Removing Negative Influence

Written by A.A.

Recently I had some negative entity attached to me and I asked Mohanji what to do. As it was something I actually, unconsciously, allowed He said that if I wished, I have the power to stop and remove any influence with His energy. He just forgot to mention how powerful His energy is. 🙂 So, I followed His advice and sat comfortably in meditation posture, listening to His mantras and gazed into His eyes, asking Him to remove any negative or low vibrant influence around me. Next thing I remember is detonation in my room, like a bomb. I guess entity is dead. 🙂


He said that if I wished, I have the power to stop and remove any influence with His energy. He just forgot to mention how powerful His energy is 🙂

Another experience…

A year ago I was out for dinner with my friends. After dinner I went with one of my friends to the car, when I realized that my phone was missing. We started to first search for it in my handbag, her handbag, then car, then back at the restaurant and streets all the way to the restaurant. We searched everything several times. We called other friends to check if anyone knew where it was, but there was no clue of the phone anywhere. After 30-40 minutes I gave up searching and accepted that my phone is gone for good. Then I saw a black cat approaching the car. She gazed at me and I intuitively knew it was not an ordinary cat, but someone materialized, who wants to help me. I looked at the cat and kindly asked her to bring me back my phone and then I left. I was driving and my friend was sitting next to me when she suddenly saw my phone on top of my handbag that she held in her lap. We were both shocked! How was it possible to appear like that, after searching so thoroughly?! Anyway, I was grateful and I mentally thanked the person who took a form of a cat to help me. In that time I did not know Mohanji. I heard His call this year and connected to Him. Recently my friend reminded me about the situation with the phone and I immediately realized it was Him who helped me. But, as I was doubting, I told Him that He looked nice as a cat. He knew right away what I was referring to, so he smiled and told me that He had to show me that He always took care of me and that He always gets His job done.


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4 comments on “Removing Negative Influence

  1. Yes .. He totally does 😊❤️

  2. Thank you for posting this.

    Jai Mohanji

  3. hi
    can you send me Mohanji’s Mantra?
    my email is salvatore.digiacomo@ymail.com

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