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He and His Father Are One

Written by Viji Sagar, USA   It was a cold and dreary winter afternoon with a constant drizzle.  It was cold and wet, a perfect day to stay indoor cuddled up with a nice book.  One could feel the chillness  penetrating all the way to the bones.  None of this would stop me from driving […]

Beyond the Mind Can See – Mai Tri Healing Experiences from UK

Shared by Subhasree Thottungal, Dec 2017   With complete surrender to Mohanji, I would like to share a few experiences from Mai Tri Healing sessions which have started recently in London. These clearly show  how we feel Mohanji’s  presence with us and see beyond what the mind can see! Vijaya’s experience On 2nd Dec there […]

Mohanji’s Divine Presence

Shri Guro paramam rupam viveka chakshushomratam, Mandabhagyaa na pashyanti andhah suryodayam yatha| The absolute form of the guru is like nectar to those who can truly see. To those who cannot see through veil of illusion, the true form of the Guru is shrouded like the sunrise is to a blind man! When one has […]

Guru Purnima Celebration Worldwide 2017

This Guru Purnima we have a great chance to show we live Mohanji’s teachings and be wealth to the world. He appreciates that as much as or even more than our words of gratitude. Maintaining our attitude of gratitude, Guru Purnima is an opportunity to be practical more than spiritual, to express love, compassion, generosity, […]

I Rely on Faith More Than on my Eyes

Bosnian pyramids with Mohanji (14-16th May 2017) Author: Biljana Vozarevic The aim is to show how we must accept every moment and cherish it no matter how small or ordinary it may look, and also not to neglect the moments which could be counted as exclusive or blessed. Emphasise the attitude of gratitude, dilute expectations […]

Mohanji’s Birthday Echoes Worldwide

Mohanji’s message “Thank you all of you. Love you from the bottom of my heart for the showers of love. It gives me immense satisfaction when lots of beings of our planet feel loved and cared for. This is my true gift from all of you. Thank you for all these activities held at all […]

Aum Guru Mohanji

Written by Reva Gupta 1st Experience Flurry of Energy   In my life I tried many times to look for a True Guru but every time the search was in vain! One day, I said to my husband, Kamal, “Now it’s useless trying, it does not seem to be that we will find our Guru […]