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Magnificent Moments and Memories of Mohanji – Home Darshan

Written by Jayshree

Mohanji at my home, OMG!

When Mohanji agreed to come to my home on July 19th, I knew that something big was about to happen. An epiphany perhaps was about to rock my world! Ever since my POP meditation with Vijay (circa November 2014), I had always looked upon Mohanji’s beautiful photo and wondered to myself – who is this elegant man? More importantly, why am I so drawn to his alluring photo, and why do I feel so connected and warm towards him? I have to say even though drawn to the photo my devotional side had not really taken off in any big way towards Mohanji. I was just excited and feeling blessed that a Master of his position and stature had agreed to come home.

So the day had arrived and I was excited beyond words. I had said to myself that this is no small occasion, this is a big occasion, and it is a one in a million chance that such an incredible living Master has chosen to adorn my home. I knew I had to do it properly and with all my heart. Over the weeks prior, I had arranged beautiful flower arrangements and fragrant jasmine decorations for the downstairs of the house especially the porch and dining room entrances, some pretty prashad parcels – of my favourite kesar penda – which were neatly hand wrapped with red rose petals and blessed neem (Prashad which I wanted Mohanji to personally offer to each guest). I had also arranged an elaborate vegan banquet, which included a vegan raita, some delicious orange flavoured vegan cupcakes and a vegan amrakanda-esque dessert that I had made out of avocado. I loved the aromas especially the beautiful jasmine, which wafted throughout the house, and reminded me of being at an ashram that is very close to my heart.

Biba enjoying the colourful variety of Indian food served

Biba enjoying the colourful variety of Indian food served

So, 20 guests later and we were ready! It was a bright, fresh sunny Sunday and the setting was simply perfect. Guests started arriving by 10.30am and we all sat with eyes closed in silence in the dining room from about 11.15am onwards. We waited patiently for him to make his grand entrance. Some were curious, some were cynical and some, like myself, were fully surrendered in the knowledge that a tremendous birthing was about to happen from within. We waited but unfortunately Mohanji had suffered a bout of severe pain in his ankle the day before and was struggling on his feet. It was a relief when Vijay reassured us, telling us not to worry the show would definitely go on, it would just be a little late. We didn’t care about our guest being tardy, we just wanted to see Him, feel Him and experience Him. Looking back, I was grateful for the delay as the hour-long silence built up a great space and energy in readiness for Him and His arrival.

Finally, I saw the silver car with AUM on the number plate smooth into the front of our drive! I gathered my crowd into the hall to welcome Mohanji in a line, and they all ran as if children in a playground queuing for the first place on a fairground ride! I stood in the porch awaiting him. He slowly got out of the car and smiled at me. Booom! Our eyes touched and my immediate feeling was one of huge familiarity and warmth. It was as if I had known him all of my life, a very comfortable feeling with him like we had been together before. As he entered the porch I was overjoyed that I had the opportunity to welcome him by washing his feet. He was clearly in some pain and my heart felt his pain, I felt like a mother watching her child go through some difficulty. I wanted to take his hand and will the pain away. It may sound weird but I wanted to take care of him, feed him and make sure he was always okay. How weird for my first ever encounter with him that I felt so protective like this. This feeling of being responsible for Mohanji and wanting to care for him has never left me since that day. I want to cushion him and make sure he is always comfortable and that he never goes through difficulty. At the time, I was shy and rather coy about this feeling inside me that was welling up. I did not fully express it.

There were many emotions rushing through my mind at this stage – I was happy, excited, nervous, confused, and I didn’t know what the hell I was doing and why I was thinking what I was thinking and doing what I was doing!

So we were in Darshan with Mohanji and it was simply divine. He and Biba gracefully sat down and we started the proceedings.

Mohanji and Biba

Mohanji and Biba gracefully sat down and we started the proceedings.

Firstly Ishani, my 9 year old daughter played a short welcome tune on the harp – The Circle of Life by Elton John / Tim Rice and by this stage, I certainly felt that I had gone through a few circle of lives with this man!!! My heart was racing. Then Giri conducted a very beautiful Guru Pooja where we were all transported by the tender embrace of all the masters, it felt like they all flooded into our dining room and lovingly kissed us on our cheeks. It was a lovely feeling and Biba had commented later how she had felt the same after the Guru Pooja, it was so intense, alive and energetically nourishing. Next, there was only one way to go and my style is to raise the intensity further. So my sister, Sangita, and I followed by singing a powerful and most divine chant, a favourite of ours, the Shiva Stotram. It again was fully charged up and flowed with sincerity love and gratitude from our hearts. It took us further inward where the feeling of stillness was profound and real for everyone in the room. (I must confess that I did peak a couple of times to see what Mohanji was doing. His eyes were closed; He was in a deep meditative state. He looked, as ever, beautiful, God-like, and divine).

We then handed over to Mohanji and the first thing that struck me with Mohanji was His utterly relaxed mode of operation.


He is relaxed and spontaneous

Mohanji is what the French term ‘bien dans sa peau’, which loosely translates to ‘comfortable in his own skin or within himself’. The whole vibe of the room became relaxed and everyone was just doe-eyed staring at him in child-like wonder. Mohanji talked about the Guru and how he only reflects, like a mirror, what is inside you. He also said that He expresses many Masters, and many Masters express through him. He always says that “in terms of consciousness, they are all One”.

Silence before the satsang

Silence before the satsang

Mohanji opened up the room to Q&A and as people reticently came out of their shy shells, questions came and perfect answers from the higher worlds came too. As each question got answered, I noticed more and more warmth and love being showered onto Mohanji as if everyone’s energy moved closer towards him as the audience accepted Him fully into their fold. Everyone was beginning to melt in his presence. His answers gave a lot of guidance but most of all everything about him exuded an unassuming, modest and humble yet magnificent cornucopia of a Master. As the session progressed, the atmosphere became more and more relaxed and informal, people were eager to take pictures with Mohanji. He never said no, He was always available to all and so humble and willing to satisfy every seekers wish. The afternoon was meant to only last an hour or two however everyone showered Mohanji with so many questions and so much love (which he reciprocated) that Darshan continued into the very late afternoon. Everyone seemed fully satisfied with what they had experienced and everyone seemed light and uplifted by the end. I found that some, who came expecting nothing, were given the world. My young cousin, who I would never describe as a spiritual aspirant, soon after Mohanji left, he logged onto Facebook to check Mohanji out. I was severely shocked to discover recently that the same cousin has liked Mohanji’s Facebook page! Mohanji had whet many appetites, and there was a desire to explore and know more of Him! Boooom. Result!

As Mohanji left my home, a hug with him was the most natural move for me. Now that’s unusual for me, as I tend to avoid hugs generally where possible. I will confess, I am more a Namaskaram-type-of-girl ;0) Doing Namaskaram allows me to pay respects whilst keeping a distance and avoiding any entanglement with those around me. It’s what I prefer. However on this day we both naturally gravitated towards each other in complete physical embrace and this final hug was, well, the most intense, most beautiful, most love-filled hug I have ever received from anyone in my life. I have not recovered from this one hug ;0) When I later asked Mohanji about it, he said that there is always an energetic transaction going on when he hugs. He is working on the Anahata and boy did he work on mine! I am just left wanting more. This just demonstrated to me that he is always working on us. Whether it is a hug, a glance or whether he is eyes closed. Not a moment goes by when he is not working on us. Although it may be difficult for us to fathom, we know he is beyond time, space and dimensions of our understanding. Faith in Mohanji is the key ingredient in our becoming receptive to what he has to offer but there is more to do; be open, be present, put ourselves aside as much as possible, offer ourselves to him, in pleasure and in pain, every act and every outcome whether of body, mind, emotions, or energy just offer it over. I realize this alone is quite liberating. If you think about it, nothing is ours anyway.

The day after the Darshan at home, I was lucky to spend a bit of time with Mohanji with my daughters at Vijay’s house.

The girls and I

The girls and I

I had gone there to drop some natural medicinal healing products off to Mohanji, as I felt these would support to heal his ankle. That hour was priceless to say the least and although I was on a high before I arrived, afterwards I was ecstatic, in sheer heaven. I have not mentioned this to Mohanji and I don’t know if my mind is making these things up but I experienced something. In the middle of my vision I clearly saw some kind of vortex in the centre, like a transparent water spiral spinning. As the day progressed, this became bigger and bigger until it engulfed my whole vision and all of me. It made me a little light headed but in a nice way. (It happened again when we bade farewell to Mohanji at the airport but to a lesser extent). I wonder whether Mohanji had done something to fix something in me ;0). Needless to say, I have not been the same ever since.

My Personal Experience of Mohanji:

So how to describe my personal experience of Mohanji? This question is like asking me how to describe the beautiful fragrance of my favourite Indian Jasmine flower? I do not know what to say but I can try to say a few things.

I know that his presence means everything to me. Basking in that presence in absolute silence is enough for me. I feel Masters in their silence are at their most tender and most powerful. I read this recently and it rang true for me:

“A real teacher is only an instrument of God. It is his presence, what he wishes for you that helps; not so much the words he speaks. It is not his form, it is not his appearance, it is not so much what he says; it is his atmospheres, it is what his presence conveys to you and does to you, it is what his atmosphere tells you”

(From Vision of God and Man by Hazrat Inayat Khan)

For me, I have been bowled over, I have melted, and I have been burst open with total and utter love and affection towards Mohanji to a point where I am feeling a little lost. Like I have lost myself a little. Real devotion has sprouted out towards him and from nowhere and why I love him so much I just don’t know. At the last London Darshan at someone’s house, I spent a lot of time just staring at him not knowing what the hell I was doing. That day, I sat by his feet for some time, sneaking in a little touch of his feet whenever I could. I see his feet inside my eyes often. What on earth was happening to me I wondered.

I have had my heartstrings massaged and kneaded by my many encounters in London with Mohanji. On a practical level, I feel he has done open-heart surgery on me and then sewed back every piece of my chest carefully and lovingly, leaving no scars and leaving me more open hearted to the world with all its vices and virtues. People have noticed a difference in me, they say I seem happier, more relaxed and joyful and I have let go of things I was holding onto. It is certainly true that I have stopped creating barriers between others and myself (a much loved pastime ;0) and I am much more open to all people around me rather than the few that I am comfortable with. People have been responding to me with much more warmth and openness. On top of all of this my health has improved tenfold. I have always had a lot of energy however I seem to have a bigger storehouse of energy now. Additionally, I have noticed that some temptations (in the food department) that I used to have, seem to have left me. I have overcome some of my limitations and for this I am overjoyed and eternally grateful. What a blessing that Mohanji kindly descended on me and selflessly dissected me?

His energy and presence is palpable – I must say that the flowers that sat next to him during the Darshan at my home stayed fresh, moist and beautiful for at least 2 weeks. Also, many may deem it a coincidence but the unhappy Tulsi plant in my pooja room has suddenly become vibrant and the leaves have suddenly doubled in size! So is it a coincidence or is it Mohanji? You decide! I know my answer.

So Who Is Mohanji To Me?

I feel Mohanji to be to be a divine channel of an extraordinary undertaking. I experience him like a huge mountainous being, who is made up of just one substance. Love. He is simple, pure, unadulterated, unconditional, unending, undying, eternal love of all things, in all things, of all beings and nothing else. Since, Mohanji left London, I have felt his energy and grace to be much stronger in my life. I can feel him. I feel like he is close by, inside my heart. I close my eyes, I see him. I open my eyes, I see him. When I look at his picture and breathe, I feel like my prana is moving like a string or ray of sun from my eyes into his eyes. Our energy touches and then his prana reciprocates and enters my eyes and the circle is complete. I can look at his eyes for very long periods without blinking. The connection is strong and instant. He is everywhere. I feel like he hasn’t left here. I am so filled with gratitude that firstly, I met him and secondly, that he continues to be in my life whether physically or non-physically. He is very much there and I feel him strongly.

To end this section, a little story for you. This morning (September 7th) I was dropping my girls to school and my youngest daughter, Ishani said “Mummy, you seem to love Mohanji more than Sadhguru lately”. I smiled and responded with “No, no. I love both completely, 100%, fully, endlessly. Sadhguru is more like my Guru a father, Mohanji is more like my Guru a friend, with a very approachable and accessible fatherly manner.” I said “Sometimes as we get older, we spend more time with our friends than our actual father but the love is just doubled up so it’s a beautiful win-win. Just like when I gave birth to you, Ishani (my second child), I didn’t divide my love up between your sister, Anushri, and you to half at 50:50. My love expanded and doubled up to 200% and it made me so much happier than before. It is definitely a win-win, isn’t it just great?”.


During the satsang we were bathing in the energy of His presence

Friends’ Sharing’s:

Many who attended Darshan at my home have had very positive experiences and tangible changes happen in their lives; I thought I would end by including two such seekers’ very beautiful and poignant sharing, which resonate and have touched me deeply:


“When I first encountered Mohanji this Summer I was very taken aback my his cool air and the stillness that surrounded him. I have never felt quite so calm in anyone’s presence.

I had the fortune of a one to one conversation in which I asked Mohanji about a difficult situation I was facing. He had never met me before, had no background, but his response could not have been more accurate. He captured the situation exactly and gave me the response even I knew to be the right one. With it I gained a lot of confidence in myself, and had clear direction with regards to what I needed to do.

I also had Shaktipath with Mohanji and since then my life has not been the same. It is hard to put into words for several reasons, but I will say that I have a gained some perspective that I didn’t have, and that my life is moving very quickly in the direction I have always dreamed it would. For this I am forever grateful. I feel a lot of love towards Mohanji, another thing which has opened up inside of me, and can not wait for the next time to meet him.”


“My humble effort to narrate my experience. Hope this helps.
Mohanji’s name was first mentioned casually by Jayshree a few months back. As usual, I came home and went through a few of his YouTube videos and gave up, unable to establish any connection.

A few months later, Jayshree once again mentioned Mohanji’s name. This time around, it was to be a home visit. Instantaneously, I agreed to be there that day – very unusual of me.

Not knowing what to expect, I reached Jayshree’s house on time and waited patiently for Mohanji’s arrival. He coming one hour late didn’t dampen my spirits.

As he made his way through the door, I began judging him. Me, a complete ignorant being was trying hard to judge this enlightened being. How funny! First thing that caught my attention was his eyes. All our eyes were glued on him, but he was looking through us. He maintained one constant expression throughout. From my little experience so far in the darshan it did feel like no thought state.

After the initial introduction, we started a Q&A session. One by one, questions were thrown at him. There came replies simple, humble, convincing and easy to understand. As the session progressed I felt time should freeze. I wanted to experience more and more of it.

After my Guru, here was someone I was ready to lay my trust on. It is hard to describe in words the connection which each and every one of us felt with Mohanji.

I still have not understood the immensity of what Mohanji is, but one thing I know, is that he is a truly genuine being present on this earth with the sole objective of serving humanity. Being a Shirdi Sai Baba devotee from childhood, for me this is “Sai” coming himself to guide me and show me light.

Two incidents worth mentioning are:

A lot of people have said great things about Mohanji linking him to Agastya muni. When one of the devotees brought up this topic, there came a simple reply “I am in this body which has a name – Mohanji. Let’s not indulge in those talks. This is entirely their opinion and I have nothing to do with it.” I would think anyone else in his place would have grabbed this opportunity to prove his greatness. He kept downplaying himself. Total respect.

Second one was during Satsang while giving Shaktipat, I was seeing Mohanji after two weeks. He gently asked me, “How are you”? Those words were golden. It was like a mother’s concern for a child. Though it sounds simple, what I felt at that moment was beyond words.”

Thank you Vaneeta and Swati.

An Ode to Mohanji:

Dearest Mohanji.
Please keep showering me,
with your love-filled hugs.
Please make them endless.
Let me merge into them,
and into you,
to a point where,
there is nothing left to know,
and nothing left to reveal of you.
Through this act of our merging,
let me know you fully,
and let me serve you completely,
until finally,
there is nothing left for me to do.
Except for me,
to become you and to live you.
So if anyone encounters me,
Even for a second,
All they see,
and all they experience
is pure love.
Just love.
Mohanji love.

From Jayshree xxxx


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