Grace and Compassion of Mohanji

Written by Skandha Kanagasabai

Skandha Kanagasabai.png

In November 2015 I took a flight to Toronto as my mother was severely ill and in the last few days of her life. It was one of the toughest journeys of my life.

Rajesh(Vijay) & Hemant from the UK kindly informed Mohanji about my Mother’s situation. He responded saying “I am aware, please tell Skandha I am with her and taking care.” That message was very comforting for me to get this assurance from Guruji.

A few days after my arrival Mum passed away peacefully with her children around her singing bhajans and chanting prayers. During this incredibly difficult period I had a few experiences which illustrated the grace and compassion of Mohanji.

Mohanji 2.png

Prior to landing in Toronto I listened to the Shiva Kavach, which I have been religiously doing every morning since attending the retreat in the UK last July. Towards the end of the Shiva Kavach, I opened my eyes and looked through the window of the plane. To my amazement all I could see was Mohanji, and in the background the clouds! The image was the one in the latest eye card.

When returning back to the UK three weeks later after taking care of my mum’s funeral & rituals and also seamlessly moving dad into a suitable nursing home, I again listened to the Shiva Kavach prior to landing in the UK. It was very gloomy and in fact there was a bit of wet snow when we touched down. Towards the end of the Shiva Kavach, there was suddenly a very bright light beaming straight into my eyes. I opened my eyes in shock to find that the sun had briefly come out. It was unbelievably bright. It lasted only a few minutes. At the end of the Shiva Kavach the sky turned very gloomy again. For me, this again illustrated the power of the Shiva Kavach and the blessings of the divine.

Sathya Sai.png

One more incident I like to share. Mum had a full size laminated picture of Sathya Sai Baba which she treasured. I felt strongly that I should bring this over with me in memory of her. I called up the airline to see if I could bring the picture over. To my surprise the picture measured 62 inches in height and weighed 18 pounds. The airline told me the cut off height was 62 inches and weight 10 kg (22 pounds). To me that was a miracle! With the almighty’s grace the picture arrived home intact. My dearest friend Jay picked me up at the airport. Even though it was a very long drive, he made sure the picture arrived at our home safely by securing it carefully in his car.


I can only say,  those three weeks have been the toughest I have faced so far in my life and my salutations to Mohanji for being with me guiding, guarding and giving the strength throughout. I did feel his presence at every situation. My gratitude and  pranams to Guruji.

Love you Mohanji!

5 thoughts on “Grace and Compassion of Mohanji

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience.Every time I read such experiences my faith on Mohanji becomes stronger and stronger.I feel we are blessed to have him in our lives.


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