombing literally close to the N4 / R80 which we just bypassed. This again reaffirms that Mohanji is always with each of us, holding us in His divine arms of protection.

The energy of Mohanji was so high that we decided to drive through to Ladysmith taking that wonderful selfless energy of Mohanji into each town/ city on the N3 route to Ladysmith – a spontaneous SEVA DRIVE. This positive M energy travelled across four of the nine provinces in SA.

Nana who was feeling very sick said once we arrived and hugged him he was filled with energy to participate in the Ladysmith Mohanji Birthday Celebrations. We joined with Ladysmith centre and had the most awesomest Mohanji Birthday Celebrations.

Mohanji Birthday celebrations are always so fun because one starts flowing in joy and happiness and really has no idea what would happen next yet it turns out so wonderful always and all the seva food remains in abundance feeding lots and lots of people.  Thank You Mohanji! Happy Birthday to You!

Happy birthday Mohanji - South Africa

Shanti Sanctuary

The meditation at Shanti was absolutely transforming. With fresh enthusiasm we all enjoyed the Bliss of Silence meditation. Pin drop silence. Starting with yogic breathing, we entered into a deep state of silence, ending with a song of gratitude during MET delivery. We ended the meditation by chanting “Bless all beings” mantra. The atmosphere was divine, the ladies asked questions, we spoke about Liberation as the key teaching of Mohanji, selfless service as another aspect, the importance and relevance of a living Master in life. Also spoke about the importance of energy exchange, suggesting to donate even a rand towards service to others, as a token of gratitude for the divine group meditation. We distributed Mohanji picture cards in the end, looking forward to the next session.

An international flavour to today’s meditation with Buddhists from Congo also joining us and American neighbours also experiencing Power of Purity meditation for the first time…

Participants experienced peace and bliss and were amazed at the powerful energy that they felt coming from their hands…

We began with invocation prayers. We then did Maha Mryutyunjaya mantra chanting. We then did paadam puja. We did Power of Purity meditation. There was a wonderful and beautiful energy that enveloped us.

With joyous spirits and much excitement.. We started the day chanting Mohanji’s Gayatri mantra. Commenced at 6am and ended at 6pm. During the duration of chanting, devotees came throughout the day. Some took time off work to chant for an hour. We are so proud of Vachariya, she sat the entire 12 hours of chanting. The energy was incredibly powerful as we were reaching the end. Mohanji’s presence was quite eminent. A flower from the vase that was placed firmly suddenly tipped over. As we completed chanting, we did homa. Chanting 1000 names of Shiva for the well-being of Mohanji.  Thereafter Mohanji aarati, followed by cutting the tastefully and beautifully decorated birthday cake, made by our talented Ajay. Delicious treats made with love was prepared. A great evening celebrating Mohanji’s birthday with the wonderful Mohanji Family. We were so happy to have Aunty Julie and Family join us too. Thank You Mohanji for the wonderful grace and blessings always. Jai Mohanji!!

Experience by Bhaktananda

One piece of the vegan cake was offered to Mohanji, and later on we found that he physically took two bites, it reminded me of the time he also physically ate the pasta offered at the Ashram

Experience by Bhaktananda

To celebrate the birthday of our beloved Mohanji the Datta Tapovan Ashram hosted a magical evening of bhajans, ghazals and dance. The chance to show our love as well as showcase what the Mohanji Foundation is all about and the teachings of Mohanji was encapsulated into the programme. We were blessed to have other Swami’s from within the Durban area attend the event.

We then cut Mohanji’s birthday cake and offered prasad to Mohanji. We concluded with Mohanji aarati.

The evening was well attended by members from senior citizen associations, kids and adults from different suburbs around Durban and members of the community. The magical evening opened with a prayer with our brilliant MC taking care of the programme, the first part of the show which was a dance.

We then flowed into some amazing bhajans beautifully sung by Pradeep Dhevanarain & Troupe. We then had an intermission allowing attendees to purchase items prepared by devotees from our tuckshop. This was well received and attendees enjoyed the scrumptious items prepared. The next part of the show was an absolutely inspiring and breath-taking play which showcased insights into the life of Mohanji.

The play was a combination of scene acting and amazing dancing from Bavika and Kiara. After the play we had the chance to listen to a recorded message sent from our beloved Mohanji. A message filled with the teachings and guidance which resonated through the crowd.

Happy birthday Mohanji - South Africa 6

The evening concluded with more bhajans sung by Pradeep Dhevanarain & Troupe and during this time we had the chance to auction a beautiful Panchamukhi Hanuman deity donated by one of our devotees as well as two saris donated by the business community.

The auctions were well received and we raised an amazing amount of money for the foundation. The evening was concluded with a menacing storm that quickly dissipated into showers of blessings from Mohanji.  A heartful thank you goes out to all devotees for their effort in making this show a success.  Jai Mohanji!!

Bliss of Silence meditation

We commenced with invocation prayer and thereafter Bliss of Silence meditation. We then sang beautiful bhajans and the Hanuman Chalisa while we all received the great blessing of energy transfer.

A beautiful Mohanji aarati was then performed and the night ended with a small birthday celebration for Ajay. An amazing evening with beautiful energies and deep inner silence. On a weekly basis we are seeing new attendees attend the services and we welcome them into the Mohanji Family. Immense gratitude to Mohanji for allowing us to serve and be part of this amazing family.
Jai Brahmarishi Mohanji!!


Thank You Lord Datta for giving us such a precious gift on the 23rd Feb, our beloved Father, Mohanji.

May You be forever blessed with happiness,health & long life. 🎂HAPPY BIRTHDAY with tons of love. We celebrated Mohanji’s birthday at Anandam orphanage, food donation for 35 children…

Mauritian team



Mohanji USA family had a wonderful celebration for his birthday with a day in the consciousness of Mohanji which included yoga, Conscious walking, inverted pyramid meditation, etc.  We also had food seva in different parts of the country by members of the Mohanji family.  Seva included our beloved animals too. About 215 lunch bags were filled with sandwiches, snacks, fruit and drinks and distributed to the homeless/  Hot meal was served to over 125 people.  There are two more food seva events lined up for mid march.  We are also planning a food seva in Peru in honor of Mohanji’s birthday. Dry food was donated to animal shelters and birds were fed by some family members.  All in all we had a wonderful time serving and felt contented.


Some moments from Mohanji’s birthday celebration

Mohanji USA Birthday Celebrations - some moments (0)




Mohanji’s birthday Celebrations in Toronto began form the 16th of February with Saptaah Chanting….an hour of chanting each night from 9 pm – 10 pm for Mohanji’s wellness. Canada and USA chanted together connecting each other via zoom for devotees. We chanted Maha Mryutyunjaya mantra for Mohanji’s good health and protection and praying for HIS long and happy life. This was a chain chanting connecting different countries like INDIA, South Africa, Australia, UK and more. Each country had a time slot so it was a continuous chant in honour of our Pujya Sadgurudev Mohanji Maharaj’s Birthday. We all looked forward to this chant and felt peace and happiness to know and feel how our Mohanji has united many beautiful souls around the world and we who may have not met physically but were chanting for the same Love – Mohanji.

Canada - Happy birthday Mohanji


Many devotees came together to donate blood and offer this gift of life to the needy to mark as an offering in Mohanji’s Lotus Feet. When a devotee’s devotion reaches that height, when he realizes there is nothing but Mohanji the light, the love and the Grace with which he is blessed …..nothing more matters. Devotees came forth to donate blood on this occasion, in cold weather, being a working day they took time off but wanted to live by example by living the Teachings of Sadguru Shree Mohanji. Giving is Loving, To serve is to love and Love all Serve all….UNCONDITIONALLY and Always. Happy faces lit up with the thought that all the infinite love that they received from Mohanji, now is the time to give back to the world. Very gracefully each volunteer donated a part of their love with those who were in need. A remarkable seva, indeed. Thank you Mohanji as without Your teachings and inculcated values we would never have received this teaching of Unconditional Service and Love.


23rd February- Mohanji’s birthday was marked with offering abhishekham to Sai Baba in Sai Temple, Toronto. A shawl was offered by Mohanji Foundation Canada to Sai Baba and prasad was offered at the Mandir. It was a royal blue and copper coloured shawl very lovingly stitched and prepared by one of Mohanji’s devotees. Our Sai Baba looked mesmerizingly handsome and so happy. The smile on His face brought immense peace and satisfaction in our hearts that Mohanji is watching and has received all these offerings. Another shawl was offered in the afternoon soon after madhyahan aarati. This was a fuchsia and gold bordered shawl, so Sai Baba looked like an emperor that day. There was a very beautiful ring of light around Him and the radiance was felt by us all. To our amazement, one of the devotees shared Shirdi Sai live darshan and Sai Baba in Shirdi was wearing the same fuchsia  and gold colour in Shirdi as well. This brought tears of gratitude in our eyes. Mohanji always says “Main hoon naa! I am always with you!”  Yes, Canada feels Mohanji more and more with each passing moment and His Grace is received with open arms and hearts by more and more who walk into His Light. Thank you Mohanji for all the shower of grace upon us.

Lunch was sponsored by Mohanji Foundation Canada on this day in a school in Shirdi for deaf and dumb children , Shree Sai Shraddha Gramin Muk Badhir Vidyalaya. With Sai Baba’s grace and Mohanji’s blessings, we were blessed with this opportunity to offer prasad on Mohanji’s birthday in Shirdi to 150 children. It was such a blessing that even though we are in Canada, Sai Baba accepted our love and seva in Shirdi in honour of Mohanji’s birthday. Jai Sai Ram, Jai Mohanji! _/\_ The children can neither speak nor can they hear, but the Principal captured  a video of them praying before lunch in their own way which was heart melting. Thank you Sai Baba. Thank you Mohanji.

Food and fruits were  offered in a food bank in Toronto on this day as an offering to Mohanji’s lotus feet. Mohanji has opened our hearts and showed us the way to love and serve; and see God in all. “For the hungry, food is God” says Mohanji. He requested all devotees around the world not to spend money on delicacies and flowers and all the luxurious offerings to Him. Mohanji is always happy and receives  all the seva when we are feeding the hungry, looking after the needy or sharing unconditionally. In Canada, we tried to live Mohanji’s teachings and shared this celebration with as many as we could. Thank you Mohanji for Your guidance from time to time.

100 meals were offered by our Mohanji Canada Team in Victoria BC to mark Mohanji’s birthday. With Mohanji’s grace, this centre is growing and flourishing with each day. The most amazing part is that no one from Victoria BC has still met Mohanji personally, they have consistently followed Him and His teachings on Facebook and Mohanji channels, YouTube videos and opened a centre and are having weekly meditationsHSTY yoga and many seva activities. This is a pure example that love flows far and wide, physical proximity is not necessary. They are content with all the Grace they receive form Mohanji in His subtle form and are hoping to see Him one day. Their interest in Datta tradition and Mohanji’s  teachings is remarkable. Mohanji always says “ Connect to my Consciousness”  HE says, “ if you take my name, I am with You, when you remember me, I am with you, where ever you are, whatever you are doing, I am always with you and will be always with you”. This is constantly felt by all of us in Canada and throughout the world. Thank you  Mohanji.

Meditations were offered in BC Victoria on Wednesday Feb 21st and at 3 centers on Friday 23rd. Meditations were followed by a small celebration in each centre in their own way. There was an instance when Mohanji’s presence was strongly felt by a miracle that took place right in front of our eyes yet is not understandable to human mind. In words of a Poonam, a devotee present in the celebration,“Mohanji showed his presence, by re-lighting the candles which we kept in a thick glass bowl after taking them off from the birthday cake.  After we all cut the cake, Shaloo and Manisha when offered a piece of cake to Mohanji, the candles themselves lit again and the thick glass bowl broke into pieces with His eye card falling flat on the altar. Mohanji showed His presence in His birthday celebration.  Jai Mohanji! Thank you, Mohanji Gurudeva for showing your presence physically as it was desired by Your devotees.”

Canada - Happy birthday Mohanji 2


This event was a unique celebration using various powerful tools and techniques introduced by Mohanji. The day started as early as 8 am and the participants were excited as they did not know what to expect. They were informed to bring their yoga mats and also that Mohanji  Foundation Canada will be introducing the latest gift blessed by Mohanji – Conscious Dancing. All were curious and wanted to taste this new technique of balancing the inner nerve centres with the help of music and motion. The program started with a welcome speech and lighting the lamp of devotion, surrender and faith in Mohanji and Sainath’s lotus feet. Soon, after the HSTY yoga session started with its unique flavour of spiritual knowledge, traditional touch and deep element of devotion in each asana/ posture and each pranayama/breathing technique. We inhaled love and exhaled gratitude. We released the stiffness from each joint and energised each cell with vibrant light and love. No one realized till they were told that the session lasted 2 hours and 30 mins.  There was only liveliness and smiles all around in the room. The curiosity was building up and each participant like a child awaited for what is coming next. Soon the session wrapped up with a prayer surrendered with love and devotion and gratitude to the lotus feet of Mohanji  and Sainath Maharaj and everyone headed for a nourishing vegan breakfast. On this day, everything sounded, tasted and felt sweet like nectar that was showering from Mohanji’s presence.

After the break, as the weather permitted (+6 degrees Celsius), we went for Conscious walking. There were a few new people amongst the group who were trying this meditative walk for the first time. The Conscious walking left all at peace and fresh for rest of the day. Upon return to the hall, all were requested to relax and get ready for a session of Yoga Nidra. This energised and nourished them from their tiredness and stiffness. It was amazing how Mohanji plans and how His Grace flows! The script was pre-planned but Mohanji chose a different path for these participants – a divine path that left each and every person in awe, silence and gratitude. The room was pregnant with divine love with tears were rolling down everyone’s eyes emitting and radiating only love. No one wished to speak, open their eyes or move after this mesmerizing session. The effect was profound and most of them could not feel their body. Everyone was in a stillness that was deafening. Each cell, each breath, each individual was in a different world. An unplanned break was announced to allow everyone to collect themselves. During this break we announced about Mai-Tri Healing, Healing with Mohanji’s energy. We explained how Mai-Tri healing works on the karmic level of an individual and that they can avail of this opportunity during this break as we had a few local healers present at the venue. That was a true blessing since it allowed all to settle their energies and get charged up and excited to feel and experience Conscious dancing!

Conscious dancing – a blessed technique by Mohanji and intuitively received by Deviji is such a refreshing,  energising and at the same time fun bringing smiles to people’s faces.  This dancing technique is a superb tool to balance our inner nerve centres (chakras) with the use of music and motion. Letting go of resistance, letting go of shyness, letting go of concepts and be free – taste freedom and feel the inner core and balance the chakras. For those who have never danced, who have always wanted to but were hesitant due to many factors were so excited that like small children they were patiently listening to the instructions given to them to be followed during the dance. They were given blind buffs that would draw them from the external to their internal view and allow them to fully feel the music and its effect on each nerve centre. Finally, all were asked to relax with another breathing technique to calm them down. The effects of this dancing was such that all felt they were young again, vibrant with energy and radiating positivity. A few shared their experience while in this state but many could not speak then as they were in a daze. But they promised that they will write down their experience once in a balanced state. . By the way, it was past 3.00 pm yet it was hard for all to get up and head for lunch. Such was the power felt in Mohanji’s grace.

Just before all were getting up, we announced a surprise for all from Mohanji….and their hearts skipped a beatJ . Mohanji was in Vaishnodevi and we requested for a 10 minute Skype “darshan” as a surprise for all. But since the network over there was not so powerful we could not do that. But our dearest graceful Mohanji out of love for all  immediately said, “Can I record a message for all since the Skype is not working?” OMG, HE is so Gracious. Even though it was late in the night past bed time, 12.30 am in India, our dearest Mohanji recorded a short speech for all of us and blessed us all with His kind and loving words. That was a bonus for all of us  like a cherry on top. Each word that played from the recording was a blessing – each letter felt like a petal He was showering on each one of us. What a day! Thank You Mohanji for all the grace and love that You constantly shower upon us all.

With great effort, we got up for lunch and wrapped up this beautiful memorable Day in Mohanji’s Consciousness,  each one promising themselves to remain in His consciousness day in and say out. Why just 1 day? Let us all bathe inHis consciousness each and every moment. Connect, connect, connect  to His Consciousness and you will always remain blissful!


Mohanji’s birthday celebration was marked with this last program of the week by preparing sandwiches for homeless. 153 peanut butter and jam sandwiches were prepared by dedicated volunteers without whom this seva is never possible. Some come to prepare, some distribute, some donate and some morally support. Wow, what a Family! Mohanji Family in true essence. Tirelessly, all worked at their work place but also carried on with their expression of love and service to live the teachings of our Master Mohanji to honour His birth on this planet for His people.

It is His grace that we are able to do anything. We ever remain indebted in Mohanji’s lotus feet for everything.


Ecuador Team joined the global food seva for Mohanji’s birthday by making and delivering food to the poor people begging for money or recollecting recycling material. It was a blessing to express our gratitude in this way and to give our small contribution to this beautiful event.

Maja Otovic, Ecuador, South America
Ecuador - feeding the poor and hungry-Happy birthday Mohanji


A very happy birthday to our most revered Father, Baba Parabrahma Mohanji. May we utter your name in each breath. May your love shine forever on the sanctuary of our devotion and may we be able to awaken your love in all hearts. Loads and loads of love to you on this special day.

This year on Mohanji’s birthday, we participated in the saptaha chanting.
In the weekend before the birthday , we had Bliss of Silence meditation in Melbourne in two different locations and at the weekend after the birthday we had a Bliss of Silence meditation in Sydney. On the very day, many of us did individual meditations and Mohanji aarati.

Team Australia


 By Gurulight Team

Happiest Birthday Dearest Mohanji

Blessed are we for being the chosen ones to be able to serve you.

Your blessings infinite, your smile and love wonderfully contagious, your guidance concrete and precious, your patience inexhaustible, and your compassion eternal…

Thank you for just being there and making our souls shine.

❤ Best Wishes and Loads of Love ❤

Team Gurulight

By Biljana Vozarevic from Serbia

Happy birthday Mohanji - poem by Biljana Vozarevic

By Preeti Duggal from India

Many happy returns of the day, Mohanji. May you shine brighter and brighter and keep illuminating the souls. Wish you good health happiness and abundance always. Love you always

Preeti Duggal

By Dejan Cosic from Bosnia and Herzegovina

It is undescribable happiness to be found by an exalted master who can lead you to the end of the journey, to the true Self, to the bliss of beautiful and pure unconditional Love.
Thank You for finding me my master Mohanji and of course, happy birthday to You, hehehe. One day I’m sure I’ll be totally conscious and grateful for such a privilage in Divine creation. Let All live in All.

Dejan Cosic and Mohanji

By Mirjana Kocevska from Macedonia

…I am never away from you. There is no existence in separation. Beingness is unity. We are one and never separate. MOHANJI Happy Birthday my beloved Master ❤

Mirjana Kocevska and Mohanji

By Pramod Nair from UK

A poem: A Guide to Eternity

O Mohanji

Beloved of my heart

Listen to me

Whenever I am in distress

Please uphold me

In my world of darkness

Be the lamp that lights up my path

Erase my ignorance

Enlighten and liberate me

My humble obeisance to you

For you are my guide to eternity.

By Natesh Ramsell from Sedona

In honor of our beloved Guru’s birthday I offer this recording at His Lotus Feet. This is a “hymn” to Lord Dattatreya written by Mohanji in Palakkad recently while I was there and I was honored to be asked to create a musical arrangement for it.  Eventually there will be something a little more polished but I wanted to share this with you on this special day.  “Sarvam Datta Mayam” in my understanding basically translates as “Everything is Datta.” Enjoy! Jai Brahmarishi Mohanji!

mp3, pdf

By Jelena Fassbender from Germany

Lately, Mohanji was singing this song quite often. Together with my best friend Nikola, l made it as his bday present.
You can listen to it here: Garuda Gamana Tava

By Bharti Kapoor from India

All we have is you
Koti Koti Pranaam ji
You are a celebration
Who has made us learn to celebrate our life too,
Happy Birthday our Gracious Baba.
All at your LOTUS feet ji

The most beautiful gift I have been graced with in this lifetime is knowing my “Being”with and through a LIVING MASTER.
How did it get any better than this?
My soul’s prostration to You
Happy Birthday Baba

Bharti Kapoor

By Subramanian Krishna

Jai Mohanji, Happy days ahead, with love,

Every day is beautiful than the day past.

Today is the day, an Avatar of Lord Krishna is born to carry and guide us over in this Kaliyuga…

God bless you all.

With love

By Lana Osei, USA

Happy Birthday my dearest Mohanji. I look around me and it is your birthday every day, every minute every second. A new baby is born and it is your birthday.  A piglet is born. It is your birthday. A puppy is born .It is your birthday. A caterpillar from a larvae. It is your birthday. A plant sprouts out from Mother Earth. It is your birthday. A new cell multiplies. It is your birthday. When the old gives way to the new. It is your birthday. It is your birthday all around us and we can just look at the wonder and amazement of our dearest Mohanji’s birthday with us every day every minute every second. Enjoy Him eternally.  Enjoy His fragrance. Enjoy His Love.
By Riana Gaspar from South Africa

Happy Birthday Beloved Mohanji, we adore you it is evident in in all the message and sea of love and service  poured out by your children around the world today.

We are so grateful that God has send you on this day, years ago, to be our Guru.
How blessed we are to have met you and walk in your Grace.

When I read this daily piece, written by Swami Narayani, this morning I knew it was for us, your children who met you, a message on our Mohanji’s birthday.

How blessed we are, Happy Birthday Dearest Mohanji

Riana Gaspar, SA
By Keshnie Shennon Pillai from South Africa

Happy birthday Mohanji ❤️ The joy you brought into my life is indescribable. Being your servant is my life’s honor. Love you endlessly.

Keshnie Shannon Pillai

By Jyoti Bahl from India

Happy birthday my Guru and God Mohanji. Words can’t express mine gratitude for showing me finally the path and real purpose of life, Thanks for being in our You Gurudev and always at your lotus feet 🙏❤❤

By Sholane Surjoo from South Africa

Happy Happy Mohanji Blessed Birthday to you, my Babaji. 😊 Jai Brahmarishi Mohanji ke Jai.

Sholane Surjoo

By Snezana Jovanovic-Popov from Qatar

Today’s blessing, these angels came to me from nowhere to take a picture with me. Gratitude for the divine sense of love and grace. I felt Mohanji, and his divine love and grace, in them, in me … and that feeling swallowed us. Thank you, Mohanji. Happy birthday!

Snezana Jovanovic Popov -Happy birthday Mohanji

By Trish Jain

Happy birthday, Mohanji
This video is a compilation of Mohanji’s devotees: Our Gurudeva

By Deloshni Govender

Happy Birthday to my Father, my Gurudev, my Everything🎉🎇🎆🎁. Thank you for all you do for all your children and for working so hard to raise the consciousness of all. Thank you for choosing to walk with me in this life and many lifetimes.

I came for you and wish to forever be in service at your lotus feet. Jai Brahmarishi Mohanji💟😍

By Chai Lai Siong from Malaysia

Salutations and salutations to the lotus feet of my guru Brahmarishi Mohanji! Gratitude is never enough. Happy Birthday!

By Pramod Soni

by Pramod Soni

Wish you very Happy Birthday Sai Shri Mohan ji. Pranam

By Roshani Shenazz from India

Dearest Mohanji,
Wishing you a very Happy and Blessed Birthday. May God keep shining through you upon the World. Thank you for your presence and love.

By Angela Strezoska from Macedonia

Angela Strezoska

By Aleksandra Stojanovic from Serbia

Aleksandra Stojanovic

My Master,  MOHANJI… unconditional love and unlimited grace personified

By Mohana  BhaktiPriya

My humble pranaams at his lotus feet.
To write anything about Shri BRAHMARISHI  MOHANJI  will be just like lighting a matchstick before the mighty Sun. All the grace and the love he showers on us so silently cannot be put into mere words. However, I will make a small effort to do that with his grace. In this context, the use of the word “I” is just a grammatical necessity. Otherwise, it’s all HIM. My Praana (life force), my Shakti (energy), and my Aatma(soul). Before narrating the blissful experiences with Baba (as I affectionately call Mohanji)  I would like to talk about some of my experiences from my childhood till date that have paved the way for a beautiful and divine connection with Mohanji.

Advent of Masters in My Life 

When I was a mere 13-year-old, I was graced with the opportunity of reading the world famous  Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda in my mother tongue Telugu. I enjoyed the book very much except for the technicalities of Kriya Yoga which were nonunderstandable at that age. I could understand the longing of Shri Yogananda for the Lord Supreme and his Guru. It was like  I was present there with him in all his experiences. And the truth that God or Sadguru is the only permanent companion who loves you unconditionally and stays with you forever even after many lifetimes, was etched deep in my mind. I read and re-read the book many times all through these years. Every time I read it, I felt immense bliss.

Years passed by, and when I was doing my postgraduation, I got deeply connected to Shri Shirdi Sai Baba through one of my friends. When I first visited Shirdi and had the divine darshan of Shri Sai Baba, I felt I had reached home at last. Tears were flowing incessantly by just looking at the statue of Shri Sai Baba. It became very painful for me to leave  Shirdi and Baba. After that, I read the Sai Satcharitra and it made my connection with Shri Sai more deeper.

After my marriage, I experienced Sai’s grace at every step, though it was a big cleansing process. My parents are very spiritually inclined, non-orthodox and easy going and it was my father who introduced me to the Autobiography of a Yogi. It was a sea change for me after marriage, as the family I married into was very orthodox, ritualistic and didn’t believe in Sadgurus. But Shri Sai Baba was always with me, taking care of me. I had to go through many trials and tribulations, but he was there all the time, whether be it my very painful abortion at six months of pregnancy, and the depression following it or the more tension-filled pregnancy delivery of my first child and many other problems.
When my older son was three, we were transferred to Omkareshwar (in Madhya Pradesh) where the famous Omkareshwar Jyotirling is located.


After a couple of months, we went to visit  Shree Mahakaleshwar Jyotirling in Ujjain. I had just a brief darshan of Lord Shiva. Till then I didn’t  know much about Lord Shiva. But after his darshan in Ujjain, an intense longing to know more developed. On the internet, I read the real meaning of the Mrityunjaya mantra and then I just chanted and chanted it unknowingly all the time. I experienced a deep peace while chanting. I was with the mantra all the time I was doing my household chores. After some days  I had the opportunity to listen to the audio of Shiva Mahapuran by Shri Chaganti Koteswara Rao. He very lovingly explained how Shiva melts for the bhakti of his devotees and I melted into Shiva Bhakti completely after listening to all 108 episodes. Tears of joy were drenching me fully. All these divine moments I experienced, could only share everything with my parents and my brother, who were very happy for me. My second son was born with Lord Shiva’s blessings after a year and we named my little one Sri Omkaar.

At this time I also got connected to Shri Paada Shri Vallabha, the first avatar of Lord Dattatreya. I read about him in the Guru Charitra many years ago, but the real connection started when I read his biography, Sri Paada Vallabha Charitaamrutam.
The book revealed so many things and I got to know later, that he arrived to hold my hand to lead me to my beloved Master. (This I understood  after I got connected to  MOHANJI).

My Connection with Sri Mohanji

Babaji01_HimalayasWe moved to Faridabad (near Delhi) after spending four years in Omkareshwar. And after a mere six months, I got to know about my beloved master Shri Mohanji. I always read the abridged version of Shri Paada Vallabha Charitamrutam online before going to bed. It had been a practice for the past two years. While I was reading in October 2015, the mention of Shri Mahaavtar Babaji caught my eye. I had read about Babaji in the  book Autobiography  of a Yogi” and was always fascinated by his mystic divine persona. But this time I wanted to know more about  him. I searched online and I came across Mohanji’s blog on Mahaavtar Babaji titled ‘Babaji Beyond Definitions’. After a couple of days, I dreamt (it was an astral experience, as later explained by Mohanji) that I was undergoing a self -realisation experience: I could see everything  in me, the whole universe. I knew Babaji was there, but couldn’t see him in his physical form. After the dream ended, I was wide awake and was overwhelmed and filled with gratitude and bliss for the whole experience. I prayed to Babaji that he comes to me in his physical  form and guides me through  my life. He was listening. He sent Mohanji.

P1I was just totally drawn towards  Mohanji after this. I continually read his blogs and the devotees’ experiences. And was filled with so much joy that at last, I found my Sadguru in a physical form. I never expected that so much grace will be bestowed upon me. Again, I shared all these things only to my brother and parents as they could understand what I was experiencing. Love and devotion for Mohanji were increasing day by day.

I wanted to meet him at least once in my lifetime. I got to know from an experience of a devotee from the blog, that he is on Facebook and I messaged him. He responded after a few days and blessed me. That was a boon to me. I couldn’t believe it was all happening. In December it was my birthday and the best birthday I ever had. I got his divine blessings when I informed him on Messenger. I was just connected to him almost the whole time. I could see his image even after I closed my eyes. When I watched one of his videos for the first time, tears flowed incessantly. I felt like I met a lost parent after many lifetimes. Slowly his grace was showing in my day-to-day life too. I felt very happy and blissful. I was so eager to meet him in person. In February 2016, I tried to meet him but wasn’t able to attend the Satsang. My heart bled that day. That night he (his energy in the form of vibrations in my body) consoled me and I had my first astral Shaktipath from him. I was so blessed that when I couldn’t reach him, he himself came to me. From then onwards his energy started speaking to me occasionally. He was taking care of me like a mother does with a small baby. My gratitude towards him took the form of a verse and I  wrote my first poem for his birthday. My initial experiences with him and the poem are posted on the experience blog ‘Mohansuniverse’  named ‘Guru Saakshaat Parabrahma’ in Feb 2016.

By his grace, my connection grew deeper and I started writing poems in Hindi and in Telugu continuously and shared them with him. To my surprise, he liked them and asked me to share them Facebook. First  I was reluctant but agreed to do so as Baba himself asked me to. A couple of months later Baba shared a video on Facebook made by a devotee. I was just fascinated by this new mode of expressing love for him. I thought  I should try it once. And I made a video that was much appreciated and can be seen on   Making videos looked more interesting to me than writing poems and  I was graced with many opportunities to make simple, devotional videos on Baba.

I missed another opportunity to meet him in the March of 2016 and I wondered if I could ever meet him. But through consciousness, I was getting connected to him more deeply, almost 24*7. He patiently and lovingly replied to my messages and then in August 2016, when he returned from Kailash he stopped using Facebook. It was a big blow for me because I felt I couldn’t  talk to him now. I couldn’t  share my poems and videos with him directly. I was sad and a bit depressed when his energy started speaking to me and consoled me. This was more beautiful than speaking to him via Facebook  – he was always online. After this experience, I made one more video on him which is my favorite and Baba loved it too. This can be found at

Soon I longed for the company of people who were connected to Baba. And though the Mohanji Whatsapp group I met Jyoti Bahl. Baba gave me what I needed. A dear friend and an accomplice in making future videos. Baba has very grand plans for everyone and they get revealed in their own time. I got also connected to Palak Mehta, another more loving soul and I soon made two videos on Mohanji’s 18 lessons and Mohanji’s quotes on animals. Baba knows that I was not a professional but he chose me to do this beautiful work. He encouraged me always even though I didn’t have the requisite acumen.


The Transformation after Baba’s Arrival

I am not an ambitious or career oriented person. (even though I am a postgraduate in Statistics and was a very bright student). I am content with my household chores and my kids, and I have been often (subtly) criticised by my family for this which led to low self-esteem. But now, Baba has given me fresh life with many ways to be involved in his work.

I do all Baba’s work after my household chores are complete and after taking care of my family. I always work at night after my little one is asleep. Baba gives me the energy to do all my day jobs and also for his work. So, in short, it’s him doing all the work through me. He has removed  Tamas from my system altogether. Now I always look forward to doing any form of service to him whenever I am free from my family chores (actually it’s a big service to myself as I enjoy a lot doing Mohanji’s  work).

I was always a loner with a few good friends who are in touch with me still. After Baba came into my life, I felt I must also have people connected to him as my friends. It took almost a year for that wish to fructify. He gave me a wonderful, supportive and loving family, the Mohanji family. I know only a few of them but I value them and their friendship a lot. Palak Mehta, Jyoti Bahl, DB ji,  Sanjay Bhaiya, Rajesh Bhaiya, Taayiji and ShubhaAmma. All of them are very supportive, loving, caring and sharing. I thank Baba from the bottom of my heart for gracing me with such friends.

I am not a happy-go-lucky person, I don’t talk much, am very sensitive, very emotional, short-tempered and have lots of other drawbacks. In spite of all this, Baba loved me unconditionally, cared for me and supported me every moment. He let me be myself. He let me enjoy myself with all these drawbacks. He made me laugh at my mistakes, enjoy fully my small accomplishments like a child. He was slowly transforming me to accept myself as I am, which I could never do my whole life. Now, I enjoy myself, am happy being alone, am happy being emotional, am happy being sensitive. In fact, he transformed all these drawbacks into intense devotion for him. I cherished being in his consciousness always. That needs a person to be silent. I longed for his presence only, for that I should be alone. And I felt his overwhelming and unconditional love every moment, for that one has to be sensitive. And my intensely emotional nature was transformed to an unfailing faith and devotion for him. By his grace, and only by his grace, I connect to him so deeply. I’ve never longed for anything or shed so many tears of gratitude and love for any other person.

He is always with me. And he makes me feel his presence always. Whether I am working in my kitchen, taking care of my kids and family, or doing his work. He even watches movies with me ( a very rare thing that I do) and enjoys them too. He enjoys the peppy dance numbers that are played on the TV or when I get to listen to them. He listens to the devotional songs with me (which I always do) and likes them a lot. I sing a lot of bhajans whenever  I am alone and I know that loves them, despite me being a very bad singer. He even accompanies me to my children’s school functions. He enjoys their performances and he likes the National Anthem a lot when it is played at the end. He accompanies me to the grocery store too and suggests a better product to buy. His presence is always felt by me by the intense and sweet vibrations usually on my head or hands and feet. Even he scolds me using this procedure. Whenever I am doing something nonsensical or something that he doesn’t  want me to do he warns me with a sharp piercing pain in my toe. My third eye is vibrating almost all the time and this also indicates his presence. Whenever I am making any videos for him or just trying to chant one of his mantras at night sometimes I fall asleep as I feel tired. The next moment he gives a sharp nudge on my elbow and wakes me up or either lifts my hand up and drops it down gently. At first, I thought I was imagining, but later I understood it was his doing. He always makes sure that I complete my work before going to sleep.

Gratitude for what I have already and for what Baba’s grace showers on me has grown tremendously. The moments when I do my daily prayers and offer food to all the five deities thrice a day are the most gratitude-filled moments of my life. My prayers are always without any rituals, except for lighting a lamp before him and an incense stick. Apart from that, I sing some of my favorite bhajans with so much bhaav, that it becomes difficult for me to come out of that bliss and continue with my other daily chores. I always  feel that I am at his lotus feet and offering my prayers before him. It doesn’t require any effort to connect with him blissfully but it requires great effort to concentrate on other mundane things of life. He let me taste the celestial nectar of  devotion. Now that I have tasted it, my whole being always craves for the moments of stillness and bliss. It’s only his grace that I am able to experience such effortless and intense devotion  towards him.

Meal times are another favorite of mine. I normally eat alone as, by the time I have finished feeding Omakar, the family has finished their meal. In the initial stages of my connection with Baba, I offered food to all five deities as suggested by him. With time I could experience Baba actually accepting my offering through the subtle sensations in my body. And when I say thank you for all that he has blessed me with, my eyes fill with tears. It still amazes me. Since I eat alone no one else has noticed it till now.

Baba always makes sure that I have ample space and time to connect with him blissfully. Being in his consciousness all the time has reduced the need to express myself, and to come out of the silence requires a lot of effort. This has made me more aloof and I have had to face some negativity from others due to this. They don’t affect me much as Baba takes care of everything. And he sometimes subtly suggests that I need not be alone to experience this connection. These days he converses with me even though people are present around me and when I am speaking to someone else. I am very grateful to Baba,  for his grace.

Baba takes care of my family too. Omkar is also very connected to Mohanji. He loves him a lot and always kisses Baba’s  pictures. Once when he was very ill I just assured him that  Sai Baba and MOHANJI will take care of him and make him healthy again. He believed it. And he said that in his sleep he met Sai Baba and Mohanji and when he woke up he was smiling with joy and the illness was gone. I was speechless with gratitude. After this incident, Omkar meets Baba occasionally in his sleep. Omkar likes the Mohanji aarti a lot and often drifts to sleep only after listening to it. I can definitely say that Omkaar is a blessed soul.

My Astral Experiences

From the first day that I connected with Baba, I have had very beautiful and amazing astral experiences. Two days after I read his blog on Mahaavtar Babaji, I got the self-realization experience as the first astral experience. After two days I experienced, that my Ajna chakra was rotating and my whole body was experiencing a kind of energy rush. At that time I didn’t know anything about Chakras.Within a week I experienced it again. And the most blissful experience after that was, I met Shri SaiBaba at Shirdi and he very lovingly sat near me and spoke to me for a long time, but I can’t remember a word of what he spoke.

As days passed, Mohanji regularly met me astrally. I could actually sense very clearly my subtle body leaving me (I felt some energy inside me being pulled from my head and I am out of this body), and traveling (sometimes flying like a bird) along with Baba to so many places. I always had a chance to see him work in many places other than this earth. As an intergalactic Master, he has so many beings to take care of who are suffering terribly because of the negative forces and many of the poor beings love him a lot. My most favorite astral experience is the one below.

Just like a sci-fi movie, I was in a some highly advanced type of metro train with Baba which could travel in thin air. The view from the train was very beautiful with colonies illuminated with colorful lights just suspended in space and we were going past enjoying the scenic panorama. Just then Baba had to attend to someone and I was alone. There came one person(looked somewhat like a human) and started chatting with me. He was a very troubled soul and was discussing with me all the negativity of their world. By what I could understand, there is conceit, deceit, all the negativities (which we experience) in other worlds too. The experience ended there. Or, I could remember only that much. I always wonder why he takes me (who doesn’t  even know how to efficiently handle my own life) to places, where I do also get involved in the circumstances and try to help. And many of them are very tense situations like the one, where a group of people was being chased by extremely dangerous negative forces and Baba was protecting them. While I couldn’t witness the real fight as Baba sent me back home saying, bedtime enough of adventures. While I was about to come into my body, a very beautiful divine face (he looked almost like Lord Shiva) with a white light in the background, was looking at me with so much love and concern. I can still remember his expression very clearly even though it’s almost two years since I had this experience.

My most recent experience was one where Baba was traveling in a train with so many people. I was waiting for him at the station. I don’t know how, but I sensed that an accident was about to occur to the train in which Baba was traveling. I panicked and somehow changed the direction of the track and the train was safe. After seeing Baba alighting from the train, I rushed to him and fell at his feet with an overwhelming feeling of relief and joy at him being safe. He smiled at me and said, “So everything was going on LIVE to you”. That’s where it ended. My koti koti pranaams at his Lotus feet.

Meeting Mohanji

Almost all of my above experiences were graced upon me before I met Baba in person. I was just anxiously waiting to meet my GOD in human form. It took almost more than a year of waiting and an intense tapas for this to happen. As far as my limited understanding goes, he tested my patience and the depth of my devotion. In December 2016, I was planning to go to meet my parents after a gap of almost 18 months. But I had to meet Baba too. I knew he comes and stays in Delhi for some days. When I enquired, DB ji told me that Baba may come to Delhi. I didn’t want to miss this chance of meeting Baba. He encouraged me to go to my parents when I asked for his advice through consciousness. But I decided to wait for him and I canceled going home.

Baba melts as easily just as Bholenath. On Jan23rd 2017, I got to meet him at Taayiji s house. One week before this he graced my parents with a wonderful darshan at Bangalore. My parents even had lunch with him sitting on the same table with him, which according to me is a blessing beyond my imagination.

My first meeting with him was very wonderful. I had a chance to show him the Ashtottari video done by me. He never forgets our wishes and fulfills them all, however petty they might be.

After this meeting,  I met him thrice and when I went to meet my parents I also had an opportunity to meet another great master Avadhoota Naadanandaji in Kurnool which was also a dream come true.

Sadguru is Lord of Lords

“If you think of God or Guru, it’s only by his grace.”

It’s only because of the grace of all the masters in my life that I could understand the fact the Sadguru is more than  God. And my endless gratitude to the creator that, I could experience this beautiful truth through Mohanji who is for me the Lord of lords.
All the blissful experiences  I ve had  of Baba was just  because of a sincere connection to his consciousness. Connection to his consciousness gives you everything. I never meditated the divine meditations (PoP, 360degrees, Bliss of Silence, etc)  he had given to this world (Till now I feel I can’t sit in meditation for long). I never even chanted his mantra a whole 108 times, I never did any other Sadhana. By his divine grace I just connected to him just as a baby always longs for it’s mother. I did nothing else. In fact I can’t  do any other Sadhana. There might be a lot of past life connection with him, otherwise I couldn’t feel such a beautiful feeling of devotion towards him. Whatever it may be, just connecting to Mohanji’s consciousness gives everything. I experienced  it by his grace. The whole point of writing down these experiences was to relive them myself (and I did it, and was in tears with gratitude towards Baba) and also to let Others know, how  unconditionally he gives to everyone, and how he showers grace silently on every being (however insignificant it might be) he is connected to. There might be so many other things  he must be doing  to me which are beyond my comprehension such as clearing the mountains and mountains of my past lives Karma. And some which had to be gone through, he might be taking on himself silently and there by suffering so much physically. Not even Gods go through so much pain to elevate their devotees. It’s just a Sadguru’s unconditional love. Every second of their life is lived for others, ignoring all the sufferings in the noble path.

I would like to end this beautiful journey with a couple of stanzas from the Guru Sotram which I love to recite daily. And the translation is as per my understanding.

Na Guro radhikam tatwam,
(There  is no other great philosophy , other than getting to know about your Guru)
Na Guro radhikam tapaha
(There is no other penance higher than connecting to your Guru)
Tattwa gnanaam Param naasti
(There is no other knowledge which  is higher than the Guru)
Tasmayi Sree Gurave Namaha..
(I bow to thee,  my Master)

Guru raadi anaadishcha,
(Guru in the  form of guruprinciple has been there since time immemorial)
Guru Parama daivatam,
(Guru is Lord of Lords)
Guro  para  taram naasti,
(There is no other one as noble as a Guru)
Tasmyi  Sree Gurave  Namaha.
(I bow to thee… My Gurudev)

Everything  at your lotus feet… My Gurudev…
Endless love and Gratitude…
Thank you for everything.
Jai Brahmarishi Mohanji!

Mohanji Shiva Kailash Manasarovar

By Sjarn Mansoor, KAILASH July 2017:


Whatever happened at Manasarovar is somewhat beyond imagination… and words. There was no particular expectation about going there, no real sense of Manasarovar’s significance or what impact it would have. I was going to Manasarovar to be there with Mohanji, and really looking forward to being able to do abishekham for him and be there in his energy field. I was there to finally experience being in the water and do prayers, enjoy the beautiful scenery and continue to Kailash. That was the most important part for me.

Even Mohanji’s comment that this journey would strip and lay bare each one of us did not quite prepare me for what was to come but reverberated through me afterward as I realized what he had meant.

We traveled through the most desolately magnificent mountain region of Tibet that was almost devoid of human habitation. A vast land of untouched purity, domed by a big blue sky that stretched forever. The towering mountains of snow, sand, and granite seemed to stand sentinel to the pure land and the vast swathes of the cold desert before reaching Kailash. We arrived at the pristine waters of Lake Manasarovar glittering in the sharp light of a high-altitude sun.

Mohanji entered the water first. Most of us stood on the shore while he did his prayers to Shiva Kailash Manasarovar.

Stepping into the water with MohanjiIt was a poignant moment.

Before us in the distance stood the mighty Kailash, giving us perfect darshan on this incredibly beautiful day. We went up to Mohanji in groups of three and poured water over him in abishekam and worship. Then we each had a turn standing in front of Mohanji as he poured water over us in handfuls.

I watched as one by one we went before him. The effect was profound as some broke down in tears and cried. It was an emotionally intense, deeply connected and an extremely powerful moment as we all became immersed in this incredible experience.  At some point I bit back on the emotion and decided that I didn’t want to be consumed by tears as this was far too intense an experience and I didn’t want to spend it crying.

I looked at Mohanji and connected with him as he poured water over my head. It was bracing, cold, enlivening, electrifying! Inwardly thanking Mohanji for this profound moment I made my way deeper into the water. As Mohanji said, the bottom of the lake feels rubbery as the body of Shesh Nag lies there.

Gazing at Kailash far off in the distance beyond the opposite bank of Manasarovar, the dream had finally been realized after many years of wanting to come here. It felt like this longing to return here has existed within since the time of creation. I gave thanks for being allowed to come into this most sacred and spiritual world. It felt like an alternative universe as I slipped into another dimension and began immersing myself in the water of Manasarovar.

Giving prayers of deep thanks and immense gratitude to Mohanji -Shiva -Kailash, Manasarovar, Nadananda, and the Guru Parampara I dipped into the water. Then for myself, my ancestors, parents, daughter, friends, and family. For everybody that I love and who has played a role in my existence and for our beloved Mother Earth and all who live on her. I had written the names of everyone I could think of and read them out aloud then released the paper into the water and took a dip for all of them.

Each immersion was incredibly invigorating, the water was cool and brisk as I braced to go under and with each coming up felt such elation and vibrant energy as the water poured over me.

Somewhere the moment intensified to an extreme height as I made a continuous direct connection with Kailash and Shiva through all the immersions. Everything shifted, distance disappeared and Kailash appeared, towering right before me and exploded into a shimmering, radiant mountain of light.

A golden white, neon sea of light glittered before me. And in this moment I was right in front of Kailash. In front of this vast, bright light and experiencing a thundering power house of energy in front of me and roaring within me.

Connecting directly with Kailash’s energy, with Shiva, I went into this space. It became a doorway, a portal and I literally took it in both hands in deep recognition of what it was and stepped into it, merging with this space that had opened up in me. This roaring, thundering energy silently poured through me declaring without a doubt to the universe that I was here! It was deafening standing in this lion’s roar declaring that this was my liberation! This was my moksha!

There was a tremendous sense of stepping into this power center, a reclaiming of spiritual identity and the soul: standing in this Divine overwhelmingly intense energy of Mohanji -Shiva -Kailash and being filled with the most complete sense of empowerment and liberation. Setting the intention in this moment to use this energy in conscious awareness for the rest of existence, to walk this path of liberation. To come back here a very different person. In this moment it became a dedication to walk this path at all costs.

Connecting directly with Kailash in Mohanji’s presence, having continuous darshan while standing in the waters of Manasarovar was the most powerfully liberating experience ever and completely beyond imagination. And then somewhere in all of this, something else came from across the bright blue water, like a supersonic boom breaking the sound barrier, an energy hit me!

I heard an explosive cracking sound!

It felt like an almighty sledgehammer hitting the top of my head. I heard and felt the crack as this energy entered my system and broke me open.

Layers and layers and layers cracked open, broke up and were stripped away.

Shards and pieces flew off me. I literally saw stuff exploding and flying off me like glass shattering under the impact of a very high frequency.

Until there was nothing left but emptiness. Just a void of nothingness…. absolute nothingness! No up, no down, left or right, no emotion, no feeling…. just nothingness in the emptiness. The urge to drift into nothingness, to sit enclosed in silence and dissolve quietly…

Kailash has erased everything

Dissolved all the actions, negativity, attachments, pain

Shattered all pretensions, facades, masks, mental constructs

Removed all desires, needs, wants

Broken layers and layers and layers of doer-ship, crusts of ego and mind

Stripped the doer-ship of ego and I, worldly directions, clarity, focus, goals

Shattered mirrors, reflections, voices, delusions

Crushed personalities, pretences and the vast edifices that the mind so loves to build up

To the point that everything is broken…destroyed…gone

The bottom of the world has fallen out and all that is left sits in absolute empty nothingness

The Mirror

Kailash was also a severe reflection of all my short comings. Without any cushioning all the negativity, criticalness, non-acceptance, lack of surrender and humility, not going with the flow, moodiness, despair and ego  was uncompromisingly reflected back at me.

At the lowest ebb, it felt like everything was in perpetual break down and collapse. My lack of humility, gratitude and surrender stood out in stark confrontation. Relentlessly I had to come to terms with everything.

Most important on this journey was letting go and moving on. Learning very quickly to assimilate and rise above what ever has come my way. The most profound teaching of Mohanji that I hold onto in these scenarios is to hold onto the rope of faith and never to let go.

No matter how much the mind and ego are rejecting and fighting everything, I hold on knowing that eventually it will pass and I will be pulled out of the whirlpool. This has been a very tough experience to go through! It has been a challenging lesson filled with extreme highs and lows and a life altering experience

To my fellow Kailash Yatris! What I learned from all of you was an incredible gift that I deeply value. Despite adversity and challenges you upheld such an incredible positive mindset and continued to cherish every moment with such reverence. You all are a source of positive inspiration and upliftment and it was an honour to be in Kailash with all of you.

As the days have passed since returning home, more and more awareness comes in to being. I sit in awe and gratitude and love for Mohanji . Without you I would not be here.

Aum Namah Shivaya!


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Shiva Kailash Gayatri


A precious mantra received at the Mansarovar Lake during the 2017 Kailash Yatra with Mohanji

The Kailash with Mohanji pilgrimage of 2017 was conducted in the month of July, which is also the month of Aashada (as per the traditional Hindu calendar) and just after Gurupurnima. One of the highlights of this trip was the visit to the holy Mansarovar Lake – a lake created in the mind of Lord Brahma and then manifested on Earth. This lake is considered to be a personification of purity and one of the most sacred water bodies on Earth. Hence, taking dips in this lake and drinking this water are considered truly special for any genuine seeker. The occasion gains more significance when done in the presence of a Master connected to the Source such as Brahmarishi Mohanji.

On most Kailash pilgrimages, Mohanji leads the way when it comes to taking dips in Mansarovar. He typically enters the sacred waters first and offers His prayers to the lake as well as to Mount Kailash. The whole group constantly chants “Om Namah Shivaya” as they absorb the energies of the place.

Brahmarishi Mohanji in prayer upon entering Mansarovar

This year, as Mohanji began taking His dips, He was looking intensely at Mt Kailash and had His hands spread out wide in prayer.

As we were chanting, He suddenly looked at us and narrated a different mantra as if it was being conveyed to Him telepathically. He made us repeat it a few times and then asked the whole group to chant this mantra.

Om Tatpurushaya Vidmahe

Kailashanathaaya Dheemahi

Tanno Shankar Prachodayaat


I recognize the pure formless,

As the form of the Lord of Kailash,

May that form named Shankar enlighten me!

Lord Shiva on Kailash

As the group went through their dips and prayers, we chanted this mantra non-stop and in due course the Sun God smiled on us and gave us the first clear darshan of  the holy Mt Kailash. Furthermore, the sunlight was glinting off the snow to give a golden hue to Kailash. Later, as the group went to meet Mohanji to take his blessings, He said that this mantra was delivered to Him. He shared with the group so that we treat it as a precious gift and understand its significance.

Later, after the yatra was completed, we looked for this mantra elsewhere to check if it was already available; our research didn’t yield any results, indicating that this was a new mantra delivered to Mohanji from Kailash.

Brahmarishi Mohanji at Mansarovar Lake with Mt Kailash in the distant background

At Mansarovar, Mohanji shared another important message about the right attitude to develop and help support others. His specific words:

“You have all come from various places and from various backgrounds. Yet, we have been received with open arms without any judgement, bias or partiality and we have been given a wonderful darshan by Kailash. In the same way, we have to live our lives just like how Kailash welcomed us. Whoever comes to us, however negative they are or how negative their attitude is, they should go back full of positivity and unconditional love, i.e. we don’t become negative, instead we send them back with positivity. Only if we are able to do this, we are living Kailash in our lives. Only then are we taking dips in Mansarovar in front of Kailash everyday in our lives. If we can do this, we are Kailash.”

Our everlasting gratitude to Brahmarishi Mohanji and to Lord Shiva for these precious blessings during this year’s yatra.


The views, opinions and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

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Ananda with Mohanji

Mohananda Priya

Mohanji, wow, you really scared us with your turbulent airplane ride! I told Devi, “I was always so thankful that I am older than him so that I would die first.” She laughed and said, “You are wild!”

I couldn’t bear it to live without Him. He has to be alive in the world while I’m alive. I know it’s just a body and for all I know it’s a hologram and He’s located in all five planes – maybe He’s really in the Himalayas or on Sirius or God only knows where! But in my little reality, I need to believe He’s here.

I loved Mohanji from the moment I first met Him and was confused by how deeply and instantly I loved him. I didn’t understand it. I asked him, “Who are you? Why do I already know you?” 

The Past Life


I went home and got into a meditative state, closed my eyes, uninterrupted by outside distractions, switched my phones off, etc. I went down to a river to board a boat. Normally, since it is my creation I make a huge beautiful white boat but this time I was very surprised to see a beat up old tiny boat with a bent old man at the helm. I thought, who is this old man and where is my boat?

It gave me pause but I decided, that it doesn’t matter, I must just get on the boat and go. So, I boarded and the old man turned around and straightened up and looked at me and,  Oh My God! It was Mohanji! Thank God I was laying down, else I’d have fallen over in shock. I’d just met Him and He’s in my regression! 

Normally, I go slowly down the river watch the sky, the birds and get off when it feels appropriate. Mohanji was having none of this, we were off in a flash, like lightning!

Our first destination appeared to be a golden etheric structure with powerful, masterful beings walking around. He directed me to lay down and immediately people began to work on my body! He further directed me to leave my body there and follow Him.

Okay! So, now a piece of me is in this giant chamber and another bit of me is following him. I just tri-located, as I’m actually still at home in meditation too! We went to Jerusalem or thereabouts. There were no road signs so I am guessing. There was a huge beautiful garden and then a home where many women were separating and drying flowers and herbs sitting on the floor. Devi was there too, working. No one saw us. I think we were invisible.

Pic 1 - Devi smelling the flowers, Boynton Canyon, Sedona Vortexes

We went to the garden and from there instantly moved to a huge hill which looked down on a harbor full of boats. Because the boats were more modern I am guessing this was a different life. I also guessed but am unsure that it may have been Italy?

My goal had been to uncover who Mohanji was in the first life but although I understood he had been an apostle, I wasn’t clear which one. I also was unclear about my relationship. I’m sure this is due to my lack of ability to understand the subtleties. Mohanji knows for sure and we can trust our deep and beautiful connection to Him.

Sometime after Mohanji left, I came across a course on how to sing from the chakras which I delightedly took, returning to me, the part that lives and breathes life for music. 

I next saw Mohanji when we were in Yogaville and He asked, “So, how are the music lessons?” I was stunned!  How did he know about the music lessons?  I haltingly said, “You guided me to them?” He responded with a simple smile. 

My mother had been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a virulent spine cancer, and I asked Mohanji, “What can I do for her?” His response was, “Whatever she asks.”

I’d rather walk naked through the North Pole. Not everyone’s mother is lovely and apparently, I chose this lifetime to work out issues with mine. I bent to His will and did as He asked, knowing there would be no time to pursue my new work. This would also cost me relationships because she was so hard on me that it destroyed my self-esteem. But, I knew without a doubt that Mohanji would tell me what was best for me and I did it without question.

She suffered in great pain for two years. She was unable to walk, was bed-ridden and cared for 24/7. Thank God we had nurses to help her. I must say that she developed an extraordinary amount of courage and lack of complaint considering that it is probably the most painful disease one can have. A few days before she died she said to me, “Of all my six children, I gave you the least, and yet you have given to me the most. How could this have happened? How could I have been so mean to you?” I dissolved into tears and ran out the door. So much pain for so many decades, so much ugliness, and nastiness only to now see the truth? Even now there are still tears.

I had asked Mohanji if he would help me help her transition to the light. The nurses called at 4:00 AM and I drove over and sat with her and it didn’t take very long, I think perhaps an hour. With her passing away, I found myself wondering, “God why on earth would I choose such a difficult relationship? What could possibly come of this?”  Finally, I realized that I had learned to love no matter what anyone said or did, unconditionally. This was a great gift she had given me and it must have been difficult for her soul to provide this gift to learn to love no matter what. So, I am very grateful to her for honoring such an extremely difficult contract that we had made.

In the beginning, when He brought me challenges when people weren’t nice or I had to be patient (He’ll laugh when He reads this); or Consciousness made a big ask, I would pull back, argue with myself and totally miss that I was being tested. Now I often catch it, “Oh, that’s a test, see if you can pass it graciously.” Often I am reminded of my humanity and my imperfections. Later in Yogaville, Virginia, Mohanji said, “One of the greatest gifts is to learn to love no matter what.” I completely and totally dissolved into tears.

M shaktipat (42)

I want to be the water that Mohanji stepped on; the air which He breathed. I received the Conscious Kriya later in a daze and canceled my appointment with Him because I could not ask for anything nor want anything more. I knew for sure I was living in His consciousness 24/7. That the work must be done by me, not Him. If I gave 10% He would reach me with the other 90%. I felt so humble, yet also so rare and precious and significant and I knew absolutely 100% that each and every one of his followers was exactly the same for Him. That all of us are cared for and loved beyond any love we have ever known before.

The Croatia Retreat


I feel Croatia is the Heart Chakra of the world. The people are SO kind and loving. All of us had an incredible experience there.  The air is clean, the water is clean, it is a pure and beautiful nation and a real treasure in a world often less pure. If you have an opportunity to visit, go!  Don’t miss this divine place with a Master.

The group was amazingly evolved and honest. If someone was angry we all knew that it was a reflection of our own dirt within and that our healthiest path was to serve with kindness and forgiveness. 

The meditations were incredible. We went into the heart and found ourselves outside in nature walking in beauty! We received and gave healing; we had amazing visions that were so intense that I cannot put them into words; we were blessed by the presence of many, many Masters. 

We fell in love with each other and made lifelong friendships. We served and were served. My roommate and I would bring each other chamomile tea at night because if we didn’t we’d have talked and laughed like children until dawn! We laughed each and every day until the tears streamed down our faces.

Bosnia, Sarajevo

The pyramids were amazing. Filled with beings from other dimensions; there was a deep reverence and a solemn inner radiant delight. 

Labyrinth of energy for purification, Park Ravne 2, Bosnian Pyramids with Mohanji 2017

We quietened down and entered the sacred domain with reverence and devotion. It was almost as though, they gifted us with a deeper devotion, a deeper Bhakti. 

Mohanji is such a loving friend that sometimes we forget that a giant walks among us. As He jokes and plays with us like a friend, a father, a child, a lover, a mother, we sometimes forget that the person walking amongst us is a true Master of the ages and that we are blessed. 

The world in darkness and in chaos desperately needs the joy and laughter which He so generously gave to us so that we should extend forgiveness to each and every person. Let us honor Him instead. Let us know in the deepest cells of our being that we live graced with an abundance of love and joy that most people never know because our every step is protected by a huge Avatar.

I went recently to another program with another Master who I believe knew Mohanji in another life. And, when I went to stand before Him he said, “So, how’s the Country Club?”

“What Country Club?” I replied. “I don’t live and go to the Country Club!”

He looked and said, “Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure,” I responded confused. Had I not been standing in front of a Master I would have been indignant. It took me an entire month to figure out that He meant that Mohanji protects us so much that we live in a Country Club. We do. We are protected from the worst elements. 

I’ll give one last example. On the farm we had an enormous hurricane coming one night. There was nothing that could be done as it appeared swiftly and deadly, traveling at huge speeds it couldn’t be out run, ripping roofs off of houses and smashing cars. Like everyone, we too huddled down praying for the best. At the last possible moment, the hurricane whipped around and went to the North and totally missed the farm that should have been devastated.

When I next saw Mohanji he said, “How was the hurricane?”

My jaw dropped and I know that it really should not.  By now I should know He is with all of us every moment. It is never He who lacks. It is always I who must grow to understand how huge He is and how much I still have to grow.

With a love that is deep and abiding, beyond infinity…just me, Mohananda Priya.


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Guru Purnima Celebration Worldwide 2017

This Guru Purnima we have a great chance to show we live Mohanji’s teachings and be wealth to the world. He appreciates that as much as or even more than our words of gratitude. Maintaining our attitude of gratitude, Guru Purnima is an opportunity to be practical more than spiritual, to express love, compassion, generosity, beauty and truth instead of preaching about it. We analyse, understand, introspect, meditate or contemplate what we are, why we are and where we are going. Having accepted ourselves and situations as they are, we are sharing what we have. This first Full Moon day after summer solstice is the brightest and God-given chance to enrich ourselves from the inside, expand our hearts and in surrendering mode, feel fulfilment and completion.

You can watch or read Mohanji’s Guru Purnima Message 2017 here.

This is how countries worldwide celebrated it:












India title


Mohanji doing Pada Puja to Nadananda and Mohanji’s devotees to Mohanji

Pada Puja to Nadananda and Mohanji

“A pendant materialised on the bed that Mohanji was lying on. It looks like Mohanji was in a communion with Sathya Sai Baba and Jesus. Masters usually leave a trace to signify their presence. An amazing spectacle for us to witness on Guru Purnima. It makes me wonder if we have ever begun to understand the stature of Mohanji. Just like his Guru Purnima message, we just connect with him with the heart and leave the rest at his holy feet. Jai Mohanji!” Ananth Sankaran

Pendants materialised Sathya Sai Baba and Jesus

“We met Avadhoota Prasobhji today – the Guru bhai (brother) of Avadhoota Nadanandaji. Avadhoota Nadanandaji was really looking forward to Prasobhji’s visit though he was unsure if he could make it. The people at the ashram told us that they behaved like little children when they were together. Pulling each other’s beard, poking each other, singing and dancing, etc.

For those who have not read the autobiography, Prasobhji is one of the three disciples whom Avadhoota Taramayee Ma asks to name a wish. Avadhoota Prasobhji made a wish to achieve her state. We were looking forward to get a chance to meet another great Avadhoota. He came in the morning. He was a very playful personality with twinkling eyes full of mirth and always ready to laugh. He would not accept money from anyone. He blessed all of us one after the other – punching someone, pulling another’s hair, etc.

Mohanji and our group went to meet him. When he saw Mohanji, he said Dattatreya. Guruji also asked him playfully if he saw Lord Datta. Mohanji took time out to sit with him for a long time. Later, Mohanji told us that he was substantial with powerful presence.” Ananth Sankaran

Meeting Avadhoota Prashobji

A poem by Namrata D. Prabhkar:

“Silence only silence all around me

Today I am alone just with me

But I don’t feel bored or lonely

Today I am at peace inside and outside of me

Today I am the journey and destination for me

Today I am the only reason for actions taken by me

Today I am the result of thoughts generated by me

Today I own the responsibility of BEING me

The change may not be absolute or error free

At times I am tempted towards my earlier me

Surrounded by self doubts want to give up on new me

But then silently dispelling darkness within me

Filling pure white light all around me

Comes my GURU, my guide MOHANJI

He is not present enough to touch  his feet

Or to feel his hands blessing me

That is the beauty and magic of his personality

HE keeps the lamp of guidance burning for all beings

His consciousness invisible blanket of connectivity

The moment of Silence when even the breath is still

Is the time of awareness of being one with MOHANJI

HIS grace guide us towards the infinity

(me is not ego but the CONSCIOUS)”


Mohanji Team conducted “Power of Purity” meditation at 7:00am followed by Mohanji gayatri mantra  and His aarti  at Nizamuddin.

One more “Power of Purity” was conducted at Janak Puri from 4 to 6 pm.

Mohanji New Delhi Guru Purnima 2017.
From Bharti Kapoor:
“Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Gurur devo Maheshwarah,
Gurur Saakshaat Para Brahma,
Tashmei Shree Guruve Namah.
Tumhi ho Mata, Pita tumhi ho, tumhi ho Bandhu, Sakha tumhi ho.
Tumhi ho saathi, tumhi sahare, koi na apna sivay tumhare,
Daya ki drishti sada hi rakhna,
Tumhi ho bandhu, sakha tumhi ho.”
She said:
I am sad
God said:
You are my child don’t be
She said:
If I am your child, why can’t I see you and feel and touch you?
God said:
I am all around you, see all my creations and above all, your parents.
She said:
Parents are living God, I agree, but who else can I see you in?
Leaving all this on one hand, she slept and woke up with a heavy, yet asking, asking and asking heart with no logic mind like a little baby,
where are you my Lord above and after all, where to seek for you around me? I want to feel your touch and presence.
The journey began.
Each passing day her soul was searching for someone whom she can see as God.
The karmic imprints were leaving her heavier day by day and one fine day, with deep grief of why she was existing on this earth and fighting back and forth with her existence to know who she was and why she was here on earth.
She met someone who choose her to be the ONE with HIS consciousness.
YES, there in the Ashram of Ramana Maharishi ji, she connected to HIS eyes and right to HIS consciousness and the GRACIOUS MASTER BRAHMARISHI MOHANJI appears before her.
The moment she connected to HIM, she saw that her soul was at peace and in some different plane altogether.
She bowed and said, “Thank you for appearing Baba,” and HE said,”Are you sure you want to want this path?”
She said,”YES.”
HE said, “Not easy, I am a vacuum cleaner,” giving her a mystical and mysterious smile.
She said,”But not impossible, I am ready to wear a beautiful body on this soul.”
So be it.
Since then she has gone through so much nullification of the baggage she was holding and carrying since various lifetimes, all with HIS grace.
She was always GOD fearing
Her Baba BrahmaShri Mohanji made her GOD loving.
She never acknowledged herself
Her Baba BrahmaShri Mohanji made her learn self-love
She never knew she was a potent being
Her Baba made her completely aware that he could work through her
She never knew that she was in constant fear of future
Her Baba made her aware how receiving HIS grace had no fear of future
She never knew that all around her was HIS pre-scripted programme
Her Baba made her learn to recreate and uncreate all and rescript the rest of her life with all grace glory and joy all around her.
She is now in bliss of love
Bliss of silence
Bliss of light
Bliss of HIS grace
Bliss of balance
Bliss of allowance
Bliss of receiving
Bliss of creating
Bliss of unlimited possibilities
Bliss of being in oneness with her BABA.
Her life was like a worm and Baba Mohanji made her the most colorful butterfly.
SHE is Bharti Kapoor from New Delhi India.
New Delhi Guru Purnima 2017


Gurupurnima celebrations week by Ammucare and Act Angels:

100 Trees planted at D block Paryavaran park by Aangan kids on 5th july. 100 trees were planted and the best part was they were procured free of cost on 6th july we got it from the Government dept…

On 7th July 20kg Dana n water n wheat flour bread kept for birds in Paryavaran park by Aagan kids. Water bottle- feeder bottles made out of waste plastic bottles and jars.
On 8th july Bhandara at Aangan … about 80 children and a few adults enjoyed food which was yummilicious…

Ammucare New Delhi Guru Purnima


There was “Power of Purity” meditation  at two places, one in the morning and the other in the evening.


Gurupurnima celebrations week by Ammucare and Act Angels:

Seva at Elderly home and Orphanage. It was heart wrenching to see how the parents are abandoned by their own. We served food and distributed slippers to them.

Ammucare Vizag Guru Purnima


Gurupurnima celebrations week by Ammucare and Act Angels:

In Kolkata we had a beautiful day which started with magic show for some 45 children at CINI Asha.. this is basically a temporary shelter for runaway/abandoned/ sexually abused/ or children sold by the parents for money, who have been picked up from reached or picked up from railway station or some such place, these children don’t even want to go back home…it was indeed heart wrenching…but the children had a great time watching the magic show and dancing thereafter, all the volunteers too had a great time interacting with the kids…finally we served them sumptuous lunch of noodles, veg munchurian, sweets and mango…

Ammucare Kolkata Guru Purnima

Mohanji Team Kolkata

conducted “Bliss of Silence” Meditation, chanted Mohanji Gayatri and sang bhajans followed by aarti.

Kolkata Mohanji Guru Purnima 2017


Gurupurnima celebrations week by Ammucare and Act Angels:

By the grace of Father we organised food sewa and medicine distribution at Old age home cum orphanage cum mentally challenged home. More than 136 people were served food along with tea…in the end smiley key chains n beads for ladies as a small surprise…

Ammucare Jammu Guru Purnima

Mohanji Team Jammu

Celebrated Guru Poornima at Mohanji Sadhna Kendra in Jammu. The organiser welcomed all the guests, and the programme started with Ganesh stuti, Guru Vandan and Maa Saraswati upasana. After that there was Guru charan paduka panch amrit snana admist mantra chanting. Next attendees performed Maha abhisheik of
Guru Mandala and Bramrishi Mohanji Maharaj. In the end, there was Homa, Gayatri mantra and Mahamrityunjaya mantra chanting.

Jammu Mohanji Guru Purnima 2017


Gurupurnima celebrations week by Ammucare and Act Angels:

Food sewa for more than 100 children was organised in Jhansi.

Ammucare Jhansi Guru Purnima


Gurupurnima celebrations week by Ammucare and Act Angels:

In Bangalore 50 food packets were distributed.

Ammucare Bangalore Guru Purnima


Gurupurnima celebrations week by Ammucare and Act Angels:

In Pune as part of Guru Poornima we carried out Food sewa by distributing food packets to kids. We went around different areas having slums and offered puri sashi sweets to them.


Mohanji Team Pune

performed paduka pooja, chanted Mohanji gayatri mantra, conducted “Power of Purity” meditation followed by aarti.
Mohanji Pune Guru Purnima 2017Mohanji Pune Guru Purnima 2017 a


Gurupurnima celebrations week by Ammucare and Act Angels:

Physiotherapy Workshop was organised at Sivanand ashram Palakad…

Ammucare Palakkad Guru Purnima


Gurupurnima celebrations week by Ammucare and Act Angels:

On Guru Poornima the team organised a small camp at an Old Age Home cum Orphanage called Prem Samajam at heart of Visakhapatnam City. The organisation also runs a Gau Shala. The residents were devoid of few of the very basic amenities that it deeply affected the team members. The team distributed footwear for the residents and they very eagerly stood in line with a sparkle in their eyes to receive such a basic item. Post the distribution, food seva was also organised for 200 people which included abandoned parents and children. The sumptuous meal served amidst the vedic chants charged the atmosphere with positive energy. The Gaushala run by the organisation has many cows and bulls which are under proper care by these lovely souls. Feeding these divine beings also touched the heart. One beautiful white cow was lying on the husk and on enquiry was told that she has broken pelvic bone and is suffering. It is very appreciated that the organisation with such scarcity is taking well care of the cows. May guru’s grace be always with them!
Ammucare Vishakapatnam, Andra Pradesh Guru Purnima


There was “Bliss of Silence” Meditation, Paada puja, Mohanji Gayatri chanting, and
Mohanji aarti.

Mohanji Mumbai Guru Purnima 2017

Mohanji Mumbai Guru Purnima padukas


Mohanji Team in Jamshedpur conducted “Power of Purity” meditation, followed by Mohanji Gayatri chanting, and Mohanji aarti.

Jamshedpur Mohanji Guru Purnima 2017


Mohanji Team Chennai conducted “Blossoms of Love” meditation.


Activities in Kerala on Guru Poornima Day included Pooja and rituals at various temples in Mohanji’s name. In the morning and in the evening, the team did Aarti and chanted Mohanji Gayatri mantra.

Special archanas were done at Guruvayur temple.



Gurupurnima was celebrated in Hyderabad with a blissful session of Power of Purity Meditation.After that the Hyderabad team had a wonderful opportunity to meet Mohanji on the same day at the Hyderabad airport.


“We celebrated the occasion by chanting the Gayatri mantra followed by the Power of Purity Meditation Shiva Kavachamstrotam and Mohanji Aarti.

A few new people joined us and even they felt the intense energy as we started the chanting. I could feel waves of energy rising from my body right up to the head as I started chanting. Some could not explain what they felt and some felt their bodies vibrating. One person shared that she felt so connected to Mohanji, a feeling which she had never felt before.

What a joyous occasion paying gratitude and love to our guru Mohanji and receiving so much blessings in return :)” Bridget Chen

Mohanji Malaysia Guru Purnima 2017


We celebrated Gurupurnima in
Dubai : chanting Gurupaduka Stotram followed by Mohanji Gayatri and Mohanji Aarti
Sharjah : Sai Satcharita reading, followed by POP meditation and Mohanji Gayatri
Abudhabi : Gurupooja and Power of Purity meditation



ACT South Africa

ACT SA celebrated Guru Purnima with continuous Seva for 5 days. Firstly lunch was served to 60 children in squatter camp.

ACT South Africa feeding children at squatter camp
Next day 120 children were taken to Nature Reserve. 3 buses full of very excited children enjoyed the whole day of fun learning about animals. ACT joined another organisation for this day to happen.This was first time all 120 children went to an outing. ACT provided for picnic breakfast and lunch was served after the outing.
ACT South Africa Outing to nature reserve
Following 2 days lunch was served for 150 children that attended whole day fun holiday program in Shumbashaba also in cooperation with some other organisations that made these 2 days memorable for children from nearby township.
Food hampers were given to  5 volunteers that help ACT team cook every Saturday at ACT permanent kitchen in Johannesburg.

ACT South Africa-Shumbashaba Guru Purnima

On Sunday food was served to homeless in Pretoria. Many volunteers came to assist to proved for a warm meal to people in great need. Each person received a food hamper as well.

Sunday food distribution for the homeless

Shelter for abandoned girls has received food and clothing donations from ACT team as well.

Mohanji Team South Africa

“On the 8th and 9th of July we had a 12 hour chanting. We  have this on a regular basis. We started around 6 pm and chanting until the next day 6 am. We connected each other via Zoom. So there were participants from Dattatapovan ashram in Durban and Johannesburg centers. The entire night we chanted the mantra and did continuous abhishek to the shiv lingas which were brought by the devotees. It was roughly 20 min per devotee. Swamiji (Swami Mohana Bhaktananda Bharati) at the ashram guided everybody through the chanting and Mohanji also took time to connect via Zoom whenever he could. We ended the Guru Poornima day by Mai-tri healing where we had around 40 Zoom sessions. Thank you Viji for hosting the healing for everybody. Jai Brahmarishi Mohanji” Mitesh Khatiwala


The USA family of Mohanji started the Guru Poornima offerings to the golden feet of our dear Mohanji on Saturday, June 17, 2017 with a twenty-one days vow of group Consiousness Kriya practice and the Blossoms of Love meditation practice.  The two separate groups consisted of participants around the US.  Kriya practice was done individually with a few group practice by audio conferences during the 21 days period.  Blossoms of Love meditation was conducted every day at 9 pm and the group from the East and West coasts of the US came together to offer their love and gratitude.  We completed the 21 days vow on Friday, July 7.


On Saturday, July 8, a grand Guru Pooja was conducted with several devotees gathered in Virginia and several others participated from around the United States via zoom video conference.  We started with the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra chanting and followed with Mohanji Ashtortri and Mohanji Aarathi and offerings of flowers and prasadam.  Our Pooja coincided with the timing of the Guru Puja events at Siddhaganj Kurnool where Mohanji was performing Guru Puja to Guruji Avadhoota Nadanandaji.  At the end of our puja, we, as a group were able to witness the Guru Puja conducted directly to Mohanji at Siddhaganj by our beloved family members of the India team.  We are all really blessed to witness this together.

Individual mediation and Conscious Walking sessions continued to take place in a regular manner.  Two sessions of “Blossoms of Love” meditations were conducted for children in New Jersey.

Mohanji USA Guru Purnima 2017 Virginia

ACT USA conducted several food seva activities during this period around the states.  The team also had planned a Guru Poornima day food seva in Shirdi on July 9th with a goal of feeding 1000 people.  But the donations exceeded the expectations. With Grace we were able to double our goal and feed 2000 hungry souls. Food seva was coordinated across multiple cities such as Shirdi, Katra, Shani Shinginapur temple and Kurnool as well. Gratitude to our Guru and the entire Guru mandala for the opportunity to serve.

In loving surrender, Jai Mohanji

ACT USA food seva Guru Purnima 2

ACT USA Mohanji Guru Purnima food seva 3 2017

“I wish you all a Happy Guru Purnima.  To my beloved Sadguru, Brahmarishi Mohanji, I offer humble pranams over and over and deep, deep gratitude!  I’ve composed a recording of “He Mere Mohanji”, which has yet to have voices added to the “response chorus” from devotees from around the world.” Natesh Ramsell

A poetic devotional expression from George Obeng-Duro :
I cried out for a Guru
A father came running to console me 
A mother came to love me unconditionally 
A friend came to reassure me I was not alone on the path of liberation
A master came to lift the veil of ignorance that blind me. 
Oh! Oh! How fortunate I am knowing that I will forever remain in your Divine Embrace. 
Much Love!! 
Jai Mohanji 
From Jaya Mukund Shinde :

Param Pujya Mohanji,

Koti Koti Pranams to your lotus feet.

“God is everything, Everything is god” Mohanji godliness quality is  unconditional love,simple,humble ,kind mainly selflessness  always giving giving to anyone whoever it is comes to him. Always ready to help anyone in physical or astral or any dimension without any expectations or conditions or anything..

 Today after reading the post “A LEASED LIFE” tears just started flowing in eyes to experience the unconditional for his devotees through out the world traveling for them in  physical form, or energy or astral committed to karma dharma and liberation. How Guruji  protecting Mohanji and giving new birth ,we cannot think of life without Mohanji because we have become a part of that divine soul immersed in that ocean of Love. I just started praying Goddess Mother Divine Amba please protect and take care of Mohanji always and Guru Mandala.
Suddenly all teachings of Mohanji rushed into my head like, time is precious, nothing is permanent, detachment ,how Guru comes running to take care, how Datta tradition takes care of everyone and many more things, how we take things granted, r v grateful,gratitude ,how to value everything.
21 days of Kriya
what can i say ?most scared and precious gift from Mohanji! Kriya helped me to align and balance the energy and everything is happening spontaneously. After connecting to eyes for 3 minutes, then shakthi Mohanji  takes over  mudras,gapless breathing,breathing pattern changes,
movement in spine, intense throbbing at mooladhara,intense pain on top of head,eyes just get fixed to forehead . All this happening by Grace of God and Guru, Mohanji instructing so many times,giving insights and just enjoying it ! Sometimes past life agony surfaces,unknown fear grips , sometimes intense pain in left and right brain with all this happening still love to do kriya gives peace and joy.
21 days of Blossoms of Love
The first day of meditation itself i had intense vibration at heart center and could feel the energy moving. Everyday the meditation was magical it opened my heart to love everything living and matter. Because everything has a spirit it may be tree or rock or river everything is divine! everything is within us in micro and outside as macro! On 21-6-17 after meditation i could smell the fragrance of sandalwood around me it was magical. Always i felt Mohanji was there with me in meditation everyday.Also fulfilled my intention singing for u on ashada Ekadashi!
There is no words or i feel short of words to explain the unconditional love ,gratitude and regards to Mohanji. Like when soul to soul speaks it is silence !
Humbly with gratitude would like to sing this song to Mohanji of his greatness
OM Narayanaya Videmahe
Mahapurusha Deemahi 
Thano Vishnu Mohan Prachodayat
Tu he mere Amara Ho 
Tu he mere Nath Ho
Tu he Mere Krishna Ho
Tu  he Mere Leela Ho
Tu he mere Atma Ho
Tu he mere Pooja Ho
Tu he Mere Arati Ho
Tu he Mere pyar Ho
Tu he Mere Mohan Ho
Tu he Mere shanthi Ho
Tu he mere Ananda Ho
Tu he mere Amba Ho
O Lord what can I offer you, I am nothing ,know nothing , I offer my impure heart full of desires and negativity at your lotus feet . Let this heart never forget Thy Divine name ever,let pure love and devotion always fill this heart.
Love essence of Beingness
Jai Guru deva Datta Hari Narayana Namo Namaha
Jai Amba Gauri Narayani Namo Namaha
Jai Parabrahma Mohanji Namo Namaha
With Love Gratitude and regards Always from
Bettendorf , Iowa



Masters have rightly said that ‘In search of Light, ask for a Guru instead of God, for the Guru will lead you to the Light’.

Our humble prostration at the lotus feet of our beloved Master Mohanji on this Guru Purnima day. It’s because of HIM we are today what we are!

Indeed, Gurupurnima is a celebration. A celebration of having a Guru in our life who has not only showed us the way but walked the path and transformed our life.

Today’s celebration was for the Guru principle that we have been graced with, a small expression of gratititude for all that HE does for us.

Celebrations started with Invoking deities, then doing Mohanji’s Puja, next Mohanji’s Paad Puja by chanting AUM AUM SHREE MOHANJI NAMA OM, followed by Homa by chanting Mahamrutyunjai mantra and concluded by Mohanji’s Aarti.
All was dedicated to the well being of our beloved Mohanji.

Mohanji Canada Guru Purnima


“We were privileged to spend the last two Guru Purnima celebrations with you in the UK. We certainly missed you on this occasion. Nevertheless we had a wonderful satsang  which was an expression of love and gratitude for everything you have done and is still doing for us. I remember you telling us once that our path and tradition is like the baby monkey clinging to the mother while the mother does all the work and climbs to the top of the tree. All we have to do is hold on. Please help us to hold on tight. We offer you our love and sincere gratitude for everything you do. With love from me and all the UK team.” Vijay Ramanaidoo

Mohanji Guru Purnima UK

A song by Subhasree Thottungal:

Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Gurur devo Maheshwarah,
Gurur sakshat para Brahma,
Tashmei Shree Guruve Namah.

“Tumhi ho Mata, Pita tumhi ho, tumhi ho Bandhu, Sakha tumhi ho.
Tumhi ho saathi, tumhi sahare, koi na apna sivay tumhare,
Daya ki drishti sada hi rakhna,
Tumhi ho bandhu, sakha tumhi ho.

On this occassion of Guru Purnima, koti koti pranam my Gurudev. As the song mentioned above, this is voice of my heart.
You are eternal consciousness to me starting from all possible forms to para brahma himself. I have no other goal or aim but to merge with you completely.
Let me serve you this life and for ever and be merged with you.
Let my remaining time to be unconditionally devoted and surrendered to you accomplished with my faith.
My Gurudev, excuse me for every mistake I do and guide me in the path of unconditional love and service.
This is my prayer to you today, on this pious occasion of Guru Purnima and every moment of my life.”

Jai Mohanji.


We started the Guru Purnima celebration with Conscious Walking in Novi Sad, Loznica and Sremska Mitrovica:

Conscious Walking Serbia Svesno hodanje Srbija

On the day of biggest full moon in the year – Gurupurnima, when we celebrate all that Guru principle represents (true knowledge and fullness that purity of love, selflessness and joy of giving truly gift us) ACT Serbia team experienced this fullness during a beautiful charity initiative when needy children were gifted their first ever experience of a play zone. Pastries, sweets and cake were out-shadowed by the sheer joy of playing – it was a blessing to witness this joy and activate the inner child in us as well. Gratitude to play zone “Blesavko” and all those who supported this initiative and made it possible. With love, ACT Serbia team.

ACT Foundation Serbia Guru Purnima


“Our 3h long Gurupurnima program at Datta Tapovan in Novi Sad, Serbia was just amazing! 360 degree meditation, mantra chanting that made us intoxicated and then a 30 min Tibetan bowl concert.  People were overwhelmed. My spine is still burning which is why I’m still not asleep … Forehead and crown chakra exploded, heart chakra during Arati in the end was super heated. Mohanji’s  presence was felt big time! There were a couple of first timers and a clairvoyant lady called Lidia was one of then. She came to me with a big hug and said super happily, ‘I finally experienced Mohanji – boy, it sure was strong! My body is still vibrating. This was my best meditation experience  ever!’ ” Devi Mohan

Datta Tapovan Serbia Guru Purnima celebration


Mohanji team in Zrenjanin conducted “360 Degrees” meditation, chanted 108 times Mohanji Gayatri and did arati with a lot of love, gratitude and devotion.


Mohanji Macedonia started this year’s Gurupurnima celebrations on Wednesday with a big Food Seva for the unfortunate and homeless people. There were around 140 portions of warm freshly homemade vegan meals that we delivered. ACT Macedonia team coordinated this event with so much love and devotion and all who participated by any mean, brought food or helped it be delivered got many thanks and smiles from this people who hadn’t had a decent meal in months.

Mohanji Macedonia Guru Purnima Food seva                On Sunday morning like every week we had our Conscious Walking meditation. After the Conscious Walking, inspired by the Mohanji Youth Club – Macedonia we fed the birds in the City Park, and brought meals for some homeless dogs that we found on the streets. Many thanks to every participant in this action and the support they had given to the MYC.

Conscious Walking Macedonia

Mohanji Youth Club Macedonia

The Gurupurnima Sunday evening started beautifully. We chanted Mohanji Gayatri Mantra 108 times and enjoyed Mohanji’s presence while doing the Power of Purity meditation. The energy in the room was shining. But the fun was just starting. Few devotees had prepared to preform few mantras which sounded magical. The atmosphere rose up to an even higher level. This inspired others to preform mantras that they enjoyed and we sang for the rest of the evening. Like every other celebration also this one came to its end. We did the ritual with fire Mohanji Arti after which we had a rich fruit serving in the name of Guru.  Everything tasted delicious. As a cherry on the top we all joined to see and listen to the video message from Brahmarishi Mohanji that touched everyone deeply. So with big smiles on our faces and hearts full of love and caring we ended this beautiful Gurupurnima celebration.


Mohanji Macedonia-GURUPURNIMA-EVENING arati


“In the past 7 days I was presenting Mohanji’s meditation to the group of 40 people from different parts of the Spain. We are involved in summer program at the islands of Lastovo and Vis in Croatia. Experiences are amazing and many people expressed desire to learn more about Guruji. I myself am going through big shifts thanks to Guruji and Grand tradition. The biggest gift we can present in return is to spread their teaching and live it fully. On this day, I cannot imagine better expression of gratitude than seeing many new hearts melting in love and energy of Mohanji.
Thanks to Spain Team all these new people listened meditations in Spanish, this helped a lot as many of them don’t know English. It also sent a strong message that Mohanji is recognized as international spiritual figure. Thank you Spain Team for a great work, male and female voices in Spanish meditations sound amazing !

Enjoy a few photos from beautiful island 🙂 love to all!” Milan Bojic

Croatia Mohanji

In addition, there were also Conscious Walking and “360 Degrees” meditation in Croatian in Split conducted by Mohanji Croatia team:

Conscious Walking Croatia


On the occasion of Guru Purnima, ACT Australia explored the opportunity to be part of a community kitchen run by Compass Care non-charitable organisation by visiting their Sunday meal program.
ACT team was happy to understand their work and needs of people being served by this community kitchen.
In Australia food health n safety regulations are pretty stringent hence it is important to understand the process involved.

The compass care volunteers treats patrons very nicely, get engaged in friendly talks with them while they are being served food.  When they leave , usually some take away food boxes/bread/ fruits/non-perishable groceries are distributed (these are the donations by businesses or individual) to them .
The people who come there are not always very poor or homeless but either sick, weak , lonely, old age , cannot cook food or in anyway doesn’t have means to put a plate on table through the day.
It’s about not only serving food but also about taking care of them emotionally and being human.

The volunteers of community kitchen were very welcoming and pleased to know About ACT foundation work.
My daughter who is 11 years old also joined me as she has keen interest in social service.
We donated some non-perishable food items to this community kitchen on behalf of ACT Australia.

ACT Australia-delivering food to the needy Guru Purnima


“On Guru Purnima, we went to Shirdi Sai Temple on Sunday. Fathers presence was there. Prevern was cold and I was stone cold. We did have a wonderful time with the bhajans performing.
We also took a tray of can food so that they could distribute it to the needy. Fed the birds daily.We will feed the homeless this Saturday.” Sandra Naidoo

New Zealand Mohanji Guru Purnima 2017