All Creatures Great and Small

All Creatures Great and Small

Written by Viji Sagar

All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful:
The Lord God made them all…

The lyrics from the hymn All Things Bright and Beautiful, comes to mind when I think of Mohanji’s approach to God’s creation. This is the first time I have been in close proximity to Mohanji, observing his interaction with people of different races, religion, color, and not to mention personalities. Mohanji treats everyone equally with utmost respect, patience, tolerance and unconditional love, the way an ordinary person, controlled by emotions, will not be able to do.

His love and respect for all beings can be witnessed through his interaction with our four-legged friends as well. Mohanji takes the phrase “all creatures great and small” to a whole new level by the way he treats humans and animals with the same level of love, respect and dignity.

My little dog Roscoe is a personification of the term “Lucky Dog”. He has had the unique blessing of receiving Shaktipat from Mohanji. He has been blessed by Mohanji so many times that he is buzzing with energy now.


LUCKY DOG – Receiving Shaktipat

Roscoe designated himself as Mohanji’s mascot. He would follow him around the house and when Mohanji sits down he would snuggle up beside him and very confidently rest his chin on his lap. It was so beautiful to watch Mohanji relaxing on the sofa, watching TV with Roscoe cuddled up beside him. They looked like a couple of guys just hangin’ out. The first time Mohanji met Roscoe, he said Roscoe recognizes him. It was so true, the way Roscoe’s behavior changed when he was around Mohanji. There were moments that Mohanji and Roscoe would just look at each other intently. I am sure they were talking to each other about how crazy humans are ha! Ha!


Chillin’ with the Master

Prostrated right at the lotus feet :)

Prostrated right at the lotus feet 🙂


Whenever Mohanji left the house for a session, Roscoe would cry and whine and make a big scene because he wanted to go with him. I assumed that he was doing that because he was being pampered. But once Mohanji left, the whining had stopped and he couldn’t care less when we went out. He just wanted to be around Mohanji . He moped for almost a week, going to his room looking for HIM, and coming back up in disappointment.


Where is my Papa???

Not only house pets, but all kinds of animals were attracted to Mohanji. After performing the Havan, Mohanji was resting a bit while he was still in the expanded state. A little black cat, climbed on him, walked all over his body, checked him out, found a cozy spot on his lap and snuggled up, while Mohanji just relaxed and let the cat enjoy him like a loving father would let his child play with his body.

Animals are so pure, they totally surrender to the Master, with no inhibitions. That’s a lesson to be learned from our cohabitants.


Checking him out


Hmm!! Peace!!!!


Mohanji petting a Stray Cat in Yogaville


Aah!!! Heaven on Earth…

Everywhere Mohanji went, birds flocked around him. In the middle of Washington DC, out of nowhere a group of sparrows showed up to pay their respects to the Master. Sparrows are always on high alert when they are around human beings, moving their heads from left to right every second, as if watching out for danger. I noticed that as the birds were receiving blessings from Mohanji, they were comfortable getting close to him and the frequency of their head movement had decreased significantly, as if they felt really safe and secure!!! The birds intuitively knew that this was no ordinary being!!


Lucky Little Bird!!!

Mohanji ‘s heart is filled with love, respect and compassion for all of God’s creation. A young couple had brought their dog with them to the Havan. Mohanji gave that couple the option of offering a coconut to the fire on behalf of the dog, burning his karma from past lifetimes, removing all negativities and clearing all ailments. This gesture really touched the hearts of all who were present.

Thank you Mohanji for showing us another facet of unconditional love!!!

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4 comments on “All Creatures Great and Small

  1. so beautiful and heart touching…thanks for sharing…with love

  2. Thank you Viji for sharing this!
    Indeed, human beings doubt the Master who merely guides them but innocent animals take full advantage and simply absorb the blessings! Yet, I know Mohanji will continue guiding people on this path only out of love.
    When will people wake up to His stature?

  3. Thank you for Sharing the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE of Guruji

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