He and His Father Are One

Written by Viji Sagar, USA   It was a cold and dreary winter afternoon with a constant drizzle.  It was cold and wet, a perfect day to stay indoor cuddled up with a nice book.  One could feel the chillness  penetrating all the way to the bones.  None of this would stop me from driving […]

Beyond the Mind Can See – Mai Tri Healing Experiences from UK

Shared by Subhasree Thottungal, Dec 2017   With complete surrender to Mohanji, I would like to share a few experiences from Mai Tri Healing sessions which have started recently in London. These clearly show  how we feel Mohanji’s  presence with us and see beyond what the mind can see! Vijaya’s experience On 2nd Dec there […]

Mohanji’s Divine Presence

Shri Guro paramam rupam viveka chakshushomratam, Mandabhagyaa na pashyanti andhah suryodayam yatha| The absolute form of the guru is like nectar to those who can truly see. To those who cannot see through veil of illusion, the true form of the Guru is shrouded like the sunrise is to a blind man! When one has […]

Blessings through His Eyes

Sujata Joshi, UK, December 2017 I have had a truly amazing experience! I have been going through a ‘spiritual crisis’, for about couple of years. While being very strongly connected to my Guru and guided constantly by him telepathically, my life was going through a big testing phase. The energy surge because of the Kundalini […]

My Master,  MOHANJI… unconditional love and unlimited grace personified

By Mohana  BhaktiPriya My humble pranaams at his lotus feet. To write anything about Shri BRAHMARISHI  MOHANJI  will be just like lighting a matchstick before the mighty Sun. All the grace and the love he showers on us so silently cannot be put into mere words. However, I will make a small effort to do […]

Mohanji Shiva Kailash Manasarovar

By Sjarn Mansoor, KAILASH July 2017: Whatever happened at Manasarovar is somewhat beyond imagination… and words. There was no particular expectation about going there, no real sense of Manasarovar’s significance or what impact it would have. I was going to Manasarovar to be there with Mohanji, and really looking forward to being able to do […]

Shiva Kailash Gayatri

Shiva Kailash Gayatri

A precious mantra received at the Mansarovar Lake during the 2017 Kailash Yatra with Mohanji The Kailash with Mohanji pilgrimage of 2017 was conducted in the month of July, which is also the month of Aashada (as per the traditional Hindu calendar) and just after Gurupurnima. One of the highlights of this trip was the visit […]