Shaktipat – The Explanation, by Mohanji

When it comes to Shaktipat, there are no scientific proof’s – and honestly, I am not really bothered about that either. Science is for the brain or intellect. We have to go beyond the intellect and logic to understand and experience spirituality. Logic is for the mind. However, spirituality can only be experienced, not known. 

Mohanji Performing Shaktipat - ITC Hotel, Kolkata, 2009


Intellectual understanding is a great binding too. It leads to comparisons and conclusions. Spirituality is beyond everything. Science has limitations. Limitations of our brain. Spirituality has no limitations. It cannot have limitations because spiritual experiences are well beyond our brain. They belong to the realm of absolute awareness. 

Can mind or intellect understand Infinity? Never. Unless we touch the cosmic consciousness, we can never understand infinity. This is the truth. So, let’s live that truth. 

In the past, Masters used to allow students to walk their path towards enlightenment, giving them subtle guidance. The guidance will be as limited as “Not That”. There will be no explanations or descriptions. The disciples searched and searched and would, at one point, finally reach the truth. The truth always remains elusive unless possessed. Once possessed, it never leaves you. This is self-realization. 

In the current scenario, out of deep compassion, we are giving experience, instead of guidance. This experience also is a shift in the consciousness of the seeker or disciple. It is not a simple thing to give that shift. First of all, the master should be capable of delivering and empowering his disciples. He should be well established in the Truth to deliver experience of that nature. 

Secondly, the disciple also should have optimal purity to receive and transfer this priceless treasure. 

The shift is for sure. The shift depends on where one stands at that point. Shift has to happen in the present position. The shift allows better understanding and awareness, and thus slowly pushes the disciple to complete cleansing and eventual liberation. It may take a few days or years, depends on his/her karmic backlog. 

Shaktipat is an expression of deep compassion. The compassion that overflows the consciousness of the master and his deep urge to deliver experience to his disciples to make them see what he sees always. 

The Grace Of Shaktipat in Sohar, Oman - October 2009


Shaktipat was practiced from time immemorial. This is a Shaivic path. The ascended masters used to touch the disciple to give them the big shift. This used to be used rarely. Now, with the big earth consciousness shift around the corner, masters are speeding up the process. 

Shaktipat has no side effects because the giver knows exactly how much the taker can receive. This is not an intellectual understanding, but a spiritual awareness. The greatest blockages in the capacity to transfer are: 

A. Ego 

B. Intellect. 

The biggest advantage for the giver is the significant speeding up his own spiritual evolution, because masters operate through him. Elevation is spontaneous. 

Shaktipat, therefore, is no joke. It is a big responsibility. It is a great gift. Priceless gift. People do tons of spiritual practice (sadhana) to be able to attain the capacity to deliver Shaktipat. Still, without grace, the Shaktipat will erode the hard earned spiritual strength of the one who delivers it. Shaktipat does not work without grace. Period. This is why many saints never allow people to touch their feet or deliver Shaktipat. They are afraid that they will lose their own hard earned powers. This is true. Why are all our BTW family members who are empowered to deliver Shaktipat only progressing? GRACE. That’s why. 

I am with everyone. I am personally protecting everyone. When I empower someone, a part of me is implanted in them. 

The Depth of 'Namaste' With Blessings Of Eternal Connection

This helps them to grow and deliver without attachments. This is precious. Without stature, if one delivers Shaktipat, he will become empty and dry. 

With love and blessings, 


7 thoughts on “Shaktipat – The Explanation, by Mohanji

  1. Dear Mohanji,
    What a telepathic connection! You have explained so many of my querries.
    Highly grateful for showering this your gace upon me.
    I am so fortunate that I am selceted to be part of the BTW family.. empowered to give Shaktipat.
    With deep gratitude and complete surrender to you and all masters,


  2. Dear Mohanji,

    While reading this beautiful blog,I was wondering about what your name actually means:)
    One of the names of Lord Krishna is “Mohan”.(Mohan means the one who is magical,who is captivating)
    You have truely captivated my soul.

    With Gratitude,Respect & Love,


  3. Dear Mohanji,
    After receiving Shaktipat from you in Delhi, my heart yearns to receive more and more… This is infinite grace manifesting through you in my life….I feel increasingly light and empty.

    I wish to stay connected to your consciousness at all times and operate through that in this life. Let the physical distance not come in the way. My prayer to you for experiencing unconditional love may begin to reflect and grace this life.

    With immense gratitude for your existence,

    Gurdeep Saxena


  4. Our complete trust in you, and our great blessing to know you, there are no words to express my gratitude for this great blessing which is beyond what is deserved . . . thank you from beyond the deepest reaches of my heart


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